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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke cannot contain herself and almost laughs at Katie. In fact later, after they waltz around the May Pole for twenty minutes, she does laugh at Katie when Katie admits that she loves Ridge. Brooke giggles but tells Katie that she can understand and she does not feel threatened by that. Katie has a crush on Ridge. Lots of women do. Again like pulling teeth, Katie slowly gets it out that it is not just a crush. She loves Ridge and he knows it. Brooke says that is cute and says she is sure Ridge was kind and let her down easy. Ridge tries to call but then tells Hope this may take a while. Hope says she knows. Her mom is not going to accept this easily, but he’ll get his chance. She understands why Katie wanted to talk to him first. She also knows that Ridge still cares for her mother. But if he has feelings for Katie he can not just cover that up. He thanks Hope for giving them this time. He knows it was not easy on her. She says no, but it was the right thing to do for all three. Quinn greets Wyatt back with a hug. He said he just had to go to Paris with Hope. He answers all of Quinn’s questions about having a magnificent time there and that he and Hope are closer than ever. They have a deep connection. She trusts him and confides in him. She leans on him in time of family crisis. Quinn quips it is a good thing he has the shoulders for it. She gets him to say that 99% of the trip was flawless, but that 1%.....Thorne’s daughter is different. She’s got this idea in her head that Hope has to be like a nun or something. That she’s the voice of chastity or something and needs to be committed to Liam no matter what. Hope has a lot on her plate right now so he’s gonna go find her and held her unwind. Quinn asks if he needs help. You’re never too old to ask for your mother’s help sometimes. He says trust him, this one he has covered.

Quinn catches Pam and orders her to send some flowers to Hope. She can either charge it to Quinn’s account at the office or to Eric’s. He won’t mind. Pam lets her know that she is not exactly thrilled that they are putting Stephanie’s personal jewelry on display….and wonders if Wyatt is planning swiping those too in another heist. Quinn tries to unruffle her feathers but Pam says no they aren’t going to be friends. She’s not interested. Quinn is a fake and a phony. She knows Quinn cozied up to her and then to Eric all to further her advancement. Quinn asks if Pam misses Chicago as that might be a better place for her now. Pam says no, she is a California girl. Quinn says oh that’s right, she would miss her boyfriend, UpChuck. Pam calls her weirdo and says she better be nice to her as she could walk up anytime to the authorities with a certain little tape she has. She says the only thing stopping her right now is that Wyatt still works there and for some reason Hope seems to like him. But the minute that isn’t true, she’ll see to it that Wyatt is in jail so fast. Wyatt joins Hope in the steam room as per his text. With all she is going through he thought she might need something to relax. They kiss and she says they don’t need to talk about her mom or Aunt Katie. They kiss more and he gives her a back massage which she loves. Brooke tells Katie that she is not laughing at her or even considering that Katie is not competition for Ridge. Katie says yeah because he has been with Brooke and no other woman would be enough for him. Brooke tells Katie to calm down. She doesn’t want her fainting again. And this is not one of her romantic novels or her poetry. Ridge would not return her feelings. They are together and practically married. She says she is going to leave before either say something they will regret. Katie says Brooke really doesn’t understand. Brooke says she does. Katie has a crush on Ridge but he just has warmth, compassion and friendliness, that’s all. Katie says yes at first but they have spent a lot of time together. Ridge can’t wait any longer. He tells Hope that he’s going over there. Katie should not be going through this alone. Aly sneaks around and almost scares Pam. They confide that neither of them trusts the Fullers. They are no good and they need to keep an eye on them. Trust your instincts. Ridge walks in just as Brooke tells Katie how naïve can she be. She tells Ridge they need to go because Katie is not feeling well. Katie tells Ridge that she is fine. She told Brooke but she won’t accept it. Brooke tells Ridge that she thinks it is sweet. She tells Katie that she will not hold this against her but she needs time to think this through. Ridge is her friend but Brooke’s husband. Katie stands tall and says he has not been Brooke’s husband in a long time and things change. At least she has; perhaps Brooke stays in the same place. But she and Ridge have learned they have different expectations for what they want in their lives and how they want to be loved. Brooke turns to Ridge and says that Katie needs to hear this from him. Just tell her how ridiculous all of this is. Whatever she has going on in her head is wrong; so just tell her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby was sick out of the blue.  EJ thought about making out with Abby.  Victor and Maggie got into it with Brady over John.  Nicole told Daniel that she destroyed information.  Theresa and Jennifer got into an argument over Daniel.  Marlena and John talked about their divorce and how he was gone.  Nicole didnít tell Daniel about the information she destroyed.  Marlena confronted John about the things he missed out on while he was gone.  He threw up in her face that she ruined Bradyís wedding.  Sami went to Abbyís house to learn about art.  Johnny was upset that EJ and Sami were getting married.  When Daniel showed up at the Kiriakis mansion, he saw Theresa there.

