Tuesday 3/11/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/11/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has calmed down and tells Katie there is no need to apologize. She was vulnerable and Ridge was there. So it’s understandable, but if she thinks it is going further then she is wrong. Katie says but it already has. Brooke says no, she said she had not slept with Ridge yet. She is not in love with Ridge. She is doing this to get back at Brooke and that has to stop. Katie conveys to Brooke that this is not a fantasy. For weeks she kept telling herself that Ridge could not feel the same way she did, but he does. He does not see her as the little sister the way she and Bill do that needs protecting, that can not stand on her own two feet and needs to be guided. She says Ridge sees her as the woman she is today and that feels really good. Brooke begs her sister to see this for what it is. She and Ridge have a history together. Yes they have issues and probably always will, but they love each other and he is not going to leave her for Katie. That is just crazy. She begs her sister do not do this. She does not want to see her in pain. Ridge is a kind, compassionate man so she can see why Katie would develop a crush on him. Katie says there she goes again. She is not a fool with a schoolgirl crush. Brooke says it also is not what Katie thinks it is either. Ridge always comes back to her. Katie tells her it is not always about Brooke. Brooke says yes it is about her. Katie ruined her wedding with her cheap, stupid little stunt. And now she is trying to steal her husband. It’s sick and disgusting and it’s not going to work. Rick and Hope and Quinn all say they are for the idea, but Pam and Aly says Forrester is not a museum and Stephanie’s jewelry should not be displayed. There is no respect and she knows her grandmother would hate this. Eric finally says he’s heard enough. The thought of exploiting the extraordinary woman who wore the jewelry is abhorrent to him. She was proud of every piece because she was proud of the man who gave her every one. And he knows exactly what Stephanie would say to Wyatt’s proposal. If it helped the company, then by all means use them. Eric tells Wyatt it is a great idea and they will use it. It has his blessing and he is sure Stephanie’s as well. All the others clap except Pam and Aly who just glares at Wyatt. Aly asks Eric why are they doing his. Does anyone remember why it was called HFTF. Hope says yes she does. It was to keep her generation mindful of their individuality and their own responsibility for the future. Aly says yes but what does flashy jewelry have to do with that message. Eric points out this is not going to be a flashy jewelry display, not at all. Aly says it is to Wyatt. It’s just another photo op for him and Hope just like the diamond. Hope says that happened a long time ago and has nothing to do with the Stephanie collection. Eric says he has heard enough. He adjourns the meeting and tells Wyatt good work. When everyone leaves, Hope tells Eric that she and Wyatt would like to talk to him about Aly. She tells him that Aly has become so aggressive, even to the point of firing Wyatt and she got physical with him. Wyatt says he has no idea what set her off. Eric tells them to keep this to themselves. Thorne is aware of it but Eric will talk to her. She lost her mother at a very young age and ever since has had a very difficult time. Just be patient and do not confront her. Aly tells Pam that Wyatt controls them. They are under his spell. Pam agrees that Wyatt and his mother are both smoothies. Don’t let Quinn fool her; stay away from her. Aly feels like Pam knows something. Pam gets a phone call that she is wanted downstairs so they will talk later. Quinn comes out of the shadows and tells Aly that she is fighting a losing battle. She knows she is family but the look on Eric’s face tells her that he’s not going to tolerate her attitude much longer. Aly doesn’t want to talk to Quinn. Quinn can understand why as she is the voice of truth. They are going with Wyatt’s idea so she needs to stop fighting him or in the end she will just be hurting herself. Firmly Aly says Wyatt is hurting the company, her family’s company ad she can’t let that happen. Eric calls Pam and asks her to come in with Aly. He wants to know what this is all about with firing Wyatt. Aly says he is hurting the company and the HFTF line. The message is now meaningless because of Wyatt and his mother. Eric tells her that he wants this to work out for her here but she has to respect his decisions and Hope and Wyatt’s relationship.

