Friday 3/14/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge comes in Katie’s door, pushes her up against the wall and kisses her. He asks how did things go with Brooke after he left. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy but at least now she knows everything. And Brooke will have to accept it as his future is here with Katie. Brooke looks at RJ’s soccer photo and tells Donna that no matter what Katie is going through, she is not going to take Ridge. RJ needs his father. The more she thinks of it, the more incensed Brooke becomes. It seems clear to her that Katie wants her life. She wants to be Brooke….the same way she always did when she was young. She says her son has been through too much; she has been through too much. She can’t let it all fall apart now. Carter hands Eric and Rick some papers and says they want to make the Stephanie collection accessible but security will be tightened after what happened to the Hope diamond, especially as it works its way overseas. He’s already ran this by Ridge and secured a company that he worked with at International that he has faith in. Eric says both Hope and Wyatt should be here for this meeting. Hope tells Wyatt that security saw Aly leave but have no idea where after that. They just hope she has calmed down and won’t do anything rash. Quinn has the upper hand and has Aly pinned against the railing over the bridge. Quinn tells her she won’t let her go until she calms down. She will not let her ruin her son’s life. Aly says just try to stop her. She pushes back harder and finally breaks loose, saying she is not afraid of Quinn or her son. She looks with disdain at Quinn and says the two of them are wrong for FC and she is going to her grandpa and get rid of them once and for all. While Katie is getting wine from the kitchen, Ridge sketches a dress and shows her – Katie by Forrester. She’s honored and impressed. He doesn’t want to talk about Brooke. She asks what does he want to talk about. He grabs her by the shoulders and pushes her back on the couch with him on top. Unfortunately the phone rings at that moment – the worst invention ever. It’s Brooke as Katie hands him the phone. Brooke says she is at home and she’d like to see him. It’s about RJ and they need to make some decision. Ridge tells her he will be there. Brooke says she will fight for her family and it’s a fight she is not going to lose.

