Wednesday 4/9/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/9/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is in his pajamas at his house carousing on the internet looking up Quinn/Fuller from 1960 to present. Hope drops by without calling first. He invites her in. She says she heard some voices at her moms and wonders if Liam knows if his dad spent the night here or not. Liam says no, he did not spend the night here. Hope says then she has a sinking feeling she knows where he did. Now who is going to hold Brooke accountable. It certainly can’t be RJ as he is too young. And Rick will only care that it is not Ridge. Liam says he is surprised and he thought the last time Brooke was here that it would be over with Bill. Bill and Brooke have just finished making love again and they kiss and Bill whinnies…..the stallion is back. Over at Katie’s, she finds Ridge already up with a cup of coffee. He says he knows Brooke came over last night to upset him. And it makes everything else she had said since he got back, a lie. And he doesn’t want to speak ill of Bill, but he doesn’t want him around his son. Katie suggests that maybe he and RJ should move in with her. That would make her very happy. Brooke brings Bill coffe in bed though he is hinting at breakfast. He tells her they can live anyplace she wants if he gets his company back. She says she likes her house a lot so she’d like to stay there. He says anyplace she is, he will be too. This is a brand new day. It’s like being in coach and being upgraded to first class. Or being on a ladder and have fell off and now he’s on the first rung back up to the top. All the best things in life begin with her. While Liam is getting Hope some tea, she sees the screen with Quinn’s name. She asks him about it. He says he was just googling. Quinn is always putting him through a rat’s maze so he would repay the favor. But it seems in the social media and newspaper articles that her name is only tied to Wyatt. He closes the laptop and says he wants her to know that he is not being a poor sport. He can’t love her up close so this is just his way of loving her from afar. He wonders where she will live if Bill moves in with Brooke. Hope says she is not moving in with Wyatt although he will ask. She says her relationship with Wyatt has nothing to do with Liam. He says what he thinks is that when he is respectable and tries to give her more space that maybe she thinks he is not trying hard enough. Then there is his dad who is so pushy and never backs off and he always gets what he wants. He tells her that he is not going to be the nice guy who finishes last. He leans over and kisses her. She pulls away and tells him that he resented that when Wyatt did that. He reminds her they were engaged and they were committed….which makes him wonder if Wyatt has proposed to her. She tells Liam for him to please do not think she has forgotten everything they said or meant to each other. She hasn’t, but the choices they made took them in different directions. Calmly he says he thinks the choices she made were either under pressure or on bad information. As for him, as long as he truly had the choice, he chose her. There is no declaration of love that he could not make again today. And that is what keeps him going and drives him. And she made promises too and he has faith that they will come true some day.

Katie waltzes into Brooke’s bedroom and says the new housekeeper let her in. Brooke says she hopes she did not wake either Katie or Ridge when she called last night. Katie knows it was payback. She wants things to be civil. No more bullying or calling in the middle of the night to gloat. Brooke tells Katie to look at herself standing here so superior and self assured after making her feel guilty for a whole year. She mocks Katie by saying the rest of them can be damned for eternity for one mistake but poor sweet Katie just has to say she was hurt or depressed or sick and she gets always with it. Her and Ridge are alike. They can’t believe they are ever wrong. But some day they will have an argument. Katie says and she knows Brooke will be waiting for that. Talk about two peas in a pod, she wonders who will stray first – her or Bill. Brooke says so much for keeping it civil but if Katie has everything she wants, then she should not be so angry. Bill walks into Ridge’s office at work while he is pinning fabric on a mannequin. Bill quips that he should have thought of that….disassemble Katie in the morning and stitch her back together at bedtime. Ridge says he hopes Bill is not under the impression that they have some sort of swap here. Bill says no, he’s actually in Ridge’s debt. All that guilt tripping Ridge did on Brooke, Bill thought he was doomed to be runner-up but Ridge snubbed his nose at the prize and now he is going for the some assembly acquired model……so enjoy the life with Katie. It is exactly what Ridge deserves. Ridge tells Bill that Brooke doesn’t love him. She just hates being alone. And he just happened to be the guy on one knee groveling. Ridge says if he had called that he was coming over, she would have kicked him out of bed so fast that cute little necklace would still be spinning. Bill says Ridge will love Katie unless he likes scotch or gambling or cigars or any sport more dangerous than ping pong. And once you displease the lady, boom she is gone like a shot. Ridge tells him that he makes his skin crawl. That is the mother of his child that he is talking about. Bill says he knows but no one knows Katie like he does and she will always be his Katie. He created her. Ridge should be grateful as Bill is going to give him the operating manual, Proceed With Caution. And he hears he likes poems. So here’s one. Roses are red, violets are blue, Katie was mine and now she belongs to you. And it’s the third Logan sister which only proves what he has been saying all along, there is indeed a sucker born every minute.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

