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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam can tell that Hope is distracted. But at least she did not say to get lost buddy. She says she would never call him buddy. He says that is hopeful. Bill walks in and says hopeful is good. He will just grab a few things and be on his way. Liam asks if he is moving back in with Brooke as Hope saw his car in the driveway last night. Bill says yes and Brooke is probably looking for Donna and Hope right now to tell them the news. Katie was the first one she called to tell. They had let too much stuff get in their way, but he knows he does not have to tell Liam and Hope that. Hope tells Liam later that she meant what she said to his dad about someone being there for you; it helps. Bill tells Liam that he knows they were talking about Wyatt when he walked in. He hopes there is no problem there. Liam says no; it’s just that Hope wasn’t much like herself. She hasn’t talked to Brooke yet but if Brooke is happy then Hope will be happy. Bill wants to make sure that he did not tell Hope about his uninvited guest. Liam says hell no, but he thought that was over. Bill says it is now, but he had to shove her in the closet when Brooke was here. Quinn could have come out and blown the whole thing, but she didn’t, so maybe he was wrong about her. Liam says no, there was a reason she did not but it wasn’t to help Bill. And it doesn’t matter that nothing happened this time. Now Quinn has dirt on Bill. And if she threatens to tell Brooke, Bill is out of luck.

Quinn and Wyatt are looking over the jewelry. He suspects she is thinking of how good it would look on his girlfriend, so let her enjoy it too. He comments that would be one thing off of her list of the three – happy son, successful business and companion for herself. She says two out of three ain’t bad, but she might have underestimated his dad’s interest in Brooke. Bill’s not ready to let go. She shrugs it off and says her life is full with other things and she is not the kind to get lonely. Wyatt knows Bill will always have a special place in her heart. She says not having a man in her life doesn’t diminish anything. Bill might. Look how Brooke and Katie fawned over him. They catered to his every whim. That isn’t her, never will be. Bill tells Liam that Quinn is not the one making a big deal out of this; just Liam. He wants it to stop. Brooke went home Quinn went home; all is good. Liam says okay but do him a favor. Do not be alone with Quinn when he tells her. Bill quips that Liam will be there. He’s going to call her right now to come over. Bill tells Liam that Quinn won’t say anything. She works for Brooke’s son at FC so she will not jeopardize that situation. Liam says yes but they are talking about a woman who stabbed him in the neck with his own pendant, hacked into his e-mail and sabotaged his wedding. Bill realizes that but for now he is grateful. Quinn walks in, says she did not know Liam would be here. He says he lives there. Bill asks Liam for a minute to talk to Quinn. She quips they could go upstairs and talk in his bedroom. Liam turns green and says he’s got to go. Quinn sees Bill’s bags and asks if Liam is hopefully going out of town. Bill says they are his bags and not for the gym. He wanted to tell her first. He and Brooke got together last night and he is moving back in with her. She brings her happy face and says the last time she heard Brooke needed more time. Now that she is sharing co-VP with Ridge, could that have brought this on. Bill says he did not invite her here for her opinion. He just wanted her to know. And to remind her of what she said the other night that she wouldn’t say anything to anyone what happened between them. Quinn says please, she is not some jilted lover. She is not happy that he and Brooke are getting back together because it’s been a long time since she’s had the kind of fun they had lately…..but she is not going to tell Brooke. She says she is doing a really big favor by keeping his secret and she wants two things. She kisses him and says their last kiss. Then he can add that to the long list not to tell Brooke if he will grant her the second wish. Wyatt tells Hope that he has a great idea. They need to get out of here. He had a surprise for her later but it looks like she could use it right now. He says the RV is in the parking lot, it’ stocked so they can just go someplace. This will be good for her to get out of the stress of work and Ridge. She agrees she has been under a strain. But she adds there is something else. She treads lightly saying she doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She really likes being with him and how close they have become. But she has said it a lot that she did not want to move too fast. She did not want to move in with him or make a big commitment. She wanted to take things slow. Now she is late. She thinks she might be pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel drank his protein drink that Liam laced with drugs.  Chase was attacked at the town square.  Daniel was affected by the laced protein drink at the hospital.  Liam had a satisfied look on his face when he saw that his plan worked.  Hope stopped the attacker from attacking Chase.  Hope handcuffed the attacker.  Aiden showed up when it was over.  Abe and Jennifer talked about losing Lexie and Jack.  Eric wanted to talk to Nicole.  Daniel was having trouble performing a surgery.  Aiden thanked Hope for helping Chase.  Eric wanted to explain why he wanted to get married in a church, but Nicole wanted him to tell her what he wanted.  Daniel couldnít finish the surgery so he got another doctor to do it.

