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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie anxiously awaits and finally Ridge shows up. She tells Ridge that she knows Brooke wanted him back so how did that go. He says Brooke made that very clear and it was complicated. She got to him when speaking about RJ. He doesn’t want to fail that little boy in any way. Katie says she understands. He continues that Brooke said she has changed and wanted him to come over and tell Katie that it is over. Instead Ridge goes to Katie and kisses her and she returns his ardor. She says he sure does know how to deliver a message and he pins it on the post office as he used to work there a long time ago. She says this might be too fast as she does not want to mess this up. He asks her what is her heart telling her. She answers that it says she should stop talking. She pulls him in for another kiss. Then he takes her by the hand and leads her upstairs. Bill walks into Brooke’s house and says he was surprised to get her call. She groans there is a lot he doesn’t know and needs to know. Maybe he can reign Katie back in. She has run amok. Bill says amok is bad so what is wrong. Brooke is drinking wine but she pours Bill a stiffer drink and tells him to keep it close by; he’s about to be shocked. Eric tells Aly that he’s beginning to get the feeling that she doesn’t like Wyatt. He says he’s kidding. She has made herself perfectly clear on that subject. She says she wouldn’t care about Wyatt at all if he wasn’t part of the company or so up in Hope’s business. She can’t believe her grandfather didn’t toss him out knowing what he does. He tells her it is not that black and white and in business you have to weigh the scales. And he thinks it would be a good idea for her to start doing that. He says he is her grandpa and he loves her. He thinks it is very important that she start to get her emotions in check. He’s seen some tantrums, some meltdowns, she even tried to fire Wyatt which she had no authority to do. That is not professional behavior and it has to stop. He gives her a hug. Hope tells Wyatt she is spent. He admits that was one hairy meeting with Aly. All he could do was throw himself on Eric’s sword. There was no denying it as he did steal the diamond. He hopes he did not do any permanent damage with his relationship with Eric. Hope assures him he might be upset but she didn’t think it would be permanent. People do make mistakes and they have errors in judgment. He wants to talk about Aly for a minute. Hope says she is really confused. Part of her is very angry with Aly and part of her feels for her. She says part of her admires her for speaking her mind although she is horrified at how she expressed it. She’s always been so sweet and easygoing. Wyatt says he guesses he just brings out the best in her. Hope says he certainly does for Hope. He thinks that is all that matters and they kiss again. She says she is having so much fun with him. He saw her potential and the woman she could become. He says all he ever wanted was to be good for her and he thanks her for letting him do that and be the man who realizes her magnificence and that she should never settle for anything less than first. He says there is no amount of publicity or buzz that is worth losing Hope over. He is not going to jeopardize anything. From now on she is going to get the best of him.

Brooke doesn’t know where to start but tells Bill to think back on her aborted wedding to Ridge when Katie was hesitant to be her matron of honor. Bill can’t believe that Katie would have faked her fainting. Brooke says yes because she did not want the wedding to take place. She has fallen in love with Ridge herself. She thought it was cute at first – Katie has a crush on Ridge. But they have been spending a lot of time together reading poetry and talking about their deceptive mates. Bill says well there you have it. Ridge is exactly the loser he said he was and not worth the salt in her tears. Aly goes to her room and flops on the bed still moping about the aspects of the day. She sees her mom’s face and hears her voice and says hi to her. She grouses about Wyatt. Darla tells her that she knows right from wrong and the Forresters need her. Brooke drinks more wine and tells Bill that she is not going to sit there and let him talk this way about Ridge or minimize their feelings for each other. He tells her she has got to get out of this denial. Ridge told her straight up that he doesn’t want her anymore. She says it is ironic this is what she did to Katie and now Katie is doing it to her. Must be karma and she deserves it. He holds her for a few seconds while she cries that she has inflicted so much pain on so many families and now it is happening to her and she sees how much it hurts. Bill tells her he hates to see her hurt like this over a guy who dumped her and does not deserve her. Let Ridge and Katie have each other and come back to him and let him take the pain away. She hesitates but says she wants to be alone. He needs to respect her wishes and just go. She tells him she will be just fine. As he leaves he says Ridge and Katie have given them a gift and they should take it. Brooke sinks to the couch and finishes her wine. Ridge and Katie gaze into each other's eyes and kiss. He begins to disrobe her. She leads him to the bed and removes his shirt. They kiss more and make love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa denied setting up Jennifer when Jennifer accused her.  Abby wondered how EJ was going to raise their child as his own.  Lucas and Sami talked about Sonny and Willís wedding.  Jennifer warned Theresa that the harassment was going to stop.  John and Brady got into it at the pub.  Brady ripped John for not being there for her.  Abby and EJ went to her examination.

Hope stopped Brady and John from fighting.  They talked about Bo and how heís gone.  Daniel and Theresa ran into each other.  He ripped into her for hurting Jennifer.  He threatened to call the judge on Theresa.  She told him she didnít do it.  After Abby got her exam, she and EJ talked about the kinds of parents they would be.  Hope and Aiden got into an argument.  Theresa continued to deny hurting Jennifer, but Daniel didnít believe her.  Lucas warned Sami about marrying EJ.  The doctor had the results of Abbyís test.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucas tells Lulu that he is thinking about taking his new boyfriend to dinner with his new father to see how Julian reacts. Lulu doesnít think itís a good idea to test Julian before deciding whether to get to know him better. Ava wonders if Ric is Julian's silent partner that Sonny mentioned. He says no one is bankrolling him and that it is none of her business. Sonny asks Alexis to find out what she can from Julian about his association with Ric. He suggests that she take Julian as her date to Nikolas' engagement party. He asks her if she doesnít want to know what Ric is up to if he is going to be in Molly's life. Alexis calls Julian and asks him to come over.

