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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge uses his key and lets himself in at Katie’s. He tells her the key works. She tells him yes but she thought he was going to stay away today since Brooke was coming and she wanted to talk to her first. She doesn’t know yet what she will say to her. He insists that he still wishes he could talk to Brooke first. Katie says no, she is a big girl and she will not hide behind him. She says Brooke may never understand it but love doesn’t have to make sense. And if anyone understands that, it would be Brooke. Brooke is napping on the plane and thinking of Ridge and telling him that she is hurrying home as fast as she can. Hope checks in on her. She comes back and tells Wyatt that she thinks she might have done a terrible thing. She starts by saying that Katie did not faint at her mom’s wedding. She actually stopped the wedding because she is in love with Ridge. She swears Wyatt to secrecy. He says of course as no one would believe him anyway. She says she could not see her mom get hurt by Ridge again so she arranged for her to go to Paris with them. This would give Katie and Ridge time to sort out their feelings. She thought they would come to their senses but found out last night that they do want a future together. Wyatt says that is not her fault. She says she knows but she wonders if maybe it would have been best for her to stay out of it and let Brooke have him for a week rather than nothing at all. She is going to be heartbroken. When Brooke joins them in the cabin they tell her Aly is in the cockpit with the pilot. It’s better this way. Brooke wants to start making plans, forget the big wedding, just go to the courthouse and fill out a few papers, get a witness and be married. She asks if they would like to be her witnesses and they both make a quick excuse of why they can’t commit right now. Brooke says okay, one thing at a time. First Katie wants to talk to her and that feels good to get things back on track. Ridge starts to leave and wants to be sure Katie doesn’t want him there with Brooke. Katie says no as it would be like Brooke in a strait jacket. She is never the same with Ridge around. She admits to Ridge that she is scared. She is about to tell her sister that she is guilty of things she has accused Brooke of. He says she is not guilty of anything and all they have to do is admit their feelings have changed. Even at the end of the day and it is a disaster, it just has to be done.

Back at the office, Hope walks in. She says it works out well for Ridge as he won’t get the brunt of the shock and pain this will cause Brooke. She wants to know what happened. He says he has played it around in his mind and he doesn’t know what happened. He tries to make an analogy. He asks Hope if she has ever wanted something so badly and for so long that you don’t remember ever not wanting it. And finally that day is there and it’s yours but something inside you has changed, it’s shifted. And that thing you have wanted for so long, you just don’t want it anymore. Hope reflects and admits that yes she has felt that too. But she is still amazed that this happened so fast so how does Ridge know for sure that he loves Katie. And she does tell him that as much as she loves her Aunt Katie, she is not the innocent victim that she is making herself out to be. And if it weren’t for Taylor’s vendetta against Brooke, Bill and Katie would still be together and it wasn’t that bad a match. She can agree that Bill can be a terrible person but he hasn’t done any worse now that what Ridge is doing. He asks just how he is like Bill Spenser. Hope says he is trading in his wife for a sister. What Bill and Brooke did, he can not look at her the same way anymore. Hope surmises that to mean that what they both did was bad, but what her mom did was worse. And yet Katie is doing almost the exact same thing and it’s Ridge in the middle of two women again. Maybe that is more acceptable to his ethics. He says all he knows was that he stayed away a year to try and be a better man. But he came back and now to her he is just a clown trying to figure out what a better man would do. He relied on his mom the same way that Hope does. But he can not ask her what she thinks anymore. But he thinks she would have had words for Bill and Brooke and she would have thought he was the better man and said enough is enough. Ridge asks Hope to not talk about Katie. She really did try to get Ridge and Brooke back together until she couldn’t any more. That’s just life. It’s like driving a car with the steering wheel ripped from your hands and all you can do is sit back and hope no one is hurt too badly. Brooke visits Katie and wants to hear everything the doctor has told her. Katie says she is fine. Ridge did not even have to stay with her that first 24 hours that he promised he would, but he did come by every day. Ridge also knew something that she and Dr. Patrick didn’t know. There was nothing wrong with her. Brooke tells her not to feel guilty about the wedding. She is just glad they can now talk openly and honestly about everything. And she knows someday a man will come along and Katie will fall head over heels. Brooke is stunned when Katie says that has already happened. Brooke is filled with glee and starts questioning Katie as to who it is. She wants to hear everything. Katie starts slowly and says at the end of the day they are sisters and she would never want to hurt her. She loves her and she hopes someday she will understand. She says it is Ridge. She is in love with Ridge. That does not compute with Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was upset over the letter Bo gave her.  When she tore it up, Aiden saw her react to it.  Stefano was on the phone with Dr. Chyka.  Marlena talked to Eric about Dr. Chyka when Nicole showed up.  Marlena left to meet Stefano.  Rafe talked to Kate about Jordan leaving town.  Jennifer broke up with Liam.  She told him she was back with Daniel.  Eric and Nicole talked about Marlena and how she doesn’t trust Nicole.  Stefano let Marlena know she could talk to Dr. Chyka.  He gave her the rules she had to follow before she could talk to him.  She agreed to his terms.

