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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At lunch Brooke continues to try and convince Karen that SP is her family business…..hers and Bill’s. She knows they haven’t always gotten along but their father wanted them to be a team, her out of NY and Bill out of L.A. But it is not like that now. Bill has been shoved aside and Katie is now CEO. That is not how it should be. But Karen can fix that…..remove Katie and give Bill his job back. Karen says she thought this thing with Bill was just a fling but now he sees that Brooke really cares for Bill….the fact that she is willing to fight so hard for him even though it will hurt her own sister. Brooke says he does not want to hurt her sister but putting Bill back as CEO is the right thing to do. She will fight for Bill because he fought for her and he was right. He never gave up. He’s committed and they are going to be together. That is the first step; the second one is to get his job back. She adds that divorce is hard…..assets get split, custody arrangements but a job is a bit different. Katie has 1% of the company, she doesn’t need Bill’s job too. Bill says it is time for Karen to support him. She was petrified to come out to him afraid he would not accept her but he did. She says she really appreciates that but it has nothing to do with business. He says all the more reason if their personal life doesn’t affect business then he should be back in his office and not here. Maya and Carter kiss but she is distracted. He says she is not there. She can’t stop thinking about Aly. Carter adds…..and Oliver, she thinks he is playing her. She says yeah, the boss’s granddaughter….job security, hello. She’s not worrying, just observing. Carter leaves; Oliver walks in and tells Maya that he is not sure Ridge will like his latest shoot. The man tried to fire him already so he needs to impress him on this.

Justin has a meeting with Katie. She says she got his e-mail but wasn’t sure what he was implying. He says he wasn’t being coy; he’d like to do the best job he can for her but he doesn’t have full access. She’s not allowing him into the inner circle and it’s causing problems. She tells him not to worry, she does not have a problem with his work. He replies that he can do so much more. She asks for her or for Bill? Because they all know his loyalty is to Bill so do not try to deny that. Justin says Bill is a shareholder so he deserves to be part of the action. He was ousted from the company and it is killing him. “Have a heart….I know yours is borrowed, but you can still use it.” She’s taken aback but tells him how dare he speak to her that way. He says he is sorry and wishes they could get along. They used to be friends and he is the father of her nephew. They need to get over this animosity. She says he is lucky to have a job here; he shouldn’t push it. Aly flops on her bed, all bubbly and almost giddy. Her ghostmom speaks to her and says she likes to see that smile. Aly says Oliver kissed her again and it wasn’t just on the hand. Darla says he really likes her and she wishes she could meet him. Aly would like that too and wants her to look over her. She’s a little nervous having a guy interested in her. She says Oliver understands her and even why HFTF means so much to her. Darla says she will be with her every step of the way though she really doesn’t need her. Oliver knows how special she is. Oliver wonders if Maya is trying to warn him about Aly again. She’s cute, a nice girl and he likes hanging out with her. Behind her back, Maya turns on her Iphone and records the conversation. Maya says and Aly’s family connections are just a happy coincidence. Oliver admits he needs to hold onto his job and if dating the red-headed Forrester for a bit will do it he is willing to do that. He says he’d like to re-shoot the sequence in the black dress….it’s just a little bit too wholesome. He thinks there is a fine line. Girls like Aly have a certain innocence to them, but they still want to be kissed. He wants to bring that out in the photos. He wants to work harder to show this family what he can do. Maya comments that he’s not just talking about behind the camera either. Oliver replies that the Forrester’s are extraordinary people. If he could be part of it, yeah he would put up with Aly. She’s nice enough and pretty enough. Maya warns him that if he is just using Aly it will end up badly. He says he is a good guy. He’s not looking to hurt anybody. They like hanging out together so no harm. He says if your name is Logan or Forrester you have it made. She’s lucky to have Carter. She says he is not a Forrester. Oliver says but his brother is and he’s a Logan too so Maya is set for life. He wishes he could say the same about himself. Katie tells Justin yes they used to be family. He was married to her sister and he’s the father of her son. And nobody will deny his value to the company. And it’s her character flaw. She is loyal to those even when they are not loyal to her. But they all know he is Bill’s right hand man and nothing more. She would be insane to give him more after he drew up the papers for Bill like his little puppet. So if Justin is looking for career growth, he better look elsewhere. She will never trust him or Bill again. Karen tells Bill and Brooke that no matter what she decides that she wants them to know she respects their relationship. Brooke is good for her brother. And she is grateful to Bill for his acceptance after years of her father making her feel ashamed of who she was. She thought Bill would do the same so she is glad she was wrong. But she doesn’t want to be wrong about the company. She needs to make the right decision.

