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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn encourages Wyatt to take a stand and do something about Liam having kidnapped Hope. Wyatt says Liam is desperate to which Quinn replies yes and desperate people can be dangerous. Wyatt says Hope knows what she wants and it isn’t Liam. He says let’s go. Quinn grouses on the way and says Liam needs to be put in his place. Wyatt tells her it won’t be by her; that he will handle Liam. She just needs to drop him off and stay out of it. She tells him do not engage in a conversation with Liam. He is not like them. Meanwhile Liam is trying to convince Hope that they are at a crossroads but have a second chance to get it right. And if they don’t take it he is freaking out that they won’t get another. He suddenly kisses her until she breaks away and says he is crazy; he just stole Wyatt’s truck and trailer. Liam says he knows he is acting like an insane person but she was almost pregnant and that would have been the end of them and he could not let that happen. She doesn’t know what this is supposed to accomplish. He says he needed to talk to her alone. Kind of talk some sense into her. She reminds him that she is dating Wyatt. She is in a relationship with him. Liam agrees but says if she is not ready to marry Wyatt then she sure as heck doesn’t want to have his baby. While he is out of the room, she picks up his jacket and thinks back on Italy. Liam walks in and says this is her home; come back to him. He reveals this pregnancy thing scared him to the core and he knows it had to scare her too. She admits it did. He says he would have lost her forever. She says she is not so that did not happen. He asks her to look around and see the memories; they belong here. She admits it is special and he’s special and honestly she is not ready to give up on all of this. But she reminds him again that she is dating Wyatt. She likes that they are taking things slowly. He’s patient and doesn’t pressure her. Liam says okay but she was almost pregnant and if there is anything that puts pressure on it would be that. It would have meant marriage, children, the mother-in-law who lies. They would be married right now except for that woman. Hope says she doesn’t want to talk about her. He says okay, then just focus on him and all the fun they used to have. Remember that fun computer Geek, Liam Cooper. Donna drops in on Brooke and asks if the rumors she has heard are true….Brooke is back with Bill. Brooke says Ridge made his choice so now so has she. Ridge is with Katie and she has become very power hungry. They discuss Karen having 50%, Bill 49% and Katie 1%, so she and Karen have controlling interest as long as they are a team. That isn’t likely to change as she is on the outs with her brother. Katie has a meeting with Justin and Karen who is in town. Whether they want to call it a situation or the problem, Karen realizes they have flattened out and this is unacceptable and they need to do something about it. Katie says they will get the earnings back up; they can hold her to that. Katie tells Karen that she is sure Justin is sharing all of her shortcomings with Bill. He’s lucky he still has a job. Karen says she doesn’t know what she is going to do about her brother either. He was so supportive when she came out and she hoped they could have a good brother/sister relationship, but now he is stubborn as a mule. She mentions that Katie looks much happier than the last time she was there. Katie says it is because she is in love. Karen says if she is happy then she is happy. Katie has a scheduled meeting so Karen has to go. She gets a phone call from Brooke wanting her to meet her for lunch and don’t tell anyone.

Hope tells Liam that this wasn’t a very good idea. He did not have to hi-jack a truck to see her. Liam says he will remember that next time. He says here’s the thing. This has taught him how easy it is to lose each other and he could not live with that. He loves her too damn much and this is his one shot to put all the little pieces back together. He grabs her by the face with both hands and is about to kiss her when Wyatt comes barging in and tells him to get his hands off of Hope. He tells Hope let’s go and asks Liam for the keys to his truck. Liam throws him the keys and says the truck needs an overhaul. Wyatt says Liam is pathetic; kidnapping Hope just to get time with her alone the only way he knew she’d come. Liam says maybe he ought to ask Hope if she wants to go or stay. He says she doesn’t have to go. This is her home and always will be. Hope looks at him and tells Liam that she is sorry. She picks up her purse and leaves with Wyatt opening the door for her. Karen joins Brooke for lunch. Brooke tells her she wants to talk to her about her brother and Brooke’s sister. Karen says she was just with Katie so what is the problem. She repeats to her what she told Donna….that Katie is on a power trip. Karen says all she sees is they are butting heads over the men in their lives and they both ought to be deliriously happy. Brooke asks Karen if she is happy with Katie’s running SP. Karen admits there have been a few hiccups. Brooke says she loves her sister and she is going to continue to work on that relationship, but she doesn’t think she should be running SP. And if Karen doesn’t want to, then give it to Bill. Hire him back as CEO and let him do what he does best and fire Katie. Quinn comes charging through the back patio doors, and double pushes Liam in the chest and tells him to never pull something like this again. He points his finger at her and says Wyatt will never end up with Hope. Does she understand that, never! She raises her arm again but he blocks it. If looks could kill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Daniel that she had to help him.  Liam wanted to be there for Jennifer, but she didnít want his help.  She was excited when Hope showed up.  Theresa went to Brady to see if he was going to blow her off.  She told him what happened to Daniel.  Jennifer told Hope about whatís going on with Daniel.  She also told Hope about her suspicions of Theresa.  Eric told Marlena that he was going to marry Nicole.  Daniel told Nicole that Theresa was the one who set him up.  Nicole wanted to tell Daniel what happened.  Hope wanted to help Jennifer get Theresa, but Jennifer wanted to wait to do anything.  Theresa told Brady that she didnít drug Daniel, but Brady didnít look convinced.  Marlena wasnít over the moon with Eric marrying Nicole at first.  Before Nicole could tell him what she did, Abby and JJ showed up to check on Daniel.

