Tuesday 2/25/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Ridge and Katie that she is disillusioned right now. Ever since Ridge came back, her mom has been beating herself up trying to prove that she is good enough for him. And now she finds they are involved with each other. So at least she agrees they are right to stop the wedding. She tells Ridge hat he can not marry her mom if he has feelings for Brooke’s sister. Ridge says it looks like she is saying they are guilty of something so what is it. Hope says they are having an emotional entanglement. Ridge says they have done nothing wrong. Hope says that does not make it right though. Dr. Patrick and Brooke join them and he says conclusively they have re-run some tests and Katie did not have a heart attack. Everything looks healthy. He will discharge her but to be safe only if she has an adult who can be with her and look after her for the next 24 hours. Katie suggests Hope can stay with her. She agrees until she remembers she has to go to Paris tonight for a showing and she really wanted Brooke also to go along. She suggests perhaps Ridge can look after Katie. Brooke gives Ridge a kiss and glad he is understanding about this. Alone, Katie asks Hope what is she thinking. Hope says they need to think over what they are doing and now this will give them the opportunity to do that. Katie keeps saying there is no affair. Hope says okay, love without the affair but do you think Brooke will hear if differently. Ridge says it was figured out. He was supposed to be married right now. He can not control how someone makes him feel, but he was gonna marry her mother and make her happy and Katie was going to support that. Katie agrees yes although a little piece of her would have died inside. Bill wants to go see Brooke. Liam smells his breath and says he might want to re-think that. Bill says he thinks Katie might have done this for him so that he will have a second chance with Brooke. Forrester is through with Brooke. He has cast her as the woman who is not good enough for him. So Bill thinks he needs a shower and lots and lots of coffee. Carpe diem – seize the day. That’s what he is going to do right now. And he wants Liam to remember…..right now is all he has. He reminds him that Hope is still around even though she is with Wyatt. She could have phoned Liam with her news but she came in person. But you can get rid of old history by making new history. Liam says he is not like his dad. He can not keep putting himself through the meat grinder and coming out in pieces. Bill says he can not predict what Brooke will do but he only knows what he can do.

At home packing, Brooke is surprised to see Bill at her door. He tells her he is not sorry the wedding is off and perhaps this is a sign. She should not be marrying Ridge. She tells him that the two of them have been many things but meant to be isn’t one of them. There’s been too much damage. He wants to take her to dinner. She says she can’t. He wants to love her for the rest of her life. She says that would have been nice. She would have wanted that more than anything but it has been poisoned. Hope says she does not know what else to do with this information. Katie assures her that nothing has happened. And their behaviors wouldn’t have been any different if her feelings didn’t exist. Hope says the timing was horrendous but she doesn’t think she was wrong for stopping the wedding. They can’t continue down this path and pretend it’s not going to hurt somebody. Ridge says she is right. They do need to take a look at this as it has all changed since this morning. Katie laments that she feels like such a hypocrite. It’s dangerous and the thing she fears most is herself.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Jennifer got back together.  Sami was willing to make the DiMeras pay for what they did to Eric.  EJ and Sami made things right with each other.  Victor and Maggie had it out with Brady.  Brady was upset with Maggie when she was trying to help him get better.  Daniel and Nicole talked about Eric and how Dr. Chyka got away.  She wrestled with whether or not to tell Daniel the truth about the evidence.

Eric showed up at Danielís place to see Nicole.  She wondered if he would choose her if the proof came out about what Dr. Chyka did to him.  He dodged the question and asked her out on a date.  Jennifer told Abby and JJ that she and Daniel were back together.  Jennifer was happy that everything was out in the open and there were no secrets between them.  Abby was noticeably uncomfortable.  JJ thought Jennifer should talk to Abby.  EJ and Sami made love.  After they made love, they set a wedding date.  Daniel told Theresa that he and Jennifer got back together.  He warned her to leave Jennifer alone.  Eric noticed a bag that Nicole had and wanted to know what was in it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas and Sam go to New York to see Ava's mother, Delia. She agrees to help them expose Ava for framing Silas. They tell her about the pharmacist who claims to have filled the prescription for the drug that Nina overdosed on. They set up an online dating profile so that Delia can meet the pharmacist and charm the truth out of him. Silas offers to arrange for Delia to meet Kiki. Delia wonders why Silas doesnít get a divorce from his wife.

