Tuesday 4/1/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/1/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In bed, both Katie and Ridge lay in each other’s arms and profess how happy they are and how things worked out. He wishes he had not called that meeting now. He’d rather stay in bed all day. Katie knows that Brooke won’t give up so easy. He says she will as she is his past and he’s exactly where he wants to be. Eric tells Brooke that he is happy she came in today. He was beginning to worry about her. She ways destiny works both ways and she needed to learn from this in how to define herself without a man. He tells her she is a beautiful, unique Brooke, beautiful inside and out…..one of the most wonderful human beings he has ever known. She says she does not need a man in her life. She will have more energy now for her kids like RJ was very disappointed when this happened. Eric says he doesn’t get Ridge……what he thinks he can not get with Brooke. He understands that he was upset with the thing with Bill but to just slam the door on their marriage is so unforgiving. Brooke says she will learn to move on with her life and value herself more. She wants to get more involved with work and be a valuable part of Forrester again. She says she hears there is a meeting and she’d like to sit in. Eric says of course. She says she is gonna change; he’ll see. Donna waltzes right up to Katie’s bedroom and Katie tells her that she is so happy with Ridge. He has changed everything. This house was way too big and now it is filled with laughter and fun. Donna is happy for her but says it is still a little weird that it is with Ridge. Katie says she loves her sister very much but choices were made that have changed their lives forever. Things are different now and they will all have to adjust. Rick tells Hope that Brooke told him that she was going through a dark spot right now but they’d keep an eye on her and be there if she needs them. Caroline and Carter come in and asks Rick if he knows why Ridge called this meeting – just said management. Oliver finds out online that Ridge doesn’t like any of the HFTF shots. Ridge arrives at the office all chipper and even hands out a compliment and gives Pam a raise. He tells her to call Oliver into this meeting.

Rick is speaking when Ridge gets there. He says sales are up for HFTF, the Stephanie collection is going well especially in their Rodeo Drive Boutique, their crown jewel and he tells Hope that is all due to Wyatt. Ridge wants to compare the couture line with HFTF. He wants to keep it but not make it so confusing that it has it’s own separate label. He shows them graphics and compares the richness and depth that Couture has that Hope doesn’t. He wants a new ad campaign and a new photographer – Oliver has got to go. The Paris studio is much better and he is closing down the photo department here immediately. They are all shocked. Right on cue, Oliver walks in and in short order Ridge points out the difference in the graphics from Paris and tells Oliver that he is fired for creative differences. Oliver says it is his company and his call and he will pack his stuff and be out of here at end of day. Rick stands up first and says Ridge is incredible to do this without consulting them first. Hope points out that Oliver has been here for years. Brooke thinks he ought to reconsider. Rick snaps that he is President of this company. Ridge says only another reason why he called this meeting. Oliver grouses to Maya that he was fired. Ridge is taking over this company and if they don’t know it by now, they will. Ridge tells Rick that his tenure as President has not gone unnoticed. He should be very proud but he’s going to lead Forrester into the future. They all chime in that things have gone well even without Ridge. Brooke says he can not dismantle this team. They have earned their rights here. He is not going to steamroll her children. His assessment is wrong and nothing needs fixing. She is not going to stand here and watch him tear down everything they built. And that little coup that he is planning won’t fly as Rick took over when Ridge wanted nothing to do with the L.A. office and he earned it by merit. She will not let him take this away from Rick. Ridge says believe it or not, but this has nothing to do with Brooke. Brooke turns to Eric and says there can only be one President so who is it going to be – Ridge or their son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready for Sonny and Will’s wedding.  Jordan confided in Maxine about whether or not she and Rafe would be going to the wedding together.  Rafe went to see Ben.  Marlena told Sami that she couldn’t get ordained.  EJ said he would make sure Marlena got ordained.

Maxine wanted Jordan to talk to her about what went wrong with Rafe.  Maxine advised her not to give up on Rafe.  Rafe talked to Ben about Jordan.  Rafe asked Jordan to go the wedding with him.  Rafe and Abe picked up Jordan and Maxine at the hospital.  EJ had to go to Chicago to help Marlena because he was being given a hard time.  Gabi overheard Sonny talking to someone about taking care of Nick.  She wanted to know what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Felicia complains about the mayor allowing the Port Charles' Bridge to be closed, Mac suggests that Felicia run for mayor. Kevin agrees. Lucy misses the conversation because she is preoccupied by thoughts of Scott Baldwin. She says she is going home because she doesn’t feel well. Bobbie tells Scott that Noah Drake just broke up with her over the phone because he is getting back together with an old flame. Scott tells Bobbie about his love triangle with Lucy and Kevin and that he told Lucy that she has to choose one of them. Lucy runs into Scott at Kelly's and tells him that she decided her place is with Kevin but that she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. He says he can't be her friend because he will always want more.

