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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt asks Hope if it is okay that he stowed away. She kisses him and says it is more than all right. He says good, they have a few minutes to spare and her mother is in the other room so……Thorne, with Aly at his side, is on a conference call with Eric. She is enjoying Paris but says she will have more fun when Hope gets here. She wonders if Liam is coming with her. He says no, and Hope is not with Liam anymore. She is with Wyatt. Aly confides to Thorne that Hope knows all the right things to do except when it comes to Wyatt. He is bad for Hope. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see that. Being around Hope is like taking a master class except when it comes to Wyatt. He makes her different. She just wishes he weren’t coming. Thorne says yes he picked up on that earlier. She says Wyatt is too slick, too smooth. She doesn’t trust or like him. He is bad for HFTF, for the company and especially for Hope. Quinn walks into Liam’s cliff house and Bill is quick to tell her that she can’t just keep popping in like this. She tells him he’s just being a grump and here they are like family. Bill grouses that she is not his family; just the mother of his son, period. She coos that he wasn’t making that distinction in his bedroom yesterday. He’s sorry about that; evils of alcohol. She says she is not sorry. It happened and he can’t take it back. He says okay but he can make sure it doesn’t happen again. She warns him not to make promises that he can’t keep; who’d have thunk it; them being lovers. Bill says no, no, they are not lovers. They just had sex….,.adult consensual sex. It should not have happened but she caught him with his guard down after more than a couple of drinks. She says he better not say that she tried to take advantage of him. He was a willing participant. He says whatever but he’s still in love with Brooke and that will never change. Quinn says Brooke has made it clear that she is not that into Bill so he should just lick his wounds until they heal. Come up for air and look around and he might like what he sees. She offers to make him dinner. They can sit and eat and bat it around. They can bat each other around. He could release his inner beast with her. They could be the bizarro couple of the ages.

Pam needs Eric’s signature and finds out that Wyatt is also on his way to Paris. He confides in Pam that Aly sounded a little off during her call. Pam wonders if she is having troubles again since she has been doing so well lately. Eric says it was just something in her voice. She made it clear that she really didn’t like Wyatt. Pam says but she’s with Thorne who will keep a protective eye on her. Pam wonders if any of the younger kids know anything about her problems. Eric says no, that is the way she wanted it and Thorne too. She says she understands. She’s had a few issues of her own and it’s very challenging. Thorne asks Aly when she started with these negative feelings toward Wyatt as he thought she liked him. She says she did at first. But getting to know him changed all of that. He’s a bully. And it’s disappointing when Hope choose someone that disrespectful over a genuinely good man. Thorne reminds her that maybe Hope just needed a break and this won’t be permanent. Aly states again that she shouldn’t be with him at all. She belongs to Liam. And now Wyatt is here ruining everything, making a hypocrite out of Hope. She wishes Wyatt would just go away. Bill tells Quinn that he does not want to hurt her but he can’t let her go on thinking this is the beginning of something. It is not. He was in a bad place and just had too much to drink. He never would have initiated it, but she was almost single minded, like she had an agenda. Which begs the question, surely she is not going to come to him in a few months and say she is pregnant. She scoffs and says he needs to get over himself. She would not have her life come to a screeching halt to have another child by him, since the first time had been so good. She laughs that having a child is no where on her list of priorities and especially with him. Hope introduces her stowaway. Brooke thinks they are so cute. It reminds her of Ridge and her. It’s important to keep that connection with all the distractions around. Wyatt says he couldn’t let Hope go to the city of love alone. Hope accuses him of having something going on. He says he will show her later. It’s all locked up now in a suitcase.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena confronted Kate about hiring Nick.  Nick made it seem like he was talking to Gabi while T was listening.  Will and Sonny told Gabi that they were getting married.  She was happy for them and wanted to know when they wanted her to look for an apartment.  Nick apologized to T for his conversation.  T was upset that Nick and Gabi talked about her.  Nick manipulated T into not telling Gabi about the conversation.  Will and Sonny said Gabi could stay in the apartment, but she said she and the baby werenít staying there.  Hope and Aiden got into an argument over the jewelry that Sami bought for Ciara.  Nick told T that he had another chance with Gabi.  T was surprised by that, but thought he was better off if she was dumping him for Nick.