Molly's father, Ric Lansing, unexpectedly arrives at Alexis' door when Rafe is there babysitting Danny. Rafe says he doesnít know where Alexis and Molly are or when they will be back. Ric waits. Alexis and Julian find TJ and Molly's room at the Metro Court. Molly refuses to leave with Alexis and says that they are being safe, not getting pregnant by a stranger in the back seat of a car like Alexis did at her age.  Alexis says it isnít negotiable and forces Molly to leave with her. Julian stays behind to talk to TJ alone. He says it is TJís civic duty to tell the police what he saw at the warehouse that night. He apologizes for messing up TJís date with Molly and says that perhaps he will get another chance in a few years. Molly and Alexis argue all the way into the house until they notice Ric. Alexis reveals that Molly was in a hotel room to have sex with her boyfriend. Molly argues that it was planned and that they were taking precautions to make it safe. Alexis asks Ric to stand by her on the matter. Ric agrees with Mollyís point of view. He says Alexis should not have appointed herself the sex police and hunted down Molly to embarrass her in front of her boyfriend. Alexis wonít tell Molly how she knew where to find them. Rafe comes downstairs from tending to Danny. Molly says she should have known Rafe was her motherís spy. Rafe slinks out without responding.

Olivia goes to Sonnyís office with lunch and proceeds to look at files on his desk and ask questions about his business dealings. He tells her that Barrett Industries is connected somehow to Julian Jerome. At the Floating Rib, Carlos asks Ava why AJ is badgering her about Connie Falconeriís murder. Ava reveals that she shot Connie with AJís gun that he dropped in the lobby, because Connie figured out that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. She says that if AJ puts it together that she is the real killer, he will tell Sonny and then she will be as good as dead. She says she is subtly encouraging Sonny to get rid of AJ, but Sonny promised Michael that he wouldnít kill his biological father. Sonny tells Olivia that Ava said AJ doesnít seem to be the least bit sorry about killing Connie. Olivia wonders why Connie came up in a conversation between AJ and Ava. Sonny doesnít know. He says that if itís the last thing he does, he is going to make AJ pay for killing Connie. Ava asks Carlos to hit AJ since Sonny wonít do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Stitch sees Kelly at the coffeehouse and tries to talk to her, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to be reminded of how she ruined another couple’s life. Billy is restless, sleeping on the sofa, when Victoria comes downstairs. Victoria lets him know that she would have taken the sofa. Billy asks Victoria if she will ever be able to forgive him for sleeping with Kelly. At the Athletic Club, Devon reads the headlines of the newspaper about the hostage crisis at the Athletic Club. Neil comes in to join him. Leslie commends Tyler on helping during the hostage crisis . Devon has doubts about opening back up the Athletic Club. Neil offers him encouragement and also reminds him of all the things that happened there before and it had remained open. Abby joins Tyler in the sauna. Abby lets him know that she went to visit Mariah, and she will not be bothering them again. Hilary and Jack discuss their kiss at the benefit. Hilary reminds him that he is in love with another woman and the kiss was a mistake. Jack defends her actions and tells her that it was only a mistake. Billy and Victoria argue over Kelly. Victoria picks up her things and starts to leave just as Jack comes to visit. Stitch lets Kelly know that she can have him. Hilary visits the Athletic Club ballroom. Devon walks in and wants to know what she is doing here. They discuss the hostage crisis from the night before. Esmerelda walks in and upon seeing Devon is ok, Esmerelda hugs him. Hilary is quite put out. Leslie is busy at work, sitting at a table, when Neil comes up and wants to talk to her, but she tries to make up the excuse that she is busy.

Esmerelda and Hilary have a confrontation over Devon. Hilary tries to assure Esmerelda that there is nothing going on between her and Devon. Billy and Jack discuss Billy’s involvement with Kelly. Jack tries to warn Billy against Kelly, but Billy defends Kelly and her actions. Jack senses that something is wrong and asks Billy if he is in love with Kelly. Victoria sees Kelly with Stitch at the coffeehouse. Upon seeing Victoria, Kelly gets up to leave. Kelly lets Victoria know that she doesn’t want to cause her anymore trouble. Kelly starts to leave, Victoria starts to go after her, but Stitch stops her. Nick tries to change Leslie’s mind about marriage, but Leslie will not budge on her decision. After a few more minutes of talking, Leslie asks Neil if he is issuing her an ultimatum. Billy asks Jack for his help in saving his marriage. Victoria tells Stitch she doesn’t know is she has the strength to save her marriage. Abby surprises Tyler by mentioning the “marriage” word.

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