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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope returns and both Wyatt and Liam are there and Liam asks if she is pregnant. Wyatt is ticked. He tells Liam he doesn’t want him here. This is private between him and Hope. This is not even close to being Liam’s business. Liam says he is dying here. Just tell him and he will leave. Hope tells them both to settle down. A lot has happened these last couple of months. She and Wyatt have gotten very close. They are in a relationship but they are not going to have a baby. Liam says thank God and double pumps his fists. Wyatt is somber and surprised. Wyatt asks if Hope is okay. She says yeah. He says if she is then he’s good too. She says this is probably for the best. Surprisingly Liam says he is gonna leave them alone to talk, but this is the best news he has heard in a long time. Wyatt says this is none of his business and nobody cares what he thinks. Liam says he loves this woman and he is relieved for her. This was a close call and would have changed everything. Wyatt tells Hope that they need to talk alone so perhaps when they hitch up the trailer and get on the road. Wyatt tells Hope that he is shocked that Liam just left. He was expecting his typical self-righteousness that he’d tear into Wyatt and give him a lecture and make a play for Hope. Bill and Brooke make love and she is glad to have her stallion back 24/7, morning, noon and night. He says do not think for a minute that he doesn’t know how lucky he is to be back home with her. She wishes she could stay in bed with him all day. Instead he quips she has to leave Mr. Unemployed here at home alone while she goes to work. He says he wants Will back and now that Katie has Ridge maybe she will be more agreeable….to Will and his company. Wyatt and Hope agree they are lucky as neither were ready for this commitment just yet….. a lesson learned. She says they just have to be more careful about protection. He agrees and assures her that he would have been okay with it if she had been pregnant and supported her. She thanks him for being so sweet and understanding. He says for the record there is no other woman he’d rather have a kid with. But they have plenty of time in their future to have a ton of kids. He thinks they should just get out of here and on the Silver Beast…..they can talk, discuss their future, make a bonfire, camp out under the stars. She thinks another road trip sounds good.

Katie shows up at Eric’s office and asks if he has a minute for her. She gets right to the point, him making Ridge and Brooke co-VP’s and how wise is that. She reminds Eric that she and Ridge are a couple now and how he might feel about that….. knowing that he must want Brooke and Ridge back together. Eric says he likes Katie. She’s a terrific woman and he’s always respected her but this is a surprise….but he thinks that Brooke and Ridge belong together. Ridge is the only man for Brooke. Katie thinks Eric is ignoring the obvious. Brooke has children by several different men, including Eric, so she and Ridge may not be an ideal pairing anymore. Eric says they have been together more than several decades and he is afraid Katie is the one who will be hurt this time. She says the fact that Ridge turned down the CEO if he would dump Katie says a lot about his character and his commitment to her. Destiny has changed her course. Brooke is with Bill now and she is with Ridge and she really wants Eric to accept that. She tried to deny Ridge’s love but she will not apologize to Eric, to Brooke, to anyone. There is beauty in the unexpected and Eric just needs to open his eyes to see it. He says under different circumstances he would be thrilled, but he thinks the future of FC is Brooke and Ridge. Katie says Brooke has interfered in her life enough….please do not make her and Ridge work alongside each other. Ridge is over Brooke. This is not payback or revenge. They are over. Eric says he has a meeting and needs to leave. He wishes only the best for Katie. He barely gets out the door and Brooke steps in and tells Katie how dare she tell Eric that she does not want Ridge working with Brooke. Hope and Wyatt are standing outside the trailer when he gets a call and tells her he just has to go sign something and will be right back. She says fine that she will just double-check inside and make sure he has everything stocked they need. As she is doing that, the engine starts and pedal to the metal, eat my dust…..objects start flying off the shelves. She wonders what the heck Wyatt is doing. Her cell rings and it is Liam. He tells her it is okay, it’s just him. He quickly says she was almost pregnant with Wyatt’s child and he knows it is desperate but he is all out of options so she is coming with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was upset with Gabi for lying about being with Nick.  Nick warned EJ to handle Sami.  Daniel told Nicole what he did in the morning.  She thought about seeing Liam in Danielís building.  Liam tried to imply that Daniel was on drugs.  Sami and Gabi argued over Gabi getting closer to Nick.  Gabi kept defending him and threw up EJ in Samiís face.  Sami warned Gabi that Nick is playing her.  Nick warned EJ that Sami is making things worse and that they could get ugly if Sami keeps it up.  Maggie and Daniel talked about what happened to him.  Daniel suspected that Theresa did it.  Maggie thought Anne and Theresa set him up.  Eric and Theresa argued over Daniel possibly taking drugs.  They also argued over Daniel and Jennifer.  When Theresa was ready to leave, Eric stopped her.  Liam lied to Jennifer about his wife being on drugs.  Eric tried to defend Daniel and Jennifer.  Theresa told Eric that she didnít do anything to Daniel.  While Sami and Gabi were arguing over Nick, Rafe and Will were there listening to them.

