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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is still conducting the meeting while everyone gives their views about a possible launch of After Dark. Aly is the loudest and tells Hope that sex sells and that is exactly what she would be doing – selling sex. Hope Logan fought so hard for her message for young girls like Aly to be responsible and wait. And now Hope is going to be modeling lingerie. She can't imagine what has happened to Hope. Pam and Liam are outside the door trying their best to hear a peep from inside. Liam says Aly is the voice of reason and she has never lost control around him. Pam says that is because she adores Liam, but hates Wyatt. Liam agrees that is another reason for him to like her. Wyatt is pushing Hope too far this time and maybe it is a good thing, maybe she will see the light as she has too much integrity for that. Aly wants to talk to Hope alone but Eric tries to say they are all in a meeting together. Hope speaks up and says it is okay. She will give her a couple of minutes. When Wyatt walks out he catches Liam and Pam talking. She excuses herself. Wyatt asks why Liam is there. He scoffs he is there to watch Wyatt’s demise. He says Wyatt doesn’t have a clue who Hope is. She is not going to be a lingerie model. Wyatt thinks Liam doesn’t believe in Hope, but she’s on board with this. Liam says if they do this, Hope will hate herself and Wyatt even more. Wyatt says that is why Hope is with him now. He encourages her and Liam only holds her back. Liam admits that Wyatt does feed her a large dose of charm but eventually she is going to gag. Wyatt says Liam doesn’t know Hope at all. She is not that sweet high school girl that he knew. She grew up right after she left him. Hope tells Aly she gets a couple of minutes but please do not use them to slam Wyatt or it will be less. Aly basically goes over all the things she has said before. She asks Hope to think when she launched her line why she called it Hope For The Future. She had a vision and it caught on and changed the world. Hope says yes but she grew up and her values have not changed, but they have matured. Aly points out what a crusader Hope was and how she taught her generation to respect themselves and what will happen if they don’t. She says Hope’s whole life is a lesson and they need that. Hope says she is no angel. Aly says they don’t want an angel. They simply want someone who will slip and fall, but picks herself back up and corrects them. Hope taught them to invest in themselves and not just give it away. She tells Hope she has to live her message and not cheapen herself or it will cheapen the message. She tells Hope to take back her world and respect herself. She can not do that parading around in her underwear. Hope says Aly has given her a lot to think about. She has been listening but the decision is hers, not Aly’s.

Back in the meeting room, Eric tells Hope it is her call if she has made a decision. Hope starts by saying she agrees with Wyatt…she thinks this will sell but she also has heard what Aly said and it comes down to she needs to do what is right for her. And right now following in the footsteps of her mother isn’t what she wants to do. It might change she says looking at Wyatt, but right now she is saying no. Of course both Quinn and Wyatt are very disappointed. Quinn tells him that Aly has got to be stopped. Wyatt is surprised that Aly got to Hope that way. Quinn says Aly wants Quinn gone and she wants Wyatt gone too but they can not let that happen. Aly walks in with a smug look on her face and says but it is happening. She tells Quinn that she does not know who she is messing with but finally the voice of reason prevails. She says she hates being angry but they make her crazy. Wyatt whispers a good choice of words. Aly tells him that she hates him, but that’s okay because they took her advice….or rather her mother’s advise. Quinn rolls her eyes when she hears Aly say that and that Darla was the most respected woman in the family. She steps up to Quinn and calls her a wicked, evil, conniving witch. She knows they exist. She even lurches forward more and smells Quinn up and down. She says they both reek of evil but she will not let them poison Hope. Hope asks Liam what he is doing here. She mentions Steffy and he says ah yes the lightening rod that kept them from marrying. But he’s not in touch with her. If he wanted to be with Steffy he’d be with Steffy. He says he knows she is still skeptical but his point of view has not changed. He still loves Hope the same as he always did. But he knows she is trying to make it with Wyatt and there is nothing he can do about that. He knows she had nothing to do with this lingerie line but hopes she is okay with that. She agrees that she got overly excited about it until Aly brought up some points she had not thought of. Quinn cracks the door to hear the rest. Liam says Hope has a code and it defines her. He was lucky enough to be there for some of that but it never changed who she really was. And he can’t imagine anyone else wanting to change that either. He says today showed him something….the woman he loved is still the woman he loves…..and he is so damn proud of her. He quickly gives her a kiss. She stands there frozen and allows the kiss but does not return it. It’s awkward for both at the end and they say nothing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was upset when Gabi and Abby wanted Nick at the wedding.  Will and Nick ended up in an argument.  Eric talked to the father about his relationship with Nicole.  Nicole told Daniel that she and Eric were getting married.  Gabi thought people would say something if Nick wasn’t invited.  Abby wanted to know what Gabi was talking about.  Nick kept telling Will he changed.  He also told him that he proved he changed because he hasn’t turned any of them in yet.  Eric told the father that he wouldn’t be able to marry Nicole based on the church’s teachings.  Abby tried to get Sonny to invite Nick to the wedding, but Sonny refused to do it.  Nick told Will he was happy for him and Sonny.  Liam had another vision of Jennifer turning to him for comfort after Daniel hurt her with Theresa.  

