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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Quinn to get out or he will throw her out. She is just there to do damage control for her son to get Liam to back off. That is not going to happen. He emphasizes there is nothing she can do or say that will get him to give up on Hope; nothing! Quinn tells him that Hope doesn’t need him to protect her. She needs a man and doesn’t need some whiney little boy who throws temper tantrums every time he doesn’t get what he wants. His father gave him a position in the company and just spoiled him. He should be grateful for what he does have and not hold onto what isn’t his. She knows he thinks the worst of her and Wyatt. But she declares they are not evil. They may not be squeaky clean but when you have worked for so long and hard then it is not easy to be. They had to fight and claw and hustle their way to the top and she is not going to apologize for that and she’s not going to let him judge her for that either. He went too far today. He scoffs that she is the last person who should be lecturing him about going too far. Quinn says do not compare the two. If she has made any mistakes at all it is because she has let her passion and ambition get the better of her. He tried to get Hope alone so he could beg her to get back to him. He says she is right…..all Hope is to her is ambition, a connection to one of the most prestigious companies in the world. She points out that FC works with them because they have an exceptional product. She and Wyatt have earned their respect….everyone except for Liam….which is a shame as she was hoping he could get along with Wyatt as brothers. Hope tells Wyatt that Liam is out of control. Wyatt agrees. That is exactly how he would describe it too – kidnapping her, stealing his camper but it is okay now as they are back in the office safe and sound. Hope adds and not pregnant and she could have been. And she realizes that Liam over-reacted. Wyatt adds and Liam calls him and his mom crazy. They don’t know if Liam ever towed and RV before. He had no idea what he was doing and could have hurt Hope. Donna drops in on Katie who tells her she can not have lunch today. She has a million things to do. Donna says and the most important is to deal with Brooke. Katie says sorry, she has a business to run and can not think about Brooke and her vendetta. And that is what it is to get back together with Bill and then call her in the middle of the night to brag about it. She is surprised Brooke did not put her on the speaker phone so Ridge could hear it all too. So just leave her out of it. She and Bill have a son and that is all that they share. Every time she thinks the next time will be different. They will be able to have an understanding and have a normal conversation. But every time she is with Brooke every word out of her mouth drips with contempt. She’s not that little kid anymore so Brooke doesn’t get to talk to her that way. So why don’t they make a list and see who gets to be angrier. She is in love with Ridge and she is not going to apologize to Brooke or anyone. Karen is shocked that Brooke wants her to fire her sister. Brooke says she wants what is best for both families and Spencer Publications. It sounds harsh, but she’s not being vindictive. Katie just should not be running the family business. Karen should give Bill back his job and he will take charge. She only put Katie in charge to punish Bill for being involved with Brooke. Karen says she could not trust his judgment anymore. Katie has done a good job and the employees love her and she doubts she will stay on if she gives Bill her job. Brooke argues that SP is not Katie’s passion, but it is Bill’s and always has been. Justin tells Bill during a workout that the company numbers don’t look good. He better hurry back to the job or there will be nothing to come back to. Justin says Karen is back in town. He needs to set up a meeting with her. Find his mojo and their next meeting will be at the Spencer Gym. Brooke calls Bill and asks how quickly can he get cleaned up and meet her at Il Giardino. He laughs and says he just had lunch there with Justin but he will meet her. Karen inquires and Brooke says it’s just a project she is working on.

Hope tells Wyatt that it would be great if everybody could get along. Wyatt says it would be awesome if Liam accepted their relationship but he doesn’t see that happening. She says it isn’t just about them and the pregnancy test. It’s her mom and Katie, Rick and Ridge, even his mom; the families are a mess. When she does have a baby she wants to bring it into a family that is nurturing and supportive. While she was waiting for the test results it became very clear that all this tension and fighting isn’t healthy for any of them. Wyatt says he hears her but it’s more like a message for Liam, not him. He followed them to Hawaii, even down PCH to Emerald Bay. He’s been dogging them ever since they got together. This time Wyatt says he was doing the chasing and he’s never ran so fast in his life. Even faster than when he was in the forest and met her. Then she was just some girl he met in the forest…..beautiful, magical and devious. But he didn’t know her or what he would lose if he let her get away. And now he does. It doesn’t matter how fast he has to run, what kind of surprise he has to deal with or changes they have to make….he will always be there right beside her. Liam tells Quinn that he will tell her the reason he and Wyatt will never get along and it’s not because he is jealous or judgmental like she says. It is because he and Wyatt are nothing alike. And in the end that is why Hope will pick him. Quinn points out that he begged her to come back and she didn’t. Liam says that is only a matter of time. He has a philosophy that decency and honesty win out in the end; people tend to gravitate towards what’s good. At least he tries. He doesn’t have to do anything to lure Hope back; just has to be himself. She and Wyatt can be themselves and see in the end who’s the most obvious Hope should be with. Quinn says it already is; it’s her son. Katie tells Donna that she is upset with her because she spoke with Eric but there is nothing to worry about. He gave her the opportunity to have her cake and eat it too. Now she can have her claws in two men; live with Bill and work with Ridge. Donna thinks she is reading way too much into this. Katie says no after everything that happened. Remember the last time when she read too much into it is when she accused Brooke for having feelings for Bill and she denied it. She doesn’t want to put Donna in the middle but if she knows things she needs to let Katie know. Bill walks up and asks Brooke and Karen what is going on. Brooke says he wanted to talk to Karen and she seemed reluctant to get on the phone. Brooke says they can talk business later; they should just relax and catch up. Karen starts to get up and leave and says this is not a very good idea. Brooke begs her to stay. Bill asks why did Karen turn on him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe pumped Kate about Nick.  Kate warned Rafe to leave Nick alone.  Jennifer talked to Brady about how Theresa possibly drugged Daniel.  Daniel confronted Theresa about drugging him.  Rafe told Kate that he wasnít going to back off of Nick.  Kate warned him again to wait and play it safe.  Rafe was still suspicious.  Gabi and Will got in an argument over Nick.  Rafe sent Will a text to meet him.  A woman gave Liam a bag of pills.  Jennifer argued with Brady about Theresa.  Daniel told Theresa that she was going down for what she did.  While Will and Gabi were talking, he mentioned that he wanted a custody agreement.

