Thursday 3/13/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna can hardly believe what Brooke is saying. Ridge and Katie spent some time together and now they are a couple in love. Brooke starts back when Katie fainted at her wedding. But there is no way she is going to give up and hand Ridge over to Katie. Hope holds the phone away from Aly so she can’t call the police. She keeps repeating that Wyatt stole the diamond and the jewelry heist was a fake. Hope says she can not let her do that. Aly wonders why she is not more surprised. Now she knows that Hope already knew and was okay with it. Hope sighs and says she did not find out until after the fact. And she was not okay with it but it is in the past. Aly can not tell her father or Eric, can not call the police. She can not tell anybody. Aly contends they can not just let Wyatt get away with this. Hope confesses to her that it was a stupid publicity stunt but Wyatt did it for Hope, for her line. Aly still can’t see why she is defending Wyatt. Hope says this is bigger than Wyatt. The stakes are too high if this leaks out. Aly says Wyatt has some sort of hold on Hope. She’s lost her way but she can help Hope. He’s brainwashed Hope and he is the reason she has neglected her values. Her message used to mean so much to Hope and it still does to Aly. But Hope threw it all away for a boy. Hope says Wyatt did something wrong. People do make mistakes but she forgave him and she knows he will never do anything like that again. Aly doesn’t buy it and says Wyatt will do anything to get what he wants. He’s a criminal. He needs to go to jail. Hope tells her if this gets out it will be catastrophic for the company, the end of HFTF. Aly fires back that HFTF ended the day that Wyatt came into her life. She has let him change her. Hope says no, she is still the same person but people change. She has just grown up. Aly says Wyatt has turned her into something she is not. He needs to be stopped. Hope tells Aly not to raise her voice to her like that. Aly continues her rant. She does not see how Hope can let that guy put his filthy hands all over her. All Wyatt cares about is money and sex and it’s disgusting. He does not treat her with the respect that Liam does. Hope says Wyatt has been nothing but wonderful to her and she would never be with someone who mistreated her. It is her life, not Aly’s, and Aly needs to stop worrying about her. Aly clinches both fists and says Hope should have married Liam, an honest, honorable man. Instead she chose Wyatt, the manipulator who desecrates and pollutes her message and image. Well no more, Wyatt has got to go to prison. Pam wants to know what Charlie is talking about. She did not tell Aly any secrets. Uh oh, he knows he must have slipped. Wyatt tells Liam that he is bullet-proof. There is nothing Liam can do to tarnish his reputation with FC or Hope for that matter. Liam says no, he will manage that all on his own. Wyatt says he knows Liam has wanted him gone for a long time now, but guess what – he is still here and better than ever. Liam warns him that just keep that arrogant, cocky appearance and watch his world crumble around him. It’s all just a matter of time before it all catches up with him. Wyatt tells Liam to give it up, bro. It’s over for him. Liam tells Wyatt he is so two faced. Nobody plays both sides quite like he does. Quinn walks in and immediately asks Liam why he is here again. He should have a job. Liam says he does and tells them about his tribute to Hope. Then says here is the story he’d like to break – the twisted tale of a mother/son duo gone bad. Wyatt chuckles. Liam continues that they are on the fast track to self-destruction and he can’t wait to see them crash and burn. Quinn tells Liam that his behavior is so unbecoming. His dad would be embarrassed. Wyatt says Liam needs to let this go….stop clinging to the past. Hope is with him now. Liam says Wyatt and his mom have deluded themselves if they think they will be here much longer. Wyatt pretends that he is really terrified and asks his mommy for a hug. Liam says they really ought to be terrified as he is not the only ones onto them now and the list is growing and growing and growing.

