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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt kisses Hope. Aly is peeking behind the door and bursts in and shouts at Wyatt to take his hands off of Hope right now. It catches them so by surprise that they don’t know if she is serious or what. Thorne confides in Brooke that Aly thinks Wyatt is bad for Hope and the company. Aly wanted to be at Brooke’s wedding but he sensed something was wrong then. That’s why he flew her to Paris and put her to work with the HFTF collection which she loves. She has her whole room with promo material all over the wall and Hope’s quotes on her bulletin board. She admires Hope and her message. She lives by it and it has helped her through some tough situations. But with Wyatt she sees Hope as losing her way. Thorne says it is not Wyatt’s fault. He doesn’t even know Aly has a problem. Neither does Hope or the younger kids and he’d like to keep it that way. Brooke says she has to hope that Hope and Wyatt will win Aly over. Thorne wants to agree but he says when Aly is in that spiral, there is not much anyone can do. She idolizes Hope but that is part of the problem. Hope was perfect in her eyes. But when she started seeing Wyatt she felt betrayed. He tells Brooke that he is glad she is here. He needs all the support he can get. He hates to see her like this. It is ripping him apart. Eric is surprised to see Taylor walk into his office, They hug. She says all is fine and with Thorne in Paris the entire company has been energized. Eric tells her about Hope and Wyatt being in Paris now with Stephanie’s jewelry. She brings up the obvious that Ridge is back now with Brooke. She is okay with that if it is what both want. He asks if she saw Aly before she left. She says no and asks how she is. Eric says okay until she heard Wyatt’s name and that set her off. She obviously doesn’t like him but the way she said it with that tone in her voice scared him. She was very aggressive and very, very negative. And he’s worried about her. Taylor says Eric knows her history with Aly and she’s always had concerns for her. Hope asks Aly what’s the problem. Aly sneers that Wyatt is the problem. He’s wrong for her, all wrong. Wyatt thinks she is joking. Aly says no and she can’t believe Hope would let him touch or kiss her. It’s disgusting. Hope tries to calm her down and find out what’s bothering her. Aly goes on a tirade – HFTF, her message. She is ruining it. Wyatt is ruining it. Wyatt gets it – she is not joking. Aly continues that she admired Hope so much, her commitment, her self-respect but she doesn’t recognize her anymore. And it all started when he came into her life. She hates it. Thorne and Thomas walk in and Thorne asks what is going on. Hope tells Aly that she is sorry if she upset her. Thorne says Wyatt has a presentation to make so Brooke joins in. Wyatt says they are trending all over the world. HFTF is the industry darling and now they are going to make it the industry addiction with this – the Stephanie Forrester collection. Wyatt points out many pieces when people will remember that Stephanie wore at openings and galas. She was the matriarch of the family. The blue HFTF diamond was a smashing success and this will keep the momentum going. Everyone agrees it will be a great promotion…..well everyone but Aly. She lashes out at Wyatt that how dare he make a spectacle of her grandmother. These are family heirlooms, not a circus sideshow. This is so wrong. Thorne tries to tell her this is an incredible collection that will honor her grandmother. Aly says HFTF has a message and it’s not this publicity stunt like the stupid diamond one. They have to get HFTF back on track. She says with Wyatt it’s all about money. They don’t need money. They need to stay true to the principles and values. Brooke adds that the message was wonderful but it was problematic. Aly says not for her. She’s on line every day with Hope’s fans. She can not let Wyatt and his mother pollute that message. Hope reminds her the line is not so much the message anymore. Aly says it should be. Taylor tells Eric that she wishes she could reach out and help Aly out but she’s not the one to do that. It was an inexcusable accident but she did cause her mother’s death. And she will never forget how she cut up her dress on her wedding day. And the loss of her mother is not the worst of the problem. If she is spiraling downward, then Hope and Wyatt will have their hands full. Hope tells Wyatt that he did good and she is sorry for the way Aly went off on him. Hopefully Aly will come around. Aly peeks in the door just as Wyatt and Hope kiss. She excuses herself to go see her mother. Aly makes her presence known by slamming the door. Wyatt is packing some of the jewelry away. She says kids at school used to tease her that she was nerdy and self-absorbed. But it is Wyatt that is self-absorbed. She says he is destroying Hope and this family and she can’t let that happen. He tries to reason with her but she cuts him off. She puts her finger in his face and says he can do what he wants with the Fullers but when it comes to her family he will respect them.

