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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick wonders if Ridge is going to apologize for his hissy fit. No, that is not going to happen. Katie comes in and hugs Ridge. She thought she’d find out how his meeting went. Rick speaks up and says Ridge now realizes his boundaries. He’ll leave it up to Ridge to fill her in. Ridge tells her that once again little Rickie got his way with Daddy. Eric welcomes Brooke as VP and says he knows she will be a good one. She wonders if Eric is up to something; some matchmaking even by putting her and Ridge together to work such long hours so closely. She appreciates him still believing in her and Ridge after all these year. He says that in the near future he expects her and Ridge to lead the company, after that it will be Rick and Caroline. She says that she and Ridge can work together very well with no personal feelings in the way. Oliver surprises Aly by asking her out for coffee. She hesitates but finally agrees. He takes her to the Bikini Bar where Carter and Maya are already there and are more than curious. Aly confesses she doesn’t even drink coffee. Oliver doesn’t mind, whatever she wants to drink. He takes her hand and says thanks for her support today. It meant so much to him. She tells him she knows today was not his finest day but she could tell him stories about Ridge over the years. Oliver spills hot tea on her hands and then puts ice on it to ease the pain. Then he kisses the hurt and notices her eyes fluttering.

Ridge goes to see Eric and says he must change things. He can not leave it with Rick as President. He does not understand how Eric could pick Rick over him. Eric points out that Ridge has been gone over a year and should not expect things to fall back in place the way he wants it. Then there is the problem with Katie….how that will look to the public. If Ridge wants to run the company, then do it with Brooke. Katie wastes no time in finding Brooke alone and asking how she did it. Was it just plain old flirting as always. She flirts with Eric and gets him to name her co-VP with Ridge. She bet she has hug out the reserved sign on the steam room door already. Katie declares that she is no idiot and that won’t work. Ridge tells Eric that he has found something with Katie and he knows Eric doesn’t approve but it is not a publicity scandal. Eric says it is, he just wants Ridge to grow up. He wants him to end it with Katie. A man who would run off with her, his wife’s sister, is not good enough to run this company. Brooke tells Katie that she is not going to turn the job down now. She is protecting her children. If Ridge wants to accept the job and work there too, fine, but he has to know she will be watching him. It’s just a job. Katie tells her that she has watched her operate like this for years and they will be working and suddenly her clothes will fall off. Eric tells Ridge that if he will leave Katie, he will step down and Ridge can be CEO. Go back to his son, go back to Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer asked Daniel why he had her checkbook.  Liam was eavesdropping on Daniel and Jenniferís conversation.  Sami thought her and EJís wedding would be a disaster.  He assured her that their wedding would be a good one.  She said Stefano wasnít going to be at the wedding.  Daniel said he didnít put the checkbook in the toy box.  Eric said he couldnít marry Nicole through the church because of her past.  Nicole said they didnít have to get married in the church, but Eric still had a problem with marrying her.  Roman grilled Theresa and Brady about what they did at the wedding.  Brady told Roman that he and Theresa were dating.  Theresa wanted time to talk to Roman.  She confronted him about ruining her life.  John questioned Marlena about Will and Sonnyís wedding, but she didnít want to talk to him.  Daniel tried to tell Jennifer what happened with the checkbook, but she didnít want to hear it.  She left his apartment and went to the hospital.  That made Liam happy.  Eric told Nicole he couldnít marry her outside of the church. She was upset because they couldnít have a relationship with each other.  EJ told Sami that he wanted Stefano at the wedding, but she didnít want him there.

