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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke continue to talk about Ridge. She says she just can not let him go. Bill says he knows their history and that is why he can cut through the B.S. He says Ridge treats her like garbage and she thinks that is what love is. He says she does not need Ridge anymore as she has Bill. He’s going nowhere and holding out just for her. He invites her to go upstairs and they can work this out. He wants to spend the night. He points out that Katie is with Ridge now, so there is nothing in their way in being together. The wait is over and they don’t have to feel guilty about being together. They can raise their children and he can get his company back. He’ll talk to his sister and figure something out. He says the first thing they are gonna do is fly to Monte Carlo and hop on his yacht and relive their first kiss there. She says she is not flying to Monte Carlo with him. He says he knows she wants to and he is not a man to beg but he will for her. He says she always asks him to leave but not tonight. He is ready to move in or get another place with her, whatever she wants and thinks is best for RJ. She tells him to slow down; he’s going way too fast. He reminds her she needs affection and attention and so does he. Without it, it makes him do things….he has needs and desires and none of them are being met. Personally and professionally everything has been put on hold but one word from her could make it right again. She says she is sorry but he will have to go. Hope tells Wyatt they are both done for the day and a movie and dinner out tonight sounds good. First she wants to call her mom. She’s worried about her. Wyatt says they have that in common now. He also is concerned about his mother and her love life. He knows he maybe ought not to be saying anything, but she sort of has the hots for his dad. Hope says she hates to say this but maybe his mother better not get her hopes up as Bill is still pretty intent on being with her mom. Wyatt says he knows and his mom gets too emotionally involved so maybe they should talk about something besides their parents. They are old enough to make their own decisions. But there is something Hope can do for him. She owes him. Then he explains that he was so looking forward to her barely clothed sexy body on the billboards and magazines. She says he will see her in her lingerie but just not along side the rest of the world. He’s ready to get to his own private showing. He even came prepared and asks her to look behind the screen. Ooh, la la, she likes and tells him to lock the door. She comes out first in a lovely, skimpy little grape colored garter belt, teddy.

Rick finds Brooke in a mood sitting on her stairs. She tells him it’s been a rough day but she has not been drinking. She does not need another hangover like she just had. And it’s not over Ridge, this time Bill. He comforts her by saying that Katie is with Ridge now. She is not going back to Bill. He knows he has had his issues with Bill in the past, but he does have his point. She has tried over and over with Ridge and they have yet to make it work. Bill has proven his feelings, and he’s committed to her. So maybe she should stop pushing him away. She jumps up and says she loves him but has to go….she is going to see Bill. Bill returns to Liam’s and doesn’t want to talk about it, rejected. And no he does not want a beer, make it scotch. He says the night should have ended differently and he should not be sitting here with Liam. But he’s not giving up. He says now he’s going upstairs and take a cold shower and cuddle up with his girlfriend (drink) here and go to bed. Liam says okay, he’ll be there in the morning if Bill wants to talk. As he walks into his room, it’s not long before Quinn appears in her black leather cat suit swinging a small purse size whip. She asks if he had a rough night as it is about to get even rougher. She sidles up to him and tells him to take off his shirt. He says he appreciates her interest but she has no idea what he has been through tonight. She asks how many times is he gonna let Brooke turn him down. He says she is insane and that is none of her business. He tells her to get out, but she comes closer and says just the way he likes it. The next moment Liam is hearing lamps and things falling to the floor as Bill and Quinn take turns throwing each other on the bed. He wants to know how she got in and does Liam know. She grins that with all the noise they are making, he sure knows now. As they smack around on each other, he says he is not in the mood for her games. She says she is not playing with anything. She does not care about his moods. Forget the buttons, she rips the shirt off and starts for the belt. He tells her that she is twisted. She replies that is why it is so special. He says okay, it happened once but he was drunk; he’s sober now. She says good, this time can be sober. As she kisses him he says this is not going to happen again. She looks down at him in that area and says she really doesn’t see that he has a choice. He pushes her down on the bed again and tells her she is crazy. She thinks crazy in the bedroom is always a compliment. Liam is surprised to open the door and find Brooke there. She’d like to come in and see Bill. Reluctantly Liam lets her in. He says Bill is upstairs but he wouldn’t go up if it were him. It’s not really a good time. Quinn is asking Bill if he wants a turn. He says he doesn’t need permission. Liam knocks on Bill’s door. Bill hollers it is not a good time. Liam tells him that Brooke is here. There is some muffled sounds and scrambling about as Bill shoves Quinn and her play toys and puts her in the closet. She can still hear though. Brooke walks in and sees the room and bed asunder and asks what is going on. Liam says he will leave the two of them alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Nicole that the police stopped looking for Chyka.  Nicole was relieved that she was in the clear.  Theresa gave Liam the key to Danielís apartment.  Will asked Lucas to speak at the wedding.  Kayla and Aiden ran into each other at the town square.  They got along with each other.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about Theresa and how she causes trouble.  Theresa taunted Liam with Danielís key.  Liam tried to deny wanting the key at first.  Brady and Eric argued over Eric being with Kristen.  Hope wanted Nicole to read over her statement.  Liam took the key.

