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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In her office, Brooke looks over the papers Bill had Katie sign. But she stuffs them in her purse when Hope walks in. Hope confides in her mother that for a short while she thought she might be pregnant. Brooke says she has to be very careful about contraception unless she is very sure she is ready to be a parent. Hope says she knows and that has really got her to thinking. Wyatt tells his mother the same thing. It was a scare but Hope is not pregnant. He admits he is having a little trouble figuring out how he feels about it. Quinn says an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It could be the beginning of something wonderful. She says she was lucky. She had a little bit of money and a driving passion to make beautiful things…..and he certainly was the most beautiful thing she ever made. He admits he was terrified when Hope thought she was pregnant but then disappointed when she figured out she wasn’t. He didn’t know he’d want it so much as he does. She asks if he proposed or if they thought what would happen if she were pregnant. He says no Hope knows how he feels. Quinn says but a woman likes to hear it. He opines that you don’t ask that question unless you are very sure the answer is going to be yes. She asks if he would like her to talk to Hope. He says no emphatically. She keeps pushing that she would not mention a baby but just have a casual conversation with Hope about other people’s babies. Again he keeps telling her no and no means just that – no. She says then there is something she needs to tell him. She went to the beach the other day and ended up at Liam’s. Wyatt says please don’t tell him there is a body to dispose of. She says don’t get dramatic. No, but she did physically assault him….not with a shovel but with her hands when she pushed him. Wyatt asks why just as Liam opens a closed door and says he’d like to hear the answer to that too. He asks Wyatt if he is okay with that with Quinn coming to his house and assaulting him on Wyatt’s behalf for kidnapping Hope. Wyatt turns to his mother and says if there is any more physical assaulting to be done she can leave it to him.

Maya and Carter listen to her secret recording of Oliver and she is sure he is just using Aly to keep his job at FC. Meanwhile Oliver kisses Aly and asks if he can change in the pool house so they can do some underwater shooting. She’s a little nervous but tells him to stay when he says if she is afraid for them to be there alone that he will go. Brooke is not happy to hear about the kidnapping of Hope. Hope begs her not to make this into too much as Liam really was worried about the pregnancy. And she realizes she can lose him and she’s not ready for that either. Wyatt said all the right things but she is not sure what she would have done if the tests came back positive. It just wouldn’t have fit in with the way she and Wyatt are with so much fun and adventure. They’d have to change. She does want a baby in the future but just not right now. She thinks she was probably just too uptight when she was with Liam. Brooke admits she is much more carefree now, with Liam she was more cautious and careful. He’s been steadfast and loyal now but it’s up to her to decide if it is too late. Quinn asks Liam why is he here. He doesn’t work at FC, has no friends there so why is he there. Wyatt asks his mother for a few minutes also with Liam. She doesn’t want to leave. He says she is though. Wyatt tells Liam that he is not going to apologize for Quinn. Liam says of course not, that would be tacky since she does all of his dirty work. Wyatt tells him to feel free to go find Hope and grovel as she did not like being kidnapped. Liam says and she also did not like the idea of being tied to Wyatt for a lifetime either. Wyatt offers that Hope does have a sentimental attachment to Liam and she just doesn’t want to hurt him. She’s too soft hearted to just cut him off. Liam says all this time he just thought Wyatt was pushy but now he sees that he is scared. He has no doubt that Hope doesn’t want to lose him and she is about to find out soon what it is going to take not to lose him. Wyatt says Liam is like year old gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Hope is trying to scrape him off. Liam says he’ll see. He doesn’t have a long list of demands; just one but it is non-negotiable – equal time. Wyatt scoffs, like he really is gonna share her. Liam says it is not up to Wyatt. He says Wyatt took about all he could take and it proved to be too much. Oliver and Aly enjoy their underwater shoot and continue kissing. Quinn stops at the desk to glance through the phone messages and overhears Hope and Brooke talking so she leans in closer to the door. She hears Hope say some changes will have to be made. There are feelings she has to accept. She loves Wyatt but there is always the element of fantasy when they are away from everything and everyone and she has to ask if that is real. And when she thinks about marriage and children, she thinks about Liam and he is thinking that way too. She doesn’t know what she is going to do but she doesn’t think Liam will put up with it much longer or that she can ask him too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The first half of the episode was based on EJ dreaming about Sami finding out the truth about his affair with Abby.  EJ thought Stefano was behind the picture being in the mansion.  He was determined to make him pay.  Marlena and Sami went to the pub to talk about Samiís wedding.  Abby met EJ at the park.  He wanted to talk to her about their affair.  He had to make sure that she didnít talk to anyone about their affair.  He warned her that Sami couldnít find out about their affair because she would go crazy.  She agreed not to tell Sami and told him not to call her again. EJ went back to the mansion and spoke to Stefano about someone knowing what he did with Abby.  While he was on the phone, Sami walked in and told him that she wanted to elope.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carlos talks to Ava on Diane’s phone while Diane talks to Franco in the police station lobby. Carlos tells Ava that he doesn’t intend to spend his life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Ava tells Carlos that if he tells anyone, including his lawyer, that she killed Connie Falconeri, she will take it out on Sabrina. Dante takes Diane’s phone away from Carlos. Diane wonders what possessed Franco to spray paint the walls in his hotel room. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to get the charges dropped. Dante wonders why Franco would get himself arrested when the last time he was so desperate to get out that he escaped. Franco reminds him that he was innocent and Carly was in danger. Carlos tells Diane that he isn’t going to tell her his story. She says that in that case, she can’t do anything to help him. Ava calls someone and tells them to write down the name Sabrina Santiago. Patrick is surprised when Sabrina arrives at his door and says he invited her. Turns out, Emma orchestrated the invitation. They tell Emma that Sabrina is having a boy and that Patrick is the father. Patrick asks Emma if she is ok with that. She says, “No.”