Wyatt and Hope join Carter, Eric and Rick and says there is a problem. They need to address it before it becomes a full blown problem. Almost on their tails Aly and Quinn burst in with Aly chattering to her grandfather about Wyatt’s dirty little secret. Pam speaks up and says this is all her fault. Aly got Charlie to divulge a secret because he thought Pam had already told Aly when she hadn’t. Eric is clueless and says somebody needs to fill him in from the start. Aly spits out that the jewelry heist at the Boutique did not happen the way they want Eric to think it happened. Quinn tries to get Aly to calm down and she barks at Quinn not to dare touch her. Eric tells Aly to calm down. Aly says he doesn’t understand. Those thieves did not steal the Hope diamond; Wyatt did. Rick tells Aly to dial it back. Hope had come to him and he knew how detrimental that would be and he did everything in his power to avoid that. Aly won’t listen. She can’t believe they are all for letting Wyatt off Scot free. She starts in again on Hope’s message and how much it meant to her….until Wyatt came along and twisted her principles. Eric takes Aly by the shoulders and says she has to calm down with these histrionics if he is take her seriously. Aly apologizes and says she wanted to handle this by herself and go to the police. But Quinn did not want her precious boy to go to prison so she attacked her. Quinn says she is exaggerating. Eric says everyone is to quite down. He wants Aly to start at the beginning and tell him everything she knows or thinks she knows and then he will hear from everyone else. He says he doesn’t like this. He doesn’t like being kept in the dark when it comes to the well being of this company. Hope tells Aly that she will not let her turn Wyatt into a villain. He made a mistake and she has put it in the past and Aly needs to do the same. Wyatt is a very important part of FC and her life. Katie tells Ridge that Brooke’s timing is awful but she doesn’t want him to forget where they were. He says he won’t and he will be back. He says he will tell Brooke that he will always be there for RJ but he will be returning home to Katie. Brooke comes down all dressed in a gorgeous new blue dress. Donna says Ridge will not be able to take his eyes off of her. Brooke offers that no matter who it is that Ridge will never have the same feelings he has had with Brooke. She knows Katie will do her best to make him forget while she will do all she can to make him remember. Aly begs her grandfather to tell them. Men like Wyatt do not get a free pass. Eric says he wants to hear from Wyatt now. Aly smarts off oh sure since Wyatt would not know the truth. He lied to the police and obstructed justice. She charges just wait until Lt. Baker hears what he has done. She goes for the phone with all of them trying to stop her. Eric reaches for the phone and puts it down and tells Aly that nobody is turning anyone in. No one is going to jail. She flails again that Wyatt should be put away for a very long time for putting this company in jeopardy. Wyatt asks if he might say something. Aly fires back that he doesn’t deserve to say anything. She points her finger and says Wyatt is evil; his mother is evil and FC doesn’t need them. She looks Wyatt in the eyes and says she hates him. Ridge walks into Brooke’s where she has wine poured. But he doesn’t let her tempt him with any and takes it out of her hand and puts it on the table and asks why is he here. She shows him the picture of RJ and the trophy and how anxious RJ was to show him. She says she needs him too. As she comes closer Ridge asks her not to do this. She says she knows he got caught up in the moment with Katie and she can understand that but if he thinks for a minute that she will let him leave her for Katie then he is wrong. She caresses his cheek, moves closer in and waits and waits. He does not kiss her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick wanted to talk to Will.  EJ made a noise while Sami and Abby were talking.  Before Sami could catch EJ hiding, Maxine walked in.  Eric asked if Marlena if she talked to Chyka about Nicole.  She tried to explain why she was talking to Chyka, but he thought she was setting up Nicole.  Sami wanted to find out who was listening to their conversation.  Abby tried to get out of talking to Sami, but she wouldnít give up.  EJ was able to get out of the closet without being seen.  He hid outside on the ledge.  Sonny and Gabi argued over Nick. Eric wanted Marlena to tell him what she thought Nicole did to Chyka.  Marlena tried to tell him, but he didnít want to let her.  He wanted to know what Marlena found out.  Eric was upset with Marlena and walked away. John tried to comfort Marlena, but she wouldnít let him.  Nick told Will he wanted to start over, but Will didnít believe him.  Will wanted to know what Will had.  Sami wanted Abby to buy a pregnancy test so she could be there for her.

Sami wanted Abby to know that her life was going to change.  Nick warned Will that things wonít end well if he and Sonny didnít leave him alone.  Marlena blamed John for why she, Eric, and Brady are suffering.  Roman showed up and wanted to know what was going on.  She said he wouldnít believe what she did to their son.  Sami told Abby that Jennifer would understand about the baby.  When Sami made reference to Jennifer being the way she is, it hit a nerve with Abby.  While Daniel was waiting for Nicole to finish taking a shower, he found one of the files Chyka had that she was hiding.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam goes to Nathanís apartment and tells him to back off Silas and focus on Ava. She points out that it isnít a stretch to suspect a member of the mob of committing murder. Sam wonders why Nathan isnít surprised when she tells him that Nina is missing. She concludes that she should investigate Nathan. Someone watches Silas at the hospital. His mother-in-law, Madeline, goes into his office and asks him why he is suddenly interested in Nina. He demands that she tell him where his wife is. She asks him if he is going to poison her like he poisoned Nina for her money. He says he doesnít care about the money and didnít even know about it until after she was in the coma. Madeline tells him that if that is true, then he wonít mind signing the papers that she brought with her, relinquishing any claim to Ninaís money. He says he will be happy to sign them as soon as Madeline tells him where Nina is. She refuses to say, so he refuses to sign. Sam goes to Silasís office and says she thinks she has found a new suspect because Nathan West is hiding something. Madeline goes to Nathanís apartment. They are on first-name terms.