Jennifer wasnít sure if Anne and Theresa were responsible for what happened to Daniel.  Rafe warned Sami not to yell at Gabi.  Will agreed with Rafe.  Sami told them that Gabi slept with Nick.  Rafe was furious that Gabi was with Nick.  He told her that she wasnít going to be near Nick.  When Rafe left to talk to Gabi, Will asked if Sami knew what she did.  Will and Sami argued over Gabi.  Will ended up throwing her out.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about who could be responsible for what happened to him.  Anne accused Theresa of setting up Daniel.  Nicole ran into Liam at the pub.  When she reminded him about being in Danielís building, he quickly left.  Theresa denied doing anything to Daniel.  Daniel told Jennifer that he wanted to have it out with Theresa.  Nicole caught up with Liam to check out his story.  She said the lady he said he saw didnít live on Danielís floor.  She asked him why he was at Danielís apartment.  Rafe found Nick and roughed him up.  Gabi had her things packed and told Will that she and the baby were leaving.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While waiting to go in for Sabrinaís doctor appointment, Patrick tells her that he blames himself for AJís death because he was too focused on Robin leaving when he performed the surgery. Sabrina says the person who shot AJ killed him; not Patrick. Michael goes to the station and demands to know what Anna is doing to find out who shot AJ. She says they are focusing on identifying the masked gunman who attacked AJ at the Quartermaine estate. Carlos goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that his presence is not necessary because he is going into the appointment with Sabrina. Sabrina says that since Patrick is there and it is his baby, he can go with her. Patrick promises not to let her down again and thanks her for bringing the baby into his life.  

Obrecht tells Madeline that she is going to tell Nathan and Britt that they are siblings before they can meet and have sex. Britt wakes up at Nathan and Maxieís place. Levi makes undrinkable hangover tea for Britt. He tells her that there is hope for her and Nikolas. Nathan almost punches Levi when he gets too pushy and intrusive. Maxie puts ice on Leviís shoulder and reminds him that he promised to stay out of other peopleís business. He says he couldnít help it because Nathan's negativity is overwhelming. Maxie tells Levi that the baby Britt had to give up is Luluís biological child. Levi says he told her everything happens for a reason. He tells her that Nathanís negativity is toxic and that living with him could be bad for Maxie. He suggests that Nathan should move out.

Britt and Nathan thank each other for helping one another get through difficult situations. Nathan goes to the police station. Obrecht tries to talk to him, but he dismisses her. He tells Madeline that he found someone who also has a hellish mother to drown his sorrows with. He reveals that he spent the night with Obrechtís daughter. Madeline reluctantly tells him that he canít sleep with Britt, because she is his sister and Obrecht is his biological mother. Obrecht tells Dante and Lulu that they can have their remaining embryo in exchange for full immunity for both Obrecht and Britt. Britt gets to the hospital just in time to see Elizabeth accepting Nikolasí invitation to move into Wyndemere. Elizabeth thanks Britt for tending to her gunshot wound. Nikolas says Elizabeth wouldnít have been shot in the first place if it werenít for Britt. Britt asks him if nothing she has done to make things right has made a difference to him. Britt observes that her side of the bed isnít cold yet and Elizabeth is already moving in on Nikolas. 

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ben wakes up yelling for Mac and is surprised when he sees Victoria there with him. At the Athletic Club, Chloe and Chelsea grab each other’s hair while the others try to separate them. As Neil kisses Hilary, they are interrupted by the yells from downstairs. Neil hurries downstairs to see what is going on. Jack and Neil are trying to separate the women when Rick and Caroline Forrester walk in. Chloe and Chelsea quickly stop their fighting and make nice. Neil takes control of the situation and introduces everyone to Rick and Caroline. Victor talks to someone on the phone and tells them to get the Cassie look-alike out of town. She is on a park bench when Nick and Sharon arrive. The Cassie-look-alike listens to their conversation. Noah bumps into the her and knocks her to the ground. She hurries and gets up and leaves. Noah joins Nick and Sharon. Ben and Victoria have a cup of coffee together. Ben is washing up when Victoria gets a visit from Victor who brought a birthday card for Johnny. Ben comes out of the bathroom unaware that Victor is there. Upon seeing Ben there, Victor remarks that it is unusual to see a doctor that makes house calls. Abby volunteers to get a photographer for the fashion show. Jack tries to get Chelsea to go home but she refuses. Rick and Caroline offer Chelsea a job at Forrester Creations, but Caroline remarks that she should discuss it with Chloe. Chelsea lets her know that she won’t have to discuss it with Chloe. Chloe listens to the conversation. Chelsea accepts Rick and Caroline’s offer. Chloe quickly leaves the room. A stage manager quickly takes charge of the fashion show and gives everyone their orders.

Nick, Sharon, and Noah have a talk in the park about Abby being a fan of Sharon’s. Neil goes looking for Hilary and finds her upstairs. Neil tries to explain to her about the kiss and is about to kiss her again when Lily interrupts and wants to know what she thinks she is doing. Kevin gives Chloe a stern warning over the way that she is acting. Victor and Victoria have a chat about Ben and his being there with her. There is a knock on the door and it is Nick bringing gifts for Johnny. Victor surprises Victoria and Nick by letting them know that he will no longer interfere in their lives. Victor also reminds them about Abby being engaged to Tyler. Ben finds the Cassie-look-alike in the park nursing her wounds. He offers to treat her at the hospital, but she refuses because she has no insurance. The stage manager reprimands Chloe and Chelsea for their actions. Chloe apologizes to Chelsea and hopes they can be friends again. Chelsea suggests she just concentrate on the fashion show. Chelsea asks Chloe a favor about a dress but when Chelsea isn’t looking, Chloe takes the scissors and cuts the dress up.

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