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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and Hope are locked in a kiss in her office while Aly is lurking with the door ajar. He mentions locking the door but Hope blows that off. They share a few more kisses but she tells him he will be late for his meeting. He doesn’t want to go but finally does. Charlie and Pam have their heads huddled talking about Aly when Quinn walks up and Pam tells Charlie diva alert. Quinn tells Charlie that she can see him watching her. He says it is his job. She offers that he is supposed to keep criminals out of the building not his eyes on trusted employees. Pam quips then it is too bad Charlie wasn’t here the day she and Wyatt turned up at FC. Quinn says if they knew what was good for them they would keep their opinions to themselves. Aly is lurking and waits until Quinn leaves and Pam is called away from her desk. Aly approaches Charlie and casually mentions things would be better if she did not have to run into Quinn and Wyatt every time she turned around. Pam must confide in him; she’s like to know what he knows about Wyatt. Pam told her everything. Charlie is surprised that Pam told Aly. Aly says it's because she got so worked up at the meeting…the new campaign of Wyatt’s, how he has changed Hope. He’s destroying her reputation. Can Charlie imagine if people knew just how bad Wyatt really is. Charlie says yes, it is the charming ones you really have to look out for. You get comfortable and then let your guard down. He did not know he was going to have to look out for the guy that brought the diamond into Forrester. Aly rants – stupid diamond, that’s when everything changed, Hope’s line, her message. All that mattered to Wyatt was more publicity. Charlie smarts that yeah that is all that matters. Doesn’t matter what happened to him when Wyatt’s precious diamond goes missing for a couple of hours. Doesn’t matter that Charlie was standing there by an empty display case looking like an idiot….Charlie’s reputation and career toast while Wyatt slipped that hot rock in his pocket. Aly says no, Wyatt can not get away with this. Wyatt needs to learn that actions have consequences. Charlie agrees but Wyatt got all the consequences he wanted by landing HFTF right on the front page. Aly says but it was a lie, the thieves were arrested and made Wyatt look like a hero. They agree that Wyatt didn’t want Hope to know or she’d recognize him for the con artist that he is. Aly says not only is Wyatt selfish and corrupt but he’s a criminal and criminals deserve to be punished for the bad things they do. Wyatt tells Quinn that something has got her all worked up. He asks if Aly is throwing more shade. Quinn says it is Pam and her bumbling boyfriend. They are acting like the Fullers are here to take the petty cash when in actuality the company has made big profits since they have been here. Wyatt says she better not say that or Aly will just add it to all the other stuff she holds against them. Quinn tells him that she doesn’t want him to waste one more minute worrying about that. The line is great; his idea was great, he and Hope are perfectly happy and nobody is going to interfere with any of that. He tells her he wants this promotion to be flawless. Hope is depending on him and he wants to show her that he can do this the right way. This is the Stephanie Forrester collection. It can’t feel like a publicity stunt. Quinn says he is putting too much pressure on himself just thinking what Aly said in the meeting. But Eric knew Stephanie better than anyone and he thinks it is a great idea. Wyatt claims this has to be powerful. It has to have integrity and substance, no stunts. There are three people in the building gunning for them and he hopes they can win them over. She says she hopes so too but that Aly is trouble. He says she knows firsthand what kind of damage she can do. Quinn says she is like a high school girl with a crush. He says but her last name is Forrester and social media could make it news, the kind they don’t want. Wyatt says he promised Hope no controversy. He doesn’t think Aly knows anything. Quinn points out that Aly has been snooping around like a bad junior detective and if she gets a hint at anything she will not let it go. She reminds him that he almost lost his relationship with Hope over the diamond and she does not want to see that happen again.

