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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie and Ridge lounge in bed. She says she doesn’t want things to change and she knows the force is gathering. He says let them; it won’t affect them. And sometimes change is good. Ridge pours them some wine. He tells Katie that now that everyone in the family knows and his dad used him as a bargaining chip it will be just a matter of time before the press comes down on them too. He just wants her to be prepared. She says maybe they should hibernate the rest of the year. She definitely doesn’t like the fact that he will be working with Brooke but Eric probably figures putting them together will eventually get them back together as he wants. She’s surprised as she always thought Eric liked her. Katie says Brooke will get lonely; she always does. Ridge says that won’t affect anything. It doesn’t matter what Brooke wants. What he wants is right here. Brooke is getting ready for bed. She is brushing her hair when Bill comes flying through her door. He says he wants her back. And she might as well not say no as he is not going anywhere. He ends up brushing her hair and she loves it. He says he will brush it 100 times every night. She fills him in on the day. He’s okay with everything until she tells him that she and Ridge will be co-VP’s. She doesn’t know why he is flipping out over this. He reminds her how patient he has been while he waited for her to marry Ridge again and then get kicked to the curb, only to end up with her sister. He can’t imagine why she’d even want to be in the same room with him much less in a cozy little office. He wonders if the steam room is next. He declares he is not putting up with this crap any longer. She tries to calm him down. She says Forrester is the only place she can be now. She has a vested interest there plus her children that she needs to protect from Ridge. He’s trying to barrel in there and sweep them out. Bill says she does not have to be there to police Ridge. Her children are grown and can take care of themselves. He declares that he is losing patience with her. He is not getting anything he needs from her and he is not putting up with it anymore. Bill tells Brooke that she said she loved him….she admits she does, but…….he says then act like it. Show it, she wanted to find herself, take him along for the ride. They can discover themselves together out in the open as a couple. There is no Katie to protect; no hurt feelings from Ridge. He says he is standing there right now in front of her. And if she tells him to go she better make damn sure that is what she wants as he is not coming back. She looks at him long and hard and says no, that is not what she wants. She wants him. He hungrily kisses her and she says now. They fall into bed.

Aly stares into Oliver’s eyes. He says maybe he should not have done that. She thinks he regrets kissing her already. He says no; it’s just that she looked a little freaked out. She jumps up and says no, but fans herself and babbles that she just needs a minute to catch her breath. Oliver realizes this is her first kiss. She finally admits he is her first. He moves closer and says she has a lot of catching up to do; and kisses her again. He tells her it is an honor that she chose him for her first kiss. He calls her Ms. F. He says she is like a breath of fresh air. He works with so many models that are been there, done that, jaded. He kisses her again but they are interrupted by Pam at the door wanting to come in. Aly directs Oliver to the closet to hide and stay quiet. Pam is dressed in her medieval wench costume and says they need to go now. They have turkey legs to eat and jousting to do. Aly makes an excuse before Pam opens her closet. She says she knows what she will wear and she will meet her downstairs in just a jiff. She apologies to Oliver for the interruption. He says it’s her house and he came uninvited. She says he is always welcome. Then she says forget that. She doesn’t want to come off as cheap. He says she couldn’t even if she tried. He says he likes her. She is a terrific kisser and he does want to see her again. He’d better leave now before Pam gets back. He kisses her one more time and says he will be thinking of her. After they are spent, Brooke tells Bill that she is not going to back out on him. She is ready to tell the whole world. She picks up her phone and calls Katie. She says she is not calling to rub her nose in it, but she’d better tell her before someone else does. She and Bill are together now. ….permanently. There are no more secrets. Katie is with Ridge and she is with Bill and that is the way it is. Katie says awesome; she is not surprised. She relays it to Ridge. He can’t believe Brooke would do his again. She knows how he feels about Bill being with RJ. Katie says Bill does have his issues but he is not a monster. They will get through this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Sheryl got closer.  While EJ was with Sami, he thought about Stefano wanting him to help get Kate back.  EJ approached Kate when Sami left.  Sami showed up in Lucasí office when Lucas and Sheryl were kissing.  EJ questioned Kate about her dinner with Stefano.  Rafe did a search on Ben.  He started to do one on Jordan too.  Hope and Caroline talked about Aiden and the foundation Father Louie wanted Hope to be a part of.  Sami was happy for Lucas and Sheryl.  EJ said Stefano was sorry he hurt Kate.  Caroline wondered why Hope felt so strongly about Aiden when everyone else loves him.  Hope didnít understand why everyone loved him so much.  