Katie tells Brooke that she can see why she would be confused. But maybe Katie should follow her heart like Brooke has always said. Brooke says she is going to be blunt. Ridge will never be satisfied with Katie. Ridge loves romance but he shared something with Brooke that no other two people have ever shared and he’s not going to want to lose that. This is wrong. This is just retaliation and Katie knows it. Pam stays to talk to Eric. He tells her that Aly is getting more erratic. Pam wonders if they shouldn’t tell Thorne or even Hope. Eric says no, not just yet. He hopes he can handle this himself. They have to keep Aly’s secret. Pam says then he needs to keep Aly away from Hope and Wyatt. Hope tells Wyatt that she loved his concept. He says he has another one – move in with him. She answers maybe she will……..someday. He wonders how she can play with his emotions that way….. but at least he got a some day. As they kiss and vow not to think about shadow girl, Aly cracks the door enough to glare at them. Katie tells Brooke this is far from retaliation. And for the record, she has no intention of keeping RJ from Ridge. He and Will have become good friends. Brooke asks where she fits into this plan. She is supposed to go back to Bill and they all live one big happy family. Katie says this is not a math problem. She can go to Bill or be all by herself for a while….but they all know she can not do that. So she will go to Bill as he will take her back. Brooke says this must be Katie’s coming out party. She thought she was past the anger but guess not. After all the years of living in Brooke’s shadow, now she has Ridge. It’s the perfect payback. Katie says Brooke has not been listening. This is not payback. She is in love with Ridge. Brooke says then Katie is a hypocrite as she is doing the same thing she accused her of. Katie says spin it any way she wants to but the fact is she and Ridge have fallen in love. She did not take Ridge from Brooke. He came of his own free will. Brooke rants that she can’t have him. She is not going to let that happen. Katie tells her not to dare talk down to her like she was her mother. Brooke just wants to put her in a little box, safe and sound in her childhood bedroom looking out the window and watching the world go by. Brooke never took her seriously but now she should as her and Ridge are going to be together. Brooke says Ridge will leave Katie and she will be picking up the pieces. She doesn’t need that kind of rejection. Katie points out that she doesn’t have that weak little heart any more. She has Stormie’s heart….and she has Ridge’s heart too, so Brooke doesn’t have to worry about her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny busted Gabi and Nick before they kissed.  Sami blurted out that Abby was pregnant.  EJ was nervous when she told him. Nick wanted to leave, but Gabi stopped him.  When Gabi left to check on the baby, Sonny warned Nick that this would blow up in his face.  EJ pumped Sami about Abby being pregnant.  Sami wondered why he was so relieved when she said she wasn’t sure that Abby was pregnant.  Sami thought EJ thought Chad was the father of Abby’s baby.  When Sami left, EJ texted Abby.  Nick and Sonny argued over Gabi until Sonny left.

EJ and Abby met in his lawyer’s office.  He wanted to know why she talked to Sami instead of him.  Abby figured out that Sami told him about her possibly being pregnant.  Rafe set up the town square to give Jordan a romantic sendoff.  Abby told EJ that she didn’t know if she was pregnant.  EJ wanted to know why she told Sami.  The two ended up arguing over it.  Sonny talked to Victor about Nick.  EJ told Abby he would be part of the situation if she’s pregnant.  It led to another argument.  She told him their problems were just starting if she’s pregnant.  Victor wanted Sonny to come to him if he had problems with Nick.  EJ wanted Abby to see a doctor he knew.  He said he would be there for her no matter what.  Rafe and Jordan said goodbye to each other.  Victor wanted Sonny and Will to get married in his house.  Abby agreed to go to EJ’s doctor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad and Lucas discuss Julian. Brad thinks Julian's story is probably true. Julian and Ric shake on an agreement at the jail. Anna gets smarmy with Ric about his history on the other side of the law. Ric tells her that he will sue her for using her position for a personal vendetta. She says all she needs from Julian is the name of the person he was with at the time of the shooting.

