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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Katie that he doesn’t know how Hope figured this out, but she and Brooke are in Paris so this gives him and Katie time to figure all of this out. Katie tells him it is not too late; he can still marry Brooke. He says and pretend none of this they are feeling isn’t happening. It’s time they are honest with each other. Bill asks Brooke if maybe this is an omen. She says she does not believe in omens. Hope walks in and Bill tells her that he feels like he has been given a second chance. Hope says she thinks that might be his fever talking. She was at Liam’s earlier and knows he was not feeling well. He tells her he tied one on and that won’t be happening again. He sees Hope’s bags and asks if she is going somewhere. Brooke tells him they are going to Paris. Bill quips so important that she would leave her fiancé on their almost wedding day. She reminds him they will be married when she gets back. He says okay but he will be there waiting for her. He is convinced this is not over. Wyatt handles some of the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection and tells his mom each piece is more exquisite than the next. Eric asked him to have it appraised. Quinn is abnormally quiet and he asks her what’s up. She says she just had the most fascinating encounter with his father. She knew the wedding was today and he’d be bummed so she went to see him at Liam’s. Wyatt laughs and accuses his mother of sticking it to Bill. She says no, he really was hurt and vulnerable and she found herself feeling for him…..and seeing him hurt at the same time. She wonders if that sounds sadistic…..loving and hating at the same time. She confesses they have an unpredictable relationship and even more so after today. Wyatt laughs and says she still has not told him what happened. All she will say is that they took it to a whole new level of understanding. Wyatt tells her Ridge did not marry Brooke after all. Before he can say more, Hope calls and needs to see him.

At Brooke's house Wyatt sees the bags and hopes that Hope is moving in with him. She tells him of the Paris trip. He also says he needs to go, it will be romance 24/7. She says unfortunately it will be HFTF 24/7. Bill walks in on Liam and he wants to be sure Bill is alone. Bill asks if he knows about Quinn. Liam says yeah, the whole city of Malibu probably does. What was that ~ temporary insanity. Bill says he was completely ripped and hell no to any suggestion that he and Quinn are together. Liam grins when his dad says don’t even think it, don’t say it, it never happened. Brooke convinces Hope to go lie down and refresh. She is not tired as she is thinking of Ridge and his vows earlier today. Hope gets a big surprise and gives out a yelp when she discovers Wyatt hidden under the covers and peeking out at her. She jumps on top of him and gives him several kisses. He says he was hiding in the bathroom for so long that he probably smells like vanilla or pine. But he could not let her go to the most romantic city in the world alone. Katie tells Ridge that she is not sure what Hope is expecting. Ridge says Hope is expecting the man who marries her mom to be fully committed to her. They both agree that this is not what they were expecting when he came back from Paris. He says sometimes life has an amazing, wonderful way of surprising you. She repeats again that she has turned into Brooke and everything she accused her of….that is Katie now. He says no, she fought it, so did he. But now they do have to be honest with each other. That will be hard since it will affect a lot of people, but right now maybe they can make it just the two of them. She nods. He draws her closer and kisses her on the forehead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

T was jealous of Nick and Gabi together.  Rafe and Jordan made love.  Nick was upset that Gabi was going out with T.  Nicole was able to get out of what was in the bag.  Eric wanted to go out of a date with Nicole. Sami showed up while they were together.  Nick took Gabiís planner before she left Sonnyís place.  Sami confronted Eric about going out with Nicole.  When Eric excused himself to take a phone call, Sami and Nicole got into an argument.  Eric stopped Sami from attacking Nicole.  Eric and Sami got in an argument over her attacking Nicole.  He threw her out of the apartment.  Nick pretended to talk to Gabi in order to make T jealous.  T was upset when he heard Nick talking to Gabi.  Sami ran into Adrienne at the town square.  Adrienne warned Sami that it wasnít a good idea for Will and Sonny to get married.  While Rafe and Jordan were at the pub, someone was watching them.  Will was upset that Gabi was spending time with Nick.  Sonny and will told her that they were getting married.  She didnít appear happy.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tells Julian that Mollyís father, who is Sonnyís brother, Ric Lansing, was in her house when she got home last night and that he took Mollyís side. Julian tells Alexis that all teenagers have sex. He suggests that her reaction was more about herself than about Molly. TJ tells Shawn and Sonny that Julian told him to tell the police everything that he saw in the warehouse the night of the shooting. TJ tells Shawn the truth about being in a room at the Metro Court with Molly. He says Julian came with Alexis who had a fit. Shawn agrees that TJ and Molly were acting responsibly and says he will talk to Alexis. Alexis asks Julian to stay with Danny while she takes Molly to school. Julian calls Ric back after ignoring his call earlier but has to hang up quickly to answer the door. He isnít pleased to see Shawn when he opens it. Olivia calls Sonny to the Metro Court and tells him that his brother is there. She wonders if Ric is the mysterious Barrett Industries stockholder who is out to get Sonny. She gives Sonny the hotel master key and he lets himself into Ric's room.  

