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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Rick’s request, Hope shows up at Brooke’s house. He’s worried about thier mom. He says Ridge left her for Katie. She’ll say she is okay, but she’s really not. Rick tells Hope that he found her at Eric’s where she had spent the night and she was talking to Stephanie. Brooke walks in and wants to know what is going on. Hope gives her a hug and says she is so sorry. She understands she was talking to Stephanie. Brooke says yes it helps her remember how strong she was. She would never let something like this derail her and Brooke isn’t either. At Liam’s, Bill fills Liam in on Katie and Ridge. But Brooke is furious about it and doesn’t realize what a gift it is. Now they don’t have to feel guilty any more. Nothing is standing between them. Liam asks what about Quinn. Bill assures him that Quinn is not a factor in this. Liam says ok but then Bill goes and knocks boots with her. Bill says okay, he made one mistake and now he has to go hear about it from his son. But he tells the little worrywart, it isn’t going to happen again. Liam says he better pray that is the way Quinn feels about it. Bill says he doesn’t care how Quinn feels about it. Bill pours himself a stiff drink and says his only concern now is Brooke. Quinn Fuller is nothing more than a scratch. Quinn is remembering her romp with Bill that included some pretty rough sex. Wyatt walks in and is concerned about her look. She says it is not about Aly, but Bill. Wyatt isn’t sure he wants any details. He doesn’t want to know about her relationships but it sure beats her being curious about his. He reminds her that Bill is still out for Brooke. She chuckles about Bill and his “hobbies”. He’s very competitive and he won’t give up on Brooke. He likes the chase. But even if Brooke is the only woman for him, he is not the only man for Brooke. Wyatt tells her that he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up when it concerns Bill. She assures him that she gave up her schoolgirl crush on him a long time ago. The attraction is tame. What they have is visceral, and raw. Wyatt says it sounds dangerous. Quinn says people get hurt all the time in relationships because they expect too much or make promises they can’t keep. She says she knows Bill; what motivates him and what he needs. And if he thinks he needs Brooke, he is sadly mistaken. She says she does not believe in daydreams; she acts on her desires. Wyatt says then it looks like she and Bill have that in common. She says yeah and with genes like that no wonder he ended up with Hope. He says he only is trying to figure out what she wants. She says three things – him to be happy, their business to be a success and a companion for her. So far she has not met a man who excites her as much as Bill. They may be more alike than Wyatt thinks.

