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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tries to dissuade Aly from staying for his meeting but she plops herself down anyway. Liam shows up and Pam tells him something is going on behind those closed doors. She’s seen a very large close up cardboard model of Hope with practically nothing on. Liam isn’t worried. He knows Hope is not the kind of girl to be a lingerie model. When it comes right down to it, she will balk. He knows her! And if Wyatt thinks so, then he doesn’t know her at all. Pam isn’t so sure. Even good girls want to break out of the mold and not always remain angels. Pam fills Liam in on Aly’s mental problems…..the fact that her mom, Darla, was so adored and killed by a car driven by a family friend while drinking. She doesn’t think Aly ever got over it. But he will have to get Steffy to tell him more. Wyatt makes his presentation and Aly just glares and twists the paper in her hands several minutes before saying NO. Eric tells her to please let Wyatt finish his presentation. Aly addresses Hope and says she really can not be seriously considering this. Hope says she has had some reservations but yes she is considering it. She thinks it will be great for the company, her line and even for her.

RJ comes home expecting to find his father there to play with him. Brooke explains that their all living together in the same house did not work out and she just had not found the right way to tell him yet. Ridge is probably still at work. Donna scolds Brooke for sipping vodka at home now that there is a problem and says Brooke sounds too cynical. It’s not like her. Brooke says she is in a crisis and it’s not over vodka. This time it is different. She doesn’t even want to be with herself. Aly continues to ask Hope questions about how she used to feel when her mother did the Brooke’s Bedroom Line….if she was ashamed. When Hope starts to speak, Wyatt answers. Maya tells him that he shouldn’t do that, let Hope speak for herself. Aly tells Hope that she may not be a Forrester, but she is one of them. They would never take their clothes off for money and she doesn’t have to either. Her grandmother would never stand for this. Rick says despite popular opinion, Stephanie did not always get her way. Aly says again for Hope not to do this….do not cheapen herself for Wyatt. She sees her mother’s head telling her that all Hope is a paper doll to Wyatt. She says Aly has the responsibility to protect this family from shame and one day the family will thank her. Aly asks Hope again to please reconsider and not do this. Wyatt finally asks if this is a business meeting or a revival meeting. This can not be run by a teenager. She’s the shadow, she is supposed to be silent. He says he is sorry but this is a very serious business and Eric or Rick have to do something. He respectfully asks that Aly be removed from this meeting. He asks Aly to leave right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick overheard EJ warning Gabi to stay away from him.  Rafe and Ben got into a fight when Rafe saw Ben with Jordan.  Gabi wanted to know if EJ thought Nick was capable of change.  EJ dodged the question.  EJ closed the door and danced around the question.  Jordan stopped Rafe from attacking Ben.  EJ wondered if Gabi was sacrificing herself to keep Nick at bay.  Sami told Kate about Jordan talking to Ben.  They had a conversation about Jordan.  Sami wanted to know what Kate was planning.  Jordan told Rafe that Ben is her brother.  Sami and Kate ended up arguing over Rafe.

Nick was at the club and contemplated leaving Gabi alone to make her want him more.  When Rafe walked away, Jordan told Ben that Rafe could never know the truth.  Ben told Jordan to find Rafe.  Abby and Gabi talked about Gabi possibly being with Nick.  Jordan found Rafe.  Rafe wanted to know why she lied about Ben and if he was the reason why she wanted to leave town.  Jordan said he was.  She didnít want to tell him anything just yet.  Nick ran into Will to let him know he thought it was amazing that he and Sonny were getting married.  They ended up in an argument.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth tells Ric that she told Lulu everything and showed her Britt's letter. Ric tells Elizabeth that he had a run-in with Alexis because she has the idea that he is mixed up in shady dealings with Julian Jerome and that he thinks Sonny put her up to it. Sonny wonders where Julian is. Tracy says she saw him in the stable with Luke. Luke goes into the room and Sonny asks him why he would have anything to do with Julian. Luke says they ran into each other by chance and that all they talked about was that Julian would have to answer to him if he doesnít do right by Lucas. Sonny tells Luke that Julian isnít working alone and that he thinks Ric is Julian's backer. Luke suggests that if Sonny thinks Ric is trying to take him out, then he should take him out first. Sonny thinks that is a little extreme.

Ric suggests to Elizabeth that they get Cameron and get off the island before Lulu turns it into a crime scene. When she hesitates, he concludes that she wants to witness the carnage and then take her opportunity with Nikolas. Lulu storms into the engagement party demanding that Britt give her son to her. Everyone thinks Lulu has lost her grip on reality. Lulu asserts that Britt stole her frozen embryos to impregnate herself and that she has Britt's written confession as proof. Britt denies that any such confession exists. Obrecht takes Ben upstairs and wonders what Elizabeth and Ric are doing in the master bedroom. Elizabeth asks her what she is doing with her non-grandson. Obrecht says Elizabeth is the only one that believes Lulu's ranting. Elizabeth shows her Britt's letter and says Britt and Obrecht are both going down. Elizabeth goes into the party and gives the letter to Nikolas. After Nikolas has read it, Dante reads it. Before speaking to Britt about it, Nikolas berates Elizabeth for orchestrating a public scene in the middle of his party just so she could have the satisfaction of seeing Britt embarrassed. He tells her that she has told many lies that upended many lives so she has no right to feel superior to anyone. He tells her to get out of his house. Britt admits that Lulu is Benís mother. Obrecht has a plan. Ben is gone when Dante and Lulu go to get him.