Franco tells Carly that Michael doesnít ever have to see him again and that he doesnít blame him for hating him. He tells her that she should choose her family. Michael and AJ discuss Michaelís argument with Kiki. Kiki goes to Maxieís apartment in response to an ad for a sublet but swiftly changes her mind when she discovers that Nathan West lives there. He asks her to read his file on her father. She says his file doesnít prove anything. She mentions that Silas is in New York City. Nathan calls a colleague in Manhattan and asks him to watch Silas. Sam wonders if she and Silas can trust Delia.

Michael mentions that last summer when AJ was drunk and passed out, he and Ava got him onto the sofa and then Ava sent him to get coffee for AJ. Recalling Avaís version of the events, AJ finds it unsettling that she was at the house.  Ava goes to New York City to have an alibi when Carlos carries out a hit on AJ. Delia drops her coffeepot when she sees Ava in Ryanís. She calls Sam to alert her, but Sam and Silas are busy having sex and donít notice the call. When Sam realizes she missed a call, Silas says Delia probably just wanted to make sure they were coming, so Sam doesnít listen to the message. Meanwhile, Delia tries to get Ava to leave the restaurant.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily have a belated but very romantic Valentine’s Day anniversary celebration which is interrupted when Lily goes downstairs to the Athletic Club dining room to get some champagne. She discovers a heartbroken Neil who tells her Leslie broke up with him because she doesn’t want to marry him although she loves him very much. Sharon tells Noah that she thinks that the ghost of Cassie is trying to scare her. Sharon wants Noah to help her contact Cassie by using a Ouija board, but he tells her that he will help her find a logical reason why all these strange things are happening to her. Noah tells Sharon he has to leave, because he is meeting Courtney to try to give a fresh start to their relationship. Sharon decides to use the Ouija board to contact Cassie. Since Noah won’t help her, she will do it herself.

Ian Ward send the pictures that he took with Summer to Nikki’s phone. She panics and calls Ian to tell him that she will call the police, but he says that the police won’t believe her story. Ian tells Nikki he will leave town and leave her and her family alone if she gives him $5 million dollars in cash. Ian gives Nikki the address to his office. After she stares at her wedding ring, she packs up a suitcase full of cash. Avery arrives to drop off some papers about her will and Nikki asks Avery to leave the papers on the desk and she leaves in a hurry. Avery rushes to Crimson Lights to tell Nick and Dylan about Nikki’s behavior and the suitcase she was carrying when she left the house. Avery, Nick, and Dylan figure out that Ian Ward must have tricked her somehow. Nick, Dylan, and Avery begin to put the pieces together. When Nick shows Faith a picture of Ian Ward, she tells him that he is Summer’s new friend. Dylan and Nick rush off to find Ian before Summer and Nikki get hurt. Summer arrives at Ian’s office to see if he has looked over her personality profile yet. Ian invites Summer into his office to discuss the test. Dylan and Nick arrive at Ian’s hotel room. Since he doesn’t answer, they break the door down and discover the room is empty. Nikki arrives at Ian's office and gives him the suitcase full of money and tells him to leave town. Summer hears Nikki’s voice and calls out Grandma. Nikki wonders why Summer is in Ian’s office.

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