Carly tells Sonny that AJ named him as his shooter. He admits that he shot AJ and tells her that she can't tell Michael. She says she can't make any promises. He says AJ was always a cancer in their family and asks if she doesn’t remember that he killed their unborn child when he pushed her down the stairs. Young Carly appears before him and says she remembers everything. Carly and Sonny relive good and bad moments throughout their lives. Carly observes that they have always had each other's backs. Sonny says he needs her to have his back now. She says she has to figure things out, but for now, she is going to go be with Michael. 

Monica is having a hard time saying goodbye to AJ. Emily comes to her and says Monica isn’t alone. Monica says she shouldn’t have outlived all of her children. She wonders why she should want to stay around when everyone she ever loved is dead. AJ's ghost appears to her. She wants to go to the other side with Emily and AJ. They say she can't go because Michael and Danny need their grandmother - especially Michael. Emily points out that if Monica leaves, Tracy will get the house. Monica asks AJ who killed him. He says it is a long and complicated story but when the truth comes out, she will be proud of him. Edward, Lila, Alan, and Emily escort AJ up the stairs to the other side.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon wakes up and once again sees Nick sitting in a nearby chair. Sharon tells him that she still cannot remember something that she should remember. At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Dylan that she uploaded the picture that he made of her, but he thinks that she means the video that he took of her when they were kissing. Avery lets him know that it concerns the recipe that was entered in the contest. Leslie visits Ian in prison to ask him if he sent his ex-wife to visit Dylan. Ian tells Leslie that he has information that will help to get him out of jail. Neil and Hilary arrive home at the Athletic Club where they meet up with Devon, who immediately asks them if they shared the same hotel room. Jack tells Summer that he will be accompanying her to the deposition. Abby joins them to give them some wonderful news. Tyler visits Victor to let him know that he proposed to Abby and thus asks for Victor’s blessing. Leslie cannot believe what she is hearing and refuses to go along with Ian’s plans. Avery reads the comments about her Key Lime Pie and is insulted by the comments. Hilary shows Devon and another man the pics taken of her when she was on the "The Price is Right" where she played Plinko and won. Summer congratulates Abby on her engagement. Victor asks Tyler if he knows what it means to be a Newman. Devon thanks Hilary for helping to keep Neil’s mind off of Leslie. Summer reminds Jack of their appointment. Neil offers Abby some encouragement concerning their engagement and upcoming marriage. Victor asks Tyler if he is worthy of Abby. Tyler insists he loves Abby and will spend the rest of his life making her happy. Dr. Mead gives Sharon a good report and agrees to let her go home as long as she gets a nurse to stay with her. The Cassie look-alike is at the Underground and watches Nick talking with Victor.

Avery continues to read the comments concerning her Key Lime Pie. Victor gives Tyler his blessing and welcomes him to their family. Tyler and Abby meet at the Coffeehouse, and he tells her that Victor gave them his blessing. Victor lets Nick know that Abby is engaged. Sharon asks Dr. Mead to help her fill in the missing spaces of her memory, but Dr. Mead refuses. Nick reminds Victor what he did to Summer concerning the DNA test. Nick gets a call from Sharon that she is being released. Victor confronts the Cassie look-alike and asks her why she hasn’t left town. Avery tells Dylan that she asked Leslie to talk to Ian about his ex-wife and if he got her to pay Dylan a visit. Summer is nervous about the deposition but is soon joined by Ian, who wants to talk to her. Summer asks to talk to Ian alone, but Jack refuses to leave. Summer tells him about the kind of person she is and her family. Devon finds Neil in a better mood than when he went to LA. Leslie congratulates Tyler and Abby on their engagement and wants to celebrate with cupcakes. Nick tells Sharon that he will be the one to stay with her at home. Victor orders the Cassie look-alike out of town, but she refuses to go.

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