Ric asks Elizabeth if she doesnít think itís time to let Nikolas go. Julian takes Alexis home. Alexis asks Julian if he knew Ric before she introduced them and if Ric is in town to destroy Sonny. Julian tells her to go to hell. He says his feelings for her are real and that he thinks she is fighting real feelings for him. She kisses him and then backs away. He says he is leaving and not coming back. She kisses him again and starts undressing him. He returns the favor. Sam and Silas find his apartment ransacked and Nathan inside. He claims that he responded to a call about a disturbance. He asks Silas if any suspects come to mind. Sam says Nathan comes to mind.  Silas doesnít think it was Nathan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Nick and Noah discuss how Sharon is doing. Summer and Faith sit in a booth as they discuss how Sharon is in the hospital. Summer asks Faith if she is afraid that Sharon will be like her mother and not get out of the hospital. At Newman Enterprises, Jack and Victor argue over the fact that Victor called the hospital in Georgia asking about Phyllis. Victor lets Jack know that Phyllis shows no sign of coming out of her coma, and he is just leading Summer on. Abby and Lily sit at a table at the Athletic Club and discuss the fashion show. Lily questions Abby about the article on the internet about Abby and Tyler possibly being engaged. Abby denies the article and lets Lily know that she wants Tyler to get to know her family first. Cane serves Colin and asks what he is up to. Abby tells Lily that she and Tyler are nowhere close to getting engaged. Lily mentions Chelsea’s designs and the possibility of a wedding gown. Abby tells her that she will not give up on her and Tyler being engaged. Abby also lets Lily know that she and Cane have the perfect marriage. Jack asks Victor what he is up to by calling to check up on Phyllis. Victor remembers his conversation with the Cassie look-alike. Victor changes the subject and demands to know why Jack is spreading rumors about him. Summer likes the card that Faith made for Sharon. In talking to Nick, Noah realizes that he is really concerned about Sharon. Nick gets Noah to leave with the promise that he will let him know the minute that there is any change in Sharon’s condition. Nick sees Dr. Mead in the hospital corridor and asks about the procedure that she did on Sharon. Dr. Mead says that she warned Sharon about the dangers of “shock therapy.“ Sharon dreams that she sees Cassie in her room. Nick walks into her room and sits down by her bed. Sharon tosses and turns and calls out Cassie’s name. Abby lets Lily know how “overprotective” Victor is of her.

Nick apologizes to Sharon for pushing her too soon to make love. Nick begs Sharon to come back to him. Jack and Victor argue over Bonaventure and the drug that almost killed Summer. Victor walks into the Athletic Club and sees Abby and Lily sitting at a table. Victor and Abby hug. Victor asks Abby about the article on the internet about her being engaged. Abby doesnít deny it, which startles Lily. Lily and Victor discuss the fact that Cane is working for him and that Lily doesn’t approve of it. Colin gets up to confront Victor, but Cane tries to stop him. Colin joins Victor at his table and asks him if he is using Cane to take the fall for him. Victor lets Colin know that Katherine told him all about him and how much Katherine disapproved of him dating Jill. Noah and Courtney meet in the park. Noah tells Courtney about Sharon being in the hospital. A man walks up and wants to know who Noah is. Courtney refuses to tell the man. The man gets spooked and refuses to sell Courtney any drugs. After the man leaves, Noah and Courtney hug. Courtney apologizes for putting Noah’s life in danger. Noah asks her if she would give up her job if he asked her to. Jack and Summer discuss Faith and how Summer was watching out for her today. Summer says that Faith is afraid that Sharon will be like Phyllis and not get out of the hospital. Jack tells Summer that Victor was asking about Phyllis. Summer begs Jack not to give up on Phyllis. Sharon wakes up and sees Nick sitting by her bed. Nick informs her that she's been in the hospital for days. Cane joins Victor at his table and apologizes for Colinís actions. Cane asks Victor if he is just using him to take the fall for him concerning Bonaventure. Victor is surprised that Cane would question his motives. Cane gives him a file which contains all the information he needs concerning Bonaventure. Abby joins Victor at his table and invites him to dinner with herself and Tyler. Courtney refuses to give up her undercover job. Noah and Courtney kiss. On an airplane, the Cassie look-alike calls the hospital and checks up on Sharon’s condition.

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