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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge this is very doable. They have done it before. They have a family; their son wants him here at home. They have always managed to get through everything before and they will again. She is not discounting his feelings for Katie as she is a wonderful person and she will find a wonderful man but it just won’t be Ridge. Mistakes have been made and mistakes will be corrected. He will not be happy with Katie as long as his son is longing for him and Ridge is longing for Brooke. She comes closer and says she misses him….the touch of his skin, his touch……she knows he misses her too. Donna confronts Katie who says she fell in love, that’s what happened. Donna says everybody has fallen in love with Ridge at some point but that doesn’t mean he’s for her. Katie says she knows it is the Brooke and Ridge Show but Brooke’s condescending attitude has made it bother her a little less each day. Donna tells her that Brooke is with Ridge right now. She wants him back so Katie will have to fight her sister who has loved this man most of her adult life. She needs to back away as there will be no happy ending for Katie. Katie says again that she is in love with Ridge and wants a future with him, so Donna can quit trying to burst her bubble.

Aly almost takes over the meeting and does the most squawking saying a crime was committed and it wasn’t those two men in jail. It was Wyatt so let him have his day in court. Eric questions Pam and she readily says yes Wyatt took the diamond and then slipped it in the thieves's bag. Rick and Hope both admit they also knew. Eric is incensed that nobody told him. He yells at them that he was running this company long before any of them were around and now they want to isolate him from it. He should have been told. Aly says it was Quinn and Wyatt. They did not want it to get out. Hope agrees it would have been bad for the line. Aly charges the line was already ruined the minute she chose to protect Wyatt over her message of integrity. Eric wants to hear from Wyatt, why he did this. He admits he took the diamond. He thought it would help the line. Hope adds in that he only wanted to keep it a little while until it got people talking. He says he knows it was dumb and he’s not that guy anymore. But he knew it would get publicity and it did. But it did put the company in jeopardy so he is ready to take whatever they throw at him. He explains that he and his mom had to scratch and claw their way, maybe conned a little, just to pay the bills. He realizes that is no excuse but that’s his only explanation for his own stupidity. If Eric wants to go to the cops, Wyatt says he will take full responsibility as Hope nor his mom or Rick had anything to do with this. He’s Eric’s guy. He will do whatever he wants. There are more outbursts from Aly who wants both Wyatt and Quinn arrested. Rick speaks up and says there will be no arrests. Aly is outraged that he is letting Wyatt off the hook. Rick says he is letting all of them off the hook and this is why he didn’t want to let this out in the first place. Aly lashes out at all of them and says this is wrong. She won’t let Eric adjourn the meeting. She tells Hope that she doesn’t want to talk to her; she doesn’t want to shadow her anymore. She quits. Then she looks at Wyatt and gnashes her teeth at him ad tells him that she hates him, Mr. Popular. Brooke tells Ridge that she can’t wait til RJ comes home and sees him here. Ridge says he is not going to see him here. It’s not going to happen. Brooke says her son wants him here and she is not going to let him down. He says he can’t do this anymore, all the complications and issues. She says no issues; it will be a drama free zone. He laughs. She doesn’t believe he means it when he says he is going to Katie and won’t be coming back. He respects Brooke and that is why he is telling her the truth right now but she doesn’t want to hear it. Katie gives him honesty and a life without complications and that is what he wants. She cries that she can give him that and so much more. He is not going to give up on them. He says he has given up. It’s done; his heart is with Katie now. She tries to stop him when he wants to leave; this is where he belongs. He says he is sorry but no it isn’t anymore.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer panicked that there was a picture of her everywhere.  Daniel asked Nicole about the letter from Dr. Chyka and Kristen.  Adrienne and Abby talked about EJ and Sami.  Abby thought Sami told Adrienne about her and EJ.  Nicole wanted to tell Daniel the truth, but she didn’t want Eric to know.  Daniel didn’t want to keep the secret.  She lied about the letter.  She made it seem as if Stefano sent the letter to her.  Daniel wondered why she wanted to keep it from Eric.  Anne confronted Jennifer about the picture surfacing around.  Jennifer accused Theresa of setting her up.  Abby was furious that Sami told Adrienne the truth until she realized Adrienne was talking about something else.

