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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tries to get everybody to calm down as they throw accusations at Ridge for trying to take over. Brooke rants that he has been gone for a year and can’t expect to just come home and take back over. Rick says he is president and that is not going to change. Ridge says change is exactly what they need. That is why they are here today and he will be very nice. He says they need to rebuild their reputation and get back to their roots. Brooke demands to talk to Eric alone. Oliver gathers all his stuff and still needs more boxes. Aly walks in and discovers him in this mess. Oliver says he is a Jones not a Forrester. So he’s as replaceable as the next guy. Eventually Carter, Maya and Hope join in to give their condolences. Oliver says it is not the end of the world and they can still hang out at Bikini Bar every now and then. Rick tells Ridge that he is having a hard time wrapping his head around that he wants to stroll in here with his holier than thou attitude and turn everybody’s world upside down. Ridge says that was not his intention. Rick wants to know what is…..messing with his mom again….he knows all about Katie. Ridge says to leave her out of this. He didn’t mean to hurt his mother. Rick says Ridge made a choice and his mother is better off without him…..hell they all are. And Brooke is in there right now driving that point home to his dad….his dad. He knows Ridge has not forgotten that he’s not a Forrester, just a Marone. Ridge tells Rick that he is a little too old for his mother to be fighting his battles. Rick smirks that they would have been better off if Ridge had stayed in Paris. He has seen him for years jerking his mom back and forth when she loved him unconditionally. Ridge says he will not speak ill of his mother. A part of him will always love her. He came back for her and RJ and their family but when he found out what she did, he could not get past that. He tells Rick again to leave Katie out of this. There is a pattern with Brooke – Nick, Deacon and Bill. He says he does not want to make this personal. It’s economics, best for the company if he takes Rick’s job. Rick grouses that the job is not up for grabs. He earned it and he is not going to turn it over to Ridge. Caroline bursts in and has her say that Ridge can not disrespect them and all they have accomplished and worked their butts off for.

Eric tells Brooke that she had every right to defend Rick but Ridge’s attitude seems to have a new hostility. He’s floored when he hears about Katie and the fact that they are in love is ridiculous. He can not support that relationship. But Ridge also has put in many years with this company and accomplished a lot and is fully qualified. She asks if he remembers when Ridge pushed him out as CEO. He says yes, he won’t forget that. She says he could do that again. Look at Oliver just now. First it was Oliver, then Rick and Eric will be next. Eric says he hates this. Brooke says so does she but Eric is going to have to make a decision. Before they are done, Ridge bursts back in and says time is up. He’s had plenty of time to defend his son. Rick tells his dad not to listen to this. Ridge says no one knows who they are anymore so that is why they need a change and not to be selling t-shirts to little girls in the malls across the Midwest. Brooke says not at the expense of her son. Rick speaks for himself and hands out the quarterlies to show exactly what he has done and accomplished while Ridge was pouting in Paris. He tells his dad that it is his decision and he will do his best to respect it. Eric says he has heard enough. He had hoped that his two sons could work together and get along. Clearly that is not going o happen. FC can only have one president and he has made his decision.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi warned Sonny that he was going to have to deal with her if he was going to do something to Nick. Sonny told Gabi he was talking about someone else.  She believed him.  Will and T talked about what happened when Will came out to him and how far theyíve come since then.  Liam watched Daniel and Nicole together at the hospital.  Kate wanted Marlena to show her the certificate to prove that she was ordained.  EJ was having trouble getting the certificate for Marlena.  The guy didnít want to do so business with Marlena because of Sami.  He couldnít have anything to do with her because of what happened during their blind date.  EJ wanted to talk about it.  Sonny and Gabi made up.

