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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that she is back with Bill. She wasn’t sure how he’d react. He’s just glad it wasn’t Ridge or that she is trying to make Ridge jealous. Wyatt tells Hope that they may be having a baby and he’s okay with that. He would never leave her. She’s a little stressed as she always thought some day she would get married and have a baby but this was not planned. He says life happens. He says pregnancy is only a problem if she is ashamed of it. This doesn’t have to change her HFTF message or her line. Liam finds the pregnancy receipt that fell from Hope’s purse. While Bill calls it blackmail for not telling Brooke about Quinn and Quinn calls it a favor, she wants Bill to give Wyatt the Spencer name. He’s earned it and she thinks it would make him very happy. Bill says he will consider it. She offers him another romp for old times sake. She has the handcuffs in her purse. He says he will pass.

Bill throws his bag into Brooke’s bedroom; he says it is moving day. They marvel at how both Hope and Liam took the news so well. Just as Hope is about to go take the pregnancy test, Liam bursts into the room and asks what the test says. Wyatt tells the dude to leave. They are in the middle of this. Liam says it affects him too. Hope says Liam can stay; she will be right back. Liam stares down Wyatt. He can’t believe this is happening. And he hopes Wyatt did not trick Hope into this. Wyatt denies he did anything to trick her. Hope takes the test and comes back into the room to give them the results.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa overheard Maxine and Eric talking about Daniel.  Anne taunted Daniel about him being a drug dealer.  Jennifer tried to defend Daniel, but Anne didnít back down.  Anne thought he should have been fired.  Nicole wanted to know what Liam was doing in Danielís building.  Julie was upset that Will and Sonny didnít invite Nicole to the wedding.  Sami and EJ told Gabi about a modeling job out of the country.  Anne continued to berate Daniel until Kayla showed up.  Julie thought Sami was why Nick wasnít at the wedding.  He wanted to change the subject.  He told her how things were good with Gabi.  Julie warned her that Gabi is trouble.  Sami and Gabi argued over Nick.  Gabi thought Nick changed, but Sami thought he didnít.  Liam lied to Nicole about why he was in Danielís building.  Theresa overheard Maxine tell Eric that Daniel tested positive for drugs.  When Maxine left, Theresa caused trouble.  Kayla told Daniel that he was suspended until they investigated him.  Liam reminded Nicole about the night he saw her in the park.  Theresa thought Liam had something to do with what happened to Daniel.

Jennifer wanted Daniel to go over what happened.  He thought Theresa might have done it.  Jennifer and Eric went to Danielís apartment while the investigators were there.  Jennifer told Eric that she thought Theresa was responsible for it.  Sami had a run in with Nick and Julie at the pub.  Before he left, she noticed that Nick was wearing the shoe that she found in Gabiís apartment.  When Jennifer went back to the hospital, she saw Liam.  He drove it home that Daniel was taking drugs.  Eric confronted Theresa about what happened to Daniel.  Theresa denied drugging Daniel, but Eric didnít believe her.  Nick ran into EJ and warned him to talk to Sami or she would ruin things.  Sami went to Gabiís apartment and called Gabi names for lying about being with Nick.  Gabi ended up slapping her.  Liam continued to imply that Daniel was on drugs.  Nicole went to see Daniel at the hospital.  When Daniel told her what he did that morning, she thought about Liam being in Danielís building.  Daniel wondered if she knew something.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht tells Madeline that James has the right to know who his true mother is and that he has a sister that he has never met. She says silence could have dire consequences if Britt and James were to meet, be attracted to each other, and have sex. Britt and Nathan go to his place drunk. He tells her that his roommate just returned from a long trip to get over losing her child. Britt cries and drinks more. They are about to kiss when Maxie comes out of her bedroom. Maxie and Britt are surprised to see each other. Nathan is surprised that the two women know each other. Britt tells Maxie about Ben being Dante and Luluís child. Maxie says her new boyfriend Levi says everything happens on the road to equilibrium and that Lulu getting a baby after all proves it. Britt crashes on Maxieís couch.