Patrick tells Monica and Michael that he can treat AJ with medication or surgery. Monica says that if the choice were hers to make, she would choose medication, but that the decision is Michaelís responsibility, because AJ gave him power of attorney and medical proxy. Sonny talks to Shawn about his guilt about breaking his promise to Michael and his fear that he will find out. He says that the thought of AJís last moments before he shot him are haunting him. He reveals that AJ looked him in the eye and said he didnít kill Connie. Sonny wonders what AJ would have said next if he hadnít shot him. Shawn tells him not to worry about what lies AJ was going to tell next. He asks Sonny who else it could have been. Ava goes into AJís room to finish him off. She blocks the air tube. He reaches up and grabs her arm. His monitors start beeping. Ava gets out of the room moments before the medical crew rushes in. Ava finds Sonny and tells him that she was just at the hospital and that AJ might survive. Shawnís old girlfriend, Jordan, goes to see him at Kellyís.

Tracy thanks Kevin for his help with Luke, but says Luke is feeling better so Kevin doesnít need to find out if anything happened to him at Miscavige. Kevin says he already found out that something did happen, but he doesnít know what. Luke is overly-familiar with Kiki again. Morgan intervenes when he sees her wrenching her arm away from Luke and yelling for him to let her go. Kiki tells Morgan that Luke has been making passes at her. Morgan goes over to Luke and tells him to leave Kiki alone. Luke asks Morgan what he is going to do about it. Morgan says that maybe he will tell Lukeís fiancťe. Tracy asks what Morgan has to tell her. He just says congratulations on her engagement.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe and Kevin walk into the foyer of the Athletic Club, but soon she has reservations about going in and face the stares from the people. Kevin and Chloe walk into the dining room and everyone yells "surprise" as they all start throwing confetti at the happy couple. At the coffeehouse, Stitch tells Kelly things will be better when Billy and Victoria get back together. Kelly asks if they're separated. Billy arrives home to see Johnny but Victoria is reluctant to let him see him. Kelly continues to pressure Stitch into telling her about Billy is. Billy walks in with Johnny. Billy tells Kelly that Stitch wants Victoria for himself. Kelly confronts Billy as to what is going on. Billy lets her know that Victoria listened to the message that she left on his cell phone. Kelly is sorry that Victoria intercepted that message. Kelly tells Billy about Jack and him giving her a check to leave town to be away from Billy. Billy tells Kelly that he will never see her again, because he wants to make it work with Victoria. Kelly joins Stitch and asks him why he is trying to break up Billy and Victoria’s marriage when he has been reprimanding her for the same thing. Kelly calls Stitch "a murderer."

A man is carrying a suit covered with a plastic bag, and the name on the tag is "Adam Newman." In Victor’s office, Chelsea continues to question the man about Adam and his whereabouts. The man lets them know that the man was going home. After Victor pays the man for his information, he leaves the office. Victor tells Chelsea that it was a mistake to bring the man here. Chelsea begs Victor not to give up on Adam and to help her bring him home. Chelsea comes home and finds a garment bag on the back of the sofa and the tag on the bag was the name ďAdam Newman.Ē Chelsea looks toward the stairs and sees Jeffrey come downstairs wearing Adamís suit and his cuff links. Chelsea orders him to take them off. Jeffrey doesnít want to give them up but Chelsea insists. Victoria gets a visit from Victor, who is still upset over Adam. Billy brings Johnny home and takes him upstairs and puts him to bed. Victoria gets a call then informs Billy that she has reached a decision.

Michael lets Kevin know how proud he is of him for marrying Chloe in order to take care of her. Esther lets Chloe know how much she loves her. Gloria and Lauren sit and talk. Gloria remarks that Chloe is a “mess” which everyone overhears. Esther threatens to hit Gloria for her remarks, but Chloe tells everyone that she is right. Michael toasts to Chloe and Kevin. Esther starts to take Chloe home, but Kevin insists that that has to be his job.

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