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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Eric in San Francisco, Rick lets himself into the house to pick up some sketches and finds Brooke sprawled out on the couch. With a bottle nearby, it is clear that she has been drinking big time. He manages to revive her and to ascertain that she took a cab over. She doesn’t remember much after that except she had been drinking and then must have fell asleep. Hope giggles when Wyatt wakes her up with a kiss. Despite the sunlight out, he tries to convince her it is night and they do not have to go into the office. Then he tries to convince her to spread out a bit and open her own lingerie line. It takes some talking but he finally gets her to say yes and he’s already got a launch meeting set up. And he’s just glad that the office puritan has quit. It will make this go so much easier. Aly is in her room cutting out hundreds of paper dolls of Hope for collages for the wall. Thorne surprises her when he knocks on the door and comes in. She had not realized he was coming from Paris. Then she realizes that Eric called him and they are worried about her. He admits Eric called him and said Aly had sort of lost it yesterday. She says she was taking a stand. He says she needs to ease up and trust that Rick and Eric know what they are doing. She is upset when she mentions her mom and he thinks she is imagining things. She says her mom talks to her a lot and she said she knows right from wrong and she needs to put an end to what is happening at FC. Thorne asks exactly what does her mom want her to do. Aly replies to get rid of the filth – Wyatt and his mother and what they bring to FC and their family. She argues with her dad that it is her job to protect Hope. Thorne says he knows Aly thinks her mother was a saint and that’s the way he remembers her too, a very good person. But he doesn’t think she would be opposed to Wyatt and Hope’s relationship. Aly sneers that he must not have known her mother that well after all. But she always listens to her advice. She will not allow Thorne to say the word Taylor. But she goes on again about how good Darla was and wants her to be by Hope’s side to keep her out of trouble. Thorne clinches his lips when she says that is exactly what she intends to do. Eric returns from his trip and stops by the Boutique to see Quinn and assures her that he missed her and she is doing well with the Stephanie jewelry collection. He'll see her at the meeting tonight.

Rick tells Brooke that Bill told him about Ridge and Katie. He can not believe Ridge promised this time would be different and now it is with her sister. Wyatt talks to Oliver on the phone and thanks him for setting up a photo shoot. Aly walks in and he’s surprised to see her since she just quit yesterday. She says she is a Forrester and belongs here, he doesn’t. And she can quit every day if she wants too and still show up for work. She says Fuller – full of something that stinks. She says he may have conned her grandpa and Rick but she is still watching him and she will be at this meeting tonight. Wyatt says that is not a good idea. She won’t like it. He knows she wants to be protective of Hope but something she might think is a disgrace might be good for the company; that should be up to Eric and Rick, not her. He tells her she should turn around and leave. She says she is staying. To herself, she utters that she is Hope’s shadow and she will protect her. Brooke tells Rick to please not talk about Ridge like that. They have been at odds for so long…..she doesn’t think she can handle any more of it. She blame herself and what she did to her own sister when she was ill with PPD. She just lived up to her reputation so that was no surprise. Rick tells her to stop beating up on herself. She looks at Stephanie’s portrait again and says she is sorry. She was supposed to be the Forrester matriarch, but she just couldn’t do it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady apologized to Maggie for the way he treated her.  Nick was with Sheryl talking about work when Lucas arrived.  Lucas warned Sheryl to stay away from Nick.  Kate and Sami met at the club.  Sami told Kate that she needed to stay away from Stefano.  Kate reminded Sami that sheís the one still with a DiMera

Maggie wanted to know how Brady was going to prove himself.  She had to leave, but she hoped he meant what he said.  Sami warned Kate again to watch her back.  Sami blurted out that she liked Kate.  Kate said she liked her too.  Kate said she didnít want Stefano in her life.  John offered Theresa a job at Basic Black.  He told her about an opening in Europe.  She realized he was trying to keep her from being with Brady.  Brady showed up while they were talking.  Nick ran into Kate and questioned her about Jordan and Sheryl.  He warned her to leave him and Gabi alone.  Brady ended up chasing John away from Theresa.  EJ warned Gabi that she needed to stay away from Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tries to catch Ric and Julian together, but she finds Ric with Cameron. Ric wonders why Alexis expected him to be with Julian. He figures it out when Sonny joins them. Ric tells Sonny that his only relationship with Julian is as his legal counsel and that if someone is working with Julian to take Sonny down, it isnít him. Sonny tells Alexis that Ric probably left to tell Julian everything. She tells him that in the future, he should have someone on his payroll do his spying for him and leave her out of it.

