Tuesday 4/22/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn listens at the door while Brooke and Hope discuss what just happened. She got scared of losing Liam in her life, but is she ready to move on with Wyatt. Quinn looks very concerned when Hope says she has no idea what she wants to do. Wyatt tells Liam those are fighting words. Nothing about an almost pregnancy changes things and Liam is only fooling himself if he thinks it does. Ollie kisses Aly several times by the pool. He calls the place ginorous and he is feeling pretty lucky himself thanks to Miss F. He takes her back to her room so they can be alone. She says they were alone in the pool, but he says her granddad could have come out….he meant really alone. He kisses her again. He says the more time he spends in her room, the more he likes it. And he is not talking about the décor; he believes in the message of HFTF too. They look at the underwater photo shoot and he says she looks fantastic. Liam comes out from seeing Wyatt and is amused that Pam is playing with a puppy – Joy. She has Joy say hello to Liam. He determines that she helps out at the animal shelter and he’d like to write a piece on it and will take her up on her offer for Liam to come by the shelter anytime. Pam says Hope will be at a photo shoot next. Hope continues but Rick bursts in to ask what is this he is hearing about her being kidnapped. She says she is fine and leaves him with Brooke who fills him in. He says he just saw Quinn around the corner and she did not look too happy. Quinn storms back to her office and tells Wyatt that he is losing Hope. That little stunt that Liam pulled by taking her to his place…..it’s working. She just heard Hope talking to her mother. When he tells her that relationship is in the past now, she tells him do not dare become complacent…..not when anything that means anything to him could be slipping away. She says Hope is not as sure of their relationship as Wyatt seems to believe. All of this has stirred something up in Hope and it could upset her and their business arrangement with FC. Wyatt scoffs that she is over re-acting and holding their success in the company in the balance. She sternly warns him that she did not like Hope in the beginning but now she sees that she makes him happy and can give him something she never can. She does not want him to lose that. He says he isn’t going to lose Hope. Quinn warns that he might feel differently if he heard what Hope told her mother about Liam. There is a long history there. He is Liam Spencer and Wyatt would be a Spencer too if he could. He says yes he supposes but why is she bringing it up now…..and what does it have to do with him and Hope. He warns her to jut let him handle this. He tries to convince her that if she involved and does her “stuff” that he really could lose Hope. He has faith in himself and Hope so Quinn should just chill.

Rick asks Brooke about Ridge sightings. He doesn’t want to turn his back too long without knowing where he is. She says she is keeping an eye on him. It’s Katie she is worried about but she has the power to change it. She looks toward her purse and the papers. She tells him about meeting Karen but she still wouldn’t re-instate Bill. But Brooke says she has proof that things aren’t like what Karen and Katie think they are. It is undisputable but she is not sure she should use it as it might ruin her relationship with Katie forever. She took Katie’s husband and Katie took hers but should she take her job too. Yet someone needs to stop her. It can’t go on like this; it has to end. Liam finds Hope in the photo room. He grins that he keeps pretending that she is home packing to move in with him. She says they have already had that discussion. He isn’t sure they finished before a certain someone interrupted them. She says yes a certain someone that he stole a pickup and trailer from. He days duly noted and next time……she says there will be no next time. He said he did that because he had the scare of his life and had to do something. And that is the reason he is here now. They almost lost each other and they can not ignore that. She says she isn’t. But she can not give him what he wants if it means walking away from Wyatt. He tells her she should before Wyatt and his mother…….Hope won’t hear any more. This has nothing to do with Quinn. He says okay then she needs to ask herself the question. Who does she want to spend the rest of her life with and have a family with. It’s not Wyatt, it is him. Ollie finds a VHS tape in Aly’s room as he is looking about. She says her mother made it for her on her 4th birthday to show how special she was. She’s watched it a gazillion times. Ollie sympathizes that it must have been tough losing her mom so young. She says yes and the way she lost her was even rougher. Taylor was driving the car…..drinking and driving and never should have been behind the wheel that night. And she did not even get to go to the funeral as her dad couldn’t tell her that she was gone. She never got to say goodbye. Maybe that is why she still talks to her now. Ollie doesn’t think she is weird. They look through a photo album and she tells him that Taylor almost became her step-mother but thank God Thorne didn’t marry her. She was four, Thorne was grieving and Taylor took advantage. Ollie holds her and says he can not take the place of her mother but she can talk to him about it or anything. He kisses her and she says no one makes her feel like a woman like he does. Hope tells Liam that she gets why he is pressing her but right now he just needs to back off. He wants answers that she truly can not give him. He says then give him something else instead. He opines that he can not just sit on the sidelines and watch her and Wyatt. He wants to be part of her life again and he’s not talking about friendly chance encounters. He means spending time with her alone and dating. He knows Wyatt is not going to step aside. And it kills him to say this but…..would she consider dating both of them. She is not sure he is serious. In anguish she says her mother did that by dating two brothers, Ridge and Thorne and that is not what she wants for her life. He laughs not for him either but if she can not give up Wyatt, then just give him equal time. Here’s what he will do. He will make dinner tomorrow night at his place. He will open the wine and set two place settings. He will expect her there but if she doesn’t come, then he has to move on. So tomorrow night is the beginning or the end but it is up to Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe wanted to help to investigate Nick.  Jordan was upset with Rafe because she thought he was investigating Ben.  Nick and Gabi talked about her custody battle with Will.  Theresa denied setting up Daniel while she was talking to Anne.  Eric wondered if Nicole knew anything about what happened to Daniel.  Nick and Gabi argued over the custody battle.  Nick wanted to leave town and take one of his job offers.  Rafe told Jordan that his phone call was about his sister and not Ben.  Gabi didnít want Nick to leave town.  Theresa was worried about someone knowing about the key she gave Liam.  Nicole denied knowing anything about Danielís case.  Eric suspected Theresa, but Nicole said it could be someone else.  They continued to talk until she left.

