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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Wyatt are enjoying themselves in the steam room. He’s kissing her on the lips, on the neck, on the legs, forearms until she keeps telling him they have to go to a meeting…..the last thing on his mind. Finally he lets her up as he thinks back on their HOTT trip. Brooke tells Ridge that she has no idea what is wrong with her sister for her to think that she has a future with him. He really needs to set her straight. She turns to Katie and says Ridge is not leaving her for Katie. Katie obviously has a crush on him but he’s not going to leave her so he needs to tell Katie that. He says he is sorry but Katie is telling the truth. Brooke is shocked and says okay this is a bad joke at her expense and maybe she deserves it. They can have a little laugh and then move on. Katie tells her it is not a joke. So Brooke says okay then they are having an affair and sleeping together. Katie says no, they did not want to hurt Brooke. Brooke guesses this must be a way to get back at Bill. Brooke says she has apologized a thousand times but now Katie is doing the exact same thing. Ridge says no this is different. It is nothing like with her and Bill. Brooke says he is breaking up their family and running off with her sister. She will not allow that. Katie says this has nothing to do with revenge. She tells Brooke that she fought this for so long as she did not want to do the same thing that Brooke did. Ridge says nobody went after nobody. It just happened. And he’s very happy to have Katie in his life. He knows it is a shock but Brooke is gonna have to accept it. Brooke keeps saying it is crazy. Katie says she would say that as no man would want Katie after being with Brooke. Brooke says no, she will never accept this ever. Aly tells Pam that Wyatt and Quinn are bad news and she thinks that Pam knows that too. She says she saw her with Quinn just now and noticed her body language. She has also seen how she is around Wyatt. She is suspicious and she has a right to be. They are sneaky and it’s all about money and ambition. They should not be around here contaminating Hope. Pam reminds her that Hope loves Quinn’s jewelry and she’s in a relationship now with Wyatt. Aly tells her that she doesn’t have to be involved. Just give Aly the ammunition and she’ll run with it. Wyatt and Hope walk in and Hope asks if they are intruding. Aly is curt and says it doesn’t matter. Hope won’t hear it as he won’t let her hear. Pam tries to break it up by saying the others will be here soon for the meeting. Quinn and Eric join in and Eric says Caroline and Rick are on the way. When Quinn can’t get Pam to get her a cup of coffee, she ends up pouring one for her and Pam and gives it to her….since she is such a nice person. Eric tells them that Ridge and Brooke won’t be here today. They had some personal business. Wyatt gives a little mini presentation about Stephanie’s jewelry and says they need to follow up the diamond with more buzz worthy success….stunning, elegant and classy. Eric says Stephanie would have loved that. Wyatt says he would love to display them at the Boutique and then take the collection around the world like a famous art exhibit.

Everyone thinks it is a terrific idea except Aly. She speaks up and says it is a terrible idea. Eric asks her to explain. She says her grandmother’s collection is not a sideshow. It’s private and personal. Wyatt is all about buzz and sales figures. She thinks it is disgraceful and undignified to put them on display. Pam speaks up and says she agrees. Aly continues that Wyatt just wants to get his name out there so people can gush what a hero he is. Wyatt says these are works of art and art should be shared. Pam says that she thinks Stephanie would be mortified but besides that they have already had one attempted heist so who’s to say now they won’t really be an easy target. Aly continues that she is not surprised that Wyatt would want to do this and turn it into the publicity stunt of the month. But he if he really cares for Hope, he will take his mother and go back to their little warehouse and leave all of them alone. Brooke says she can not even wrap her head around this. Katie says they tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening. Brooke cries so she is now losing Ridge to her sister. Hope tries to calm Aly down and says she knows where she is coming from. She knows she is trying to protect the family, but she does not like her attitude. She points out that Wyatt has come up with a concept that will help the line. And they are in a relationship so he’s going nowhere and Aly needs to accept that. Aly says she is part of this team and the family too so she has a right to her opinion. Eric tells her duly noted. Wyatt says they have all stated their opinion but ultimately the decision is up to Eric. Brooke repeats her baby sister – the one with morals and values and principals….everything that Brooke isn’t. Ridge says people change. Brooke states that she refuses to believe that he doesn’t love her. Ridge says he does love her. He will always love her. And he doesn’t regret one moment with her but he’s not that man anymore. He doesn’t want to be wildly addicted to someone and wonder what is going to happen next. Brooke begs Ridge not to do this, not to break up their family. She knows she hurt them and now he is getting back at her. She wants to speak with Katie alone. Ridge tells her that won’t change anything.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby panicked when Sami said she could be pregnant. Anne questioned Theresa about going after Daniel and Jennifer.  Anne was upset that Daniel and Jennifer were back together.  Theresa said they had something on her.  Nick talked to Percy about moving forward with Gabi.  Jennifer got disturbing news on her phone so she left Daniel’s place to go to the hospital.  Eric turned down sleeping with Nicole. Sami questioned whether or not Jennifer knew about who Abby was with.  Sami suggested that Abby take a pregnancy test.  Abby wanted Sami to keep it a secret.  Theresa let Anne that she was still going to get Daniel and Jennifer.  Anne loved it.  Jennifer found out that people wanted her to get fired.

