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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Bill what happened to his room. He explains that it really doesn’t matter. He came home from seeing her, all upset……He puts his shirt back on and says they can go downstairs and talk. She says they can talk but not downstairs as they need privacy. He looks toward the closet and says their last private conversation didn’t go so well. She says she did not want to leave things like that. She tells him that she does not want to be this cold, aloof person that keeps telling him to go away. Listening from her closet post, Quinn is bored to death. Bill tells Brooke that because of Katie that is all she knows how to do. But people will talk from the cradle to the grave and he’s been listening to it all his life. But loving him makes her who she is and he can’t get enough of it. Aly is taking selfies as she needs a photo for the Forrester directory. Liam comes in. He is not looking for Hope; says the car just drove itself. She doesn’t have to look for the dynamic duo. He just wanted to get out of the house. She calls him a genius when he helps her with her title instead of just shadow. She says she can go get her photos taken and then they could have dinner if he wants. He asks for a rain check. He says he feels his dad is going to need some propping up tonight. And he advises her than when one of those love struck puppies asks her out that he really appreciates and respects her. She blurts out that she’s never had a boyfriend before. He’s surprised but says it’s really easy. It’s like learning the words to a song you already know. Brooke tells Bill that it wasn’t all bad or wrong. They loved each other. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He says there is no expiration date on that so she can hold on to that. She says she can imagine them raising Will and RJ but what she can’t get past is trading husbands with her sister. That is just wrong and too weird. He agrees it is taboo but haven’t they already paid that price. He wants to wait as he has for months even though she told him there was nothing to wait for. He tells her she is not a failure. She did not lose Ridge; she outgrew him.

Maya goes through a photo shoot of glam poses for Oliver. She tries to act normal despite their one kiss between them. She says she is glad it meant nothing more and they can still be friends. Somehow they get off on the subject and he tells her that he once had a thing for Hope. He thought he had found it but it ended badly. He can’t help but think how things would be if they’d gone a little differently. He owes a lot to the Forresters but his life changed the day he dropped out of being a potential Forrester. It all depends on your last name around here and those married to it. He assures her though that he is not dissatisfied. Oliver shoots Aly’s pictures although she is a little apprehensive. He thinks she is a natural and manages to bring out the best in her. She says he is the talk of the office if he is single or available. Maybe they will find out at the Spring showing. He says maybe things will look up for him by then. Later he wants to show Aly the pictures. She hates looking at pictures of herself. She points out that all the women in her family are gorgeous. There is Steffy and Hope and she is just average. He says on what universe. Bill tells Brooke that he does not want to start over. There is no one else for him but her. She says she needs more time. She vows to be a better person, a better mother and do something that she is proud of. He says he can give her the time; he kisses her. He comes back to find Quinn laid out on his bed. He commends her for being quiet and not giving him away. She says she does not want to steal him away from Brooke so what would be the point if she and Brooke got into it fighting on the floor and pulling hair out. She says he is so shallow and arrogant but she does like him a little more now that he’s had his heart broken a little thanks to Brooke. Bill says Brooke does not need to know about his. She thinks he means the whip. He says no, the two of them. There is no “you and me”. This little freak session where she jumped his bones never should have happened in the first place. She asks really does he think she wants anyone else to know about this. He threw her reputation in the sewer once before and she’s not about to let that happen again. He says good as this meant nothing anyway. Quinn says he has nothing to worry about from her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden confronted Hope about her warning Kayla to stay away from him.  Liam approached Nicole when she tried to light the evidence on fire.  He offered to help her.  Eric showed up while Aiden and Hope were talking.  Liam recognized Nicole from television and wanted to know why she was in the woods.  Nick and Gabi talked about his conversation with Will and how he wanted people to like him.  Aiden left so Eric and Hope could talk.  She wanted Eric to come down to the station to close the book on Chyka.  Nicole lit the barrel with the evidence in it.  

Hope ran into Aiden again.  She apologized to him.  She wanted him to give her the lecture, but he didnít do it.  He thanked her.  Liam showed up at Danielís apartment.  Hope and Aiden talked about Kayla.  He said he wasnít interested in dating any time soon.  Liam broke in Danielís apartment.  Hope questioned Aiden about his wife, but ended up apologizing for prying.  Liam looked in Danielís apartment and then left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Obrecht makes a call to arrange Brittís release. Nikolas stops by Elizabethís house. Obrecht keeps her gun aimed on Elizabeth while she answers the door.  Elizabeth pretends that she knows nothing about Benís kidnapping. He apologizes for lashing out at her. He canít believe she is too angry with him to let him into her house. She reluctantly lets him in, accepts his apology, and asks him to go. Obrecht kicks a toy. Nikolas hears the noise and concludes that Ric must be there. When Nikolas leaves, Obrecht observes that he must think Elizabeth is easy. She asks her who Ric is.