Charlie tells Pammie stupid him. He gave information to Aly without knowing it. He though she already knew about Wyatt. She seemed so innocent and yet she pulled the wool right over his eyes. No telling what she may do now. He knows they are not a big fan of Wyatt’s but not sure they really want him to go to prison. Hope tells Aly it is not Aly’s call and she has severely stepped over boundaries. Aly says somebody has to do something and if Hope is not, then she will. She bolts and Hope tries to catch her. But then turns back and calls Wyatt. She panics and says Aly just left and she knows about the jewelry heist. Wyatt repeats it and Quinn overhears and she runs out to find Aly. RJ rushes home to show Brooke his MVP soccer trophy and he can’t wait to show his dad. Aly charges out of the building across the Forrester building bridge as Quinn catches up to her. She grabs her arm to stop her as both woman face each other. Quinn tells her she does not want to go to the police as it will hurt the company’s reputation. Aly gnashes her teeth and says she is only exposing Wyatt for the liar he is. He is not a hero; he’s nothing but a cheap criminal. Everybody will know now. Wyatt Fuller will pay for his crimes. Quinn clinches her teeth and says, “the hell he will.” Wyatt thanks Hope for trying to defend him to Aly but that isn’t enough. Aly has some serious issues. She is not quite right in the head. Hope says maybe they should be prepared for the worst. Wyatt says this is all on him. He did this and he will take full responsibility for it and they will be fine. She is not to worry. Aly sneers at Quinn that Quinn can go back to her warehouse and Wyatt is going to prison. Quinn tells her if she knows anything at all about her, she knows she will do anything to protect her son. Inches from her face, Aly tells Quinn that she is not afraid of her. She is going to the police and there is nothing Quinn can do to stop her. Quinn jerks her around and says Aly does not want to do this. It can only end one way. Aly taunts her. Quinn tells her bring it on little girl. Aly tries to get past; Quinn blocks her and pushes her against the railing. Aly looks down backward with fear in her eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chase messed with Ciara when he saw her crying.  Aiden walked in on them arguing.  Marlena questioned Dr. Chyka about Nicole.  An alarm went off while she was questioning him.  Stefano was upset and felt she betrayed him.  EJ wanted to be there for Abbyís baby if sheís pregnant.  He wondered if she tried to get pregnant when they were together in the shower.  Hope told Aiden what Chase did to Ciara.  Aiden talked to Chase and wanted him to apologize to Ciara.  Abby was upset that EJ accused her of purposely getting pregnant.  Abby wondered if the doctor EJ knew was the one who helped Chad fake his tumor.  Stefanoís henchman found the tracking device in the computer.  Stefano wanted to make Marlena pay for what she did.  EJ said he would protect Abby and the baby, but she wasnít sure.  Stefano called Nicole and told her that Marlena talked to Dr. Chyka about her.  Marlena was relieved when she ran into John.

EJ wanted Abby to decide what to do and he would go along with it.  She didnít want to go to his doctor to confirm her pregnancy.  He said his doctor is discreet.  She thought her pregnancy would hurt her mother.  John wanted to know what was going on with Marlena, but she didnít want to talk to him.  When she walked away from him, she ran into Nicole.  Nicole wanted to know what she was doing to her.  Sami nearly busted EJ comforting Abby. He hid in the closet before Sami could see him.  Sami talked to Abby about her possibly being pregnant.  Sami pumped Abby about the guy sheís seeing.  Nicole wanted to know if Marlena knew where Dr. Chyka was.  The two ended up arguing over it.  While they were arguing, John was listening.  Eric also approached them and wanted to know what Marlena was doing to Nicole.  Sami advised Abby to find out sheís pregnant.  If she was pregnant, Sami wanted her to be honest with the father.  When Abby wanted to leave, Sami asked if she were still in love with the father.  Abby didnít want to talk to Sami anymore.  When Sami asked about her being pregnant, Abby said it would ruin the fatherís life.  While they were talking about the fatherís relationship, EJ made a noise in the closet.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spencer tells Britt and Nikolas that Emma Drake broke his heart, because she hasnít called or texted him. Nikolas says Spencer should give Emma a pass, because she is probably sad about her mother going on a long trip. At Kellyís, Patrick snaps at Anna when she offers to help with Emma while Robin is gone. He apologizes for snapping and thanks her for her support. Emma shows Patrick the picture that she drew for Cameron and the expensive jeweled egg that Spencer gave her. She says Spencerís Uncle Victor gave him permission to give it to her. Patrick demands that she give him the egg and when she refuses, he grabs it from her hand and breaks it. He apologizes for losing his temper. Spencer has his driver take him to Kellyís. He asks Emma to be his date to his fatherís engagement party. Lulu goes to Wyndemere and offers to help Britt and Nikolas plan their engagement party. Britt overhears Lulu and Nikolas talking about Luluís dream that Ben was her son. Britt makes up an excuse to go to the hospital and tells Lulu to feel free to check on Ben while she is gone.