Theresa told Liam that she hated Daniel and Jennifer and left.  Eric talked to Daniel about his hesitation to marry Nicole.  Kayla asked Hope what she thought of Liam.  Theresa went to see Brady.  They ended up in an argument.  They started making out.  Hope wondered if Kayla was interested in Aiden.  Nicole decided to get rid of the evidence that would clear Ericís name.  While she was there, Liam showed up.  Theresa and Brady made love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas about Silasí wifeís death. He didnít know Silas had a wife. She tells him the back story. Nikolas tells her that Britt and her mother stole Dante and Lulu's embryos and that Ben is really Lulu's son and Obrecht took him. He tells her that he yelled at Elizabeth and threw her out of his house instead of thanking her for bringing the truth to light. Sam says he only needs to apologize to her and everything will be fine. Obrecht calls Britt's phone, which Dante is monitoring. Britt is trying to coax her mother into revealing her location by saying she wants to meet her there. Lulu ruins it when she bursts into the interrogation room yelling at Britt. Obrecht hangs up, confident that the call wasnít long enough for a trace. She is holding Elizabeth at gunpoint in her own house. She tells Elizabeth that she didnít reveal the truth about Ben for Luluís sake; she did it because she is trying to get Nikolas back. Obrecht makes a call to arrange Brittís release. Nikolas knocks on Elizabethís door while Obrecht holds a gun on her.

An officer brings Nathan a file that has information about Silas Clay. Silas tells Ava that Nina died. Ava insists that she had nothing to do with Ninaís coma. Nathan goes to the hospital and tells Silas that his alibi checks out, but that it doesnít exclude the possibility that Silas asked his patient to be his alibi or that he hired someone else to hit Nakamura. Silas says he didnít kill Nakamura and he didnít drug Nina, but he thinks he can tell Nathan who did. Ava asks him if he is pointing the finger at her. Nathan tells Silas that Avaís alibi checks out, too. Nathan says he is going to try to have an open mind and look into possibilities other than Silas. Sam goes to the hospital and tells Silas and Nathan that she thinks she knows a way to bring Ava down.

Sonny and Olivia argue because she thinks he is too focused on Michael to worry about Dante. Sonny goes to the hospital. Monica stops Sonny from entering the ICU and says she wonít allow him to go near her son or her grandson. Sonny finds Ava, who tells him that there has been no change in AJís condition. She says the only way they will be out of the woods is if AJ dies. Sonny worries about how that will affect Michael. Kiki finds Michael in the church chapel. He says he can't rest knowing that itís his fault that his father isnít waking up, because he made the wrong choice. She says it isnít his fault, because there was no right choice. She says the only person at fault is the shooter. Michael wonders why AJ was at Avaís house at all. Kiki wonders too, since her mother was in New York at the time. Kiki wonders if he was there to see her Uncle Julian. Carly is on AJ duty when he opens his eyes. He tells her that Sonny shot him because of Ava. AJ codes when Michael and Monica go into her room. Monica calls for a crash cart and begins performing CPR herself.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria yells for Reed to come and get his things together before Hannah arrives to take him and Johnny over to Victor and Nikki’s. Victoria looks at the separation papers on the table that Billy already signed. Billy meets Kelly in the park. Kelly begins to make up excuses about them being seen together. Billy says that it doesn’t matter whether they are seen together or not. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Abby argue over the fact that Billy and Kelly slept together, but Jack still wants to be friends with her. Devon joins Jack and asks him if Abby would attend the fashion show to give it more publicity. Hilary and Neil are in a room in Los Angeles with double beds. At home, Dylan sets the cell phone to record a video of himself and Avery kissing and making out. Jack tells Devon that Neil didn’t tell him to keep an eye on him while he was in LA. Abby joins Tyler and Stitch at the gym and is quite upset when she sees Stitch bandaging up Tyler’s face. Abby thinks that Victor hit him while he wasn’t looking, but Tyler assures her that it wasn’t like that at all. Abby tells Stitch that she owes him for the favor. Stitch gets a call that his divorce is final but that his ex-wife wants to take his son out of the country. Reed tries to talk Victoria into reconciling with Billy by telling her how much she still loves him. Billy tells Kelly that Victoria asked him for a "legal separation," and he signed the papers. Billy insists that he has to leave Victoria alone. He feels that he has lost everything. Victoria visits the park and sees Billy and Kelly together. She leaves without letting him know that she was there.

Avery joins Jack for a talk about how Summer is coping without Phyllis. At the coffeehouse, Dylan tells Greg that he will send him a picture of the espresso machine but instead sends the video he made of him and Avery making out. Greg calls Dylan back and lets him know what he did. Dylan orders him to delete the video, because it is a matter of life and death. Billy walks in and upon hearing Dylan’s remarks, lets him know that it is very difficult to undo things once they are done. Tyler and Abby notice Stitch having a drink. Jack sees Kelly come in and goes upstairs to talk to her. Jack asks Kelly what happened between her and Billy. Kelly opens up and lets him know what happened in the park. Victoria joins Stitch at the bar for a drink which is a tequila. Billy lets Dylan know that Victoria filed for a separation and he signed the papers. Stitch tells Victoria to take it easy on the drinks. Victoria shows Stitch the separation papers that she had drawn up and that Billy signed. Victoria lets Stitch know that she saw Billy and Kelly together in the park. Victoria signs the papers. Hilary serves Neil his dinner in the hotel room. Dylan is surprised that Billy signed the papers. Stitch tells Victoria that his divorce became final today and his ex-wife wants to take his son out of the country. Abby and Tyler see Victoria and Stitch leave together.

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