Kate saw Jordan at the hospital and talked to her about leaving town.  Kate questioned what was going on for why she was leaving.  Liam was upset that Jennifer dumped him for Daniel and called her a b*tch when she offered to be friends with him.  Stefano told Marlena that she couldn’t talk to Dr. Chyka right away.  She had to promise not to tell anyone about what he was doing for her.  When she couldn’t talk to Dr. Chyka, she felt no need to stay and left.  Jennifer wanted Liam to leave, but he tried to make things right with her.  While Marlena was out, John called out to her.  Stefano called Dr. Chyka and told him he was going to talk to Marlena.  Stefano told him to listen to him first.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke proposes to Tracy. She says no, and makes him plead his case before she finally says yes. Elizabeth gives Ric a recap of her relationship with AJ. Molly accuses Alexis of projecting her own adolescent bad decisions onto her. Alexis denies it and says it is about parental concern. TJ takes the risk of encountering Alexis’ wrath and goes to see Molly. Molly says she will find a way for them to be together. Julian won’t talk to Anna without a lawyer so he calls Alexis. Alexis won’t take his case because it would be a conflict of interest, because she is Sonny’s lawyer. She recommends Diane Miller. He says he doesn’t want Diane because she is Ava’s attorney, and because she is involved with Sonny’s bodyguard, Max. Alexis recommends her ex-husband, Ric Lansing. Molly calls Ric and says she wants to move in with him.  

Sonny hopes AJ dies soon, before he can talk.  Morgan asks Sonny if he had anything to do with AJ's shooting. Sonny tells Shawn what happened. Shawn can't be Sonny's alibi because too many people saw him at Kelly’s at the time of the shooting, but will arrange another alibi for Sonny. He says the bigger problem will be if AJ survives and names Sonny as the shooter. Sonny says the only thing that worries him is that he broke his promise to his son. He says if Michael finds out, their relationship will be over. Sonny tells Shawn that AJ had the nerve to insist that he didn’t kill Connie. The emergency room team tries to revive AJ at General Hospital. Felix kicks Michael out. Morgan finds Michael at the hospital and tells him that the police at Ava’s place told him what happened. Michael wonders why AJ was at Ava’s. Morgan tells Michael that Ava had nothing to do with it, because she has been in New York all day, and neither did Sonny. Michael wonders why Morgan mentioned Sonny. Morgan tells him that he saw Sonny earlier and is certain he didn’t do it. Felix tells Michael that AJ needs immediate surgery. Michael tries to get AJ to name his shooter, but he isn’t able to speak. 

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea calls Billy so they can discuss Adam. Ben and Abby meet at the coffeehouse. They discuss Ashley and how she is doing. Victoria comes in from a morning run when Billy mentions to her about them making love and how he thought that it changed things between them, but she assures him that it didn’t solve their problem. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily discuss how they can get the club back on its feet. Hilary finds Neil sitting in the same chair where she had left him the night before. Neil assures her that he left for the night and came back this morning. Jack walks in and shows Neil the picture of Victor on the front page of the newspaper where it tells about him being investigated by the FDA. Victor meets with an associate to discuss the charges against him and how he can come out on top. Lily comes up with an idea to get the Athletic Club back on its feet, and she hurries to discuss it with Neil and Jack.

In talking to Abby, Ben remembers the kiss he shared with Victoria. Billy and Victoria argue over the situation before them concerning him sleeping with Kelly. Billy visits Chelsea to talk about Adam. Chelsea asks Billy what happened between him and Adam during those last hours of his life. Lily interrupts Neil and Hilary talking and sitting on the sofa. Lily lashes out at Hilary. The two exchange words and Neil has to separate them. Victor approaches Cane to discuss Newman/Chancellor. Cane denies that there are any problems. Victor tells Cane that he has a proposition for him -- he wants him to clear his name and Chancellor’s. Victor offers Cane his position back. Abby tells Ben that she will call Ashley later. Ben tells Abby to tell Ashley hello. Jack visits Victoria to discuss her and Billy’s problems. Victoria admits that she doesn’t know how she could go on without Billy. After Jack leaves, Victoria checks her messages and finds one from Ben. Billy lets Chelsea know that he doesn’t blame her for Delia’s death, but he does blame her for remarrying Adam. Chelsea asks Billy what were Adam’s last words. Billy lets her know that he was discussing her and Connor. Victor asks Cane to consider his offer. Lily tells Neil her ideas about a fashion show featuring Chelsea’s designs. Neil says he will run it by Jack. Abby calls Ashley and lets her know that Ben said “Hi.” Jack joins Abby and is thrilled by the happiness he sees in her eyes. Ben and Victoria meet at the hospital. Victoria lets him know that she is there to meet Billy who is seeing the doctor. Victoria says she told Billy about the kiss but didn’t tell him who she kissed. Billy walks up. After Ben leaves, Billy tells Victoria that it was Ben, whom she kissed. Chelsea gets a visit from Victor. Using Connor as leverage, she tells Victor that she will deny him visitation to Connor unless he finds Adam.

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