After Sheryl heard Kate’s message, she left Lucas’ apartment.  She went to Kate’s office to confront Kate.  Lucas heard Kate’s message and was furious.  Sheryl figured out why Kate gave her a job.  Rafe and Jordan argued over her secret and how she’s not telling him what it is.  Liam looked through the files he copied from Jennifer’s computer.  He listened to something Jennifer sent her mother.  Sheryl continued to confront Kate about using her, but Kate had her number.  Kate threw up in her face that she was sleeping with the boss.  Sheryl wanted to tell Jordan the truth, but Kate stopped her.

Kate threatened to black ball Sheryl if she told the truth.  If Sheryl kept quiet, Kate would have given her a promotion in Houston.  Before Sheryl could answer, Lucas showed up.  Sheryl ended up leaving.  Liam was listening in on the conversation going on in Jennifer’s house.  Sheryl sent Jordan a text saying she needed to talk to her.  Will and Sonny talked about Gabi being with Nick.  Sonny suggested that they get custody of Arianna.  Before Sheryl could tell Jordan about Kate, Kate and Lucas showed up.  Sheryl didn’t tell Jordan the truth about Kate.  Will didn’t think he and Sonny should take custody of Arianna.  Liam broke in Daniel’s apartment.  He got out Daniel’s orange juice.  Sheryl was upset with Lucas.  He tried to talk to her, but she walked away.  He was upset with Kate and wanted her to stay away from him.  Liam put something in Daniel’s orange juice.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante takes Ben to Lulu at the police station. Lulu holds him for the first time since learning that he is her son. Anna calls Olivia to tell her that Ben is safe and going home. Olivia is concerned because Sonny can’t get happy about the good news because he is so concerned about Michael. Sonny sees Ava and tells her that before AJ died, he told Carly that Sonny shot him because of Ava. He says Carly won't bother Ava because he told her her that AJ was strangling Ava before he shot him. Carly confirms Franco's suspicions that Sonny shot AJ. She says it has to stay a secret for Michael’s sake. He says she can trust him to keep the secret. She tells him that Ava was not in New York at the time of AJ's shooting; she was in her penthouse with AJ and Sonny.  Carly tells Franco that she knows Ava is hiding something that Sonny doesn’t know about and she is going to find out what it is. 

Britt and Nikolas arrive at the hospital with Elizabeth, who has been shot by Dr. Obrecht. Nikolas thanks Britt for helping Elizabeth and asks her to leave. Nikolas blames himself for Elizabeth getting shot because Obrecht's gun went off when he grabbed it. Britt goes to the police station. Lulu allows Britt to hold Ben one last time and say, “Goodbye.” Britt says goodbye, then goes outside, and sobs. Lulu tells Dante that they can't deny the facts that Britt carried Ben, gave birth to him, and took good care of him. She says after seeing what losing Georgie did to Maxie, she knows it has to be hard for Britt to let go.

