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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke slowly lets herself into Eric’s house, calling out his and Aly’s name to see if they are there. She pours herself a drink and approaches Stephanie’s portrait on the wall. She slurs her words. She tells Stephanie that she left too soon. Maybe she could have slapped some sense into her. Brooke admits that she was always scared of her with her beady eyes and her clenched jaw but Stephanie was always right. She wishes Stephanie had been around when she got involved with Bill. She would have stopped her some how. But she couldn’t do it. She could not be the Forrester matriarch. She sighs that she is sorry that she let her down and disappointed her. Maybe Stephanie would have wanted Ridge with Katie because she is so good. But she knows that Stephanie cared for Brooke too at the end because she finally saw the good in her. She finally accepted her and now poof it is gone. Now Ridge and Katie are here and Stephanie is not here to help her fight. While drinking more, she cries how she misses Stephanie. Bill charges into Rick’s office. Rick tells him that Caroline is not there if he is looking for him. Bill assures him that he is looking for Rick. Rick replies then he must be here for his investment. Bill scoffs – what for his peanut shares in this dress factory. Bill says they have something much more important to talk about, his mother and what he knows about that. Rick says he knows nothing so is it the same thing – Ridge is leaving her. Bingo says Bill and it’s not what Rick might think that she has done something unforgivable. Ridge thinks he is in love with Katie. Rick tries to call, but the phone is off. He says he should have been there with her. Bill tells him to please stop by tomorrow and check up on Brooke. And bring his favorite hangover cure; she is gonna need it. Rick says she usually doesn’t drink that much. Bill says but Ridge has never left her for her sister before. He says she was knocking back a few with no indication she was going to stop anytime soon. Rick assures him Ridge is not going to do this to his mother again. He wishes he had just stayed in Paris. Bill says yes instead of using her sister to guilt her. Ridge and Katie are both hypocrites. They have hurt Brooke. He knows Rick has been a good son over the years and tried his best but now he has Bill and they are going to make sure Brooke finally gives up on Ridge. He wants to be there for Brooke, but she keeps pushing him away. It scares him. Rick can’t be sure that she will go back to Bill, but he knows he is 100% there for her which is more than Ridge.

After making love and cuddling, Katie tells Ridge this is so crazy. She feels like he has been hiding in plain sight. He says he is not the same man then he was in Paris and that is a good thing. And he’s learned a lot about himself. He admits he can not control the future and he can’t live in the past. But the future can be fun if you have no expectations and just let things happen. And all he cares about right now is this moment with her and does not care what happens next. She wonders if they can not worry or look for expectations. He says they can try. She says she does not want this to end but what if it looks differently in the morning. She’s not too good to living in the moment but maybe that is something she can learn. Brooke flashes back to when Stephanie was dying in her arms and telling her that she needs her to take this family forward….some place where it is filled with happiness and love. And she does not want her to waste one moment of her life whether that be with Ridge or not. They made a decision to do good for other people and she is expecting her to do that and be a better woman than Stephanie was. Brooke cries that she was not able to do that but Stephanie was right from the beginning. Brooke was the slut from the valley. She stumbles and falls on the stone floor below with the bottle and drink beside her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Liam wanted to get to know Theresa better.  Abby found out sheís not pregnant.  She looked visibly upset.  Liam told Theresa that he was with Jennifer and Theresa was intrigued by that information.  Abby said she was relieved that she wasnít pregnant.  She thought EJ was too.  Brady saw Theresa and Liam together.  The doctor explained what was wrong with Abby.  Sami and Stefano got into an argument over her and EJís wedding.  She wanted him to set EJ free so they could move out.  Dr. Garcia called Stefano.  When Liam left, Theresa called Brady out for being jealous.

Brady talked to Theresa about Liam.  Stefano had an off camera conversation with Dr. Garcia.  She was willing to help him again.  After Sami and EJ made love, Abby called Sami and told her there was something she needed to know.  Kate called Stefano and agreed to meet with him.  Abby told Sami she wasnít pregnant.  Brady and Theresa met at the Kiriakis mansion.  She wanted to make love in the living room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJís mother tells him that she is there to take him home to Maryland, because he will be safer there. TJ refuses to leave in the middle of his last semester of high school. Jordan says a sonís place is with his mother. He says his place is with Molly. Shawn introduces Molly to Jordan. TJ tells Molly that his mother wants him to leave Port Charles. TJ asks Shawn for help in the matter. Shawn takes Jordan into the kitchen and tells her that if she insists on taking TJ, then he will have to tell TJ exactly why she unloaded him in the first place. Jordan tells TJ that she will let him stay in Port Charles, but that she is staying too.

Julian takes a call and says he has to leave. Ava wonders if it is his secret partner whose call makes Julian jump. Julian says he never said he had a partner. He goes to Alexis' house where she asks him to be his date to her nephewís engagement party. He thinks it is unusual for her to ask him out in public after having rebuffed him at every turn up until now. He wonders if she has ulterior motives. She tells him that if he isnít interested, then she can ask her ex, Ric if he is free. Julian tells her that she canít get involved with Ric. She asks him why she canít. He says that if she is going to get involved with anyone, it will be him. He agrees to go to the party with her. Elizabeth brings Cameron to the hospital and tells him to wait for her in the conference room. Britt is already in there, reading a confession letter that she wrote to Lulu and Nikolas. Britt takes the wrong envelope when she leaves and burns it. Cameron makes Brittís letter into an origami heart and asks Elizabeth to give it to Emma at the party.

AJ survives the surgery, but he is in a coma. Monica asks Patrick if he made a mistake. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he thinks itís his fault that AJ is in a coma. Elizabeth assures him that he did everything right. Michael feels that it is his fault because he made the wrong choice. Kiki confronts Luke about making passes at her. Tracy sees them and tells Kiki about AJ. When Kiki leaves to go to Michael, Tracy asks Luke why Kiki was hanging around him. He says Kiki has been hitting on him. Sonny goes to see Ava at her gallery to discuss AJ. Ava says they have to finish him off. Morgan goes to the galley and wonders what his father and his girlfriend have their heads together about. They say they were talking about Julian and Ric. Morgan tells them that AJ is in a coma.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Colin pretends to have a bad cold and gets Jill to admit that she doesn't want to lose him. Jill also admits to Colin that she is afraid that she will fall in love with him again and find out later that he only used her to get Katherine's treasure. Chelsea is upset when she sees comments on Twitter calling for a boycott of her clothes, because she is the wife of a child killer. Neil tells Chelsea that Jabot will stand by her. Billy also shows Chelsea support telling her she isn't to blame for Adam's actions. Chelsea tells Billy he isn't to blame for Delia's death. When Chelsea gets a call from someone who doesn't say a word, she tells Adam she knows it's him.

Billy confronts Jack about his attempted bribe to Kelly, and Jack advises Billy to do whatever he has to do to stay away from Kelly. Jack apologizes to Kelly and asks her to lunch. Kelly doesn't accept the invitation and tells Jack she will work with him, because she is the events coordinator for the Athletic Club. After that, though, they should ignore each other. Willa Ward arrives in town from Washington to tell Dylan that she has information that he needs to know about Ian, her, ex-husband, but she wants money to tell him. Avery and Dylan refuse to pay for the information and tell Willa to leave.

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