Will was furious with Nick when he judged his relationship.  Nick tried to explain what he meant before he left.  Brady and Maggie argued over Theresa.  Daniel warned Nicole to take things slow with Eric.  The father warned Eric about marrying someone like Nicole.  Brady wanted to know why Maggie doesn’t like Theresa.  It led to another argument before she gave up.  She called someone and told them she needed to see them.  She went to see Daniel to talk about Brady.  While Liam and Theresa were at the club, he pumped her about Daniel.  She said that was off limits.  When she asked if he was still hung up on Jennifer, he denied it.  Theresa found a picture of him and Jennifer together.  When Jennifer went to the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asked her to tell him about Theresa.  Daniel told Maggie that there’s a way to keep Theresa from Brady.  Theresa figured out that Liam was the one harassing Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas thinks the person who ransacked his apartment was his mother-in-law in an attempt to intimidate him into signing his inheritance over to her. Madeline goes to the Metro Court ands asks Carly to serve her a drink even though the bar is closed. They have a martini together and chat. Nathan finds Madeline and asks her if she broke into Silas’ apartment. She says she didn’t. He shows her the contract that Silas gave him and asks her what she is hiding. He asks her why the inheritance is important now and why she had Nina moved to another facility. Madeline says Nina wasn’t moved; she died.

Lucas tells Brad that he doesn’t want anything to do with him after finding out that Brad was complicit in Britt’s lie. Nikolas tells Britt to stop blaming her mother because everything is her own fault. He breaks the engagement, demands the ring back, and orders her to leave immediately. Dante and Lulu go to get Ben, but he isn’t in his crib. Obrecht has the baby and Helena's knife. She refuses to give the baby to Dante and says she will hurt Ben if they don’t let her pass. As Nikolas is forcibly escorting Britt out of the house, Dante and Lulu run up, yelling that Obrecht has kidnapped Ben.

Ric asks Elizabeth if she is ready to give up on Nikolas yet. He says Nikolas behaved like a spoiled child when he took out his anger on Elizabeth and that she deserves better than that. He says Elizabeth should be with him. They talk about some fond memories and share a kiss.  She says she can’t let it go beyond that. He concludes that it is because she is still hung up on Nikolas. She is confident that she and Nikolas will forgive each other for what happened tonight. He tells her to go ahead and believe in her fantasy, but he isn’t going to give up on her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki visits the park and looks at the plaque in honor of Katherine. She is joined by Paul, who is out for his morning run. In the hospital, Nick and Sharon discuss the fact that Cassie is dead. Since Sharon seems so disoriented, Nick asks her if she knows why she is here. Sharon doesn’t remember. In Los Angeles, Neil and Hilary have lunch at a restaurant. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea, Chloe, Lily and Lauren meet to discuss the upcoming fashion show. At the police department, Noah and Courtney discuss the fact that he is dating a cop. They kiss. Paul surprises Nikki with an ice cream cone. Nikki is surprised that he would remember her favorite ice cream. Paul and Nikki relive the past. Nikki lets Paul know that Winifred was in town, but Dylan sent her on her way without a penny. At Crimson Lights, Michael and Kevin talk about how Kevin married Chloe to keep her out of Fairview. Lauren tells the other women that she will feature Chelsea’s own fashion line at Fenmore’s. Chelsea asks Chloe’s opinion, but Chloe is sarcastic and tells her that she means that she would leave that decision to her. Chloe asks to talk to Chelsea alone. Chelsea and Chloe set boundaries as to what they will discuss and what they won’t. While Chelsea and Lily go down to the bar, Lauren has a talk with Chloe and reminds her how important this fashion show is to a lot of people. Chloe assures her that she knows that. Chelsea lets Lily know that she will not let anything mess this up. Devon pulls Lily aside to let her read an article that was on the internet about a car that he purchased for Esmerelda as publicity for the fashion show. In Los Angeles, Hilary and Neil read the same article. Paul lets Courtney know that she is a cop now, but because of her undercover work with drug dealers, she needs to watch her back. Christine comes in to join him.

Lauren advises Chloe not to push so hard to get things done concerning this fashion show. Kevin insists to Michael that he will not give up on Chloe. Noah meets up with Nikki at the coffeehouse and asks her if she is going to visit Sharon in the hospital. Nikki is unsure of how Nick feels toward Sharon, but Noah assures her that they are not getting back together. Dr. Mead asks Sharon how much she remembers, but she is very vague. Dr. Mead tells Nick that it may take years for Sharon to get her memory back. Nikki and Noah visit the hospital and find Nick in the hallway. Noah goes in to visit with Sharon. Devon calls Hilary and talks to her a few minutes before talking to Neil, who is quite put out because he purchased Esmerelda a car instead of Hilary. Hilary lets Neil know that there is something he wants to do while she is in Los Angeles. Hilary and Neil go to a taping of the “Price is Right” where Hilary is picked as a contestant and she wins her way up on stage where she plays “Plinko” and win $12,100. She spins the big wheel but loses out to someone else. Michael and Kevin join the women at the Athletic Club where Kevin surprises Chloe with a wedding ring. Sharon tells Nick that there is something she ought to remember.

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