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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With all the guests gathered around Katie on the floor, Ridge asks Rick to call 411. He wants to know how in the hell did this happen. They determine she does have a pulse so that’s good. Still drinking, Bill says this is a fine day for both of them. Liam says yeah he knows what Bill is going through so he’s there for him. Bill appreciates his son’s support. Liam even says that he also knows that Ridge does not belong with Brooke. Bill is surprised that Liam isn’t gonna hound him about going back to Katie. Liam doesn’t think that would do any good. He tells Bill that he is going to go for a run and maybe Bill should go a little easier on that bottle which is almost empty. Bill mocks him as Liam leaves. He’s not out of sight good before Quinn slips in. she tells Bill she sees that he’s alone with his best friend. He looks at her with one eyeball and says he is not so drunk that he thinks she is Liam. And he definitely knows she is not his best friend. She says no, but today that bottle sure is. So he tells her to shake her tail, girl, and see what kind of victory dance she has in her. She quips as much as she despises him, she is not there to gloat. He doesn’t know why she is there anyway. She would never understand. She’s never had the kind of love he had with Brooke. She says as much as he does deserve to wallow in this self-made agony she thought she would come over and keep him company. She wonders if he will reach out to Katie now that Brooke is a lost cause. Of course not as he has a son with her and those women are disposable. Although in her mind so is Brooke. She has three children by three different men. It’s sad but they are a perfect match. He asked if she is finished and she says yes she has been finished with him for a long time…..and now it looks like so is Katie and Brooke. She states Bill is all alone just like she is. He pours another drink and she asks if she can join. He chimes that the bar is open. She knows the feeling of being dumped by your one and only and now Bill does too. This is a disaster but he doesn’t see it that way. She says yes, he broke up his marriage, he lost his company and now his mistress has dumped him. He slurs that the mistake he made was trusting Katie not to take him to the cleaners, steal his company and restrict his time with his son. Quinn points out the mistake Katie made was trusting him not to sleep with her sister. She’ll play Devil’s advocate and say he does not like to take responsibility for his own actions. Like when she got pregnant, that was her fault, not his and she does not want to hear another apology as they suck. He tries to get up but stumbles a bit. Katie tries to get up and Ridge and Brooke all tell her just to rest; the paramedics are on the way. Katie wants no fuss, does not want to go to hospital but they all insist. Brooke says the wedding can wait. Katie is admitted at the hospital and Dr. Patrick takes over. Katie keeps saying she is fine, just didn’t eat and has low blood sugar. Dr. Patrick reminds her of her heart history and they will have to take some tests to be sure her heart is not involved. Bill determines that he can’t walk on his own so allows Quinn to help him up the stairs to his room to lie down. She tells him it will get better. He has not lost everything. Money is not the only measure of success. She says for her it is her son and the few friends that she does have. He agrees, says he can count his friends on one hand. She tells him believe it or not, but there are some of them that do still care, God only knows why. She tells him to be careful, cowboy. He makes a whinny sound and says yes it has been a rough night on the range.

Dr. Patrick says they are almost through but he’d like one more test. Brooke goes with him to ask a question. Ridge tells Katie that she had them plenty scared. She apologizes and said she thought she could pull it off. She knew it was a mistake standing up for Brooke but she thought she could get through it. He hugs her and says she is as beautiful as ever and gritty as hell. She says there is nothing wrong with her. She did not pass out but she had to do something. Quinn manages to get Bill up the stairs but not without knocking over a lamp that shatters to pieces. He makes a crack about getting her in bed and she calls him a sexist pig. But then she kisses him. He’s surprised since he thought she hated him. She says yes almost as much as he does her. They kiss again and he slams her against the wall where a picture falls. She rips off his shirt and his pant’s belt and wraps it around her hand. She calls him a naughty boy and he calls her a crazy bitch. Liam comes back from his run. He sees the picture of him and Hope that Quinn turned down, so he rights it. Then he hears noises upstairs and starts to investigate. He hears another loud crash so runs up and pushes in Bill’s door. He backs out with a ghostly face and almost gags as he backs into a corner out of the way. Ridge questions Katie on her not passing out. She admits that she has been messed up for so long. Bill hurt her really bad and she was angry. But Ridge listened to her and that may seem like a small thing, but it was more than that. He’s shown her kindness and understanding. And she knows she has sent him mixed signals. When Carter started reading their poem…..and mentioned fate, she just lost it. She saw the way Ridge was looking at her and she just couldn’t do it anymore. She says she knew she had two choices and both terrible choices that made her a liar. She could stand there and let her sister marry a man she knew she shouldn’t or stop the wedding so she chose the latter. And she doesn’t regret it. She says she has not felt like herself in a long time, but Ridge has made her feel like herself. Without him……he adds she would be lost. She admits yes she would. She leans so close that she almost kisses him, but he offers his cheek instead. He says she is not lost.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole explained to Marlena what happened when Dr. Chyka got away.  Brady and Eric argued over Nicole.  EJ told Abby that he was sleeping with Sami.  Eric accused Brady of using again while they were arguing.  That led to another argument between them.  Abby wanted to know why EJ slept with her.  Theresa started trouble with Daniel.  Daniel warned her to stay away from the people he cared about.  EJ couldnít explain why he slept with Abby.  She was convinced he wanted her.  Marlena didnít believe Nicoleís reason for why Dr. Chyka got away.  JJ confessed to Jennifer that he was with Theresa the night she overdosed.