Marlena and Aiden met at the pub.  Daniel wanted Nicole to tell him what she was going to tell him, but she got out of it.  JJ apologized to her for the way he treated her before.  Nicole forgave him.  She ended up leaving. Theresa wanted to know if Brady believed her.  He danced around whether or not he believed her.  He said he believed her for now.  She was upset with him for not believing her.  He warned her that she would have a problem if she lied to him.  JJ offered to help Daniel take Theresa down.  Aiden wanted to see Marlena professionally.  Hope showed up while they were talking.  Brady warned Theresa that he would go after her if he finds out she was involved in what happened to Daniel and Jennifer.  Theresa contemplated telling Brady the truth about what she did.  Liam was determined to destroy Daniel when she rebuffed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke asks for Nedís blessing. Ned says he will give his blessing a soon as Luke signs a prenuptial agreement to prove that he isnít marrying Tracy for her money again. Luke tells Tracy that if she doesnít trust him, then they should call off the engagement. Patrick tells Sabrina that Carlos is free to think he is protecting her, but that heíd better not go near their kid, whom they find out, is a boy. Ava is concerned that the police have Carlosí gun. Carlos says the gun is untraceable so they wonít be able to link it to him. The arms dealer, who sold the gun, identifies Carlos from a picture. Michael goes to the police station demanding to know what progress the police have made since this morning when he was there before. Anna says they have identified a potential suspect and shows Michael the picture. Michael recognizes Carlos from the elevator they shared at the hospital. Carlos wonders if Ava shot AJ herself because he knew that she shot Connie. Ava says she didnít shoot AJ. Carlos observes that now only the two of them know what happened to Connie. She wonders if she was wrong when she took Carlos into her confidence about it. She asks him if he is going to give her up if the cops arrest him.

Duke tells Shawn that the Jeromes are involved in a new enterprise. Shawn concludes that it must be drugs and that Jordan is probably involved. He reveals that the real reason that TJ came to live with him was that Jordan went to prison for two years for drug distribution. Jordan tells Julian that she knows about his drug business. She tells him the time of the shipment and the name of the boat. She says his people are sloppy and that he could use her expertise in distribution.  Julian suspects that Jordan is wearing a wire and that Anna Devane will walk into the office any minute now. Anna, Dante, and a uniformed cop come in as if on cue, but not for Julian. They arrest Carlos. Julian tells Jordan to prove she isnít wearing a wire anyway. She unbuttons her top to prove it. Ava calls Diane Miller to defend Carlos. Michael has yet another tantrum in the police station when they bring Carlos in. Anna tells him that he needs to stop doing that. In the interview room, Dante tells Carlos that his gun dealer gave him up. Carlos says he wants his lawyer. Dante says Carlos has one shot at leniency and that is only if he reveals right now who else was involved in the home invasion at the Quartermaine mansion.

Sonny canít get the image of AJ tormenting him out of his head. Olivia wonders whatís wrong with him when he throws a glass against the wall. He says itís none of her business, and she is not his mother. She says that maybe she isnít the person to give it to him, but he needs to get help. Sonny calls Ava, tells her that he is losing it and asks her to help him. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily celebrate the success of the fashion show and have a glass of champagne, but she isn't happy to see that Colin sent her a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on the fashion show. Jill wonders who Colin was talking to on the phone. He avoids the question when Billy arrives with Johnny for a visit. Billy tells Jill that he intends to save his marriage and get his family back again. Billy also tells Jill to be careful and keep her guard up about Colin, but she says that she knows Colin very well, and she will be fine. 

Cane and Lily arrive to tell Colin that a bouquet of flowers won't erase the fact that he didn't serve time in jail for kidnapping the twins. Jill  persuades Cane and Lily to let Colin have supervised visits with the twins. Colin is very happy and tells Jill that phone call she overheard was him ordering flowers for Lily. Jill says that the next time he orders flowers for Lily, he should order flowers for his wife too, so the story is more credible. Kelly's friendship with Jack bothers Summer, so when Kelly gives her some chocolate truffles to thank her for helping with the show, Summer takes the opportunity to tell Kelly how much Jack misses Phyllis. Kelly later tells Jack it is a bad idea to reschedule their dinner, and he wonders why she changed her mind. Billy admits to Jack that he is losing hope that he can save his marriage, because Victoria seems like she has moved on with her life.

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