Sonny asks Ava if she killed Silasís wife. She doesnít answer. Nathan concedes that perhaps Ava had something to do with Nina and the pharmacistís overdoses. Sam suggests to Nathan and Silas that they feed Julian misinformation that the pharmacist really didnít die, so they can catch Ava trying to cover her tracks. Nathanís mother apologizes to him for not telling him right away about Ninaís death. She says the important thing now is to make sure that Silas pays for what he did to her. Nathan says he isnít so sure that Silas did anything to Nina. He says Silas told him that he signed the document relinquishing his claim to Ninaís money. She concedes that he did, but that doesnít mean he didnít try to kill Nina 20 years ago. Nathan says it is important to punish the right person. Tracy tells Kiki that Luke said she made a pass at him and says she is slut just like her mother. Kiki informs her that she has it backwards and that Luke made the pass, not her. Silas shows up and tells Tracy to leave Kiki alone. Silas tells Kiki that Nina died. Silas lights candles for Nina in the chapel. He promises her that he will find whoever overdosed her and get justice for her. Luke tells Julian that they are bringing the drug business to Sonnyís territory. He drops a kilo of cocaine on the desk and says Sonny missed the boat. Julian is no more interested in the drug trade than Sonny is. Luke says he doesnít pay Julian for his conscience. Luke samples the cocaine and tells Julian that he has to try it too, because he has to know what he is selling. Sam arrives at the gallery looking for Julian just in time to interrupt. Luke tells Sam that he is engaged to Tracy and looking for a piece of edgy art to liven up the Quartermaine den. Sam wonders why Luke is acting so strange. She tells Julian about her plan, and he agrees to help her. Luke goes to the hospital to find Tracy. Tracy tells him that Kiki said he was the one to make the pass. Luke says Kiki is a liar.

Sonny beats himself up over breaking his word to Michael. AJ codes again. Monica performs CPR, but AJ flatlines. A crew comes in and continues to try to revive him, without success. Monica tells Michael that AJ is dead. Carly consoles Michael. Carly finds Ava and Sonny and tells them that Michael and Kiki donít need their support anymore, because AJ is dead. Kiki sees Monica crying. Monica tells her that AJ died. Michael promises AJ that whoever shot him will pay. Carly tells Sonny that AJ woke up long enough to say Sonny shot him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily shows Lauren Chelsea’s new designs. Chloe and Kevin go out on a date. Kevin starts to kiss her, but she pulls away when she sees Michael come in. Abby is surprised that Victoria would leave with Stitch. Stitch and Victoria go out to the car but they argue as to who will drive. At the Newman home, Victor shows Reed the finer points of the game of chess while comparing it to real life. Nikki comes in to join them. At the coffeehouse, Chelsea runs into Billy and finds him playing with his wedding ring. Stitch tells Victoria that she is in no shape to drive home. They argue playfully. Billy asks Chelsea about her and Victor’s search for Adam. Chelsea refuses to divulge any information. Lauren and Lily discuss how their lives have taken a turn for the better. Lauren commends Lily on the ideas that she has for her boutique. Cane drops by Victor’s to let him know what he found out about the man who set him up. Cane informs Victor that the man left town without a clue. In talking to Abby and Tyler, Lauren finds out that they aren’t engaged. Lauren joins Kevin, Chloe, and Michael for drinks. Lauren tells Chloe about Chelsea’s new designs. Chloe feels insulted that Chelsea didn’t confide in her about the new designs. Chelsea asks Billy about his marriage to Victoria. Billy says that Victoria served him with legal separation papers.

Stitch keeps Victoria from driving home alone. Victoria drops her car keys and gets in the vehicle to retrieve them but ends up in the back seat. Stitch gets in to join her. They end up kissing and make love. Victor gives Reed extra pointers on the game of chess. Victor gets a phone call concerning the person who has been calling Chelsea. Victor calls Chelsea with the information, but Billy is listening to their conversation. Billy demands to know what is going on, but Chelsea thinks he has more important things to worry about. Victoria tells Stitch that she is not sorry for what just happened. Billy and Chelsea find a common ground to talk about in that of their children. Stitch sees Victoria home and lets her know that he wanted her ever since he kissed her. Tyler proposes to Abby, and she accepts.

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