Britt has nightmares about stealing Ben from Lulu. Lulu tells Lucas that she has been having crazy dreams that Ben is her biological child. Britt tells Brad that when she took Ben as an embryo, she regarded Dante and Lulu as donors, but now that they can't have any other children, she feels terrible. She says the thought of giving him back makes her sick, but the thought of keeping him from Lulu makes her sick, too. Brad says Britt can't tell the truth now, because there is no coming back from stealing her fiancťís sister's kid. He suggests a method that he learned in therapy of writing down all her feelings in a letter to Lulu so she can get it off her chest, but not to actually send the letter. She takes a pen and paper and begins to write. Lucas asks Brad to dinner. Brad says he already has plans, but asks if Lucas would like to join him at the engagement party he is going to.

Elizabeth wonders why Felix was so chilly with Brad. Felix says he pushed Brad away so many times that Brad found someone else. Elizabeth can relate since the same thing happened with her and Nikolas. Nikolas gives Britt a dress that he bought for her to wear to the engagement party. Emily's ghost visits Nikolas and wishes him well on his engagement. He admits to her that he still loves Elizabeth, but that she is in his past and Britt is his future. Emily tells him to be careful because engagement parties at Wyndemere always seem to end in tragedy. Elizabeth gets a phone call alerting her that Cameron went missing from school. Cameron is sitting alone outside of Kelly's. Ric sees him and calls Elizabeth. Cameron tells Ric that he left school because Emma Drake is going to a fancy grown-up party with Spencer. Elizabeth goes to Kelly's to get Cameron. Ric tells Cameron to fight for Emma.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul stops by the coffeehouse to talk to Dylan about Ian and the fact that Christine will be the District Attorney in the case. At a table, Faith is picking over her breakfast, not really hungry at all. Faith asks Noah when Sharon is coming home. At the hospital, Sharon wakes up not sure what had happened to her. Dr. Mead lets her know that Nick brought her in the night before. Sharon remembers talking to Cassie, grabbing her wrist, and holding her. At the Athletic Club, Cane reads an article on the internet about Bonaventure and their involvement with Newman/Chancellor. Lily brings him a cup of coffee and sits down to join him. In his office at Newman, Nikki thanks Victor for the beautiful diamond necklace that he bought for her for their anniversary. Victor lets Nikki know that he is going on a business trip. They discuss Victoria and Johnny going to Washington, D.C. to visit Reed. Nikki gets a call that Nick took Sharon to the hospital the night before. Paul tells Dylan that he thought about his conversation with Ian in which he said he should be thanking him. Paul asks Dylan what else Ian said to him. In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Stitch walks the floor until Kelly comes in. Stitch makes her promise not to say a word about her calling him a “murderer.” Kelly promises that she won’t say anything, but the truth has a way of coming out. Lily assures Cane that what happened at Newman is not his fault, because the drug was sold illegally over the internet. Victor asks Nikki what caused Sharon’s meltdown. Nikki has no idea but she urges Victor to stay out of his children and grandchildren’s lives or he will lose them forever. Victor calls Cassie and tells her to meet him in the park, because he wants to know what happened to Sharon. Thanks to Dr. Mead, Sharon realizes that Cassie is really dead. Dr. Mead tells Sharon that she has options that will make all this stop. Dr. Mead urges Sharon to consider all her options. Noah lets Faith know that Nikki is stopping her to get her to take care of her. Nikki arrives but Noah warns her not to freak Faith out. Victor meets Cassie in the park. Cassie lets him know everything that happened the night before, including showing him her wrist where Sharon grabbed her. Cassie tells Victor that she wants more money, but he refuses to compromise.

Noah visits Sharon in the hospital to see how she is doing . Sharon reveals to him that she saw Cassie in the park and touched her. Victor tells Cassie to take her money and leave town, and he will find out Sharon’s secret some other way. Cassie has her reservations. Nikki overhears Paul telling Dylan that he didn’t tell Nikki what Ian said to him. Nikki demands to know what Ian told him. Paul makes up a lie to tell her. Lily sees Kelly at the Athletic Club bar and lets her know that Dr. Cline just became engaged. Faith comes running in and interrupts Nikki and Paul’s conversation. Sharon tells Noah that she and Nick have been getting so close lately that she doesn’t want to lose him. Faith shows Dylan a picture of the family which includes him. Nikki lets Paul know that Sharon is in the hospital and that she had some sort of meltdown. Paul shares his sentiments for Sharon. Nikki voices that she wished that Victor had been that concerned. Dr. Mead administers an anesthetic into Sharon’s IV to prepare her for surgery, but before Sharon becomes fully unconscious, Cassie walks in and places a bunch of flowers on the bedside table. Cassie apologizes to Sharon for all the trouble she caused, but she was only doing her job. Before Sharon can go after Cassie, she is knocked out by the effects of the anesthetic.

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