Tracy asks Sabrina about AJís condition. Luke mentions Tracy stopped someone from killing AJ before by clocking him on the head. Carlos tells Ava that Julian is convinced that she shot AJ and that he is covering for her. He says that as far as he knows, there is nothing to tell. Morgan asks Ava if she shot AJ. She swears that she didnít. He tells her that Anna tried to pump him for information and that he got the impression that she wants to take Ava down whether she is guilty or not. He wonders who the shooter was if it wasnít Ava, Julian, or Sonny. Anna and Dante question Ava about her trip to New York and suggest that she was involved in the death of the pharmacist witness. Ava says Nathan is on the wrong path and that a lot of people saw her in New York. Anna knows Ava is hiding something. Sabrina confronts Carlos about the home invasion when she takes out the stitches in his head. He swears that he didnít shoot AJ. Carlos goes to Kellyís and overhears Anna telling Dante that they should focus on the home invasion, because that will probably lead them to the shooter. Tracy makes Luke apologize to Monica. Luke puts the moves on Kiki again. Kiki runs to Michael. Everyone goes to the nursesí station when Patrick arrives at Monicaís request. Patrick doesnít like Tracyís demanding tone. While AJ is alone in his room, Ava goes in.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea meets with Jack about the fashion show that they are planning, but when Jack begins to question Chelsea about Victor, she becomes quiet and doesn’t want to tell him anything. In his office, Victor remembers his talk with Cassie about Phyllis knowing Sharon’s secret. Victor calls the hospital to ask about Phyllis’ condition. At the Athletic Club, Lily asks Cane why he is getting involved with Victor again. Cane gives her the run around and doesn’t want to really answer her question. Colin listens to their conversation. Lily leaves Cane for just a moment and Colin joins him. Colin asks Cane why he is lying to Lily. Jack warns Chelsea that Victor will try to declare her an unfit mother and take Connor from her. Chelsea doesnít want to discuss it. Nurse Hathaway tells Victor that she is not allowed to divulge any information about Phyllisí condition. After Victor informs her who he is, she finally tells him there is no change in Phyllis. Noah joins Summer and Nick at Sharon’s home. They all wonder where Sharon is. Noah says he quit his job at Newman, because Victor knew that Adam hit and killed Delia but blackmailed Adam so he could become close to Connor. Cassie tries to get Sharon to tell Nick the truth. Sharon thinks that everyone will turn against her when they find out the truth. Cassie urges her to tell her the secret first. Hilary and Jack discuss Chelsea’s new designs, but she becomes quiet when Jack mentions Victor. Jack asks Hilary to be the go between with Forrester Creations. Devon and Neil discuss the fact that Leslie and Neil broke up. Esmerelda walks up and kisses Devon. Cane lets Colin know that he thinks Victor is innocent. Cassie urges Sharon to tell the truth no matter what the consequences. Mr. Robinson visits Victor in his office, and they make plans for lunch the next day to discuss business. Chelsea visits Victor in his office to find out what he found out about Adam. She tells him that Jack warned her about his motives in being so nice to her.

Jack and Hilary discuss Kelly and him having lunch with her. Upon hearing the news that Victor found out from an informant, Chelsea wants to meet the man to see what else he knows. Sharon holds onto Cassie and realizes that she is real. Nick walks up and wants to know what is going on. Sharon tells him that she finally understands. Lauren talks to Colin and wants to know why he is really in town. She tells him that Jill doesn’t want him here, and she doesn’t want Jill hurt. Summer shows Noah a picture of Sharon and Nick that Faith drew. Sharon insists to Nick that Cassie is alive. Cassie listens. Nurse Hathaway calls Jack and lets him know that Victor called inquiring about Phyllis. When Lily finds out that Hilary is the go between for Jabot and Forrester Creations, Lily is dead set against the idea and goes to talk to Jack about the situation. With the information from the man, Chelsea and Victor realize that Adam must still be alive.

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