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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge repeats the words back to Eric. If he leaves Katie and goes back to Brooke then Eric will step aside and Ridge will be CEO. Ridge thinks Brooke must have really done a number on Eric. Eric assures him that Brooke knows nothing about this. Eric is doing this for Ridge and his family. He knows he is with Katie as a direct result of Brooke being with Bill Spencer. He has to get over that. He’s not sure Ridge has much of a choice when he recaps it. Katie grills Brooke. Brooke says she is not trying to come between her and Ridge. She is simply going to be co-VP with him. But this is not over. Katie could have let Ridge go out of respect for her and her family. Katie says as painful as it might be, Ridge does not want Brooke. They are in love and committed to each other. Brooke says she does not have to be reminded of that. This decision was Eric’s and she can’t tell Katie enough how she and Ridge are not on the same page. He tried to demote both Rick and Hope and fired Oliver, all of which she fought him on and will continue to do so. She is not flirting with Ridge; she is fighting him. Maya stares at Oliver as he kisses Aly’s burned hand. She’s a little flustered but says she is better and it was nice. Then she abruptly jumps up and says she has to go, even without drinking her tea. Carter needs to go back to the office. Maya makes a beeline to Oliver’s table. He mentions it being a close call with the Ridge bomb falling on him. She asks what is up with him being with Aly. He says she’s kind of cute but shy. Maya points out yes but a Forrester. He says he is a nice guy so that has nothing to do with anything. She says she wonders about his intentions. She has never met a person more idealistic than Aly, pretty innocent and vulnerable. He laughs and says he had not thought of any intentions. Maya reminds him that he did kiss her hand and it seemed to mean a lot to Aly. She tells Oliver that he is an attractive guy so don’t use that, don’t hurt Aly. He sees Aly’s sunglasses she left on the table and starts thinking. Aly arrives back in her room, still all aglow in what just happened. She pats her flushed face with water and picks up a pix of her mother. Darla speaks to her and says Oliver is a nice guy. He kissed her hand so he must like her. He is not like the other bullies at school. Ridge tells Eric that he fights a tough battle but he’s not sure he sees this as being the best thing for Ridge and his family. Eric tells him if he wants to be CEO then act like a CEO. The press can not get wind of him and Katie. Ridge says he is not going to hide Katie. They will just deal with it. Eric says not as CEO. Ridge counters okay but he loves Katie and he is not going to leave her, not for all of this. He leaves a stunned Eric. Brooke tells Katie that neither Bill nor Ridge are on her radar; only her children and working for the company are. Katie says she can tell her that she is here for her children, but they know the truth. She is here for Ridge. She knows Brooke will never accept that he is with her now, but she better as it is over for them.

Oliver knocks on Aly’s door. She’s surprised when he says the maid let him in and said she was upstairs. She left her glasses behind at Bikini. She asks if he wants to come in. All it takes is one quick look around and he says WOW. She says yeah she is a fan, of Hope and her message. It got her through some troubled times during high school. He admits he believed it too and shows her his ankle with Hope in Chinese symbol. She thinks that is beautiful. He says he likes her room. It shows she is loyal. He likes her. She’s a really good person. And not to sell herself short. She was there for him when he got fired when no one else was. It bought him some time. Course in the end Ridge will probably do it again. She sits on her bed and he follows. He says photographers are a dime a dozen so his portfolio doesn’t mean all that much. He likes Aly’s take no prisoners attitude. She may be a Forrester but she is not like them. Ego is one of their strong suits. He tells her she is good for the Forrester's and for him too. He realizes she is not good at receiving compliments. He leans in and kisses her, then again and she responds. Eric tells Brooke that he made Ridge an offer that he couldn’t refuse, but he did refuse it. The one stipulation was he get back with Brooke. So she will be working with Ridge as co-VP. They’ve done it before and can again. Brooke doesn’t like that Eric was going to put Ridge ahead of Rick. He says the future is Ridge and Brooke. He wants them back together. He will come to his senses in time. Katie is wonderful but she is not the woman for Ridge and deep down he knows that too. Ridge goes home to find Katie in a sexy teddy and candles all lit in the bedroom. He reveals that Eric offered him the CEO position today but only if he went back to Brooke. Katie says that must be awesome, everything Ridge wants. He says no, he has everything he wants right here. He loves her and with no job she may have to support him. He says it was not a great opportunity; it was a bribe, a good one but not good enough. They kiss and then fall back on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Marlena that she was marrying Eric.  While Gabi and Nick were making out, Sami showed up.  Nicole accused Marlena of convincing Eric to get married in a church.  Eric showed up while they were arguing.  EJ told Stefano that there was nothing he (Stefano) could do to stop his wedding to Sami.  Sami noticed a shoe in the apartment.  Eric and Nicole argued over her accusation.  Hope blamed Aiden for why they had to work together again.  Sami thought the shoe was Willís.  Gabi was nervous.  Sami wanted Gabi to turn to her or Kate for support.  Sami didnít want her going to an outsider for help.  Gabi figured out that Sami didnít want her turning to Nick.  When EJ told Stefano that his wedding was going to be perfect, Stefano told him as long as Sami didnít find out that he slept with Abby.  EJ was horrified.

