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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge talks on the phone to Brooke and then Hope separately. Brooke tells him she is anxious to come back from Paris and marry him. Hope wants to make sure that he and Katie are using this time to decide how they feel. She will not let him marry her mother if he has divided feelings. Katie tells Ridge that they should not be doing this. He should be married to Brooke by now. He says it is happening though, and he doesn’t want to be with Brooke. She says she needs some air and he asks if he might join her. She’d like that. They take a walk in their favorite spot, the park. Hope apologizes to Wyatt for having to go through that presentation that everyone loved except Aly and how she was so against it. He’s not sure he should tell her but finally does. Aly came back later and really let him have it complete with a slap. It’s clear she has some major anger management issues and is borderline obsessed over Hope. She’s taking this Shadowgirl thing to a whole new level. Brooke politely tells Aly that she likes and respects her, but she thinks she went a little overboard in the meeting. Aly claims she does not like Wyatt. She begs Brooke to please make sure Hope doesn’t get too involved with him. He and his mom are definitely wrong for FC. She starts to bring up what Wyatt told her about the mile high club, Brooke interrupts and says Hope is an adult now. This is none of their business. She can take care of herself.

Aly needs to drop something off to Hope that she will need. Brooke gives her Hope's room keycard if Hope is out of the room. Wyatt convinces Hope to skip dinner out and just stay in their room instead. They are in the bedroom with clothes askew about to make love. Aly knocks on the door but when she gets no answer, she lets herself in. She leaves the envelope but then hears Hope giggle several times. Aly opens the bedroom door and screams for Wyatt to stop doing that. Katie tells Ridge they have to stop this. She wants one good reason why they should continue. He tells her he has one good reason. He loves her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny confronted Nick about being around Gabi.  Sonny was determined not to let Nick ruin their lives again.  Sonny used his name as a way to threaten Nick.  Daniel and Jennifer as well as Eric and Nicole met for their dates.  Nick wasnít bothered by Sonnyís threats.  Nick let Sonny know that he knew that he and Will tried to help cover up his attempted murder.  Brady and Theresa spent time together drinking.  Daniel and Jennifer made love.  Brady and Theresa showed up while Eric and Nicole were on their date.  Will and Sami talked about Gabiís relationship with Nick as well as Samiís relationship with EJ.  Sonny tried to deny what they did to Nick, but Nick told him what Kate and Sami did.  Nick wanted to get along with each other.  Sonny wanted to know how Nick found out and Nick said Gabi told him.  Nick warned Sonny not to push his luck.

Nick warned Sonny of what could happen to Sonny and company if he didnít back off.  Sonny thought Nick couldnít prove it, but Nick threatened him again.  Nicole was upset that Brady was with Theresa.  Nicole went to confront Brady and Theresa.  Eric went over to defend Nicole.  Daniel told Jennifer that Nicole knew what happened the night Theresa overdosed.  Jennifer wasnít upset with him.  Brady and Theresa went back to her apartment and kissed.  Sonny told Will that he messed up with Nicole and now heís more determined than ever to get Gabi back.  At the end of Eric and Nicoleís date, they kissed.  When Brady fell asleep, Theresa took his wallet.  Sonny warned Will that Nick is after them as well as Sami and Kate.  Nick ran into Sami and forced her to hire Gabi as a model.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas goes to the Crichton Clark Facility to see his wife, Nina, but the receptionist tells him that Ninaís family wonít allow him to see her. Sam creates a diversion by sounding an alarm so she and Silas can sneak in through another door. They overpower two guards and take their key cards. Sam doesnít understand why the clinic needs armed guards. Sam goes to the reception desk to occupy the receptionist while Silas goes to Ninaís room.