Liam went to see Daniel about Jennifer.  Eric told Nicole he wanted to be married before they made love.  Gabi told Nick that she signed the deal with EJ.  She told him that Will wasn’t happy that Nick was responsible for the modeling gig.  Liam apologized to Daniel for how he reacted to breaking up with Jennifer.  Nicole was upset with Eric for wanting to wait until marriage before they had sex.  Nick talked to Gabi about what went wrong in their relationship.  She wanted to know what he was going to do to Sami and Kate.  He said he wasn’t going to do anything.  Jennifer confronted Anne about the negative comments posted about her.  Jennifer threatened to cost Anne her job.  Anne accused Theresa of posting the comments.  Sami told EJ that Abby is pregnant.  He was horrified.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy can't understand why Luke has become so callous and vicious. She goes to Kevin, who agrees that the behavior she describes is consistent with use of hallucinogens, but there was nothing in Luke's bloodstream when he was in the hospital. Kevin thinks Scott may know what happened to Luke. Tracy hints that Kevin should be mindful of Lucy's friendship with Scott. Franco visits Scott and encourages him to talk about Lucy to get it off his chest. Franco leaves when Lucy stops by. Scott tells her that she should leave too, because he doesn't want to be her side guy; he wants to be her only guy. When Lucy opens the door to leave, Kevin is standing on the other side, about to knock. Lucy tells Kevin that she stopped by to check on Scott. Scott says he is fine. Kevin tells Scott that he is there to ask him about what happened to Luke at Miscavige.

Kiki goes to the Quartermaine mansion looking for Michael. Luke puts the moves on her. She says she really has to find Michael. Luke tells her to look at the hospital because AJ got shot. Luke engages in some expensive online shopping for himself. When Tracy comes home, he says he was shopping for something for her to make up for his bad behavior. Monica goes to General Hospital to be with AJ. Carly asks Sonny if he shot AJ. Sonny wonders why she cares. Sonny tells Michael that the police have Julian Jerome in custody. Michael wonders why Julian would shoot AJ when they don't know each other. Kiki finds Michael at the hospital. She mentions that she had a strange encounter with Luke. Anna asks Duke if he knows where Sonny was last night. Duke says Sonny was with him at the warehouse. Anna thinks Duke is lying. When Sonny returns, he tells Anna the same alibi. After Anna leaves, Duke concludes to Sonny that he must have needed the alibi because he shot AJ. AJ regains consciousness.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his office at Newman Enterprises, the imposter, Cassie, tells Victor that she is no longer going to spy on Sharon for him. At home, Nick and Sharon kiss. Abby visits Jack in his office at Jabot. She inquires about the fashion show. In talking to Abby, he authorizes her trip to Paris. At the Abbott home, Victoria orders Billy out which totally takes him by surprise. Lily runs into Kelly at the Athletic Club bar and fills her in on the fashion show. Arguing with Billy over Kelly, Victoria shows him the message that he received from Kelly and wants to know what he said to her. Billy tries to explain but Victoria doesn’t want to hear it.

Victor and Cassie discuss the secret that Sharon is keeping from Nick and everyone else. Sharon and Nick make love. Victor reminds Cassie of all that he knows about her. Cassie reminds him that she has as much on him as he does on her. Victor hands Cassie a key to Sharon’s door. Sharon and Nick snuggle together after making love. Abby apologizes to Jack over her remarks concerning Phyllis and her medical condition. Kelly lets Lily know that she is thinking about going back to teaching and it is all thanks to Lily and her children. Billy wants to help save their marriage, but Victoria insists that he give her time, because she needs some space. Billy tells her that this is not over as he leaves the house. Lily makes a call for Kelly for an interview for a teaching job. Lily tries to match Kelly up with her children’s dentist. Abby tries to get Jack to move on with his life. Sharon goes downstairs to get them a snack when she sees Cassie going through the drawers. Cassie demands to know the secret that she has, but Sharon tells her that she already knows the secret. Sharon reaches out and takes hold of Cassie and realizes that it isn’t a dream. Sharon holds onto her as she yells for Nick. Cassie knocks her to the floor and Nick finds her lying there. Sharon tells Nick that she saw Cassie and touched her. Nick takes all the blame that their making love was too much for her. Sharon tells him that it wasn’t what he did but what she did. Victor remembers overhearing Sharon’s doctor discussing the secret that she is keeping from Nick.

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