EJ wanted to let what happened go, but she didnít want to.  She was convinced he wanted to make love to her.  Daniel showed up while Marlena was grilling Nicole about what happened to Dr. Chyka.  Daniel defended Nicole to Marlena.  JJ told Jennifer about the night Theresa overdosed.  Abby tried to come on to EJ.  JJ told Jennifer that Daniel never slept with Theresa.  Theresa ran into Brady and wanted to drink with him.  Jennifer wanted to know why JJ lied to her and he explained it to her.  He told her how Theresa blackmailed him and how he blackmailed her.  He wanted Jennifer to promise not to do anything to hurt Theresa.  She agreed.  He told her why Daniel helped him.  EJ turned Abby down because he didnít want to hurt Sami.  Abby said Sami would never find out.  Jennifer went to see Daniel at his apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma Drake doesnít take the news well when her mother tells her that she is leaving for a while to ďhelp patients in Africa.Ē Mac tells Robin that she knows there is more to it than that. Robin says she is having trouble adjusting to being home and that she needs time.

Julian tells Sam that he hasnít gotten his sister to admit to framing Silas. He says he knows it is the 8th anniversary of her brother, Danny McCallís death. He gives her a certificate showing that he made a sizable donation in Dannyís name for the research of the disorder that he had. Julian goes to Alexisís house to visit her and baby Danny. Molly tells Alexis that she is spending the night at her friend, Carson's house. TJ goes to the Metro Court to book a room so that he and Molly can make love for the first time. Olivia gives TJ a discount and tells him to be safe. Shawn sees TJ talking to Olivia. Olivia says TJ was asking her about a part-time job to make a little extra money for college. When Molly arrives, Olivia takes her aside to make sure TJ is not pressuring her and that she will be safe. Molly assures her that she will not end up pregnant at this age like her mother did.

Kiki talks to Silas about Michael. Silas tells her that she is going to have to establish trust with Michael again. He suggests that she apologize, even though she doesnít think she did anything wrong. Michael talks to Sonny about Kiki. Sonny says Carly would be dead now if Kiki hadnít helped Franco escape. Michael is grateful that Franco saved Carly, but now he doesnít trust Kiki. Sonny tells him that he needs to either make up or break up; there are no other choices. Silas gives Kiki the same advice. Sudden cousins, Sam and Kiki talk about adjusting to their new fathers. Sam says Julian is really nice to her, but she isnít sure she can trust him. She concludes that Kiki must feel the same way about her mother. Silas gives Kiki and Rafe money to go out to dinner. They run into Michael when they arrive at the Metro Court. Rafe leaves Kiki and Michael to talk while he goes up to get a table. He walks in on TJ and Molly kissing in front of the elevator. Shawn tells Sonny that he found out who is financing Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer meets with Mr. Darwin aka Ian Ward, and she tells him all about herself and her family. He suggests that it is time she get out of her comfort zone. Ian tells Summer that the first step is to take a personality profile test but he can’t find the test in his office, so he tells Summer it must be in his room at the Athletic Club. Summer goes with him to the Athletic Club to take the test. Nikki grows more suspicious of Summer’s new life coach and advises her not to believe everything she sees on a website or everything that somebody tells her is true. Summer assures Nikki that she has checked this guy out and that he is legitimate, but she will be careful. Dylan goes to talk to Paul to ask him to do something to make Ian Ward leave town, but Paul says he can’t do anything until Ian breaks the law. Dylan goes to Nick and the brothers decide to team up to protect Nikki from Ian without her knowing, because they don’t want to add to her stress level. Dylan and Nick discover they both drink espresso with sugar and that they will both do whatever it takes to protect the people they love.

Sharon tells her doctor and Nick that she is worried that her medicine won’t work. The doctor givers her a new prescription for a different medicine and tells her to fill the prescription and see how it goes. Nick tells Sharon he will always be there for her, so she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Sharon returns home from the pharmacy and finds Cassie’s pictures have been taken out of their frames and scattered all over the living room. Chelsea gets to know Victor on their plane ride to Paris, and she tells him the reason that he didn’t tell the police that Adam hit Delia with his car was because he didn’t want to lose Adam not because he wanted to spend more time with Connor. Chloe arrives at the townhouse that Adam and Chelsea were going to rent in Paris and tells Connor that she will always protect him because Adam and Chelsea were going to hurt him, so they don’t deserve to have him. Kevin is able to hack into Chloe’s credit card account and find the address of the townhouse. He calls Chelsea so she and Victor arrive just as Chelsea and Connor are leaving the house to get something to eat.

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