Theresa told Roman she was going to see Brady no matter what he thought.  Marlena agreed to be civil with John, but she wanted nothing else to do with him.  Daniel called Nicole to talk to her about Jenniferís checkbook in the box.  They argued over it. Nicole told Daniel that she didnít put the checkbook in the box.  She asked if he could have done it.  He said he could have and apologized to her. She apologized to him.  They ended up talking about Eric not wanting to marry her out of the church.  She was determined not to lose Eric after everything sheís done.  When he wanted to know what sheís done, she lied and said put up with Marlena and Sami.  Eric talked Jennifer who gave him advice on what to do about Nicole.  She decided to take her own advice and go see Daniel.  Liam went to see Jennifer, but she had to go.  Roman and Eric tried to warn John about Bradyís behavior being self-destructive.  Jennifer went to see Daniel to make up with him.  Liam was upset when he overheard Daniel and Jennifer kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Jordan that he knows she knew who the Jeromes are and asks her why she purposely went to work for his enemy. He asks her if she is hoping the Jeromes are going to put her back in business doing what she was doing in Maryland. She tells him that that part of her life is behind her and walks off. Nathan, Sam, and Silas go to room 617 at the Metro Court in hopes that Ava takes the bait and comes to finish off Nakamura. Sam volunteers to get into the bed and pretend to be Nakamura. Silas wonít have it and says he will be Nakamura. Silas gets called to the hospital, so it is back to Sam being Nakamura. As Ava is rushing out of the gallery, Morgan stops her and asks her why she is in such a hurry. He ushers her back inside the gallery. He sees the newspaper and asks her if the reason she was in New York the day that AJ was shot was because she was trying to kill the pharmacist. She denies it and accuses Silas. He asks her why she is being evasive. She asks him to let it go. He presses her to tell her because people who love each other should be honest with each other. She says she loves him but that this is none of his business. He lets her go, but says he canít have a relationship like this so it canít happen again. Ava rushes to the hospital to tell Silas about Nakamura. Nathanís mother breaks into room 617 and tries to inject Sam while he watches.

Obrecht calls Britt at the hospital and tells her that she can pick up Ben at Elizabethís house. Brad wonders what Britt is going to do. He doesnít blame her for wanting her baby back. Dante gives Lulu a hard time about disappearing. She tells him that she went to Elizabethís house. She says Elizabeth seemed certain that Ben is all right. Lulu tells Nikolas that he is mistaken about Ric spending the night at Elizabethís house. He wonders who he heard if it wasnít Rick. He goes to Elizabethís house to find out. Obrecht stands behind Elizabeth with her gun. Britt goes to the police station.

Lucas ignores Bradís calls. He runs into Felix at Kellyís and tells him that he and Brad broke up because of Bradís part in Brittís embryo stealing scheme. Felix realizes that Brad was about to tell him everything on Valentines Day. Felix sees Brad at the hospital and tells him that he realized that he was going to tell him everything. Brad says he was. Felix says that even with the best of intentions, sometimes relationships donít work out. Lucas listens to the message Brad left.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dressed in a suit and tie, Billy visits Jack at Jabot to ask for a job. Abby tells Victoria that she and Tyler have just become engaged. Victoria is happy for her. Dylan and Ben arrive at the park straight from a workout. They discuss not wanting Victoria hurt. At the police station, Paul asks Kevin how married life is treating him. Paul assures Kevin that Chloe will come around. Victor interrupts them and reminds them both what Chloe did to Chelsea in kidnapping Connor. Victor orders Kevin to keep Chloe away from his grandson. At the coffeehouse, Chloe walks up to join Chelsea who immediately hides what she is working on. Chloe confronts her about what she is keeping from her and thinks she already knows about it. Kevin reminds Victor that Chloe knows what she did wrong. Paul tells Victor that he wants to discuss Adam. Chloe confronts Chelsea about cutting her out from being involved in the new designs. Chelsea reminds Chloe about what she did in kidnapping Connor. Chloe lets her know that she is this way because Adam killed Delia. Jack is confused that Billy doesn’t want to work at the Boulevard and instead wants to work at Jabot. Billy reminds Jack of Delia and all the things she did. Abby questions Victoria about her involvement with Ben. Abby tells Victoria that there was intense flirting between Ashley and Ben. Abby lets Victoria know that she saw her leave the club with Ben.

Chelsea and Chloe continue to argue until Dylan walks in and interrupts. Kevin also walks in. Victoria and Ben meet up in the park. Ben lets her know that Dylan knows about them. Jack hires Billy and welcomes him to Jabot. Abby walks in and finds out the good news. Chloe blames Victor for the trouble that she and Chelsea are having now and that Victor would eventually put a stop to them working together. Kevin takes Chloe and leaves. Chelsea apologizes to Dylan. Jack gets a call from Kelly changing their date to the next night. Abby asks Jack why he is taking Kelly out. In the park, Billy catches Victoria with Ben and asks to talk to her alone. Billy begins to ask Victoria what she did the night that Johnny and Reed spent all night with Victor and Nikki. Billy asks Victoria if she slept with Ben. Victor tells Chelsea that Adam is really dead. An unknown man pays another man off for making Victor believe he is dead.

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