Sonny tells Dante that as much as he would like to, he did not have anything to do with the attempt on AJís life. Dante tells Anna that he believes Sonny. Anna asks Duke what he knows about it. He says he likes AJ and wouldnít be a party to any plot to harm him. Anna starts a fight with him about his working for Sonny. Michael goes to Sonnyís office to ask about AJ, and Sonny tells him the same thing he told Dante. Michael tells Sonny that AJ remembers that another person was at Connieís office the night of her murder, but doesnít remember who it was. Sonny says a drunken blackout is always a good excuse for AJ. He says Ava told him that AJ is not remorseful. Michael says that isnít true and wonders why he would take Avaís word for anything. Sonny says Ava is trying to prove herself to him. Michael doesnít trust her. AJ goes to Avaís apartment and tells her that he knows she killed Connie. Ava tries to convince AJ that his subconscious mind is playing tricks on him. She reminds him that his fingerprints were on the gun, but hers werenít, so it isnít possible. He says it is possible if she wiped the gun clean and then put his prints on the gun when she sent Michael to make coffee. He concludes that Ava killed Connie because she revealed that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. She gets her gun out of the drawer. AJ concludes that it was Ava who sent the assassin to kill him. She says it appears she will have to do it herself. Shawn goes to Sonnyís office and tells him that he has been watching Avaís place to see if Ric would go there, which he didnít, but AJ Quartermaine did.

A patientís wife thanks Dr. Obrecht for allowing the hospital to administer an experimental treatment that their insurance didnít cover. Obrecht tells her that she believes every patient deserves the best treatment that science can offer, whether they can afford it or not, but observes that he wouldnít have required the treatment if he didnít indulge in the disgusting habit of smoking. Victor tells Obrecht that he is leaving Port Charles and shows her a WSB file containing all the information they have on Cesar Faison and says he will give it to her if she goes with him. She politely declines his offer, but she still wants the file. He says he canít deny her anything because he loves her. She agrees to give him a goodbye kiss. He gives her the file and leaves. Anna wonders what Robin isnít telling her. Patrick and Emma give Robin a farewell celebration. Victor goes to the Drakeís house to take Robin. Obrecht goes to Annaís office and says she knows what Anna did to Cesar Faison.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon looks at a picture of Cassie in an album when there is a knock on the door. Sharon is more than a little surprised when she sees Avery standing there with Faith in her arms. Sharon asks Avery what she is doing with Faith. At Crimson Lights, Nick and Dylan discuss Ian being arrested by Paul. At the Athletic Club, Lily informs Devon that Neil and Leslie broke up. In Jack’s office, Neil and Hilary have a talk. Billy and Kelly meet in the park to talk. Kelly asks Billy what he wants. Billy wants Victoria to forgive him. Ben and Victoria kiss but then draw away from each other. Victoria apologizes to Ben for kissing him. Billy apologizes to Kelly for what happened between them, but she is not sorry at all because it made her forget Sam for just a moment. Noah arrives at Courtney’s office for their date and they share a kiss. Avery fills Sharon in on what Nick and Dylan have been up to. Dylan and Nick discuss how Nikki had the strength to stand up to Ian. Dylan lets Nick know that Ian told him that if he killed him he would never know, but then Ian did not reveal anything else to him. Neil and Hilary marvel at the view from Jack’s office window. Neil reveals to Hilary that he and Leslie broke up. After talking with Ben, Victoria leaves to try to work things out with Billy. Billy and Kelly think that what happened between them was a mistake which can never happen again. Kelly hugs Billy and still wants to be friends, but he walks off, thus leaving Kelly alone in the park.

Sharon thanks Avery for helping with Faith. Nick visits Sharon to let Avery know what went down with Ian and him being arrested. Avery soon leaves to go and check on Dylan. Lily blasts Hilary for her past actions, but Devon defends her which unnerves Lily. Neil tries to match Hilary up with Devon, but she insists that it will never happen between them. Victoria goes home to Billy and lets him know that she kissed another man, but refuses to say who it is. They argue. Billy lets Victoria know how much he loves her, Victoria returns the sentiment and they kiss, which leads to them making love. Ben meets up with Kelly in the park and hears that she cannot let Billy go. Avery arrives at the coffeehouse and gives Dylan a hug. Dylan informs her what happened with Ian being arrested and saying that if he killed him, then he would never know. Nick notices the Ouija board and asks Sharon if she's been trying to contact Sharon. Noah is quite put off when he puts his arms around Courtney and feels her pistol. They begin to kiss again, but Noah pulls away and wants to take it slow. Billy and Victoria make love. Ben tries to reach out to Kelly, but she tells him that adultery can be forgiven but not what he did.

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