Julian meets Luke in the stables at Wyndemere and says he thought no one was supposed to know they were working together. Luke says they donít work together; Julian works for him and he is not going to let Julian ruin his chance to take down Sonny. Luke berates Julian for failing to usurp ELQ, which has caused him to have to propose to Tracy to get controlling interest. Tracy finds Luke in the stable with Julian. Luke says they each came independently and that he was just telling Julian that Lucas is Bobbieís son, regardless of DNA. When Tracy, Luke, and Julian leave, Spencer comes out of his hiding place, having heard Lukeís entire new plan. Tracy hears Sonny on the phone saying that he has to find out where Jerome is. Tracy tells him that she just saw Julian and Luke in the stables. Luke goes into the room with them.

Dr. Obrecht says she is going to cut Bradís tongue out to keep him quiet. He promises to keep Brittís secret. She says that isnít good enough and pushes him off the turret. Lucas finds Obrecht helping Brad out of the haystack that he landed in. Dante tells Britt that he thinks seeing Ben makes Lulu feel worse. Britt says Lulu was just with Ben and she seemed fine. Dante concludes that he must have misread Lulu. Elizabeth finds Lulu in Benís bedroom, crying. She tells her that she has proof that Britt knew that Dante was Benís father and Lulu is his mother. Lulu tells Elizabeth not to say such things to her. Elizabeth gives her Brittís letter as proof. Nikolas makes a speech and proposes a toast to his engagement. Lulu storms in and tells Britt to let go of her son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery visits Dylan at Crimson Lights and finds him having trouble with his espresso machine, yet again. They discuss Ian’s wife and whether or not she and Ian could be working together. Victor has a visit from Nikki and they hug. In the Athletic Club entrance hall, Leslie meets up with Neil. She notices his overnight bag and asks if he is going out of town. Mark comes into Paul’s office and lets him know that a homeless man had come to see him about Victor. In the park, Chelsea gets a call and wonders if it is from Adam. Billy grabs the phone and asks, “Who is this?” Neil tells Leslie that this trip is not what she thinks, but she doesn’t want to know the details. She tells Neil to have a good time. Hilary joins Neil. Dylan tells Avery that he is concerned over Nikki and how she will react when she finds out that Ian’s ex-wife is in town. Victor gives Nikki a small envelope and lets her know that he is planning for them to go to Europe and Monte Carlo on a vacation. Nikki sees through his sudden kindness and wonders what he is up to. Billy, still holding onto the phone, asks who it is but doesn’t get an answer. In talking to Chelsea, Billy demands to know what she is holding back from him. Chelsea reveals to him that Victor found a homeless man who thinks that he saw Adam get out of the car. Billy orders Chelsea to call off this investigation. Leslie sits at a table with her laptop in front of her. When she sees Avery walk up, she suddenly closes the laptop. Avery sits down with her and asks for her help. Avery tells Leslie about Ian Ward’s wife being in town and paying her and Dylan a visit. Avery wonders if Ian and his ex-wife could be working together. Nikki asks Victor what he is up to. Victor admits he was thinking about what she said about staying out of his children’s lives. Nikki is thrilled but she is even more thrilled when he tells her that he will accept Dylan as part of her family. The homeless man comes into Paul’s office and lets them know about his conversation with Chelsea and Victor concerning Adam. Dylan calls Nikki to come to see him.

Nikki visits Dylan and finds him having trouble with his espresso machine, but she knows that he didn’t called her here to talk about his espresso machine. Nikki tells Dylan about her conversation with Victor. Dylan tells Nikki about Ian and his ex-wife. Leslie decides to help Avery. Avery turns around the laptop and finds that Leslie is on an online dating site. Leslie reveals that she submitted her application to see what will happen. Leslie tells Avery that Neil went on a trip with a woman. Hilary and Neil are on a plane headed for Los Angeles. Neil tells Hilary about his visit with Leslie and how he misses her. Billy comes to visit Paul in his office and tells him that Chelsea and Victor are looking for Adam. Paul advises Billy not to jump to conclusions. Chelsea visits Victor to tell him about her confrontation with Billy over Adam and about the phone call. Victor wonders what Billy is up to. Dylan asks Nikki about her family. Nikki tells him all about her parents. Avery returns to the coffeehouse and sees Nikki and Dylan spending time together. Avery leaves before Dylan can see her. Billy and Victor have a confrontation over Adam and the phone call. Victor accuses Billy of wanting to find Adam first, so he can finish the job. Chelsea begs Victor not to give up on helping her to find Adam. Victor gets on the phone to check out Chelsea’s phone records to see who has been calling her. Victor also wants to know how much Billy knows about Adam.

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