Rafe explained to Jordan why he was investigating Nick.  Rafe got a call from Tim and found out that there was nothing on Nick.  He left to talk to Gabi.  Daniel had a hearing about his future at the hospital.  A cleaning lady met with Jennifer to talk about Daniel.  She told Jennifer that she saw something when she was cleaning.  Nicole wanted to find a way to get the proof Liam had against her away from him so she could tell Daniel what she suspected Liam did.  Nick and Sonny got into an argument at TBD.  Rate pumped Gabi about Nick.  Rafe told Gabi that there was no trace of Nick being in New York.  He wondered where Nick was all that time.  Gabi was upset that Rafe investigated Nick.  He said he had no choice since no one would tell him about Nick.  Anne tried to make Daniel look bad during his hearing.  Jennifer went to Danielís apartment to see if she could find what the cleaning lady said she found.  Gabi didnít want to tell Rafe what was going on. The most she said was she could go to prison.  Rafe agreed to back off of Nick unless he hurt her.  Nicole called Liamís ex-wife, but she didnít want to talk to her.  The cleaning lady turned out to be someone Liam paid to lie to Jennifer.  When Jennifer searched Danielís apartment, she found a bottle of pills.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan escorts Kiki to AJ’s funeral to ensure that Luke leaves her alone. Kiki hopes Ava doesn’t get upset about it. Morgan tells her that he and Ava aren’t together anymore. Kiki doesn’t believe him. Ava makes a call and gives someone Sabrina’s name and some instructions. Then she calls Morgan to check on Kiki, but he says it isn’t a good time and hangs up. She decides to go to the Quartermaine mansion and find out for herself and runs into Carly in the hallway. Carly wonders why Ava is going to AJ’s funeral and asks her if she has anything to do with Carlos being in jail for attempting to kill AJ at the Quartermaine mansion. Ava warns Carly to stop digging for information, because Sonny will be the one to end up in jail. Franco is in a cell near Carlos. Carlos doesn’t want to talk to him. Franco says they both are there because of Ava Jerome. He tries to extract information from Carlos and comes to the conclusion that Ava hasn’t gotten Diane to get Carlos out because if Carlos is out, then Ava would be in. Carly goes to the jail to check on Franco’s progress. He pretends to be angry and yells at her. When Franco resumes pumping Carlos for information, Carlos reveals that he can’t say anything about it because someone’s life is at stake.