Nicole thought Eric was going to dump her, but he didnít.  He told her he loved her.  He wanted to marry her whether the church gave the blessing or not.  She accepted his proposal.  Aiden blamed himself for what happened to Chase.  Maggie and Theresa got in an argument over Brady.  Brady showed up while they were arguing.  Jennifer went to check on Daniel.  He told her what happened to him.  While he was talking, his hands started trembling.  He was afraid his tremors were back.  Aiden apologized to Hope for what heís said about her.  Jennifer tried to make Daniel feel better about what was happening to him.  Aiden wanted to work with Hope on the foundation.  He wanted to get to know her better.  Nicole wanted to go to Danielís place to tell him about Eric.  Liam broke in Danielís apartment and got rid of the evidence that Daniel was drugged.  A lab tech told Daniel that he had pain killers in his system.  Nicole saw Liam as he was leaving Danielís apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas sits with Elizabeth in the hospital. Elizabeth encourages him to own his feelings about Britt so that he can deal with them. Nathan and Britt randomly sit next to each other at the bar in the Floating Rib and commiserate. Britt says Nathan's mother sounds a lot like her own. Obrecht realizes that Nathan West is her son. Madeline says James became her son the moment that Obrecht gave him up. Obrecht says they both know she had no choice. Madeline says Obrecht chose to run off with that degenerate, Faison. Obrecht asks Madeline why James uses a name other than the one he was born with and if it has anything to do with the reason Madeline is in jail. She wants to know why James was yelling at her about a will. Madeline says that whatever she did, Silas Clay drove her to do it. Obrecht recalls that Silas was being investigated for the murder of his wife. She concludes that Nina was Silas' wife and that since Madeline is in jail instead of Silas, Madeline must have been the one who killed Nina. Obrecht tells Madeline that she is going to tell James who she is because he deserves to know where he came from and that he has a sister. Nathan and Britt leave the bar together.

Sam tells Julian that the sting operation worked, but it wasn't Ava who got caught. Silas wonders what his life would have been like if Madeline hadn't killed his wife and unborn child. Julian wonders to Luke if it is a good idea to meet at the Floating Rib when there is a cop sitting across the room. Luke says they are simply an art collector and his dealer. He tells Julian that their Sonny problem will go away soon. Sonny goes home and finds Ric sitting in his house having a drink. Ric says Luke Spencer informed him that Sonny wants him dead. Sonny doesnít know why Luke said that. Ric tells Sonny that he isnít Julian's boss or financier as Sonny thinks, and that he isnít even his lawyer anymore, because he quit to keep the peace with Sonny. He says that if Sonny kills him, he will be killing the wrong guy. Luke sends Julian to the dock to supervise the receipt of a drug shipment. Sonny calls Luke to his house and asks him what kind of games he is playing.  Ric rushes to the hospital after hearing the news about Elizabethís shooting on the radio and interrupts Elizabeth and Nikolas' conversation. Nikolas decides to go home to his son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Neil, Cane, Kelly, and Hilary have a meeting to go over the last details for the fashion show. At the coffeehouse, Avery is worried about what she is going to prepare for the cooking show and also what she will wear. Dylan asks Avery what is really going on with her. At Crimson Lights, Victoria is surprised that Ben asked her out to dinner. Billy states matter of factly to Jack that he cannot take Kelly out. Avery tells Dylan about her reservations that she feels toward the fashion show. Cane brings up in the meeting the argument that Hilary had with Lily. Hilary explains to everyone how the argument came about. In the park, Leslie looks at her cell phone and sends Neil a message to meet her. Billy rants and raves at Jack for offering to take Kelly out after offering her a check to get her out of town. Dylan assures Avery that she is putting too much pressure on herself concerning this fashion show. Neil tells Hilary that he has a good feeling about tomorrow just before they leave. Neil gets a message from Leslie to meet him. Cane and Hilary have a difference of opinion about the things she did when she had first came to Genoa City. Leslie remembers a conversation that she had with Neil concerning marriage. Leslie looks around and sees Neil standing behind her. When Ben arrives at Victoria’s, he has flowers for her and a present for Johnny. Jack informs Billy that they found Adam’s remains, but he was burned beyond recognition.

Hilary reminds Cane of the promise that she made when she made restitution to everyone over what she did. Neil lets Leslie know the truth about the trip that he took with Hilary to Los Angeles. Leslie has a lot to say to Neil. Jack meets Kelly for dinner at the Athletic Club but gets an unwanted surprise when Victoria and Ben walk in. Billy confronts Dylan as to the whereabouts of Ben. Billy lets Dylan and Avery know that Ben slept with Victoria. Victoria wonders why Jack is with Kelly. Dylan refuses to take sides in this controversy, Cane tries to make amends with Hilary. Leslie lets Neil know that she got married to a doctor in Las Vegas. Neil is surprised by the news. Neil tells Leslie that this wasn’t about marriage; it was about him. Jack questions Kelly about Ben and how long she has known him. At home, Victoria and Ben eat a sandwich that they picked up from a fast food restaurant.

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