Ric goes to Wyndemere to find Elizabeth after not being able to find her anywhere and having to ask her grandmother about her. Elizabeth apologizes for not telling him that she would be staying at Wyndemere for a while. He thinks it’s a terrible idea. He wonders if she is using her recovery as an excuse to get closer to Nikolas. She assures him that she and Nikolas are just friends and that she is clear on Ric’s intentions toward her. Nikolas gets a call alerting him that Spencer is missing. Spencer goes to the Quartermaine mansion and tells Luke that he knows he is out to get Sonny. Luke doesn’t know who Spencer is. Spencer tells him that he is his nephew and that he heard him in the stable at Wyndemere telling the other man not to mess up his plan to take down Sonny. He says he also heard him says that he had to bite the bullet and propose to Tracy so he can get his hands on ELQ. Luke says that if Spencer tells Sonny or Tracy what he knows, then he will have to hurt him. Spencer says Luke doesn’t want to mess with the Cassadines. Luke sees the wisdom in that and says will have to hurt Emma Drake instead if Spencer doesn’t keep quiet.

Michael goes to Sonny’s house and asks him to go with him to AJ’s funeral. Sonny doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He doesn’t think Monica would appreciate his presence. The manifestation of AJ in Sony’s head taunts him about lying to Michael and hiding behind Monica. Sonny stops himself from pouring a drink and faces all his memories of the events that led to him shooting AJ. He goes to the Quartermaine Mansion after all.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby and Ashley stop Noah and Courtney before they can leave the party. Abby convinces the couple to stay a little while longer. Ashley lets Abby know that she is leaving but she wants to see someone first. At home, Victoria gets a call from Ben, who asks her to meet him at the hospital. Victoria remembers the kiss between her and Billy. Billy stops by Chelsea’s to see Connor. Chelsea is reluctant to let Billy see Connor this time of night but finally agrees. At the Newman home, Sharon and Victor have a chat. She cannot believe that Victor is actually civil to her. Sharon remarks that she couldn’t understand him forgiving her. Victor asks her how she knows that he forgave her. Outside, Nick sees the Cassie look-alike looking in the living room window. Nick tries to talk to her, but she runs off. Sharon wants to know why Victor won’t acknowledge the fact that she was the one responsible for burning down his beautiful home but it wasn’t her. Ashley meets Ben at the hospital and they are having a chat when she finds out that he has a date. Victoria walks up to join them. Ashley finds out that Victoria and Ben are dating. Victoria asks Ashley what she is doing there. After Billy comes back downstairs from seeing Connor, Chelsea tells him to leave but he is reluctant to go. After talking a few minutes, Chelsea pours him a drink and asks him to stay for pizza. Sharon tells Victor the last thing she wants to do is to hurt Nick. Victor asks Sharon what she wants. Noah and Courtney interrupt their conversation. Victor starts to leave the room, but he tells Noah and Courtney to keep Sharon company. In the hotel room, the Cassie look-alike packs to leave, but as she goes to open the door, she is confronted by Nick.

Billy lets Chelsea know that his marriage to Victoria is over. Chelsea cannot believe that Billy is giving up so easily and tells him so. Ashley tells them that she came to see a friend but they were tied up at the moment. Ben goes to check on a patient and that gives Victoria and Ashley a chance to discuss Billy and their marriage. Victoria tells Ashley that she doesn’t want to be hurt again. Nick questions the Cassie look-alike but gets no answers. She threatens to call the police but Nick states that she will not do that because she won’t want to be exposed. Nick goes through her overnight bag and finds some pics of himself, Sharon, and Cassie. The Cassie look-alike lets him know that she didn't want to see Sharon hurt because this wasn't her idea. Ben and Victoria have dinner in an exam room at the hospital while they discuss what has been going on between him and Ashley. Nick calls Sharon to let her know that he is tied up at the moment, but he will meet her back at the house. Noah and Courtney take Sharon home. Once at home, Sharon imagines seeing Cassie. Billy and Chelsea eat pizza and watch a movie. In talking to Abby, Victor offers Tyler a position at Newman but Abby refuses. Ashley comes to visit Victor at the ranch.

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