Aiden said he would convince Father Louie that he could do the committee without Hope.  Eric apologized for hurting Nicole.  She was ready to break up with him if they couldnít be together in every way.  Gabi and Sami argued over Nick.  EJ and Stefano argued over EJ being with Abby.  Gabi continued to remind Sami about what EJ did in the past.  EJ figured out that Stefano had him followed.  Stefano wanted EJís help with Kate.  EJ said if he agreed to help him with Kate, no one must ever find out about him and Abby.  When Stefano mentioned Dr. Garcia, EJ asked if Abby was pregnant.  Stefano said Abby wasnít pregnant.  EJ told Stefano that Sami could never find out about Abby because it would destroy her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian expects Ava to go to Pentonville for the attempted murder of Nakamura. Ava finds Silas at the hospital and warns him that Nakamura is alive and prepared to tell the police who tried to kill him. Silas says Ava should be the one worried about that. They discover that neither of them tried to kill Nina or Nakamura. Silas wonders who did. Morgan has followed Ava to the hospital. He asks her if she is still in love with Silas. She says she supposes she will always love Silas in a way, but it isnít he same way that she loves Morgan. She asks him if he doesnít feel anything when he sees Kiki in passing. He says it isnít the same thing. The person who goes into room 617 and tries to inject who she thinks is Nakamura is Nathan's mother, Madeline Reeves. Sam concludes that Madeline tried to kill her own daughter. Nathan reveals that Madeline is his mother. Silas goes to room 617 where Sam fills him in on all the details. Nathan asks Madeline what Nina did that was so terrible that she wanted to get rid of her. Madeline blurts out that she wasnít trying to get rid of Nina; she was trying to get rid of her baby.

Ric tells Julian that Sonny believes that Julian has a backer with a vendetta against him and that Sonny thinks Ric is that person. Ric says that in light of it, he has to resign as Julian's attorney. Tracy can't believe that Luke is so unconcerned about his grandson going missing the instant that Lulu discovered he is her son. Luke assures her he has a plan, then he changes the subject to the piece of art that he bought from Jerome Gallery for her birthday. He suggests that she hang it in his office at ELQ. She notes that he has never had an office job in his life so he must have an agenda if he wants to work at ELQ. He says it will be a way to spend more time with her. When Ric goes to Kelly's, Luke warns him that Sonny wants him dead. Alexis visits Julian at the gallery. She tells him that she broke up with Shawn because he worked with Sonny, so taking up with Julian makes her a hypocrite. Julian asks her to consider the possibility that it wasn't Shawn's job, but that he simply wasn't the right guy for her. He says he might not be the right guy either, but they owe it to each other to give it a shot and see where it goes. She says she wants to take it one step at a time. They go at it on the desk.

Britt goes to the police station and tells Dante and Lulu that she can take them to Ben. Dante forbids Lulu to go. Nikolas goes to Elizabeth's house and tells her that he knows the person in her house isn't Ric and asks her who it is. Obrecht reveals herself and puts her gun to Elizabethís neck. Nikolas offers himself as a hostage in exchange for Elizabeth. Obrecht informs him that they are both hostages now. She says Nikolas proved himself just like other men when he abandoned Britt instead of standing by her. She decides to shoot Nikolas until Elizabeth convinces her that Britt will never forgive her. Obrecht says that in that case, Elizabeth will be the one to die. Britt knocks on the door. Dante and several uniformed officers surround her from a distance.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his office at Jabot, Jack cannot understand why Abby would think that he was dating Kelly. Abby sees through Jack’s plan and tells him that she knows what he is up to. As Kelly walks into Crimson Lights, Tyler sits at a nearby table. Tyler asks Kelly for her opinion on the engagement ring that he just purchased for Abby. Ben walks in and begins to lash out at Kelly for getting involved with another man. In the park, Billy asks Victoria if she slept with Ben. Victoria doesn’t want to go into it there, but Billy keeps insisting. Avery is on the phone with a man in New York when Dylan comes to visit. He immediately asks her about her trip to New York, but she has something else to tell him first. Dylan tells Avery about what has been going on between Billy and Victoria and Chelsea and Chloe. In his office at Newman, Victor tells Chelsea that Adam is really dead and consoles her. Jack tells Abby to stop calling Kelly a “gold digger.” Ben tells Kelly about Jenna leaving the country with his son. Victoria confesses that she slept with Ben. She explains to Billy how things came to pass the night that she was alone and met up with Ben at the bar. Victoria tells Billy that she saw him with Kelly. Ben and Kelly begin to bond over things that happened to them in their past. Tyler shows Noah Abby’s engagement ring.

Jack visits Victor and finds Chelsea there. Chelsea tells Jack that Adam is really dead. Jack and Victor put their differences aside and console Chelsea. Jack assures Victor that he will stand by his promise to Adam about Connor's legal guardianship. Abby joins Ben and Kelly and thanks Ben for taking Victoria home. Victoria tells Billy that she will have Avery draw up the divorce papers the next morning. Avery tells Dylan that she is going to work for the foundation instead of taking the cooking show. Dylan does his best to talk Avery into taking the cooking show and finally succeeds. Avery starts to send the agent an email, but she and Dylan begin to kiss. Avery gets an email from someone telling her that he hopes to see more of her. Noah asks Courtney to move in with him. Tyler takes Abby to the park to ask her to marry him and to give her her ring. Abby accepts. Chelsea takes Connor for a walk in the park and tells him that she will always be there for him even though Adam is gone. Billy packs his things and moves out.

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