Nick sent a text to Gabi about dropping off her notebook.  Gabi agreed to let him come over.  Nick gave Gabi back her book.  She invited him to come inside.  Hope had a talk with Ciara about not keeping the earrings Sami gave her.  Gabi told Nick that Will and Sonny were getting married.  Will talked to Marlena about marrying Sonny.  He also talked to her about Gabi.  Gabi was curious as to why Nick was happy that Will and Sonny are getting married.  Aiden went back to see Hope to apologize to her.  Hope accepted his apology.  T called Gabi to cancel their date.  Nick offered to get tickets to the concerts so they could go together.  Hope and Aiden ended up in another argument.  T warned Sonny not to let Nick ruin things for him and Will.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny lets himself into Ric's hotel room with Oliviaís master key. Sonny is skeptical when Ric says he is in town to visit his daughter. He insists that he is not one of Sonnyís enemies now. Sonny tells Ric that Julian Jerome is after him and that anyone who shares blood with Sonny is at risk. Ric says Jerome wonít go after him, because he and Sonny are not close enough to even shake hands with each other. Shawn goes to Alexisís house to talk about Molly and TJ, but she isnít home. Julian is there watching Danny. Shawn warns Julian to stay away from TJ. Julian asks him what he is going to do, reminding him that he canít kill him because Danny needs him. Shawn says Julian can donate marrow from a wheelchair. Alexis arrives home in time to prevent Shawn from giving Julian a beating. Shawn tells her that her boyfriend threatened a teenager last night. Julian says he only encouraged TJ to tell the police everything he saw at the warehouse the night that Shawn was going to execute Carlos. Sonny meets Shawn at Kellyís and tells him that he thinks his brother is bankrolling Julian.

Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin is going to Africa to work with amfAR. Sabrina wonders if it is because of her or the baby. Patrick assures her that that isnít the reason. Carly thanks Robin for saving Jasonís life and buying him 6 more months. She says they should try to get along out of respect for Jason. Robin says she canít do that, because she is leaving town. Carly blasts Robin for deserting her family when they just got her back. She says Robin is the same self-absorbed martyr that she has always been. Robin says that if Carly knew why she is leaving, she would bow down and worship her. Patrick walks up and tells Carly to lay off Robin and stay out of their family business.

Tracy thinks Luke is still suffering the effects of the psychotropic drugs he was given at Miscavige and that he shouldnít be released yet. Luckily he goes home with her and they arrive in time to stop a masked intruder from killing AJ. Seeing someone about to shoot AJ, Tracy clobbers him over the head then Luke chases him away and recovers his gun. Carlos goes to the hospital and asks Sabrina to tend to his head injury. Sabrina concludes that he isnít going through the normal process because he doesnít want anyone to know that he is there or how he got the gash on his head. Luke asks AJ who wants him dead. AJ says Sonny is at the top of the list. Luke says Sonny promised Michael that he would leave AJ alone, and Sonny doesnít go back on his word, but he will talk to Sonny about it. Tracy asks AJ who else wants him dead. Ava is at Ryanís bar when Sam arrives, so Sam and Silas donít go in. Delia persuades Ava to leave and then waits for Nakamura to call her for their date. Someone else calls and tells her that Nakamura wonít be coming, because he is dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Fen tells Lauren that his time in prison made him appreciate what he has and he wants to become a lawyer so that he can help people and protect them from people like Carmine and Womack. Nikki arrives at Ian Ward's office and tells Summer to leave. She gets worried and goes straight to the police station to tell Paul that he heard Nikki giving Ian Ward money and she was very scared. Summer gives Paul the address to Ian's office, and he heads over there to help Nikki. Niki gives Ian 1 million dollars and tells him that she will give him the rest of the money she promised if he admits he raped her years ago. Ian only tells her that he is sorry that their night together wasn't as beautiful for her as it was for him and they head out the door to get the rest of the money. Dylan and Nick arrive at the office since they found the address after they searched Ian's hotel room and Nick takes Nikki home. Dylan is about to kill Ian when Ian tells him that if he kills him, he won't find out what he wants to know. Paul arrives and arrests Ian Ward on charges of extortion .

Nikki begins to tell Summer the truth about the man she knows as John Darwin, because Nikki doesn't want Summer anywhere near Ian. Chloe is arrested for kidnapping Connor. Since Chelsea called and reported him missing, there is nothing that Chelsea can do to help her because this is now a federal case. Kevin calls Michael to help Chloe, and Kevin tries to cover for Chloe, but she admits to Michael that she kidnapped Connor and had no intention of coming back to Genoa City. The tug of war between Jack and Victor for Connor begins when Jack is upset that Chelsea didn't call him when Connor was kidnapped. Chelsea tells Jack she suspected Victor was helping Chloe, and she called to ask Connor's whereabouts. Jack tries to persuade Chelsea that the "help" Victor offered her is a set up to get her declared an unfit mother and take Connor away from her.

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