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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Looking over his shoulder, Liam speeds off in the trailer with a confused Hope. Wyatt comes back out to find a missing trailer and sees it take off with Hope waving from the back window. He waves his arms and hollers for Liam to stop. Liam tells her on the cell that he just wants to talk to her. He says he knows this is a little extreme but if she had been pregnant with Wyatt’s child that would have been the end of it for them. She tells him this is between her and Wyatt and has nothing to do with Liam. He says he doesn’t agree. This was a huge wake-up call to him and he hopes to her too. Wyatt calls too to see if Hope is okay. She says yes; Liam just wanted to talk to her. She is unsure just where he is taking her. Wyatt wants to call the police but she convinces him not to. Wyatt says but he took his truck and kidnapped her. Hope says she can handle Liam. Wyatt says okay but he can’t just stay here and do nothing. He has his cell so Hope can call him at any time and he will pick her up. Justin meets Bill for lunch. Bill says cut to the chase and just give him the latest quarterly numbers. Justin tells him no one is panicking yet but they are losing ground steadily. Bill rants there was mutiny but he needs to take back control of his ship. Karen won’t return his calls but he will deal with her. And with Katie calling the shots, he can’t see his son. He should have equal custody and Spencer company too. Katie is a little distracted these days but surely she did not think he would give up. So this will work in his favor when he is ready to pounce. Justin says no one wants him back more than he does, but taking over now will be dicey now that he is living with Brooke. And it will put her in the middle of him and her sister. Brooke walks into Eric’s office and tells Katie that she wasted no time coming and laying the law down to Eric. Katie says that Eric is pushing Ridge at her and she is not going to stand by and watch it happen. Brooke maintains it was Eric’s idea and she can not help it if he thinks she and Ridge are the future of FC. Katie says that Eric doesn’t understand her relationship with Ridge otherwise he would not have made this proposal. But Ridge leaving her and taking the CEO position is not going to happen. Eric will see in time how happy they are and that Brooke is now back with Bill and in his bed. Brooks tells her that Eric has his agenda and she has hers. She is not going to stand around and watch her children be squeezed out of the company. Katie reminds her that Taylor tried that too and Brooke was all over her. Brooke recites that Taylor is a psychiatrist and Brooke is a chemist, the one who discovered Belief, the men’s line, Brooke’s Bedroom line….the fact that she is standing here defending herself is ridiculous. She doesn’t even know who Katie is anymore. Katie smirks that she sure isn’t that shy wallflower little sister anymore. She is sorry that is hard for Brooke to deal with. Brooke says she would like to think that Katie is sorry for other things but she sees now this is what she has always wanted to happen all her life. Katie knows Brooke still thinks this is some sort of payback. Brooke says it is more complicated than that even to the point of her and Karen manipulating Bill out of his company. Katie says Brooke has selective memory so don’t forget those papers that Bill got her to sign. Brooke was so mad at Bill for lying to the both of them. How quickly she forgets. Brooke says she and Ridge are so hypocritical and holding Brooke to such high standards as if she is the only one who makes mistakes. Katie scoffs if that is what she is calling all her scandals and indiscretions….mistakes she should be forgiven for. Katie says and she always did until she found herself in another sordid entanglement and came after Katie and her marriage. Then she stopped defending Brooke and started defending herself. She always knew that Brooke’s lifestyle would someday catch up with her. It finally has so enjoy Bill, enjoy Katie’s husband because they both are two of a kind. He is not the man she married. She hasn’t seen that man in a long long time but she is sure Brooke sees him differently. She and Ridge want something different, more drama free, simple. They want to raise their children and be there for each other as a couple. Perhaps someday Brooke will want that too and she hopes it won’t be too late.

Quinn is dismayed and shocked when she finds Wyatt distracted and he tells her that Liam took his truck along with Hope. He says he has no idea where they are going and it’s driving him crazy. Quinn says this is bizarre even for Liam. Wyatt says he has just been waiting around for Wyatt to screw up. Quinn says but he hasn’t. Hope is madly in love with him and she will realizes that when he rescues her from Liam. Wyatt tells her that Liam is not some psychopath that Hope needs to be rescued from. He just wants to talk about something. Quinn doesn’t know why he had to make such a big production of it. Hope sees that Liam has taken her to his house. He says he took the back roads so Wyatt could not follow him. She reminds him that he couldn’t as Liam took his truck. Liam says oh yeah, he did do that. He asks if she has had any contact with Wyatt. She says yes, and he is going out of his mind. Liam says he can understand how he feels. He is sorry it had to be this way but they need to go inside and figure something out. She calls Wyatt and tells him that she is at Liam’s. He says he is on his way. She says no as Liam has locked the gates. Wyatt says it will take more than a locked gate to keep him out. Hope tells Wyatt that she doesn’t like what Liam did but he’s really upset. She thinks he really needs this time and so does she. She hopes Wyatt can understand and do this for her. He says it is taking everything in him to stay in control. Quinn tells him this is not good; Wyatt needs to go there. In a panic mode, Liam tells Hope that she was almost pregnant with Wyatt’s child. He almost lost her. They almost lost each other. He hopes that scared her as much as it did him. She says of course it scared her. She can’t be pregnant right now….especially the thought of losing him….the thought of closing that door, but she can’t imagine losing Wyatt either. Liam says he knows how she feels but she could give it a try. Just look around at the memories. She can’t love him the way she did Liam. They should be married right now and planning their future. But that’s a future they can’t have if she had his child. He pleads that he is her home. This is her home and she belongs with him, “come home to me”. He kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole wanted to know why Liam was in Danielís apartment.  Liam wanted to know what she was implying.  EJ wanted to know what Sami did to Gabi.  Sami said she called Gabi an unfit mother.  Rafe roughed up Nick for being around Gabi.  Liam lied about why he was on Danielís floor.  Gabi told Will she was moving out.  Will thought it was because of Nick.  Sami explained why she insulted Gabi.  EJ defended Gabi.  Daniel and Jennifer got into an argument over him wanting to confront Theresa about what happened to him.  Nicole told Liam that sheís going to speak to the woman Liam said he was with.  Liam thought she was accusing him of drugging Daniel.  She said he had nothing to worry about if his story checked out.  Will tried to talk to Gabi into staying, but she wanted to leave.  Nick warned Rafe that heís going to make Gabi want him more.  Rafe still wanted Nick to stay away from Gabi.  Nick warned Rafe that others would be hurt if Rafe kept bothering him.  Rafe wanted to know what Nick was talking about, but Nick walked away.  Sami said she wanted Nick gone.  EJ wanted to know what she meant.  She said she wanted Nick out of the picture.  She wanted to meet Rafe to talk about Nick, but EJ wanted to do it himself.  Will said he would keep Sami from her.  Gabi was willing to stay unless Sami attacked her again.  Daniel was convinced he could get Theresa to crack, but Jennifer warned him that other people were involved.  Nicole accused Liam of drugging Daniel.  When she was about to leave, he mentioned Dr. Chyka.

