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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric makes Ridge co-VP with Brooke. Rick will remain as President and Oliver will keep his job. Aly tries to get Oliver to put his stuff back as Eric may completely change all of this around. He says no one keeps a job all their life so he will get another. Just as Aly is about to charge upstairs and plead his case, Hope walks in and says somebody else already has. Eric reversed his decision so Oliver stays. He thanks them for their support. Ridge doesn’t like these new circumstances and he and Rick continue to bicker. Rick accuses Ridge of retaliation just because the HFTF line flourished and put FC back on the map while he was gone and it happened under Rick’s leadership. Brooke assures Ridge she will work with him but she will always support her son so he better understand that. She tells Ridge that Rick is not a designer but he’s a good company leader and he doesn’t run away when things get tough. Ridge tells Rick that he still doesn’t think he should be president but if that will make his dad and Brooke happy, so be it….enjoy it while it lasts.

Aly asks Oliver how it feels with so many people in his corner. He loves this place. Forrester is an amazing family. But he does not want to be blindsided again like this. He says she is a real sweetheart. Eric tells Rick that he makes him proud. Rick says no son could ask for more. Brooke tells Ridge she lost her way without him. That is no excuse but she has her priorities back in order. She will see to it that he is never President while she is there. He will not push Rick and Hope out of this company. She did not like seeing him humiliated but he pushed and management pushed back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Sonnyís wedding continued.  While Liam was looking at Jenniferís computer, Daniel and Nicole walked in.  Liam was able to hide before he was seen.  Daniel and Nicole left Jenniferís house.  Liam came out of hiding and followed them.  

Everyone gathered for the reception.  Liam broke in Danielís apartment again.  He put Jenniferís checkbook in a box of toys that Daniel took from Jenniferís house.  Theresa and Jennifer got in an argument over Jennifer getting set up.  Jennifer accused Theresa of setting her up.  Theresa said other people hate her guts.  Abby and JJ interrupted the argument.  Sami and Adrienne wanted to give the first toast.  They competed with each other during their toasts.  Sami wanted to buy Will and Sonny a house while Adrienne wanted to send them on a honeymoon.  When Daniel and Jennifer met up and went back to his place, she noticed her checkbook in the toy box.  Liam was able to hear their conversation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan doesnít understand what the problem is when she tells Shawn and TJ that she will be working for Ava Jerome. Shawn tells her that Avaís brother and co-owner, Julian, runs his crime organization out of the gallery and that he is the same person that went after TJ.  Jordan does not intend to quit her job. When TJ leaves, Shawn tells Jordan that she knew who the Jeromes were before she applied for the job. He tells her to tell him what she is really up to. Ava reads the article that Julian planted in the paper about Nakamura still being alive. She asks Julian where he got his information. Nathan shows up at the gallery and says he needs to talk to Julian.  Ava eavesdrops, as they knew she would. They stage a confrontation. Julian says he has no reason to protect his sister and that in fact, it would be good to have her in jail and out of his way. Nathan gives Julian a phony address of where Nakamura will stay when he arrives in Port Charles. Julian refuses to print a false story. Nathan says Julian can have an exclusive interview with Nakamura after he has given his statement and that he is really staying in room 617 at the Metro Court. Ava gets extremely upset.

Sonny wants to know if Carly is going to tell anyone that he shot AJ. She says she is more concerned about Michael than she is Sonny and if she feels that telling Michael the truth is the best thing to do, then she will. She says that if Sonny wants her to keep her mouth shut, the he needs to tell her what Ava Jerome has to do with it. She says AJ told her that Sonny shot him because of Ava. Sonny says Ava saw him shoot AJ after AJ released her from a chokehold. He says Ava was not in any danger at that point, but he shot AJ anyway. Carly wonders why AJ was strangling Ava in the first place. Sonny tells her that AJ had been hounding Julian for a job. Carly says that story is ridiculous. She says she wonít tell Michael.

Lulu goes to Elizabethís house. Obrecht stands out of sight with her pistol ready to shoot if she has to. Elizabeth assures Lulu that Obrecht wonít hurt Ben because she intends to deliver him safely to Britt. Nikolas goes to the police station and is surprised to see Britt being released. He canít believe that stealing Dante and Luluís embryos isnít a crime He tells her to get out of all of their lives. Nikolas stays at the station to help take phone calls. Britt goes to the hospital because she has nowhere else to go. Brad says she can crash at his place. She says she doesnít want to involve him in the fallout that is bound to follow when her mother reaches out to her. Brad wonders if Britt will turn her mother in or if she will take the baby and run. Obrecht calls the hospital nurses station from Elizabethís phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy goes to visit Johnny, but Nikki feels that he has an ulterior motive for being there. At the Athletic Club, Kelly joins Jack and thanks him for the flowers that he sent her. Jill walks up behind Jack and accuses Kelly of deliberately breaking up Billy and Victoria’s marriage. While picking up toys, Victoria looks at a pic of herself and Billy. There is a knock on the door and it is Ben. He has stopped by to check on her. Avery visits Dylan at the coffeehouse and lets him know about all the “hits” that she got from her recipe being on the internet. She also tells him that she got an offer to go to New York. Dylan is happy for her. In the park, Michael cannot believe that Lauren may be pregnant. Lauren becomes upset by Michael’s attitude. At home, Nick tries to fill in the missing parts of Sharon’s memory by letting her know about Phyllis falling down the stairs, but Sharon becomes confused and thinks that he means when Summer fell down the stairs. Jill confronts Kelly about sleeping with Billy but Jack defends her. Jack explains to Jill that he offered Kelly a check in order to get her to leave town. Nikki feels that Billy is there to ask her to help him get Victoria back. Billy lets Nikki know that Victoria served him with legal separation papers, which he signed to give her the space she needs. Avery and Dylan discuss the cooking show that she was offered in New York. Lauren decides to go and get a pregnancy test.

Victoria tells Ben she has no regrets about what happened last night, but he does. As Victoria kisses Ben good-bye, Nikki walks up and sees them. Nikki confronts her over the kiss, but Victoria insists  she was only kissing him bye. Nikki asks her if this is any different than what Billy did to her. Victoria feels she is not going behind Billy’s back, because she served him with legal separation papers. Victoria tells Nikki that she saw Billy in the park with Kelly. Jack tells Jill to leave Kelly alone. Lauren tells Jill that no outsider can jeopardize a marriage. Avery runs into Michael in the park but doesn’t quite know how to take his attitude. Avery asks him as to what is going on. Ben tells Dylan about his ex-wife wanting to take his son out of the country. Ben remembers his kiss with Victoria. Nikki tells Victoria that Billy stopped by the ranch to see Johnny. Jack visits Kelly in her office and invites her to dinner, which she accepts. Nick tells Sharon that Summer is Jackís daughter. Avery asks Michael to take over some of her cases for her. Michael is thrilled by the offer. Lauren watches a woman with a baby in a carriage and picks up something that she's dropped. Nikki asks Victoria if Billy has feelings for Kelly. After Billy and Jill discuss his marriage to Victoria, he insists that she stay out of it. Dylan asks Ben if he slept with Victoria.

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