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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/20/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam that he can’t stand around here any longer. They have to do something. Liam says okay, but nothing crazy. Bill pours himself another drink and quips the crazier the better. Bill says one phone call and they can be jumping out of an airplane in an hour. Liam argues that life handed Bill some lemons so that is his answer to just jump out of an airplane. Talk about running away from his problems. Bill grouses that Brooke should not be doing this so putting distance from her is a good thing right now. But for better or worse Brooke has made up her mind. He says he does not believe in fate, just timing. And he could have fixed all of this if Ridge had not come back when he did. People make their own destiny and he and Brooke could have had theirs. He’s surprised to hear Liam say that Katie made him VP – Benedict Arnold. Liam tells him that Katie trusts him so this is a good thing for Bill too. Bill offers him a drink as he is having another. Liam says only if it helps him forget about Wyatt at the wedding with Hope. He’ll have one with his dad. Bill continues to drink and grouse more about Ridge not being right for Brooke and her love was never enough. He had to be fought over. Liam says it doesn’t seem to be happening like that this time. It’s over and Bill might just have to accept that. Boy is there a lot of that going around now.

Katie walks down the aisle followed by Brooke. Carter starts the ceremony and says that Ridge and Brooke’s love story heard around the world started right here in this room. Today they are going to celebrate the spark and witness the sacred bond it created. They have written their own vows and will pledge themselves to each other. Ridge asks if he may say something first. He thanks everyone for being here on his wedding day. They are also celebrating the power of forgiveness and the devotion of family and for their part in putting it together. Hope reads the passage from Corinthians 13….”Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it is not proud…..” Carter gives Eric a chance to say a few words who gives his and Stephanie’s blessing. As best man Rick passes as he will make his toast later at the reception. When they ask Katie, Ridge speaks up and says her being here is enough. Ridge speaks from the heart and tells Brooke that she is his beautiful Logan and he has been captivated with her since they first met….and that he promises to appreciate her and the family on this crazy ride they are on and to live up to the faith that she has in him. Carter says they have all said their vows and he looked for a final reading that would capture their passion. He found one by Shelly, “Love’s Philosophy”. He starts and manages to finish with “what is all this sweet work worth if thou kiss not me?” They are about to join hands and make this official when Kate slumps to the floor in a faint and they all gather around her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The show was pre-empted today due to Olympic coverage.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina wonders what happened to cause Patrick to miss her appointment with Dr. Chu. Patrick wants to tell Anna about Robin, Victor Cassadine, and Jason Morganís connection. He tries to convince Robin that Victor is using Jason as bait to get her to comply with his request. Robin insists that she canít let Jason die and that her mother canít know about it. He is about to drag Robin to the station when Victor arrives at their door. Robin correctly concludes that Victor was listening to their conversation. Victor says Robin broke their agreement by telling Patrick, but if she tells Anna anything, then she will lose her opportunity to help Jason. Victor says he canít force Robin to participate, but the WSB needs her help, and he hopes that she will be on the plane with him tomorrow morning.

Britt brings Ben to Dante and Luluís loft. She receives a call that she needs to cover for Dr. Chu, so she leaves Ben in Dante and Luluís care. Sabrina is surprised to see Britt instead of Dr. Chu. Sabrina and Britt clear the air about Patrick. Britt apologizes to Sabrina. Sabrina admires Brittís engagement ring. She says she hopes Brittís happily ever after works out. Nikolas comes out of the shower and finds Elizabeth standing in his bedroom waiting for him. She asks him not to marry Britt. She confesses that she is in love with him. He tells her that he waited so long to hear her say that, but that he did what she told him to do and moved on, and that now he is in love with Britt, and he is going to marry her.

Tracy wonders why Lucy is so obsessed with Scottís well-being. Lucy insists that her concern is just out of friendship. Anna and two officers find Scott and Luke straitjacketed and drugged in a padded cell in Miscavige. They arrest the orderly and take Luke and Scott to General Hospital. The psychiatric drugs that he was given at Miscavige have affected Lukeís mind. Tracy observes the dynamic between Lucy and Scott. While Lulu is at the hospital to see her dad, Dante wishes Ben was Luluís baby too.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy can’t remember that he told Victoria he had a one-night stand with Kelly in front of a room full of people, so Jack fills in the gaps in his memory. Victoria confides in Stitch that she is hurt that Billy lied to her and wonders if he ever intended to tell her the truth. Billy tells Victoria he slept with Kelly to try and get over the pain of Delia’s death, but it didn’t help anything; it only made things worse. Billy asks for Victoria’s forgiveness and she says their marriage isn’t over, but she needs some time to think about things. Kelly finds a friend in Lily who doesn’t think she should have come between Billy and Victoria, but she thinks that Billy and Victoria might have been having some problems before she came along or else she wouldn’t have been able to come between them. Kelly tells Lily that she got divorced, because things were never the same again in her marriage after her son Sam died.

Sam and Maddie ask Cane about his daddy and he, and Lily consider letting the kids meet their grandfather. Jill gives Colin a kiss in exchange for the information that he has about Katherine’s music box. Colin tells Jill last time he was in town he overheard a conversation that Katherine had with her lawyer at the hospital telling him he was going to leave her a music box in her will with something inside it that only she would understand. Jill tells Colin the music box was empty, and he explains that he got the music box before it was given to her and took out a piece of paper with the name Rachael Berenson. Jill is more confused then ever about this mystery. Michael gives Lauren an unsigned postcard that came to the house. The message on the back reads, "Even though we can’t be together you are always in my thoughts." Lauren worries that Carmine will return now that Richard Womack is dead, so Michael calls a friend with the Witness Protection Program who assures him that Carmine is far away in Puerto Rico.

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