Bill tells Liam that he is not asking for the moon. He just wants his company back, to have his son and share it with the woman he loves – Brooke. Ridge does not deserve her. He came home for her but now he’s with Katie. He’s garbage and she needs to be done with him now. Liam says he knows it is frustrating to just sit and tell him to wait. Bill says he is not going to wait. Liam says no that is the mistake he made, but just try to think what Brooke needs right now. Bill says she needs to realize she is free and there is not a single reason she can not be with Bill. She needs to know that she can be more than just a good mom. She’s a smart, sexy, dynamic, woman and not afraid to put herself out there. She needs a man who can handle that and appreciate her and that clearly isn’t Ridge. He says tonight Brooke is going to realize that man is him. Liam scoffs then he isn’t going to wait up. Bill says he better start looking for a new roommate. Brooke says she is sorry that Bill came to Rick about this. Rick says he’s not. He knows Bill cares deeply for her and was worried. He was impressed with that side of Bill. Brooke says well Bill doesn’t have to worry about her anymore and neither do they. In the past when Ridge left, she often did things she would regret. That isn’t going to happen anymore. She sees what payback is and now she knows this sounds hard to believe but she is putting her children first. Rick and Hope give her a group hug. Quinn tells Wyatt that Brooke has never been right for Bill. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s white knight. She knows how bad he can be. She has seen the worst of him but she can appreciate how far he has come since then but Brooke can’t. She’s ashamed of her involvement with Bill and she expects him to be also. Brooke will reject him again and he will move on. Wyatt asks then what. She says she will be there to show Bill there is one woman in his life who truly understands him. Bill appears in Brooke’s doorway and tells her not to ask him to leave as he won’t. Wyatt finds Hope and slips up and gives her a big kiss. She says that must mean they are okay. She explains that she really liked his idea at the presentation. He says he will never complain if he is the only one to see her in lingerie unless Aly convinces her to wear long flannels. He might have a problem with that. She says she knows Aly was a little overbearing but she did have a point. She made it so maybe now she will back off a little. He says he doubts it. That’s the problem with shadows; they are a little hard to shake. Hope says she is not there now and gives him a big kiss. Liam is on his way out when Quinn slips in. When she finds that Bill is not there, she tells Liam that she will wait. He’d rather she go since he is leaving. If it’s really important she can leave a message. She says this has to be in person. She leaves and he locks the door and also leaves. She doubles around and comes in the back sliding door. She passes the mantle and turns down Liam and Hope’s picture and says Bill will be home tonight and she will be right there waiting for him. Bill tells Brooke that he is not leaving until she hears him out. She does not have to wake up alone tomorrow and neither does he. She says they have been over this before. He says yes but now Ridge is with Katie, the very thing they tried to do for months. The only difference is they are not feeling guilty about it. Brooke doesn’t want to talk about this, but he stops her from walking out. He says before she did not want to hurt Katie, but Katie is not hurting, Brooke is. The man who left her a dozen times has now left her again. And the plans they made in Monte Carlo are still there. RJ and little Will are okay and they can be too. But she has to let go of this idealized Ridge as he came back from Paris a different person. Brooke does not need him as a security blanket any more. She has got to let him go as he will leave her and hurt her again. It’s time to move on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa realized that Liam is getting back at Daniel and Jennifer.  Theresa told Liam that she was getting accused of the stuff he did.  She let him know that she was going to tell Daniel and Jennifer what he was up to.  Jennifer didnít tell Brady about Theresa.  Brady was upset that Jennifer wouldnít tell him anything.  She tried to warn him about Theresa before she left.  Marlena wanted to apologize to Eric and Nicole for going to Stefano.  Theresa went to see Daniel.  Marlena told Nicole that Will and Sonny want her to be at their wedding.  John went to see Brady, but he didnít want to see him.  Daniel and Theresa got in an argument over Brady.

Daniel continued to rip into Theresa and warned her to stay away from Brady.  John said he was at the mansion to drop by Will and Sonnyís gift.  John wanted to help him, but Brady wanted him to stay out of his life.  Marlena wanted Nicole to tell her if sheís hiding anything from her about Dr. Chyka and Eric.  Theresa warned Daniel that he would be sorry for talking to her the way he did.  He said he wouldnít be.  Theresa found Liam and wanted to talk to him.  Nicole told Marlena that she didnít know anything about Dr. Chyka.  Theresa told Liam that sheís not telling Daniel and Jennifer about him.  He wanted to know why.  She told him they had a common enemy.  She had something that would help him.  Nicole had one more thing to do so Eric would be hers forever.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly wants to talk to Sonny about AJ. Olivia interrupts with the news of Benís kidnapping. Dante demands that Britt tell him where her mother went with Ben. She doesnít know. He arrests her for the theft of the embryos. Nikolas tells her not to call him to bail her out. Nikolas assures Lulu that Obrecht wonít hurt Ben. He blames himself for everything because he trusted Britt. Olivia and Sonny go to Spoon Island. At the station, Britt repeats that she doesnít know where her mother took Ben and observes that arresting her wonít bring him back any sooner. At Danteís request, Britt calls her mother and asks her if they can meet and disappear together.