Olivia is waiting with a big welcome home sign when Dante and Lulu bring Ben home. Dante and Lulu change Benís name to Rocco. Obrecht uses her one call to contact Dante and tell him that he is the only person she will give her statement to. Dante goes to the jail. Obrecht tells him that he will facilitate her release if he wants to know about his other child.

Ric sits with Elizabeth in the hospital. He wonders if she hoped Nikolas would have been the one to stay. Ric reveals how much Elizabeth means to him. Nikolas tells Spencer why Britt and Ben arenít there anymore. Spencer tells Nikolas that Uncle Luke is out to get Uncle Sonny. Sonny asks Luke what kind of game he is playing by stirring up trouble between his brother and him. He says Ric told him that Luke said Sonny was gunning for him. Luke confirms that he did. Sonny wonders why Luke would jeopardize their 20-year friendship by saying something like that. Luke says he knows that he talked out of turn, but what he said was that if Ric sided with Julian Jerome to try to take over Sonnyís territory, Sonny wouldnít have a problem with putting him in the ground. Olivia goes home and tells the grandfathers about Benís return home. She canít believe how uninterested and morbid Luke is. 

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

All the models prepare for the fashion show. Lily is on the phone going over the last details for the show when Cane tries to drag her away for some quiet time. Devon helps Hilary zip her dress. Devon wonders where Chelsea is. Chelsea and Jack are at the police station. Chelsea demands to see Adam’s body before she will sign off on anything. Victor walks in and informs Chelsea that Adam is really gone. Chloe is on the computer when Kevin joins her and wonders why she isn’t downstairs getting ready for the fashion show. Kevin tells Chloe that she needs to take charge of the fashion show. Cane manages to pull Lily away for a bottle of water. Devon asks Lily where Neil is. Michael bumps into Neil in the foyer of the Athletic Club. Neil is preoccupied and doesn’t have too much to say. When Lily complains about Hilary’s hair, Devon steps in and defends her. Lauren is on the phone when Michael joins her. Kevin reminds Chloe that she doesn’t want this fashion show to be a failure. Victor advises Chelsea to have a memorial service for Adam so that everyone can remember him. Someone looks at the picture of Chelsea in the newspaper. Neil arrives at the fashion show. Lily begins to lash out at Hilary, but Neil orders her to handle it. Lily rants and raves about Hilary to anyone who will listen to her. At the bar, Devon tries to calm Hilary down when Esmerelda joins him and makes remarks about Hilary’s makeup. Esmerelda and Hilary exchange some slurs. Summer separates them. Michael insists that Lauren have some tests run to make sure the baby is fine. Lauren relives when she was pregnant with Fen and had to have some tests. Victor looks at Adam’s name plaque and remembers when he was a little boy.

Neil is in his office when Devon walks in. Neil lets Devon know that Leslie got married in Las Vegas. Cane and Lily argue over Hilary and her involvement in the fashion show. Chelsea arrives for the fashion show and notices that Chloe made some changes in who wears which earrings. Chelsea lets Chloe know that they found Adam’s body. Jack visits Victor in his office and sees Adam’s name plaque in the garbage can. Jack tells Victor how much it meant to Adam to be a father. Lauren begins to cry and tells Michael that she doesn’t deserve this baby. Hilary overhears Neil telling Devon that Leslie got married. Hilary interrupts and tells Devon that Chloe and Chelsea are really going at it upstairs. Neil tells Hilary that Leslie got married. Hilary tells him that he is lucky that he dodged a bullet. Chloe and Chelsea take their arguing downstairs at the bar where they notice Lauren and Michael. Someone cuts Chelsea’s picture out of the paper. Michael visits Paul to let him know that Lauren is pregnant. Lauren is at the fashion show when Michael arrives. As she begins to feel faint, Michael carries her out of the room. Victor gets on the phone with someone and tells them to make sure that the Cassie look-alike left town. Neil kisses Hilary. As Chloe and Chelsea fight downstairs, Jack tries to separate them but with no luck.

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