While Jennifer was out of her office, Liam was in there.  Eric showed up and wanted to know what he was doing there.  EJ and Abby ran into each other.  He told her where he was hiding when they were nearly caught.  She wanted to know what he told Sami.  Abby was wondering if Sami knew she was pregnant with his baby.  He thought Sami would find out eventually if she’s pregnant.  Liam talked to Eric about the picture of Jennifer.  Nicole was determined to keep Daniel from telling Eric the truth.  Daniel said he wouldn’t tell Eric.  Daniel thought telling the truth wouldn’t help Eric.  She was relieved.  Abby apologized to EJ for the mess she made.  When Sami and Adrienne met up, they talked about Abby and EJ.  Adrienne wanted to know what was going on between Sami and Abby.  Sami lied and said Abby was having a hard time with her break up with Chad.  Abby told EJ that she could go to Europe and give the baby up for adoption.  Nicole burned the letter from Dr. Chyka.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam suspects that Nathan West has a personal connection to Silas' case. Nina's mother, Madeline Reeves, goes to visit her son, Nathan West. He says they agreed not to be seen together in Port Charles. Madeline had higher aspirations for her son than a life in law enforcement. He says it is the best way to go after Silas. He assures her that Silas will never realize that he is Nina’s little brother, James, because no one knows him by anything other than his middle name and his mother’s maiden name.  She asks him why Silas isn’t behind bars yet. He explains that the commissioner wants more compelling evidence. Sam says she is going to call Spinelli to have him bug Nathan's phone, computer, and car. Silas says Sam shouldn’t have to do that. He regrets that their relationship has become more about Nina and the case than it is about them. They have frantic sex on his desk at the hospital.

Molly wants to take TJ to her room. Alexis unexpectedly arrives home. She says that since it is inevitable, they might as well go have sex in Molly's room. TJ feels weird so he leaves. Molly says Alexis did that on purpose. Alexis admits that she did, but says that she really did decide to back off of the sex topic. Alexis tells Molly that she is worried for TJ now that Shawn is working for Sonny. TJ's mother, Jordan, shows up at Kelly's and tells Shawn that she is taking Thomas Junior home. She says she knows that Shawn is working for the mob now. He tells her that her lifestyle is a lot more dangerous. She says it is his fault that her life went the direction that it did, because he killed her husband. She says she has turned her life around and is ready to be TJ's mother again, while Shawn’s life has taken a turn for the worse. TJ is surprised to see his mother when he arrives at Kelly's.

Elizabeth and Patrick talk about Robin's leaving. Patrick says he is not handling it well, and he is not ok. Michael has to choose whether to try medication or surgery for AJ's aneurysm. He asks for Sonny's advice. Sonny tells Michael to go with his gut. While Michael goes to find Patrick, Sonny tells AJ in one breath that he hopes he lives, for Michael's sake, and then in the next breath, he says he wants AJ to die, so he can keep Michael. Michael tells Patrick that he has decided to go with surgery. Elizabeth asks Patrick if he is sure that he is ok to operate. Patrick insists that he needs to do it. Michael worries that he might have made the wrong decision.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Michael toasts to Kevin and Chloe and wishes them well in their marriage. Chelsea walks in with Connor and is surprised. Chloe remarks to Chelsea that she came. Chelsea is confused and tells Chloe that she is there for a business meeting. Chelsea finds out that Chloe and Kevin were married. Jill is on the phone requesting information about Rachel, making sure that they get her name right. Colin comes in and reminds her that her name is Mrs. Colin Atkinson. At the coffeehouse, Abby and Tyler look at the article on the internet where they are looking for a place to live. Leslie comes in to join them and remarks that she knew marriage was in their future. Both are surprised by Leslie’s remark. At home, Victoria tells Billy that she is taking Johnny and going to Washington, D.C. for a while. Jill lets Colin know that she doesn’t like to be spied on. Chelsea tells Chloe that she is not allowed to see nor speak to Connor. Billy asks when she is coming back. Victoria says she considered divorce, but Avery told her to take some time and think it over. Jill and Colin look over the information that Jill was sent concerning Rachel and Walter. Jill accuses Colin of wanting the treasure all for himself. Leslie tells Tyler that she is not against marriage for other people but it just isn’t for her. Mariah looks at the article on the internet concerning Tyler and Abby. Chloe asks Chelsea to talk to the judge concerning the restraining order and get it lifted but Chelsea tells her that she cannot do that, because she was the one who asked for the order to protect Connor from her.

Victoria tells Billy that she cannot get over the fact that he turned to another woman for comfort. Billy kisses Victoria. Victoria pushes Billy away as she gets up to go and check on Johnny. Esther, Michael, and Lauren arrive home to let Jill and Colin know that Chloe and Kevin were just married. Jill asks Esther how she feels about this. While Colin and Michael go to get something to drink, Jill and Lauren have a talk about Colin. Jill lets Lauren know that she married Colin, because she was being blackmailed by him. When Tyler lets it slip about his broken engagement, Abby begins to question him as to what happened. Jill lets Lauren know that she is not going to share her inheritance with Colin. Michael and Colin discuss the music box that was left to Jill. Chloe tries to talk to Chelsea but gets nowhere. Chelsea reminds her of what she did in taking Connor out of the country. Jill denies being in love with Colin. Colin lets Michael know that he is crazy about Jill. Abby asks Tyler how he proposed to Mariah. Mariah takes the engagement ring out of its box and puts it on her hand. Victoria tells Billy that their marriage has been one crisis after another. Billy urges her not to walk away from their marriage. Victoria puts the suitcases in the car despite Billy’s pleadings.

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