Maxie is home from her trip, and she has brought her annoying Australian boyfriend. His name is Levi and he is an environmentalist who criticizes everything from Nathan's choice of shampoo to the fact that Nathan didn't recycle the shampoo bottle that Levi used the last of. Levi says he senses pain in Nathan and encourages him to speak his truth because whatever it is can't be that bad. Nathan asks him if arresting his mother for killing his sister is bad enough. Madeline is in the jail cell next to Obrecht, her estranged sister. Madeline had changed her name from Marta Westbourne to Madeline West when she left Zurich to start a new life in the States. They determine that they are both in jail because of things they did for their children. Madeline tells Liesl that Nina died. Obrecht expresses empathy since she knows the pain of losing a child. Nina says it is not the same because Nina is actually dead. Nathan goes to the jail and asks Madeline why his father cut them both off and left everything to Nina. She tells him to ask his father. When Nathan leaves, Obrecht observes that the detective called Madeline, "Mother," and asks her if he is James. Madeline says James is none of her business. Obrecht says to hell he isn’t; he is her son! Nathan sits next to his unknown sister, Britt, at the bar in the Floating Rib.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Sharon are kissing in the bathtub when suddenly he pulls away and gets out of the tub. Jack, on the computer, in his office is deep in thought about Adam. Summer comes in to visit him. Jack tells Summer about Adam and the authorities finding his remains. Jack tells Summer he has a proposition for her. In the park, Ben is on the phone with Jenna and is begging her not to take his son out of the country. Kelly walks up and tells Ben that his son is better off without him. Billy visits Victoria complete with a present for Johnny and a birthday hat. He says he is there to help celebrate Johnny’s birthday, but Victoria doesn’t think that that is such a good idea considering the circumstances. Lily goes over the details of the fashion show when Devon interrupts. When Devon mentions Esmerelda and the fashion show, Lily remarks that she will be replaced. Hilary walks up and tells Lily that she cannot do that. Esther walks into the living room and sees Jill and Colin kissing on the sofa. Esther lets out a screen and hides her face with her duster. Victoria refuses to let Billy celebrate Johnny’s birthday with them today by telling him that she is going to take him to the coffeehouse to get him a cupcake, and then they are going over to Victor and Nikki’s. Kelly reminds Ben that he was a murderer who he killed a man and his son shouldn’t be subjected to that. Colin tells Jill to fire Esther, but Jill tells him that she should give Esther a bonus for stopping her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Jack asks Summer to work with him at Jabot during the summer months until school starts back in the fall. Lily and Hilary argue as usual. Devon tells Lily to “chill out” concerning her ongoing argument with Hilary. Jill tells Colin that she doesn’t want to make love to him much less be married to him. Billy gets up to leave and tells Victoria that he started work at Jabot that sold the club.

Nick apologizes to Sharon for kissing her. He tells Sharon to get her coat and come with him. Lily is on the phone when Summer joins her. Summer lets her know that Jack asked her to work for Jabot and to help out during the fashion show. Hilary is in Jack’s office with only her panties and bra on when Devon walks in and sees her. Billy joins Jack in his office and lets him know all about Victoria and Ben sleeping together and that there is something strange about Ben. Victoria celebrates Johnny’s birthday with him at the coffeehouse when Ben walks up to join them. Victoria lets Ben know that she told Billy everything about them sleeping together. Colin apologizes to Jill for hurting her in the past. Colin picks up all the files and papers and throws them in the garbage can. Jill confesses to him that she does love him. They begin to kiss and make their way upstairs. Lily walks in on Devon and Hilary. Hilary quickly hides until she can get dressed. Hilary comes out and leaves. Lily asks Devon if anything is going on between him and Hilary. Devon denies it. Lily invites Esmerelda to be in the fashion show. Billy informs Jack that Kelly knows all about Ben. Jack asks Billy if he wants to save his marriage. Kelly and Summer discuss the fashion show. Colin and Jill go back downstairs and start to discuss the music box. Esther makes a coughing sound to let them know that she is entering the room. Colin goes out and makes a call. He tells the person that it will take a little longer than he thought but he would get their money. Colin looks at a business card from Bonaventure. In the park, Nick and Sharon discuss Cassie and how Nick found Sharon passed out in the living room. Upon awakening, Sharon told him that she saw Cassie. Sharon mentions the word “phantasm” which takes Nick by surprise. Nick asks Sharon if she remembers anything. Ben is surprised that Victoria would tell Billy about them. He asks her out to dinner.

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