Carter is back and Maya tells him to close the door. He can hear for himself why she is worried about Oliver. He thinks it is taken out of context but she asks him to listen to all of it – putting up with Aly. He is using her. This is proof. Oliver knocks on the front door at Eric’s but no one answers. He goes around back and finds Aly by the pool in her bathing suit. She’s happy to see him but embarrassed by what she is wearing and wants to go change. He calls her Miss F and says do not change a thing. She is beautiful the way she is. He says he knows what she needs and he came prepared. He lives at the beach but she is not there so he came here to swim. He’s got this little project he is working on and perhaps she can assist. He wants to step up his game and be more creative in the way he is shooting. He comments what a great place this is. He’d get lost just finding the bathroom. He apologizes for staring but she is so beautiful. She grins that she feels like the nerdy kid who is finally talked to by the hot guy at school and she doesn’t have the slightest idea what to say. He tells her she is not a kid anymore; she is a woman now. She says no one has ever called her that. He moves closer and kisses her. Justin asks Katie why she can’t forgive him. He was only trying to help a friend. She says he conned her with the papers. Her job, her son….no signing those papers was the worst mistake she ever made. Thank God Brooke destroyed those papers. Karen says she has heard everything they have had to say. They are right. She needs to be thinking not only for the company but what is right for the families. She tells Bill she is sorry but she is going to stay with Katie. She really thinks it is the best choice for everyone. Brooke is aghast how she can do this. Karen says Brooke has made her case but her decision is final and there is nothing more she can do about it. She apologies to Bill and says this is the way it has to be. When she leaves, Bill thanks Brooke for what she tried to do. Brooke says she was so sure, but it didn’t work. Bill says he will pay the bill. Typical of Karen that she couldn’t reach into her pocket and spend some of the money that he made for her. Brooke thinks back briefly to the envelope with the dead leaves where the papers had been. She pulls the papers out of her purse and looks at them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe caught Gabi and Nick kissing.  Sami asked Abby about Nick.  Will went to EJ to talk about Sami.  Will also talked to EJ about the custody agreement he wants with Gabi.  EJ agreed to help him with it.  Rafe apologized to Nick for the fight they had.  Nick was suspicious of Rafeís apology, but accepted it.  Abby didnít want to talk about Nick with Sami.  Someone put the pictures of EJ and Abby in an envelope.  Rafe wanted Nick to treat Gabi right.  Nick agreed to do it.  Someone slipped the envelope with EJ and Abbyís pictures under the door at the mansion.

Rafe and Sami ran into each other.  He told her what he did to Nick.  Rafe pumped Sami about whatís going on with Nick.  He realized that Sami was protecting Gabi.  When Will went home, he talked to Gabi about the custody agreement.  Gabi said Nick talked her into realizing that she was making a big deal out of the custody agreement.  Sami couldnít tell Rafe what was going on and told him to leave it alone before she walked away from him.  Rafe did a search on Nick when he was in New York.  When Sami went to the DiMera mansion, she saw the envelope on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny is still tormented by visions of AJ. Olivia comes by to get her stuff and leaves, saying she needs a break. Spencer tries to call Sonny, with no answer. He has his driver stop at Sonnyís house on the way to school, so that he can warn him that Luke is out to get him. When Sonny yells at AJ to go away, Spencer thinks he is yelling at him. Sonny yells to AJ that he isnít really there. Outside the door, Spencer insists that he really is there. The driver concludes that it is a bad time for a visit. Spencer asks the driver to stop one more place before taking him to school.