Kate said she would never forgive Stefano after what he did to Rafe.  Rafe changed his mind about searching for Jordan.  EJ tried to convince Kate to be back with Stefano, but she didnít want to.  She walked away from him.  Lucas and Sheryl went back to his place to make love.  After they made love, Kate left a message on his answering machine telling him about the private investigator she has checking out Jordan and her past.  Sheryl overheard the message while Lucas was out of the room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia wonders why Sonny is so sad. Sonny is thinking about breaking his word to Michael and swearing Carly to secrecy. Sonny tells Olivia that he is worried about Michael. He tells her that Michael will not relent until AJís shooter is caught. Franco wonders what is going on between Sonny and Carly that is making her so distant. She says they are just worried about Michael. He tells her that she sucks at secrets. She says she canít tell him this because she doesnít want him to be implicated in any way. He says he already figured out that Sonny shot AJ, so she might as well just tell him. She admits that he is right.

Nathan demands to know what was so terrible about Nina that Madeline tried to get rid of her. Madeline says she wasnít trying to get rid of Nina; she was trying to get rid of Ninaís baby. She reveals that Nina was pregnant with Silasí child while Silas was having his affair with Ava and that she had to get rid of the baby before Nina could tell Silas that she was pregnant. Silas concludes that it was about the money. Sam thinks Madeline wanted Silas out of Ninaís life and figured that if Nina lost the baby, she would lose Silas, too. Madeline tells Nathan that she has wanted to kill herself ever since Nina went into a coma, because she never wanted to hurt her. Nathan arrests his mother for the murders of Nina and Nakamura. Silas tells Sam that he lost his wife and his child because he wasnít a better husband. She tells him not to blame himself for Madelineís actions. Nathan goes home and finds that his roommate, Maxie, is back from her journey of self-realization.

Lulu determines that she is going to get her son, but Anna stops her from leaving the station. She tells Lulu that she went through the same thing when Robin was little. Obrecht is about to shoot Elizabeth when Britt arrives at the door to pick up Ben. Britt is surprised to see Nikolas when he opens the door. She is even more surprised to find that Obrecht has him at gunpoint. Nikolas canít believe that Britt is there to steal Dante and Lulu's baby again. Elizabeth retrieves the baby from upstairs. Obrecht provides Britt with a bag that contains everything she needs to get out of the country and start a new life with a new Identity. When Britt says she is happy to have her baby in her arms again, Dante and two officers storm the house. Obrecht assumes the police followed Britt. Britt says she brought the police and is wearing a wire. Before they arrest her, Obrecht and Nikolas struggle for her gun and shoot Elizabeth in the shoulder. The officers handcuff Obrecht. Britt gives Ben to Dante and then tends to Elizabethís wound. Dante takes Ben to Lulu at the station. Obrecht is put in the cell next to Madeline. They recognize each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick wakes up on the sofa as Sharon comes downstairs to open the door. Sharon has a visit from Chelsea, who has some news for her. At the coffeehouse, Chloe and Kevin discuss how Chelsea wanted to leave her out of knowing about the new designs. At the Athletic Club, Michael and Lauren meet for lunch. Michael asks Lauren about the pregnancy test. Nikki visits Jill at the Chancellor mansion and lets her know that Billy and Victoria are legally separated and that they need to do something to save their marriage. Victor comes to visit Paul at the police station to show him some papers concerning Adam’s death. Jill is surprised that Nikki would want her help, since they have been at odds down through the years. Nikki reminds her how they had united when they worked on the memorial service for Katherine. Jill begins to have ideas on how to reunite Billy and Victoria. Colin comes in to see Nikki and Jill shaking hands and wonders what they are up to. Colin asks them why they are so chummy. Victor tells Paul that they positively identified Adam’s body. Chelsea tells Sharon and Nick that they found Adam’s remains. Sharon becomes upset over the news. Kevin urges Chloe to get herself together for her own sake. Kevin also reminds her how much he loves her and he will give her time to get herself in order. Lauren lets Michael know that she is indeed pregnant. Michael reels from the news. Kevin tells Chloe that going off on Chelsea was not good, and she could end up in jail. Chloe tells Kevin that he is right. Victor comes back to his office and finds Chelsea sitting there waiting on him. They discuss Adam’s funeral and where would be the best place to bury him. Nikki walks in and overhears their conversation. Nick asks Sharon why Adam’s death has hit her so hard.

Colin and Jill search the archives for information concerning the music box. Colin tries to get romantic with Jill, but she pushes him away. Michael tells Lauren that he loves her and they will get through this together. Chloe interrupts Michael and Lauren to discuss hers and Chelseaís business. Nikki offers Chelsea help in making Adamís funeral arrangements. Sharon takes a bath when Nick walks in. Jill accuses Colin of finding something and that is why he wants to just leave this information alone. Jill stumbles over a stool in the room and hurts her ankle. Colin kneels down and starts to massage her ankle. Jill lets Colin know that that is nice. Kevin and Paul discuss Chloe and what went on between her and Chelsea. Lauren tells Chloe that she hopes that things will work out for her and Chelsea. Chelsea interrupts them with some new designs. Chloe is anxious to see them. Chloe and Chelsea leave together to go to the office. In the foyer, Chloe warns Chelsea that if she tries to leave her out of this business, then she will sue her. Nick shampoos Sharon’s hair and rinses it before they start to kiss. Jill and Colin start to kiss lying down on the sofa in the living room.

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