Will ripped Sami a new one for what she did to Gabi.  EJ met Rafe at the pub to talk about Nick.  EJ said Rafe could cause trouble if he kept bothering Nick.  Gabi met Nick at the park.  She noticed the bruise on his face.  He tried to appeal to Gabi by mentioning how people will never forgive him.  Liam mentioned Dr. Chyka kidnapping Nicole and Eric.  He also mentioned how she got rid of the evidence against Dr. Chyka.  She tried to deny it, but he didnít believe her.  Will told Sami that she couldnít be around the apartment when Gabiís there.  Sami was furious over that.  Gabi told Nick that Will threw Sami out and that Will was going to make Sami stay away from her.  She told him how she threatened to move out, but Nick told her not to do that.  Liam let Nicole know that he got some of the things she burned.  She tried to deny it, but he showed her proof.  He said he had her number and was keeping.  Will wanted Sami to give him the key.  While EJ and Rafe were talking about Gabi, Rafe wanted to know what she did.  Jennifer had an idea of how to get Theresa without Daniel getting involved.  Liam wanted things to be even with Nicole.  He reminded her that she had nothing but a theory while he had hard evidence against her.  EJ didnít want to tell Rafe what Gabi did because heís a detective.  Rafe wanted to know what was going on.  EJ warned him to leave it along.  Nicole went to Daniel to help him no matter what.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonnyís conscience is tormented by images of AJ. On the hospital elevator, Michael wonders why Carlos is so interested in looking over his shoulder to see AJís death certificate. Carlos says he read about Alan Quartermaine, Jr. and offers his condolences. Carlos is especially interested in any leads the police have. Carlos goes to the gallery and tells Ava that Michael Corinthos said the police might have information that will lead them to him. He is confident that no one recognized him and that his gun was untraceable. The arms dealer that sold the gun that was used in the attack at the Quartermaine mansion is arrested as an accessory in hopes that he will give up the name of the person who bought the gun. He doesnít know the personís name, but he identifies a picture of Carlos.

Tracy agrees to let Luke have the office he moved himself into at ELQ. Ned comes to Port Charles for AJís funeral. She gives him the good news that she is marrying Luke who is going to work at ELQ. Ned wonders if she has lost her mind. She insists that Luke has changed. He asks her not to make the biggest mistake of her life again. Ned tells Luke that he will gladly give him his blessing as soon as he signs a prenuptial agreement. 

Jordan prepares for her first day of work at the Jerome Gallery. TJ wants to know why Jordan and Shawn are arguing. Shawn says he is worried about Jordan working for the Jeromes. Ava and Julian confront each other about their activities to try to get the other one out of the organization. They are arguing when Jordan arrives. Luke flirts with Jordan when he goes to pick up Tracyís birthday present painting. Julian asks Jordan how she likes the job. She says she likes it, but she had something else in mind. She tells him that she knows about his drug operation. Duke tells Shawn that the Jerome organization has a new source of revenue. Shawn guesses that it is drugs.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil can't stop thinking about the kiss he and Hilary shared, but they can't find time to talk about it because the fashion show is starting soon. Lauren is heartbroken when she is told by her doctor that she isn't pregnant and the home pregnancy test gave a false positive result. The doctor tells Lauren she almost fainted because of lack of sleep and not eating. Kevin tells Chloe that it was a mistake marrying her because he can't make her better. She must want to make herself better and take herself out of this dark sad place that she is in because Delia died.

Chelsea is able to sew the last dress of the fashion show together after Chloe cut the dress with scissors to try and ruin the show. Chelsea and Chloe have a heartfelt talk after the fashion show where Chloe promises Chelsea she will try to get better as long as Chelsea continues to be her friend. Chelsea tells Chloe the same thing Kevin did and accepts Chloe's apology about the dress. Jill gets a call from Chance who tells her that there are two different Rachels mentioned in Katherine's father's journal. Jill is beginning to trust Colin and she admits she loves him but later she walks in and hears Colin on the phone telling the person that his wife will lead him to Katherine s money.

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