Liam broke in Jenniferís house.  The guy continued to tell EJ about Sami.  EJ said the guy owed Sami gratitude for how his life turned out.  The guy wanted to know if he knew Sami.  The wedding was ready to get started, but Marlena still wasnít ordained.  Before Marlena could tell Will that she wasnít ordained, EJ showed up in time for the wedding.  Liam broke into Jenniferís computer and deleted files.  He was able to hide when Daniel and Nicole came in the house.  Will and Sonnyís wedding was underway.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Shawn that Carly knows that he shot AJ. Carly has nightmares about AJ telling her that Sonny shot him. She starts to tell Franco about it, but Sonny finds her in his room anxious to know of her plans. Carly asks Franco if she can talk to Sonny alone for a few minutes. Franco goes to work out on the treadmill. Sonny tells Carly that he needs to know whether she is going to tell what she knows or not. News of AJís death is on the front page of the Port Charles Press. Julian wonders if that is the reason that Ava is in such a good mood. Julian has planted an article in the paper about the pharmacist Nakamura recovering from a near-fatal injection as bait for Ava. Sam, Silas, and Nathan hope she falls for it and goes after "Nakamura" again. Just as Julian is handing the newspaper to Ava, TJís mother, Jordan Ashford, comes into the gallery to apply for the manager job that was advertised. Looking at a picture of Kiki, Ava can relate to her wanting to stay in Port Charles to reconnect with her son, so she hires her. Julian thinks Jordan is really a plant for Sonny. He wonders if Ava wants Sonny to take him down. Ava says he is paranoid. She finally picks up the newspaper and is shocked by the article about the pharmacist. Shawn and TJ are not pleased when Jordan returns to Kellyís and tells them about her working for Ava Jerome.

The police are still looking for Dr. Obrecht and Ben, who are at Elizabethís house. Obrecht says Britt will be released from jail soon and then she and Ben will be reunited. Elizabeth says that will only happen over Dante and Luluís dead bodies. Obrecht says, ďSo be it.Ē She adds that if things donít go as planned, she wonít be able to risk Elizabeth saying anything. Diane Miller, unaware of the back-story, because she has been on vacation with Max, gets Britt out of jail. Dante shows Diane the newspaper. Diane observes that nothing in the paper connects Britt to Benís kidnapping. Dante says Britt isnít under arrest for the kidnapping; she is under arrest for stealing their embryos. Diane says that is disgusting, but it is not a crime. Dante doesnít want to release Britt. Diane gets a court order from a judge for her release. Lulu runs away and goes to Elizabethís house.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane goes to visit Lily in her office at Jabot. In talking to Cane, Lily begins to undress as he closes the door and they begin to kiss. At Sharon’s home, Noah and Faith make a “Welcome Home” banner for Sharon’s homecoming. At the hospital, Nick lets Sharon know that he is falling in love with her again. Sharon tells Nick that this is all wrong. At the coffeehouse, Neil fixes himself a cup of coffee when Michael comes in to join him. Neil lets him know that he and Leslie broke up. Lauren comes looking for Neil but finds Hilary instead. Lauren wants Neil to sign off on the dress she has in her arms. Lauren asks Hilary if there are any models available to try on the dress. When Hilary tells her that none are available, Lauren asks Hilary to try on the dress. Courtney visits Noah at Sharonís to show off her police uniform. Despite Lilyís seduction attempts, Cane tells her that he still wants to work for Newman. Lily begins to undress again and they kiss. Hilary tries on the dress and Neil thinks that she is a “knockout”. At the coffeehouse, Fen joins Summer at her table. They begin to discuss college which surprises Fen that she is going to college. Summer and Fen discuss how they are clean from drugs. Courtney walks in.

Sharon advises Nick for them to take it slow and not rush into anything. Sharon tells him to take her home but first they kiss. Nick and Sharon go home and are surprised by the “Welcome Home” banner which Noah and Faith made. Sharon lets Faith know some of the reasons why she was in the hospital. Summer watches Courtney as she continues to talk to Fen. Courtney joins Summer at her table. Courtney tries to talk to her, but Summer still thinks that she is on drugs. Courtney explains to Summer that she is a cop and shows her her badge. Lauren calls Michael to join her for a walk. Michael confronts Lauren about not telling him that Fen wanted to be a lawyer. Courtney tries to explain everything to Summer, but she is still hurt that Courtney hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her that she was a cop. Summer asks Courtney if she really carries a gun. Nick tells Faith and Noah that he will be spending the night with Sharon. Sharon tells Noah that she and Nick are trying to give their relationship another try. Michael and Lauren walk as they discuss Fen and his childhood. Michael hurts Lauren’s feelings when he makes remarks that he is relieved that Fen’s childhood is over. Lauren finally manages to tell Michael that she may be pregnant. Summer visits Faith and is surprised to see Sharon home. Neil tells Lily and Cane his idea about using the common woman in the fashion show. Lily is quite put out when she finds out that Hilary will be one of the models.

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