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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge sits with Katie in the park and says she asked him for one good reason. He meant it – he loves her. No one wants anybody to be hurt but Hope got Brooke out of town so they have time to work on it. Brooke tells Thorne that Aly was a little agitated over her concern for Hope. Thorne says as long as she is under control and she’s not as negative as she was at the meeting. Is she still against Wyatt? Brooke says she explained that Hope is an adult and her choices are her own, not their business. She tells Thorne that she gave Aly the hotel key card and she is going to drop off a press package to Hope and leave. But Aly bursts into Hope’s room and yells at her and Wyatt. She keeps telling him to get off of Hope and get out of here right now. Liam would never treat her like this. Hope tells her to calm down; everyone is all right. She puts her robe on and tries to quiet Aly by steering her into the living room and let Wyatt stay in the bedroom. Aly is agitated and keeps saying she can not believe this; Wyatt was in her bed. Hope says he is in her room because he was invited. He is her boyfriend now. Aly says Wyatt wants everyone to know. He does not respect Hope. Hope tells Aly that she has no idea where this is coming from, but she can not barge in here and start screaming. It’s inappropriate. Aly says she is trying to help Hope. Hope tells her that she doesn’t need to; everything is fine. And if she has problems with Wyatt then she needs to get over it. Aly is shocked and asks if this is how she wants people to see her now like all the other internet celebrities half naked, raunchy and vulgar. She has to think about how this looks. She’s supposed to be an example. She believes in her message. She started a HFTF club in her school. People called her a nerd, but she thought it was important. Now it seems it doesn’t matter to Hope anymore. Hope says yes it does matter but the focus on the line has changed some. Aly says it is Hope that had changed and all because of Wyatt. He and his mother are not trustworthy; they will do whatever they can to get what they want. They ruined Liam’s life and they will ruin Hope’s too. They don’t care what they have to do or how low they have to stoop.

Wyatt has put his clothes on and is listening on the other side of the door slightly ajar. Hope tells Aly that she knows she wants to protect her image. And she knows Aly has gotten closer to Liam so she may want Hope with him. Aly says or just alone, but anybody but Wyatt. He is no good for her. He’s a liar. Hope wants her to take that back. Aly says he is a liar and if Hope denies it then she is a liar too. She says Hope does not deceive people. She lifts them up and inspires them. She told them to wait for a ring and be sure you are in a committed relationship. Hope explains that she still believes that. Her values have not changed and she is not promoting promiscuity. She tells Aly that Aly told her she was bullied in high school and that must have hurt and she is sorry. But that is sort of how Hope is feeling with Aly standing there and saying all those things against her and Wyatt. Aly shouts that Wyatt is the bully, not her. Hope says Wyatt is the man she has chosen to be with. Aly says only because his mother tricked her. Hope says no; she is with Wyatt because she loves him. They are not engaged but it is serious. Aly refuses to see. She says Hope loves Liam; she always has and they would be married right now if not for Quinn. She doesn't see why Hope can not see that. Hope says they did not manipulate her. She was the one who decided she was not ready for marriage. She and Wyatt are dating. They are enjoying their time together; that’s it. Aly continues that Wyatt is mean. He’s disrespectful to Liam and a smart aleck to Aly. She doesn’t like him. Hope tells her that she is sorry she feels that way. She hopes in time once Aly knows Wyatt that she will change her opinion of him. In the meantime she thinks Aly should leave. Thorne asks about Katie and Brooke says she is fine. No more fainting spells. And one more minute that day and Brooke would have been married. So that was disappointing. She has spoken to Ridge and he wants her to come home. And while Hope keeps saying she wants her here in Paris she can not find out one good reason why. Thorne tells her that Wyatt seems to have everything under control over promotions so Brooke can just go home and plan another wedding. He’ll explain to Hope. Outside Hope’s room, Aly gets her phone with app and pulls up Wyatt’s pictures, hits a button and his head is in flames…..her with a smirking look on her face. Wyatt asks Hope is she is alone. She says yes, Aly left. He reminds her where they were before interrupted. They kiss and he backs her to the bed. Ridge and Katie listen to some musicians in the park and even dance a little. They sit on a bench and Ridge kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told EJ that Nick threatened them.  EJ wanted to know how Nick threatened them and she told him.  She asked him about hiring Gabi and he agreed.  EJ suggested that he and Sami do something to get rid of Nick.  Nick ran into Gabi and Rafe at the pub.  Rafe warned Nick to stay away from Gabi.  Gabi was upset that Rafe was rude to Nick and left.  When she left, Rafe warned Nick to stay away from his sister.  Sami expressed her concerns about Nick to EJ.  EJ wanted Sami to give into Nick.  If Nick got out of hand, he said he would handle it.  When Brady and Theresa were about to go out, she had a vile of drugs.  He turned down the drugs.  She got rid of the drugs.  Jordan decided to leave Salem.  Nick met Gabi in her apartment.  She apologized to Nick about Rafe’s behavior.  Nick accepted it.  He told her about Sami’s deal for her.

Jordan and Ben met each other at the hospital and she told him she had to leave town.  EJ ran into Rafe and wanted him to stay out of his personal life.  Sami talked to Abby about her talking to EJ.  Brady suspected that Theresa only wanted to hang out with him because of his money, but she let him know she was interested in him.  Nick told Gabi about modeling for Sami.  Gabi had to think about it.  Jordan and Ben got into an argument.  Sami wondered how long Abby liked Rafe.  Abby let her know she was talking about someone else.  Sami wanted Abby to teach her about art so he could impress EJ.  Abby agreed to help Sami impress EJ.  Sami went to Gabi to offer her a job.  When Gabi agreed, Sami suspected that Nick told her about it already.  Nick ran into EJ and tormented him.  Gabi confessed that Nick told her about the job.  Brady and Theresa went back to her place.  When she took a phone call, he answered the door.  It turned out to be John.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas goes to his wife, Nina’s, room at the Crichton-Clark Facility, but the receptionist blocks him from going inside. He pushes past her and finds that Nina’s room is empty. The woman won’t tell him where Nina is or even if she is alive. Sam persuades Silas to leave and ensures him that they will find another way to find Nina.