Liam surprises Hope when he stops by. He says he saw Wyatt leave so he thought he might have a few minutes alone with her. He’d heard she was back in town. She says yes and she was going to call him. He asks about her mom and if Hope is sorry that he told her. She says no, not at all. She is glad they can talk and be honest with each other even when it is hard to talk about. He says he is glad she feels that way as he has a few things to say about Wyatt. She says they are not living together. They are taking it slow. He says he is sorry. He’d just as soon she get this over as soon as possible. He says Mexico, Hawaii, Paris that is all fun but sooner or later she is going to want somebody who can give her more than headlines and diamonds ‘cause everything Wyatt does is for effect and that has served him well but his luck will run out eventually. He tells her that Wyatt is not who she thinks he is and he does not deserve her. Hope says she is happy and she wishes he could be happy for her. He is beginning to sound like Aly. Liam is delighted to know Aly shares his views on Wyatt. Hope says she is sorry that Aly is disappointed in her but she is very proud of what she and Wyatt have accomplished. Aly is just caught in the past. She’s upset that Hope is dating Wyatt and not with Liam. Liam laughs that he can’t blame her; he’s a little irked about that himself. He says but what really gets him is that Wyatt doesn’t get her like he does. He brings out the new edition to Eye On Fashion looking at the new generation of style makers. Hope is surprised and impressed that it is a tribute to her. She knows Liam wrote that and she touches him on the face as thanks. He says everybody loves a good comeback story. Wyatt did not save her collection and neither did the diamond. Hope did by her choices that brought it back better than ever. Aly is lurking again and hears him say that Hope doesn’t give herself enough credit but that is okay as he is going to be here to make sure she does. Liam leaves Hope’s office and goes to see Wyatt in “the big man’s office”. Wyatt says they just finished a meeting and Liam may be subtle but he doesn’t mind if he spoke with Hope. Liam says right as he’s not the jealous type. Wyatt says not over Liam he is not. Liam retorts that right now Hope thinks Wyatt is some sort of savior pulling her line back from the brink. Wyatt says more than that, he pulled her back from Liam. She could have been married to him by now. He says he is very grateful to be part of this company and Hope in his life. Liam says he ought to be…it’s turned out just the way he and his mother hoped it would. And it would be one thing if he came about it honestly, but karma is a funny thing. Wyatt says that is too bad as he does not believe in karma. Liam says he does not trust Wyatt and apparently he is not the only one who feels that way….Wyatt’s mask is slipping and it’s only a matter of time before his lack of integrity catches up with him. Charlie tells Pam that they need to talk. They had agreed not to keep secrets so how could she let Aly in on their secret. Aly charges into Hope’s office and says she was right about Wyatt and everything. Hope says they talked about this and Eric was very clear. And she know Aly doesn’t like it but what she and Wyatt do is their business. Aly blurts out that Wyatt is a thief and responsible for the diamond heist. They can not let him get away with this. It was a crime and he lied to the police and the insurance company. Hope should be the one to tell them or else they may think she was involved. She starts to call the police and Hope tells her to put down the phone. She is not going to tell anyone. She is not going to say a word.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had a nightmare that she went to the doctor with EJ and the doctor took her baby from her.  Hope and Marlena met so Marlena could get help with her meeting with Stefano.  Marlena told Hope about her suspicions of Nicole.  Marlena thought that Nicole had information that could clear Eric.  Hope gave Marlena a bug to install without Stefano seeing it.  Hope told her it would trace Chykaís location so she wouldnít need Stefano anymore.  Marlena thought Nicole would be out of her sonís life.  Roman and Eric talked about Marlena and Ericís relationship with Nicole.  Stefano and Nicole argued over Kristen.  Marlena wanted to know was going on with Hope.  Hope told her about Bo.

Eric and Nicole met each other at the hospital.  Marlena went to see Stefano.  She assured him that she wasnít taking evidence.  She was only interested in getting Nicole.  Marlena was ready to get started.  He wanted her phone.  Nicole told Eric about her conversation with Stefano.  When Stefano was ready to get started, Marlena pretended to cough so he could get her water.  She was finally ready to get started.  He introduced her to Chyka.  EJ wanted to know if Abby was avoiding him.  Marlena questioned Chyka about what happened with Daniel and Nicole.  Chyka told her what they did to him.  He also said he couldnít help her.  EJ reminded Abby that she had an appointment with his doctor.  She refused to see the doctor.  Marlena wanted to know why Chyka couldnít help her.  He reminded her how Daniel drugged him for why he didnít remember.  He finally told her what happened with Nicole.  Marlena wondered if he found out anything from Nicole.  He said he left without taking his things.  Marlena wanted to know what things he was talking about.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael is afraid that AJ might never wake up. Sonny tells Shawn that the police know Julian didnít shoot AJ. Julian goes to Alexisí house with flowers and tells her that AJ woke up and cleared him. He tells her that she will eventually run out of excuses for them not to get together. Carlos tells Ava that he knows she shot AJ. She denies it. He says Julian thinks she did it. She is surprised when Julian arrives home. He tells her that AJ woke up and exonerated him. Ava asks Carlos for a ride to the hospital so she can see Kiki. Julian says she is more likely going to keep tabs on AJ to see what he says about her. Julian says Carlos isnít going anywhere. When Ava leaves, Julian asks Carlos what he knows about Ava and AJ that he isnít saying. He reminds Carlos who he works for. He says he knows Ava is working against him and that when it hits the fan, loyalty will matter because he will have to cut his losses. Sonny encourages Michael to have faith that AJ will be all right. Michael says he missed his opportunity to tell AJ that he loves him and that he isnít going to make the same mistake with Sonny. He hugs Sonny and says he loves him.

