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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and Hope lie cuddled in bed. She says Paris is her favorite city in the world. He says he thought Rome was. She says not any more. They kiss again and again. Katie puts Will down for the night and she tells Ridge that she can’t stop thinking about what happened in the park. He pretends innocence and then says oh yeah, he told her he loved her; they kiss. Brooke tells Thorne that she is anxious to get home and she thinks Hope will be okay with that. She confides in Thorne what Bill told her and pictures he showed her with a co-worker at a Gay Pride Parade but Bill was convinced hat Ridge had switched teams and he wasn’t on the straight and narrow. But Bill thought that gave him a chance. Thorne says he’s such a jackass. He just can’t believe he won’t get the girl in the end. He better not go back to Katie. She deserves better; someone who will appreciate all her wonderful qualities. Brooke says how about Thorne. He quips that he thinks Katie can do better than him too. He tells Brooke that he will call Kyle and make sure the jet is ready for tomorrow. It’s time she and Ridge started their life together. Ridge and Katie lounge by the fire. She says perhaps they should both quit their jobs and just hold up here and keep the world out; just the two of them. She says so much has happened that this doesn’t seem real. She doubts anybody would have predicted this for shy little Katie. Ridge says he does not see her that way. She says she knows; that is one of the main things that she likes about him. She just hopes that they can get people to understand. He says they will try. He says they will break it to Brooke together. They will find the right words. Katie is not sure what the right words are. She has to tell her sister that she has fallen for the one guy that she has been in love with most of her life. Katie says she needs to talk to Brooke first. Ridge isn’t sure that is a good idea. But Katie says she needs to face this in her own way. He understands he is not going to win this little war. She says she can be a little bossy; just ask anyone. She trusts this will work out for everyone. He says she was in front of him this whole time and why didn’t he see her. She’s the most beautiful and amazing woman he has ever met.

Wyatt and Hope stand at the window looking out at the view. He asks if she can picture it, them living in Paris, a little flat right across the Seine….or they could get the RV and have it shipped and park it right in front of the Eiffel Tower. She laughs that sounds very romantic but afraid that wouldn’t last very long. He says the point is that Paris would be the perfect city to start off their married life…..well when they were ready to get married. She says she thought he was a California boy through and through. Plus with Aly living in the same city…..Wyatt says OMG, he’d have to turn up the Fuller charm a lot. She says Aly has issues with both of them, but for Hope because she feels she abandoned her principles for HFTF. Wyatt tells her no; no one lives a more principled life than she does. She’s just done tying her personal choices to the line; that’s it. He tells her that she handled that like a pro with Aly. She was sensitive and understanding and said a lot of nice things. She asks if he might have happened to hear her say that……he says yes he did. Now the question is did she just say that to Aly or what exactly are her feelings for him. As he knows there is not another man in the world for her. She tells him to stop talking and just kiss her. They are kissing when Brooke comes in. She tells Hope that she has made a flight first thing in the morning. She and Ridge are going to be married so they should be together. Hope tries to sound convincing that they can push things a bit and be through by the weekend and all go home together. But Brooke says that is not necessary. She and Wyatt can stay but she wants to be home with Ridge. Hope gives in and says they can push things and all leave tomorrow. She excuses herself to go finish things up and tells Brooke she will see her bright and early in the morning. She calls Katie and says she gave them some time but warns her that Brooke is coming home tomorrow. She hopes they have sorted out their feelings. Katie says yes they are in love and want a future together. Hope sighs, her mother is going to be so heartbroken. Then Brooke picks up the phone and Hope tells her that she is already on the phone with Katie. Brooke says hello to Katie, asks how she is and then says she will be home tomorrow. She can’t wait to see Ridge. They say goodbye and then Kate turns to Ridge and says “tomorrow”. He puts his arms around her and pulls her close.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ confronted Nick about getting a job for Gabi. Jordan told Rafe that sheís leaving town.  Brady wanted to know what John wanted.  Rafe wanted to know why she was leaving and tried to stop her.  John wanted to know how Brady was.  Sami and Hope got into an argument over the earrings Sami bought for Ciara.  While they were arguing, Hope bumped into Aiden and dropped his cookies.  John wanted to know why Brady was avoiding him.  Brady said it was because of Kristen.  Nick reminded EJ about Kate and Sami trying to kill him.  Hope and Aiden ended up arguing.  Rafe tried to talk Jordan out of leaving town.  John tried to reach out to Brady, but Brady didnít want to listen to it.

