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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke keeps following Dr. Patrick around to find out what happened to Katie. He says he will know when he sees the blood test results. Katie tells Ridge that she is sorry it came to this. He says he is not. Bill and Quinn continue to have their freaky romp in his bedroom. She punctures him with his sword necklace and he takes it and runs it over her neck. Liam closes his eyes and comes downstairs looking like a rag doll. He opens the door to find Hope there. Distracted, but he lets her in where she slowly fills him in that she’s not at the wedding as it was cancelled when Katie fainted. She keeps hearing noises upstairs along with moans and groans and is worried about Bill. Liam covers by saying his dad is not feeling well and he will check on him later. He doesn’t want to disturb him now. Then he confesses that Katie and Ridge have deep feelings for each other and that is why she collapsed. He can’t keep this to himself when it’s her health on the line. Hope is devastated but says she can not fault Ridge or Katie. People can not help how they feel when they are together; she gets that. But she says she does not want to see her mom get hurt again. If Ridge has feelings for Katie she can not let him marry her mom. She gives Liam a hug and thanks him for telling her. She has to go find out if this is true by talking to Ridge and Katie.

Quinn give Bill one last kiss and tells him to enjoy his hangover. Liam finds Bill and asks if they are alone and is he okay. Bill says more or less. Liam fills him in that there was no wedding. Brooke and Ridge are not married. Hope finds Katie and Ridge together at the hospital and questions her about fainting at the wedding. When Katie says she is fine, Hope tells her this is not about her health. She knows about the two of them and what is going on. She knows Katie is fine. She made that decision to stop the wedding so Ridge would not marry her mom. Katie finally admits yes, she stopped the wedding because she loves Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena questioned Nicole about what happened with Dr. Chyka.  Before Nicole answered, Sami showed up.  Abby and EJ kissed each other.  Jennifer went to see Daniel.  Sami was upset that Eric was leaving the priesthood.  She blamed Nicole for him leaving the priesthood.  EJ and Abby began to make love in his office.  Daniel didnít want Jennifer at his apartment.  She told him she understood what he was doing months ago.  She told him she knew everything.  When EJ was telling Abby where they were going to have sex, she stopped him.  Jennifer told Daniel that JJ told her what he (Daniel) did to help JJ.  EJ wondered why Abby was upset about where he wanted to have sex with her.  Eric took Sami to the park to talk about his decision to leave the priesthood.  

Marlena continued to grill Nicole about the evidence.  Daniel wanted Jennifer to leave his apartment. Jennifer and Daniel talked about Theresa possibly doing something to Jennifer if they are together.  Eric told Sami why he left the priesthood.  Abby was upset that EJ treated what they had as if it were just sex.  He told her they were never going to have sex again.  He tried to make her feel better about it, but it didnít work.  Sami saw EJ at the mansion and told him that Eric left the priesthood because of the DiMeras.  Jennifer wanted to start over with Daniel.  Sami was determined to make the DiMeras pay for what they did to Eric.  Daniel and Jennifer kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Robin make love one last time before she leaves. Shawn informs Sonny that Julian's financier is Barrett Enterprises. Sonny calls his ex, Brenda Barrett, who tells him that her sister sold her majority stake in the company years ago. Sonny concludes that whoever bought Julia's share is interested in helping Julian take him down. Ava asks Carlos if he knows that someone else is bankrolling their organization. He says Julian doesnít share that kind of information with him. When she continues to ask questions, he wonders if she is planning to take over the organization from her brother. Julian plays with Danny at Alexis' house. Julian and Alexis passionately kiss. Before they take it upstairs, Rafe arrives at the door and tells them that Molly and TJ got a room at the Metro Court. Rafe stays with Danny while Alexis and Julian go to the Metro Court to stop Molly and TJ.  Rafe answers a knock on Alexisí door and asks the stranger if he can help him.

Kiki and Michael argue about who owes an apology to whom. No one apologizes, but they agree that they have a lot to work on. Kiki tells him that she isn't going home to his place, because she is staying with her cousin at her uncleís house while he in New York. She isnít sure that it is a good idea for her to move back in with Michael after Silas returns. He asks if she is breaking up with him. She says no, she loves him; she just thinks they need to slow things down. At the cemetery, AJ asks a vision of Connie what happened the night she was murdered. She tells him that she can't answer that because she is a figment of his imagination. Still drinking heavily, he finds Ava at the Floating Rib and demands that she fill in the blanks in her story. She tells him to drop it and accept that he got away with murder or she will have to tell Michael what she saw on the security footage. He yells at her not to go near his son. Carlos intervenes and ushers AJ out of the bar. Carlos wonders if Ava is the real murderer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea and Victor are so relieved that Connor is safe. When Chelsea tries to take Connor from her, Chloe pulls away. Avery walks into the coffeehouse and notices Dylan and Nick with their heads together talking. When they see her come in, they quickly change the subject. Avery sits down next to Dylan but soon wants to know what they are up to. Ian takes Summer back to his hotel room to pick up some test papers, but she decides to stay and take the test there in his room. Ian smiles, sheepishly, as if she is playing right into his plans. Victor and Chelsea remind Chloe that Connor is Chelsea’s and Adam’s son. Chloe lets them know that Chelsea doesn’t deserve him since Adam killed her Delia. Victoria brings Billy home from the hospital and asks him if he wants anything to eat. Billy sits down and asks her why she pulled away from him when he tried to kiss her and urges her to talk to him. Victor urges Chloe to give Connor to Chelsea. About this time, Kevin walks in and hears what is going on. Chloe urges Kevin to take her side, so they can keep Connor as their own. Kevin reminds her that this is not right and urges her to give Connor to Chelsea. While seated at the desk in Ian’s hotel room, Summer takes the personality test and finds herself opening up about a lot of things in her life. Dylan and Nick fill Avery in on their plan to get Ian to leave town but tells her that this is too dangerous for her to get involved. Dylan assures Nick that Avery can take care of herself. Avery lets them know that she already ran into Ian at the Athletic Club. Noah goes to the police department with a wrapped present for Courtney for her to return. Billy and Victoria argue over the fact that he slept with Kelly in order to get over losing Delia.

Courtney reveals to Noah that she is a cop and this is her life. Dylan and Nick vow to bring Ian down and make him leave town. Chloe tells Chelsea that Connor is better off with her. Kevin lets Chloe know that he loves her and needs her. Chloe surrenders Connor to Chelsea. Kevin comforts Chloe as Victor and Chelsea leave with Connor. Billy and Victoria argue over the fact that he shut Victoria out and turned to Kelly instead. Ian takes a pic of Summer by herself and then one of him and Summer together. Summer sees Avery at the coffeehouse and lets her know about the personality test that she just took. Avery assures her that she can be whatever she wants to be. Dylan and Nick go to Ian's hotel room, and Nick hits him in the mouth. Dylan and Nick both order Ian to leave Nikki alone and to stay away from her. Victoria lets Billy know that he broke her heart. Kevin and Chloe arrive at the plane. Nick reveals to Avery that he punched Ian. Ian looks at a pic of Summer on his computer. Billy asks Victoria for another chance. Noah kisses Courtney.

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