Kate talked to Nick about him being with Gabi.  He warned her that Rafe would be responsible for putting her, Gabi, and Sami behind bars if he didnít back off.  Will explained why he wanted joint custody.  Jennifer explained to Brady why she didnít want his help with Theresa.  Rafe went to see Will to talk about Nick.  Rafe wanted to know if Nick has something on Gabi.  Will wouldnít tell him.  Will wanted him to leave it alone.  Rafe wouldnít let it drop.  Rafe thought Nick did something illegal, but Will let it slip that Nick wasnít the one who did something illegal.  Brady met Theresa because he wanted something to change between them.  Will warned Rafe that he could make things worse.  Rafe said Nick told him the same thing.  Will said Rafe made Gabi sympathetic towards Nick.  Rafe told him that appeasing Nick will make things worse.  Jennifer told Daniel that Brady is going to help them find out if Theresa is involved with Danielís drugging.  Brady told Theresa that he couldnít see her anymore until he finds out whether or not she drugged Daniel.  Liam broke in Danielís apartment.  He pulled out a bottle of pills from his bag.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Tracy that he wants to call off the engagement because she doesnít trust him enough to marry him without a prenup. She agrees to drop the prenup. When she leaves to go tell Ned to back off, he gloats about what a sucker she is. Maxie asks Nathan to move out immediately. He knows that Levi put her up to kicking him out without notice. Maxie suggests that he crash with Britt. He says he is never going to sleep with Britt because they are siblings. He tells her that he just found out this morning that his mother is really his aunt and his biological mother is Dr. Obrecht. Maxie agrees that he has been through a lot in the past 24 hours and that moving out would just add to his stress. Levi protests. Maxie points out that it isnít as if Levi can pay Nathanís share of the rent. She asks Nathan to stay.

Lulu asks Britt what she knows about the embryo that her mother claims to have. Britt doesnít know and believes her mother holds many secrets. Lulu says there is no way that Elizabeth will go along with dropping the charges against Obrecht for kidnapping and shooting her. Britt says she might find Elizabeth in a good mood considering that she just moved in with Nikolas. Lulu says itís Brittís own fault. Spencer is not happy about Cameron moving into his house. Nikolas tells him to play nice and share. Spencer says it was a lot more fun when Britt was there. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that moving in might be a bad idea because it seems Spencer thinks she is trying to take Brittís place. She says she thinks both Spencer and Nikolas miss Britt and that it is a little uncomfortable given that she recently confessed her feelings to him. He says she is overthinking things and that he only offered her a place to stay as he would have done for any friend. Britt tells Lulu that her mother doesnít make idle threats so if she says there is another embryo, there is and she isnít going to give it up without that deal. Dante tells Anna about Obrecht trying to make a deal in exchange for his embryo. Anna says she will stand by whatever decision Dante makes.

Anna and Dante try to bully a confession out of Carlos. Sonny calls Ava over to his house because she is the only person he can talk to about his guilt over shooting AJ. She tells him that the police like Carlos for the murder. Sonny says the charges wonít stick because he didnít do it. Ava says she wishes she could banish AJ from Sonnyís mind. Spencer calls Sonny and leaves an urgent message about a matter of life and death.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman ranch, Victor sees Nikki deep in thought and wonders what is troubling her. When Victor questions her about it, she tells him that Ian Ward is back in town. Tyler and Abby have just made love when she begins to have second thoughts about them getting married. Nick visits Sharon to see how she is doing and to tell her that he cannot stop thinking about her. At her apartment, Avery readies for the cooking show with Dylan’s help. Sharon lets Nick know that she misses him too. Nick asks Sharon out on a date. Nikki tells Victor that there was a mistrial in Ianís case. At the police department, Ian tells Paul that someone trashed his apartment. Dylan tells Avery that he is not going to let Ian get to him. Dylan tries to calm Avery before the men get there to tape her cooking show. Paul calls Avery to come to the police department. Austin and Marcus arrive to film the cooking show. Tyler suggests to Abby that she is just experiencing pre-wedding jitters. After Abby points out the two powerful families that he is marrying into, he also gets nervous. Nick invites Sharon to go with him to the engagement party for Abby and Tyler, but she refuses. Nikki begs Victor to forget about Ian, but he finds it hard to do that. The men begin to tape Avery’s cooking show, but she freezes in front of the camera and spills stuff on the floor.

Dylan visits Paul and finds out that someone trashed Ian’s apartment. Paul asks Dylan if it was him, possibly looking for the information that Ian was keeping from him. Dylan denies trashing the apartment. Victor doesn’t understand why Nikki would want him to forget about the situation concerning Ian. Nick lets Sharon know that if she doesn’t attend the party, then neither will he. They begin to kiss. Avery begins the show again when she receives a call from Alicia which she answers while she is preparing the cake. Tyler suggests to Abby that they elope. When Nikki tells Victor to just walk away from this situation, he agrees; but he tells her that if Ian does anything to her or to Summer, he will pay. After Abby gets dressed and leaves, Tyler makes a call for someone to meet him. Ian takes a walk in the park and texts Nikki to meet him for a heart to heart. Ian gets impatient but is surprised when Victor joins him instead of Nikki. The cooking show is a huge success. Nick and Sharon make love. Dylan stops by to check on Nikki.

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