Brad tells Lucas that Felix broke up with him and that Lucas was the reason. Lucas says that if it is really over between Felix and Brad, then perhaps they can see where their relationship can go. Felix tells Carly that he is having trouble getting over Brad. Carly tells Felix that the other man, Lucas, is her brother. Felix wonders why she never told him that her brother is gay. She says he lived in Seattle and she had no reason to assume that they would be a match. Carly says Felix should tell Brad how he feels and see if they can salvage their relationship. Felix finds Brad at Kelly's, kissing Lucas. He wishes them well and leaves.

TJ tells Shawn that Molly might move in with her dad. Shawn thinks that wouldn’t be a good idea. Alexis forbids Molly to move in with Ric because of the kinds of people he associates with. Ric goes to Alexis' house and tells her that he took Julian on as a client. Molly sneaks out of the house and goes to Kelly's to see TJ. Olivia tells Sonny that the police have an open-and-shut case against Julian, but she wonders why Julian would want to shoot AJ. She says she doesn’t care who shot AJ because he had it coming. Shawn tells Sonny that Ric is Julian’s lawyer. Sonny says it's a cover because Ric is really Julian's financial backer. Monica prays at AJ's side. AJ opens his eyes. Michael asks AJ if Julian shot him. AJ says, "No." Kiki relays it to Anna. Carly relays it to Sonny. AJ codes again. The doctor says it's a brain aneurysm. Anna calls Ric to the station and releases Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club gym, Billy is busy hitting on a punching bag when Dylan comes in to join him. Dylan and Billy begin to discuss how Billy is doing. Billy lets Dylan know that he wants his daughter and his wife back. Victoria has a visit from Avery. Victoria tells Avery that she needs a divorce. At the coffeehouse, Leslie is getting a cup of coffee when Neil walks in. They exchange pleasantries. Leslie gets a call on her cell phone. Neil reminds her that she has her work. At the police department, Chloe thanks Michael for his help in preventing from going to prison, but she may have to go to Fairview instead. Michael and Kevin discuss the things that Billy did and wasn’t getting punished for. Chloe reminds them of all the bad things that she did to Chelsea and Connor. Kelly joins Jack for lunch at the Athletic Club dining room. Kelly thinks that this is a free lunch, but Jack lets her know that there is no such thing. Michael reminds Kevin that the damage was done to Billy’s marriage during all this crisis. Kevin blames Michael for Chloe being in this situation. Chloe orders Kevin to stop blaming Michael. Jack tries to ease Kelly’s insecurities by asking her how she got through Sam’s birthday. Jack tells Kelly about Phyllis and her accident and how hard it had been for him to get used to life without her. Leslie asks Neil if they can be friends, but he reminds her of all the things that she did to him by calling off their wedding. They begin to argue over the fact that she doesn’t want to get married.

Victoria tells Avery she is tired of all the lies that Billy told her. She also talks about how much Kelly helped Billy when she couldn’t. Avery reminds Victoria how much she loves Dylan and will always love him. Avery tries to get Victoria to think through this situation before she jumps into a divorce. Billy tells Dylan that Victoria put him out of the house. Stitch walks up and remarks, “Good for her.” Stitch tells Billy not to blame him for his wrecked marriage when it was Billy who stepped out of the marriage. Billy asks Stitch what his plans are for saving Victoria from him. Dylan advises Billy to consider Victoria and her feelings for a change. Kelly thanks Jack for all his help and the meal. Chloe thanks Michael for his help. Chloe tells Kevin to leave but he refuses. Neil refuses to be just friends with Leslie and asks her to reconsider marriage. Leslie refuses. Neil tells her to have a good life. Avery walks in to the coffeehouse and asks Leslie how to convince anyone not to give up on love. When Ben visits Victoria, she tells him that he shouldn’t be there. Ben starts to leave, but she steps aside and lets him in. Jack offers Kelly a check to go anywhere in the world as long as she is far away from Billy. Feeling insulted by his offer, Kelly tears it up and leaves. Billy sees Kelly as she is leaving and tries to talk to her, but she just rushes out. Billy asks Jack what he did to Kelly. Victoria seeks comfort in Stitch’s arms. Kevin asks Chloe to marry him.

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