Dr. Obrecht storms into Anna Devane’s office with the WSB file that Victor gave her and says that it says Faison’s last known location was on Spoon Island in Anna and Robert Scorpio’s custody. Anna says they transferred Faison to a secret facility. Obrecht accuses Anna of killing Faison. Anna says that maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. She asks Obrecht how it feels to face the same uncertainty that she and Faison put her and Robert through when they were holding Robin. Obrecht says Faison may be lost to her, but she takes comfort in knowing that Robin is lost to Anna, too. She says it must be painful to say goodbye again so soon after getting her back and this time, maybe forever. Victor goes to the Drake’s house to pick up Robin. Patrick suspects that Victor is luring Robin with false hope so that she will do whatever his family wants her to do. Victor says Patrick’s opinion is irrelevant; only Robin’s matters and that Robin can choose whether to go or not. Patrick tells Victor that if he doesn’t bring her back, he will hunt him down and tear him to pieces. Patrick tells Robin not to make any promises because he wouldn’t be able to take it if she isn’t able to keep it. When Robin leaves, Patrick sits on the floor and flashes through memories of their life together.  Robin tells Victor that she isn’t going to lift a finger for him until she sees Jason with her own eyes. Victor takes Robin to Jason’s room, right across the hall from Nina Clay’s at Crichton-Clark.

Monica admires the painting that Lesley gave to her until Michael tells her that Heather Webber painted it.  Michael tells her about the assailant that AJ is certain came to kill him. Michael tells Monica about the intruder that tried to kill AJ. He says AJ thinks Sonny is responsible, but he doesn’t think so. Monica says there will never be peace between Sonny and AJ and that it doesn’t help matters that AJ is drinking again. She says there is no telling what might happen if AJ crosses paths with Sonny. Shawn tells Sonny that he saw AJ going into Ava Jerome’s place. Sonny wonders what business they have together. Ava shoots at AJ, but her pistol sticks and doesn’t fire. AJ grabs her by the neck, holds her against the wall and yells at her for ruining his life. Sonny arrives and sees AJ strangling Ava. He flashes back to when he walked in on AJ strangling Connie. He picks up Ava’s gun and demands that AJ release Ava. AJ says Sonny doesn’t understand. Sonny says AJ seems to get off on hurting women and shoots him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick visits Jack in his office and lets him know that Summer has been seeing a “life coach” to help to find her right path, but the man turns out to be Ian Ward. Summer walks in and admits it is all her fault. At the police department, Paul blasts Ian for getting involved with Summer, but Ian remarks that Paul should be thanking him. Leslie walks in and informs Paul that she will representing Ian in court. Dylan visits Nikki to see how she is doing since her run in with Ian and how she stood her ground with him. Victor walks in and tells Nikki and Dylan that he was doing some damage control. At the Chancellor mansion, Esther is busy dusting while Jill is trying to find out some information on who Rachel is. Esther looks at a pic of Chloe and begins to cry. Jill comforts her. Jill promises Esther that she and Chloe can turn to her. At the Athletic Club, Colin has drinks with Cane and Lily. They thank him, again, for saving their lives. Cane asks Colin why he is really in town. Colin says he is there for Jill. Cane and Lily don’t believe his story. Esther tells Jill that Colin has a hold on her but Jill denies the accusation. Jill owns up to Esther that she and Colin are working on trying to find out who this Rachel is and what she had to do with Katherine’s father. At the Athletic Club, Abby meets with Tyler for lunch, but he is not in a talkative mood. Abby wonders if it's because she mentioned the word marriage. Summer apologizes to Jack and Nick for getting involved with Ian. Summer wishes that Phyllis were there to help her. Summer states matter of factly that from now on, no one is controlling her life but her. Dylan and Victor exchange pleasantries then Dylan leaves. Nikki wants to know what is in the envelope, but Victor feels there have been secrets kept from each other for months. Lily confronts Tyler about Leslie breaking up with Neil. Esther looks at a picture of Rachel and remarks what a beautiful woman she was. Esther looks through the journal and finds out that Katherine’s father had been a “spy” and wonders if Rachel was Mata Hari. Jill and Esther decide to work together to get one up on Colin. Jack and Nick advise Summer to go and talk to Nikki. Paul is quite put out that Leslie is defending Ian. Leslie tells Paul that she plans on asking the judge to drop the charges against Ian. Nikki lets Victor know, once again, that she was only defending him. Victor asks her again not to keep secrets from him.

Lily accuses Leslie of leading Neil on. Ian and Dylan talk but nothing is really settled. Dylan asks him why he really came to town. In the squad room, Paul tells Jack that Ian is going down for what he did to both Nikki and Summer. Nick and Summer arrive at the ranch. Victor promises that he will take care of his family. Nikki and Summer open up to each other. Esther looks through pictures when Colin walks in. She quickly hides something behind her back. Colin notices her doing this and wonders what is up. He asks her what she was doing. When she tells him that she was dusting, he claims that she missed a spot so he can obtain what she's hiding behind her back. Victor and Ian have a run in at the police department. Victor promises to bring him down if he hurts his family. Abby defends Leslie’s actions and wonders if there really are "happy endings." Summer practices what she is going to say to Ian. New evidence comes to light which causes them to rearrest Ian.

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