Daniel wanted to know why Theresa was there.  She said she was there to see Brady.  Daniel wanted to know what Brady was thinking with Theresa.  Liam talked to Jennifer about what he said to her.  He apologized to her and explained why he said what he said to her when they broke up.  John blamed Marlena for ruining Brady and Ericís lives.  She wondered how he knew about it.  Brady explained how he hooked up with Theresa.  Daniel warned Brady about Theresa.  Marlena realized that she and John had nothing to say to each other.  Abby felt sick when Sami offered her something to eat.  Marlena wanted to know if John would be home if Brady were okay.  When she got her answer, she didnít want anything to do with him.  Sami suspected that Abby was pregnant.  John told Marlena he wasnít leaving Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica tells Tracy that she has been driving all night looking for AJ. In an effort to lighten her mood, Luke tells Monica that he and Tracy are engaged. Monica tells Tracy that Luke just wants her money. Luke lays into Monica, telling her that she married Alan for his money and was a serial cheater. Tracy stops Lukeís tirade when he says Monica is a legendary slut. Michael calls Monica and tells her that AJ is in ICU. Luke says itís Karma. Tracy canít believe how mean-spirited Luke is being and wonders if it is a result of something they did to him at Miscavige.

AJ is recovering from surgery at General Hospital. Michael vows to find the person that shot AJ. Michael tells Carly that someone tried to kill AJ at the Quartermaine mansion before they successfully shot him at Avaís place. He says AJ suspects Sonny, but he doesnít think so. Shawn tells Sonny that Anna brought in Morgan for questioning, and they have Julian Jerome in custody. Julian tells Carlos to find out if Ava shot AJ and why. Sonny tells Shawn that he doesnít want Alexis to represent him, because he doesnít want her to know that he shot AJ. Sonny asks Duke to be his alibi. Anna asks Morgan if he knows who shot AJ, since it occurred in his girlfriendís apartment, and she has been missing. Morgan says Ava has been in New York, he doesnít know anything about Julianís dealings with AJ, and Sonny wasnít involved.  Anna goes to Sonnyís office, but he isnít there. Anna tells Duke that he canít help her unless he can account for Sonnyís whereabouts last night.

Alexis asks Ric to represent Julian.  Ric asks why she is invested in Julian. She says the fact that he is Samís father is reason enough. Elizabeth tells Carly that Ric is in town. Carly tells Elizabeth to be careful. Alexis tells Ric to leave Elizabeth alone, because she has had a hard 5 years. On his way out, Ric tells Alexis that Molly is coming to live with him. Ric goes to the jail to see Julian. Sonny goes to the hospital. Carly asks him if he knows Ric is in town. Sonny says he is dealing with it. Carly wonders if Sonny came to the hospital because he shot AJ.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Noah sits alone at a table in the Athletic Club dining room when Nick comes in to join him. Nick informs him that Ian Ward was arrested. At the hospital, Ben sees Sharon in the corridor. She admits the mistakes she made, but true love always finds a way to prevail in the end. In an exam room, Billy and Victoria argue over the fact that she kissed Ben. At the condo, Victor tries to assure Chelsea that Adam is dead because there was no trace of his credit card being used in the past few days. In his office, Jack looks at a newspaper article about Victor when Kelly comes in and wants to talk to him about her future with Billy. Jack tells Kelly that Victoria’s and Billy’s marriage is stronger than ever. Kelly tells Jack to let her explain this in a different way. She resigned her duties on the Delia foundation and also quit her job. Billy asks Victoria if there is something else going on between her and Ben, but she refuses to answer. The doctor walks in to examine Billy. Sharon mentions to Ben that she heard about Dylan bringing down Ian Ward. Ben tells Sharon that he is in a midst of a divorce. Nick tells Noah that Sharon has been seeing Cassie, but she is back on her meds and doing better. Nick questions Noah about him and Courtney. Noah informs him that they are back together. Chelsea tells Victor about the calls that she has been receiving. Victor tells Chelsea that Adam means more to him than he lets on to people. Chelsea asks Victor not to give up on Adam. Kelly tells Jack that she is concerned about Billy. She asks him for his forgiveness, but Jack thinks he is not the one who can give forgiveness.

The doctor gives Billy a clean bill of health. Billy sees Ben at the nurses’ station and orders him to stay away from Victoria. Ben pulls Billy aside and tells him to get a "grip." Jack tells Kelly to sit down and asks her what is going on with her. Kelly opens up and tells Jack about Sam. Nick lets Noah know that Victor found out that Adam was the one who hit and killed Delia, but he kept it quiet. Nick invites Sharon to lunch with them, but Noah declines by telling them he has to get back to work. Chelsea tells Victor that she wants Adam home. At home, Billy apologizes to Victoria for his actions. Victoria tells him that he should be apologizing to Ben. Jack tells Kelly that he doesn’t hold her totally responsible for what happened. Noah goes to Victor's office and asks him about his involvement with the drugs being sold on the internet. Victor denies knowing anything about it. Sharon sees Chelsea at the bar and tries to offer her support, but Chelsea states matter of factly that Adam is not dead. Nick jumps to Sharon’s defense but is quite impressed with how Sharon handled Chelsea’s treatment of her. Noah questions Victor about keeping the truth from everyone about Adam hitting and killing Delia. Victor says he would do the same thing again. Noah says he cannot work for him any longer. At home, Billy tells Victoria that he wants to focus on them. Victoria wants that, too, but it will take time. When Billy goes to take a shower, Victoria intercepts a phone call from Kelly to Billy and listens to the message. When Billy returns, Victoria tells him to get out. Ben and Kelly meet at the Athletic Club bar. Ben mentions that he knows that today is Sam’s birthday. Victor calls Chelsea for help in finding Adam.

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