Brady wanted to take Theresa out before she went to work.  Hope and Aiden attempted to work together at the bake sale.  Hope had to leave to meet someone.  The person turned out to be John.  He wanted to give her a message from Bo.  Kate ran into EJ.  He told her about his run in with Nick.  He warned her not to underestimate Nick.  Aiden had a hard time with the kids at the bake sale.  Sami and Brady ran into each other.  They talked about John and Eric.  John told hope that Bo was going to be gone for a year or longer and she probably wouldnít hear from him.  This news upset her.  Ciara gave Aiden a hard time at the bake sale.  John gave Hope a letter from Bo.  After she read it, she was upset.  Aiden noticed Hopeís reaction to the letter.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas thinks Nina is dead. Sam thinks Nina might have been moved because of all the recent interest in her. Nathan West tells Anna that Henry Nakamura, the prime witness in Silas Clayís case, died in Manhattan under the same suspicious circumstances as Silasí wife. He says Silas once again tried to deflect attention to his former mistress. Anna agrees with Silas' observation that it is quite a coincidence that Ava was in Manhattan at the same time that Nakamura died. Anna wonders why Nathan is so invested in Silasí case.  Someone watches Sam and Silas as they talk in Ryan's Bar.

Michael worries when he canít reach AJ. Tracy worries because Luke went to see Sonny and hasnít returned. Luke returns and says he didnít find Sonny. Michael is certain that Sonny didnít send the assassin after AJ. Luke tells Tracy that he didnít really go looking for Sonny. He says he lied because he didnít want to get into their personal business in front of Michael. Sonny shoots AJ and gets upset about breaking his word to Michael. Ava encourages Sonny to finish the job. Sonny refuses to shoot AJ again. Ava wipes the gun and puts it next to AJís hand before she and Sonny get out of there. Once at the docks, Sonny wants to know why AJ was choking her in her penthouse in the first place. She makes up the story that AJ was looking for Julian and that he snapped when she told him that she couldnít help him. She says that when AJ was choking her, he said he would show her just like he showed Connie. Sonny reveals that AJ already accused him of sending someone to kill him, but Ava is involved now because it happened at her place. She tells him that the police wonít look for them, because they will suspect her brother since it was his gun. She says both of Sonnyís problems are solved; AJ is paying for killing Connie and Julian will go down for it. She says she is going back to New York so that it appears she never came back. Sonny says the hole in her plan is that they donít know if Julian has an alibi.

Julian talks to an unseen person on the dock and assumes that the person is there to personally take down Sonny. Julian warns him that he shouldnít trust his ex. Ric Lansing goes to General Hospital and asks Elizabeth out. Julian goes home and finds AJ on the floor. He checks for a pulse and determines that AJ is alive. He picks up the gun and begins searching the penthouse to see if the assailant is still there. Anna and Nathan arrive and assume that Julian was the shooter. Julian tells Anna what happened, but she tells him that an experienced criminal like himself should know better than to pick up stray murder weapons. Anna arrests Julian and asks him where he was if he wasnít in the penthouse at the time of the shooting. AJ is taken to the emergency room. Felix wonít allow Elizabeth to scrub in. Elizabeth calls Michael. AJ crashes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the penthouse, Chelsea holds Connor in her lap and talks to him about Adam. She suddenly hears a noise at the door and thinks that it is Adam, but is disappointed when it is only Anita. Jill puts on some music. Colin walks in and asks her to dance, but she refuses. Colin and Jill are dancing when Lauren stops by to check on Esther. At the coffeehouse, Dylan sits alone at a table when Avery comes in to join him. Dylan informs her that Leslie is defending Ian Ward. At the police station, Michael and Kevin discuss the kidnapping charges against Chloe and that she's been denied bail, because she would be a flight risk. Michael mentions that Chloe may be in need of psychiatric help. Jill lets Lauren know that Esther is lying down, because she was so upset over Chloe. Anita tells Chelsea that she came by to check on them. Chelsea blames Anita for leaving Chloe alone with Connor and Chloe taking him out of the country. Anita tries to get Chelsea to testify against Chloe, but she refuses. Jill fills Lauren in on what she and Colin were trying to find out with the help of Katherine’s father's journal. Lauren takes the journal and finds a clue in it that she shows to Jill. Lauren gets a text from Michael and leaves. Dylan confesses to Avery that he should have left well enough alone and not gone looking for Ian Ward. Kevin tries to assure Chloe that Michael will find a way to get her out of jail. Chloe owns up that she may need to be in a hospital to get help. Anita tells Chelsea that she is in shock over this whole deal with Adam, because what other reason could be there for her thinking Adam was at the door.

As Michael talks to Judge Warner about getting Chloe out on bail, Lauren walks in. Michael fills her in on Chloe’s dilemma. Kevin assures Chloe that she is not crazy. Avery cannot believe that she and Dylan are sitting here like a normal couple. Avery tells Dylan that there is something that she wants to do with him. Colin throws out different scenarios about how Katherine’s father and Rachel separated. Colin tells Jill how much he loves her and then they kiss. Somewhere in the United States, the camera shows a man lying on a cot wearing his wedding ring. He moves his hand. Chelsea gets so upset over Anita telling her Adam is dead that she puts her out. Dylan and Avery take a walk in the park. Dylan gets up on the park bench and yells out that he loves Avery Clark. They kiss. Everyone in the park begins to clap their hands. The man lying on a cot opens his eyes and sees the light above him. Someone walks in the door. The man lies his hand back down. Chelsea calls Billy to talk to him.

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