Alexis fills Sam in on AJ's shooting, Ric being in town, and Molly wanting to move out after Alexis caught her and TJ about to have sex. Sam fills Alexis in on her trip to New York, their witnessís apparent suicide, and Detective West accusing Silas of murdering him. She says Ava was suspiciously also in New York at the same bar and that Silas' wife disappeared from the facility. Alexis says that if Ava was in New York, then she couldnít have shot AJ, and then tells Sam about the shooting. Silas fills Kiki in on the trip to New York. Kiki doesnít want to believe that her mother is capable of murder. She asks if anyone else could be setting him up. Meanwhile, whoever was watching Silas and Sam in New York is still watching Silas. Ava arrives at the hospital and tells Kiki she was in New York visiting her mother. She asks about AJ and Michael. When Kiki leaves, Silas asks Ava why she was really in New York. Ava tells Silas that she is not framing him. She says he broke her heart, but that didnít make her want to hurt him. Ava finds Sonny and asks him what they will do when AJ wakes up again and tells the rest of the story.

Nikolas pleads with Elizabeth to come to his engagement party. She says she doesnít have a date. Ric volunteers. She accepts. Nikolas says that between Elizabethís exes, he doesnít know whether AJ or Ric is worse. Ric asks Elizabeth if she said yes just to stick it to Nikolas. Britt tells her mother that she and Nikolas are getting married. Obrecht agrees not to tell Nikolas the truth about Ben. Obrecht gets emotional and says Britt has made her proud. Nikolas is stunned to find Obrecht crying and hugging Britt when he arrives at the hospital. Obrecht wishes them the best. Britt tells Nikolas that she thinks she and her mother just had an emotional breakthrough. She says she might want to add her mother to the guest list. Nikolas tells her that Elizabeth and her ex-husband are going. Shawn pours Ric a cup of coffee and introduces himself as Sonny's employee and says he knows Ric is Sonnyís brother and Julianís lawyer.  

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the police department, Kevin gets down on one knee and asks Chloe to marry him. Michael pulls Kevin aside to talk to him. At the Athletic Club, Lauren sits alone at the bar, waiting for a phone call. Christine comes up to join her. Christine tells Lauren that she is picking up some food for Paul. Paul and Nikki walk into his office at the police department. Nikki thanks him for helping her with putting Ian Ward in jail and thanks him by bringing him his favorite salad. Michael lets Kevin know that this is a bad idea of him marrying Chloe. Kevin tells Michael that he is committed to this marriage with Chloe. Kevin asks Chloe again if she will marry him. Chloe tells him that she cannot marry him. Avery and Dylan discuss the breakup of Victoria’s and Billy’s marriage and that Victoria wants a divorce. Avery also tells him that Neil and Leslie have broken up. Nikki thanks Paul again for helping in getting Ian Ward behind bars. At the Newman home, Sharon tells Nick that he is not responsible for her seeing Cassie. The imposter, Cassie, comes to visit Victor at his office. He asks her what she is doing here. Cassie tells him what happened at Sharon’s the night before. Cassie reveals that Phyllis knows Sharon’s secret. Chloe agrees to marry Kevin. Christine gets a call that the judge signed off on Chloe not going to prison. Paul is enjoying his salad and his conversation with Nikki when Christine walks in, carrying his favorite salad. Nikki soon leaves to give them private time together. Christine notices the salad and questions him about it. Avery lets Dylan sample her two new recipes that she plans in entering in the cooking contest. Dylan cannot make up his mind which one is best but ends up eating both dishes. Nick interrupts them.

Sharon has her therapy session with Dr. Janice Mead. Sharon tells her that she made love with Nick and also that she saw Cassie. Cassie makes Victor promise her that he will be nicer to Sharon once he finds out her secret. Nikki visits the coffeehouse and finds Nick and Dylan talking civil with each other. Nikki asks to talk to him privately. Dr. Mead suggests “shock therapy” to Sharon. Dr. Mead asks Sharon to reveal her secret to her. Sharon has her doubts but agrees to tell Nick the truth that night. Paul and Christine discuss Nikki and how she is doing since Ian is behind bars. Christine reveals that she will be the prosecuting attorney. Nikki and Dylan discuss how he is doing. Dylan suggests that they have breakfast some morning. Nikki is thrilled by the idea. Avery serves Nick a free breakfast as a “thank you” for being cordial to Dylan. Nikki visits Victor and finds him deep in thought. Nikki lets him know how Nick and Dylan are getting along. Nikki asks Victor to accept Dylan. Nick visits Dr. Mead to pick up Sharon but finds out that she is already gone. Sharon visits Cassie’s grave and encounters Cassie. Chloe and Kevin are wed.

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