News of Carlosí arrest hits the papers. Anna gets a DNA result from a sample she stole from a water bottle that Carlos used that matched against blood from the vase that Tracy hit Carlos with. She tells Carlos that it definitely proves that he was in the Quartermaine mansion. Diane arrives and advises him not to say a word. Morgan wonders if Ava knows why Carlos would have been gunning for AJ. Ava says she doesnít know, because while Carlos is her friend, he works for Julian and Julian doesnít trust her. Carly sees the headline and concludes that she was right about Ava being involved. She says it isnít a coincidence that Carlos broke into AJís house only a few hours before Sonny found AJ strangling Ava. She gets angry when Franco trivializes her instincts. Olivia finds Carly and tells her about Sonnyís erratic behavior. When they go into Francoís room, they find that he has tagged the walls. He says he got his muse back. Olivia goes to call Dante to arrest Franco for vandalism. Franco tells Carly that that is his plan to get close enough to Carlos to talk to him. Dante comes and arrests Franco. Ava calls Diane, demanding to know where she is. Diane tells her that she is with Carlos. She hands the phone to Carlos. Carlos tells Ava that they have his DNA, so he will have to cooperate. She warns him that if he says a word about her involvement, he will be very sorry. He says she canít get to him, because he's surrounded by cops. She says she will get to his pregnant girlfriend, Sabrina.

Luke waits outside Silasí house until Kiki is alone and then pushes his way in when Kiki opens the door. He takes her phone when she tries to call the police. He asks her if she told Tracy that he made a pass at her because she wants to come between them, so she can have him all to herself. When he comes at her and holds her wrists, she kicks him in the family jewels and chases him out of the house with a maraca. She calls Morgan for help. Morgan tells her that he will make sure she is safe at the funeral and assures her that Luke wonít bother her again after he has had a conversation with him. Ned presents Tracy with a prenuptial agreement for Luke to sign. Tracy says Luke doesnít have to sign it. Ned suggests that they donít get married at all since her previous eight marriages didnít work out. Luke tells Ned that if he tries to stop him from marrying Tracy, he will kill him. Ned says Tracy was right when she says Luke has changed; he has become a thug. Spencer goes to the Quartermaine mansion. Luke doesnít know who Spencer is. Spencer tells him that he is his nephew and that he knows what he is trying to do to his other Uncle Sonny. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Abbott and Newman families gather to celebrate Abby and Tyler's engagement. Ashley makes a heartwarming toast about finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with, and when you find that person and marry, your love becomes stronger every day. The words in Ashley's toast touch Victoria because she feels that Ashley was talking about her marriage to Billy. Billy follows Victoria outside and comforts her as she cries and this leads to a kiss. Victoria decides to go home and Billy goes with her. They kiss again but Victoria stops herself because she can't allow Billy to hurt her again. Billy promises he won't hurt her, but Victoria reminds him he said that many times before and asks him to leave the house. Billy tells Victoria that even if she is with Stitch, she will never be able to stop loving him, because their love will only grow stronger. Victoria later later calls Stitch to confirm their date and Billy heads to Chelsea's house.

Chelsea is upset when Jeffrey arrives at her house with Michael to discuss how to manage Adam's estate. Chelsea calls Jeffrey a selfish greedy person whom she is ashamed to have as a father and throws him out of the house. Chelsea does ask Michael to help with Adam's estate, but she isn't ready to talk about that right now. Chelsea confides in Michael that she still can't understand how Adam could have lied to her about Delia's accident. In spite of the lie, she still loves him. Nick and Sharon share memories of Cassie before they go to Abby's engagement party. Abby isn't happy top see Sharon arrive with Nick and tells him so, but he says that she and the rest of the family must accept that he and Sharon are back together. The Cassie look alike watches the party from outside and when Nick goes outside to get Abby's present from his car, he comes face to face with her. 

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