Anna gives Nathan a hard time for being unreachable last night when Danteís son, Ben, disappeared with Dr. Obrecht. He tells her that he turned off his phone when he got the news that Nina Clay died of pneumonia. Anna wants to know why Nathan is taking it so hard and what his relationship to Nina really was. He begins to tell her but is interrupted. Sam opens Silasí door. Madeline Reeves is standing there. Madeline says Sam must be Silasí ďslut du jour.Ē Sam concludes that Madeline must be the mother-in-law from hell. Silas accuses her of trashing his place to intimidate him into signing her papers. She says that if he signs them, then his problems will go away. He repeats his terms that he will sign tem when Madeline tells him where Nina is. Madeline says Nina is dead and shows Silas the death certificate, dated several weeks ago. He canít believe Madeline didnít tell him before. She says she didnít want him to know that he had inherited Ninaís money before signing the papers relinquishing it. He says he never cared about the money and signs the papers. Madeline calls Nathan. He asks her how he could keep the news of his sisterís death from him for weeks. She says she didnít know how to tell him. He hangs up. An officer brings him a file with information about Silas.

Ava goes to the hospital to finish off AJ, but Kiki sees her. Ava says she is there to check on Kiki and Michael. Kiki says she heard the hospital staff saying that it is unlikely that AJ will ever wake up from his coma. Carly goes to the hospital and relieves Kiki from watching over AJ. Ava calls Sonny and tells him that they might be in the clear because it is likely that AJ will never wake up. AJís fingers move. As Carly talks to him, he opens his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery is busily cooking when Dylan comes in and begins to kiss her on the neck, thus distracting her. At Crimson Lights, Victoria waits patiently on Reed while he orders a cinnamon roll. Stitch joins her. Victoria lets him know that she just got back into town and stopped by here because Reed wanted a cinnamon roll. Stitch says that he just got the last cinnamon roll, but he gladly turns it over to Reed. Billy walks up and confronts Victoria about why she didn’t tell him that she was back in town. At the Athletic Club dining room, Victor has dinner with Tyler and Abby. Victor mentions the article on the internet about them being engaged, and states he will not give them his permission because they haven’t known each other long enough. Jack joins Kelly in her office to discuss the fashion show and its layout. Jack and Kelly begin to argue as usual over him trying to pay her off to get her to leave Billy alone. Reed is overjoyed to see Billy and invites him to come home. Victoria lets him know that things are different now. Reed asks if Billy doesn’t he love Victoria any more. Summer visits Avery and watches her while she is preparing the quiche. Summer tells Avery about Nick having feelings for Sharon and how she had some sort of a meltdown. They discuss Phyllis and whether or not she will ever recover. Avery urges Summer to talk to her. Summer voices her doubts and wonders if there is a reason to hope. Avery lets her know that she will never give up on Phyllis recovering. Summer says she is ditching modeling and going to college. Avery is thrilled. Kelly lets Jack know how she feels about finally having a home that doesnít remind her of Sam. As Kelly begins to cry, she asks if Jack still wants that tour. Abby tells Tyler about Victor’s love for art. When Victor finds out that Tyler is into boxing, Victor challenges him to a sparring match which unnerves Abby and thus makes her worry about Tyler. Abby tries to talk Victor and Tyler out of the sparring match, but they insist to go through with it. After Victoria and Reed leave, Dylan looks at Stitch and tells him that this is bad idea.

Abby becomes upset when she sees Jack come in with Kelly. Abby voices her concern over what happened with Victoria and Billy. Jack comes over to join them, not really knowing how to react to Abby’s remarks about Kelly. Victor and Tyler leave the table to go to their sparring match. Billy drops by Victoria’s to play a video game with Reed. Billy talks to Reed about him not living here anymore. Victoria comes in and tells Billy that Reed is going to spend the night at Victor and Nikki’s home. Billy tells her how much he misses her, but Victoria worries that if she takes him back, she will just be hurt again. Victoria asks for more time and space. Dylan reminds Stitch that he is Victoria’s big brother. Stitch thinks that some things are better not to have gotten out. Avery walks in and wonders what Dylan is keeping from her. Dylan tells her that he sent in one of her recipes to the contest. Jack tells Kelly to ignore Victor and his remarks. Summer joins them and tells Jack about her going to college and her classes. Victor and Tyler spar with each other. Stitch gives Tyler some pointers. Victor warns Tyler not to hurt Abby or he will have to answer to him. Victoria tells Billy that she wants a separation from him and produces the papers for him to sign. Billy signs the papers and leaves. In the park, Billy sees Kelly.

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