Wyatt wants to know what did he ever do to Aly or where this is coming from. She continues that Hope is caught up in something. She can’t see it but Aly can. She tells Wyatt that he is bad for Hope. She should have just married Liam but she didn’t. She became a hypocrite and compromised everything. Aly says she has to save Hope from him. And she is going to and put a stop to all of this. Hope asks Brooke to tell her more about Aly. Thorne says he will take care of it. Brooke says Aly will come around as far as Wyatt; how could she not. Hope says yeah that guy could charm the skin off a snake. Wyatt tells Aly that he doesn’t know where the anger is coming from but she needs to calm down. She mentions that he enticed her away from Liam….the nicest, sweetest, funniest man anyone could ever want. He tells her again that she needs to slow down. Instead she gets more in his face and calls him greedy and Mr. Popular, Mr. Big Shot. He may have Hope dazzled but not for much longer. She’s gonna see to that. She says she may not have been the most popular girl in school but she knows his type….hanging around the lockers with all the jocks and the dumb cheer girls. He says it was not like that for him and he’d really like to get along her with her. He says the promotion is going to be good for the line and the company and he thinks Stephanie would not have minded either. He says again they are both in this together, like a family. She rants no they are not, not even close. They are not part of anything ad he will never touch Hope again. He better hear that. He hesitates for a moment and then says it is a little late since they are both a member of the mile-high club. She clobbers him across the mouth and tells him how dare he. With his jaw turned, she grabs a fistful of jewels. On her way out she tells him to pack up his jewels. Then take his mother and go back to his slimy home because he is done here. He is officially fired from FC and will not go near Hope again. She hopes she has made herself perfectly clear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Nicole talked about their dates.  Marlena went to talk to Stefano about Eric. She thought he could help Eric get his life back.  Abby wanted to talk to EJ, but he resisted at first.  Rafe and Sami talked about their relationships.  He warned her that he was going to take down Stefano and EJ.  Abby wanted EJ to be honest with her about the night they first made love.  Rafe warned Sami that EJ was going to hurt her, but she didnít think she had a reason to worry.  They ended up in an argument.  Daniel tried to make Nicole feel better about the things sheís done in the past.  Stefano said he wasnít able to help Marlena.  She wanted Stefano to arrange a conversation with her and Dr. Chyka.  She had questions for Dr. Chyka and she wouldnít rest until she got the answers.

Stefano figured out that Marlena wanted to talk to Dr. Chyka about Nicole.  Sami questioned Rafe about Jordan.  Abby continued to talk to EJ about what they did.  She finally accepted that what they had was over.  Marlena told Stefano how Dr. Chyka got away from Nicole and she wanted to know what happened.  When Sami and EJ met at the pub, she warned him that Rafe was going after him and Stefano.  He was also upset when she told him that Rafe warned her that EJ would hurt her.  EJ was upset about that.  Marlena told Stefano what Nicole told her about Dr. Chyka.  She swore she wouldnít do anything to incriminate him or Kristen.  She was only interested in getting Nicole.  She asked for his help.  He said he would be in touch.  Someone had pictures of Abby and EJ kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

AJ tells Dante and Anna that someone tried to kill him and that he believes Sonny sent the attacker. Sonny asks Lulu how she feels about Dante having a child that isnít hers. She admits that it is awkward, but she is happy for everyone she loves that is getting what they wanted. She says it will be even more awkward when her stepsonís mother becomes her sister-in-law. Nikolas tells Britt that he wants to have an engagement party at Wyndemere. Britt wonders why Elizabeth was at Wyndemere yesterday. Elizabeth tells Robin that she confessed her love to Nikolas, but he is still going to marry Britt. Robin tells Elizabeth that she is leaving Port Charles. After Patrick's call, Anna goes to General Hospital and asks Robin why she didnít tell her that she is leaving town. Robin says she didnít know how to say goodbye. Elizabeth goes into Kellyís so Britt asks her why she was at Wyndemere. Nikolas says she came to congratulate them on their engagement. Elizabeth agrees with his story. Carrying Ben, Britt runs into Lulu in front of Kellyís.

Dante asks Sonny if he knows anything about the attempt on AJís life. Sonny says he made a promise to Michael that he wouldnít hurt AJ. He asks Dante to let him know who it was so he can send them a gift. Carlos tells Ava that he didnít succeed in killing AJ, because someone hit him over the head from behind. He assures her that they didnít see his face. He says he dropped his gun but assures her that it is unregistered and untraceable. She says he canít try again tonight, because too many eyes will be on AJ and because she will need another alibi. She says she canít go to New York to see her mother again, because things got complicated. Nathan goes to Ryanís Bar in New York City and says he followed Silas. He says when he arrived at Silasís hotel, the NYPD was already there because Nakamura overdosed on his own medication Ė the same way Silasís wife did. He accuses Silas of killing Nakamura. Sam says Silas has been with her all day. Delia volunteers that Silas was with a patient earlier. Silas says Nathan will have to get a warrant for the patientís identity, because hospital rules protect patient privacy. Silas suggests that Nathan should be looking at Ava Jerome, because she was in New York this morning.

AJ clearly remembers telling Connie that he couldnít shoot her, because it would hurt Michael and Elizabeth. He clearly remembers walking out of Connieís office without firing his gun. He recalls Ava getting off the elevator and concludes that Ava must have killed Connie. He goes to her apartment.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea can't decide if Jack is right about Victor setting her up to get her declared an unfit mother and take Connor away from her or if Victor is truly sincere about wanting to help whenever she needs someone dependable. Jack advises Billy to be patient and wait on Victor's hurt to heal about his one-night stand with Kelly. Jack also tells Billy to stay away from Kelly and be the husband and father Victoria deserves in her life. Billy tells Jack he will stay away from Kelly but when she calls him asking to meet for one last time, he decides to meet with her. Victoria sees Stitch and she uses him as her shoulder to cry on about the anger she feels toward Billy. Victoria thinks that it is time to end her marriage, because she doesn't think it is important to Billy. Stitch tells Victoria she should keep fighting for her marriage and not give up on it. Victoria bruises her hand and Stitch examines it and then Stitch and Victoria share a kiss.

Chloe wants to go to jail rather than face the world without Delia, but after a long talk with Michael and Kevin, Chloe finally sees that even though Delia is gone, she still has people that love and need her very much. Colin and Jill spend hours searching for clues about Rachel Berenson. They finally find a picture of her inside a book that Katherine's father wrote about his experiences in World War II.

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