Friday 3/21/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode today!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano and Kate had dinner together.  Gabi and Nick met and talked about people treating her the way they have because of him.  Liam was determined to get back at Daniel for taking Jennifer from him.  Aiden wanted to buy Hope coffee.  Stefano and Kate talked about what he had done to Rafe.  Nick wanted a relationship with Gabi, but she wasnít ready.

Kate told Stefano how she moved on.  He wanted to tell her his thoughts.  EJ and Sami saw Nick and Gabi at the pub.  Sami talked to Gabi while EJ talked to Nick.  EJ told Nick about not changing and warned him about whom he was dealing.  Liam imagined killing Daniel.  Nick warned EJ that heís smarter than EJ.  Kate left Stefanoís house.  Aiden wanted to have a better relationship with Hope.  She agreed to the truce.  Liam was outside of Jenniferís house.  He watched Jennifer and Daniel kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas is not impressed by Lukeís crass manner of complimenting Britt and tells him to get out. Lulu wonders why Ben looks so much like her. Olivia tells Dante that Lulu said she thinks Ben looks like her. Tracy goes looking for Luke and finds Lulu with Ben. Lulu admits that she is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Danteís child isnít hers. She thinks it is karma for terminating her pregnancy when she was a teenager. Tracy reminds her that she isnít able to carry a child to term, so she would have lost that one anyway. Lulu says it isnít just that. She canít adopt, her embryos were destroyed, and she canít produce any more eggs. She is convinced it is her fault. Britt goes into the room to get Ben and makes a point of referring to him as ďher" baby when she takes him from Lulu. Elizabeth finds Brittís confession letter that Britt thought she had burned. Ric asks her if she really has to tell Nikolas about it in the middle of his party. He asks if her motive is that she thinks it is the right thing to do or if it is just a play to break up Nikolas and Britt. He says if she wants to do the right thing, then running to Nikolas isnít it; telling Lulu is. She says he is right and she will tell Lulu first, but she is still happy that Nikolas will kick Britt to the curb when he finds out. Elizabeth finds Lulu in Brittís bedroom.

Cameron introduces Emma to Ric as his girlfriend. Sonny consoles brokenhearted Spencer. He explains that nice girls like Emma donít like guys that brag and bully, so he should change his attitude. Sonny tells Nikolas about their conversation. He says Spencer is a good kid and that he will be a good big brother to Sonnyís grandson. Brad tells Britt that he doesnít feel comfortable keeping the secret about Ben anymore. Brad tells Lucas that he got his job by doing illegal favors for Britt. Lucas asks Brad if he helped Britt steal Danteís sperm. Brad says he did much worse than that. Obrecht finds them outside and interrupts their conversation. She says Lulu is looking for Lucas and when she has Brad alone, she threatens him.

Sam tells Silas that she slept with her sisterís father while he was married to her mother. He says she can have her secrets. She tells him the whole story anyway. He says he is in no position to judge considering that he slept with Ava while he was married to Nina. Alexis tries to find out from Julian what his relationship is to Ric, with no luck. She conveniently spills her drink on him when he receives a text message, so she can look at his message while drying the phone. The message asks Julian to meet him so assuming the message was from Ric, Alexis goes to find Ric, but Ric isnít with Julian, he is with Cameron. Julian has received another text directing him to the stables, where Luke is waiting for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

No new episode today!

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