Nikolas gets a call from Spencer’s school advising him that he is not there. He calls Ross, the driver, who tells him where he and Spencer are. Spencer is at the Quartermaine mansion being told by Luke to keep his mouth shut about knowing what Luke intends to do to Sonny, or Emma Drake will suffer. Sonny enters the room. Luke says they were talking about AJ dying young. Spencer says that isnít true; they were talking about him. Sonny apologizes to Spencer for ignoring his calls. Luke looms over Spencer looking at him threateningly. Nikolas arrives to get his son and apologizes to Luke for Spencer’s wild ideas. Nikolas takes Spencer home. Cameron tells Spencer that he is going to Emma’s dance recital. Spencer says Cameron could be Emma’s only hope. He tells Cameron to keep watch over Emma because she is in danger. Cameron thinks Spencer is weird. Emma is not happy to hear that she is going to have a little brother, because the last time the baby that was supposed to be her brother wasn’t her brother. Sabrina assures her that this one is really her brother. Sabrina didn’t know that Carlos was in jail in connection with AJ’s murder. Sabrina doesn’t believe that Carlos shot AJ because he swore that he didn’t. Patrick concludes that Carlos lied. Sabrina wonders if she should go tell the police what she knows after Emma’s recital. Emma tells them that she invited her boyfriend, Cameron.

Ned tells Tracy that Luke threatened to kill him. Tracy is certain that Luke must have been speaking hyperbole. Ned says Luke was serious. Tracy says no one’s character assassination of Luke will change her mind about marrying him. Morgan and Kiki go into the room, intending to wait for Monica and Michael. Tracy tells Kiki to stay away from Luke and not to dare making another pass at him. When Tracy leaves, Ned asks for Kiki’s side of the story. He believes her and reveals that Luke raped a woman in the past, his own wife Laura. Ned has a plan to entrap Luke. Tracy goes to Luke and asks him if he threatened to kill Ned. He says he did, but he didn’t mean it. He says he won’t use threatening language toward her son again, but he won’t allow anyone to stand in the way of their marriage. Luke calls someone and tells them that he needs them to solve a problem for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Hilary discuss the kiss that they shared until Leslie walks up and interrupts them. At the hospital, Ben and Victoria kiss but she lets him know that she is not ready to get involved with him since she kissed another man hours before. Billy kisses Chelsea which unnerves her, and she slaps him. Chelsea reminds him that she just lost her husband and orders Billy out despite his protests. Ben and Victoria discuss that it was Billy who she kissed. Victoria tells Ben that it was just a kiss. At the ranch, Victor, Nikki, and Jack have a confrontation over nothing in particular. In a hotel room, Nick questions the Cassie look-alike, who is just as close-mouthed as ever. Neil asks Hilary if she congratulated Leslie on her marriage. Neil asks to talk to Leslie alone. Neil and Leslie argue. Leslie will not allow him to ruin her happiness and walks off. Sharon has a visit from Jack, who returns her cell phone. Sharon tells Jack that Nick disappeared from the ranch and she doesn’t know where he went. Nick continues to pressure the Cassie look-alike for answers. Victor and Nikki discuss the fact that Abby is marrying Tyler. Victor feels that he isn’t right for her, but he will not interfere. Chelsea brings Connor downstairs and is frantic that he is having respiratory problems. Billy suggests taking them to the hospital to have Connor checked out.

Ben and Victoria both confess that they felt pangs of jealousy toward the other and thinks that something more may be between them than they thought. Victoria hears Billy yelling for help. They both run out into the corridor and come face to face with Billy and Chelsea. Ben takes Chelsea and Connor to check the baby. Victoria and Billy talk civilly for a change. Jack and Sharon discuss Phyllis and the fact that she and Sharon had their share of differences. Nick figures out that Victor is behind this whole scheme to drive Sharon crazy. Billy questions Victoria about her relationship with Ben. They also discuss Chelsea and Billy being there for her. Jack visits Neil and they discuss how Neil told Hilary about himself and Leslie. Victor and Nikki discuss an around the world trip. Nick calls Victor to talk to him tonight. Billy offers to take Chelsea and Connor home. Sharon arrives at Nick’s and comes face to face with Cassie.

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