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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Brooke is laying out her gown and her flowers on the bed, Rick walks in and says someone looks happy. He gives her a hug and says he could not be more thrilled for her when she says she is marrying the man of her dreams. She tells him he has made sure everything was perfect right down to the last detail, private and simple. She says she always had faith this day would come. Eric is adjusting Ridge’s tie. Ridge looks at his mom’s portrait and quips that his dad is still trying to dress him. Eric tells him that he is proud of him and he always knew that he and Brooke would end up together. How could anybody not be happy on this day? Both Ridge and Katie separately think of their times reciting poetry. Liam interrupts Katie and the first words out of his mouth is that it is not too late; she can still stop this wedding from happening. She doesn’t want him to say that, although he says it is the truth. She and Ridge have feelings for each other and this wedding should not be happening. Ridge wants her, not Brooke so it is up to Katie. She tells him that he is being ridiculous as they are meant for each other. Being with Ridge would just cause Katie more pain and she would destroy a family. That is what Brooke did to her and she will not do that to her. He says she has to look out for herself and quit living in her sister’s shadow. And he’s only telling her this because he lost Hope temporarily and he doesn’t want that to happen also to Katie. They are ideal for each other. She won’t listen to any more. She says she has to think about RJ. She won’t take away his family. She is going to be the good sister and go to that wedding and stand up for Brooke and support her and Ridge.

Eric tells Carter that he will do fine officiating; he always does. Hope tries to reassure Wyatt’s fears about his dad being all alone today. But he says any day with her is a good day. She says good answer and kisses him. Donna and Caroline give an orange juice cheer to Brooke and they all giggle when Hope joins them. Rick shakes Ridge’s hand and welcomes him back into the family. They’ve been together a long time and he trusts that he knows what he is doing. Liam comes home and is scared silly by Bill who is walking around snacking on some snickerdoodles. Bill’s in a foul mood because of Brooke’s wedding. Liam wants to make sure he’s not going to go do something stupid. Bill storms this is not easy for him, but no he will settle down, but that son of a bitch is marrying his woman. Liam says he knows; Bill is not the only one feeling that way. Eric finds Wyatt and invites him upstairs to see something that he thinks he will be very interested in. Wyatt is intrigued. Katie comes into the Forrester mansion and sees Ridge on the terrace and heads straight there. Ridge smiles and says hello to her. He says he is glad she is here. She says congratulations; she is glad he is marrying Brooke. She’s trying to be a good sister. He says he is and Brooke has no idea how loyal she has been. Upstairs Eric opens the safe and tells the group that he has a surprise. He brings out three large trays of elegant pieces of jewelry from Stephanie’s collection. Wyatt is blown away and says they are some rare, remarkable jewels from some of the most renowned designers in history. Eric picks out a gorgeous diamond broach and gives it to Brooke. He says he thinks Stephanie would have wanted her to have it and so does he. She is touched and thanks him. Katie joins the group and there are more group giggles. Katie tells Brooke that she makes a beautiful bride. They’ve been through a lot but they managed to come through it. She tears up when she says she knows Brooke and Ridge are gonna be so happy ad she wants that for them. Brooke says she knows how lucky she is to have another chance with Ridge and she is going to love him for the rest of her life. She thanks Katie for all she did. Bill changes his mind and tells Liam that he is homeless, no job so what else does he have to lose. He’s going over there right now. Liam stops him and says if that wedding does not take place as it should it can’t be because of them. Everyone takes their place. Katie walks into the foyer and both she and Ridge lock eyes and don’t stop until she reaches the altar. Then Brooke follows with all eyes on her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny and Gabi argued over Nick and how she was defending Nick.  Nick was vague with Abby about the people you love and how you have to fight for the one you love and want.  Eric told Roman and Marlena that he was leaving the church.  Nicole got rid of the evidence that proved Ericís innocence.  Sonny and Gabi continued to argue over Nick and how she threw Kate and Sami under the bus.  While they were arguing, Gabi left the apartment.  She texted Nick and wanted him to meet her.  

Roman and Marlena didnít want Eric to leave the priesthood, but he was convinced he was doing the right thing.  Brady interrupted Nicole while she was shredding the evidence.  He wanted to know what evidence she had about Eric, but she didnít want to tell him.  He was upset and left her alone.  Gabi told Nick that she got into an argument with Sonny over him.  Nick gave Gabi some advice about how to handle them.  Sami and Sonny talked about Gabi believing Nick changed.  Gabi called Sonny to apologize to him.  Nicole ran into Roman and Marlena at the pub.  Nicole let it slip that she let Dr. Chyka get away.  Marlena wanted to know what she was talking about.  Abby went to see EJ to let him know that she wanted him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth tells Robin that Nikolas is getting married to Britt and that Dante is the father of Brittís baby. She confesses that she is still in love with Nikolas. Robin encourages Elizabeth to tell Nikolas how she feels. Britt and Nikolas celebrate their engagement by staying in bed. Spencer bursts into their bedroom demanding to know how the proposal went. He canít wait to tell his friends about his hot stepmother. He thinks it will be great to have a mother after never having one before. Britt worries that Dante and Lulu will try to take Ben away from her. Nikolas suggests that Britt be proactive about it and take Ben to see Dante. Dante tells Sonny about Ben. He complains about how much time he has already missed. Sonny says it could be worse; he could find out that he has a son when he shoots him, because heís a cop trying to take him down. Dante is concerned about how Lulu will take it. Sonny tells him to give his wife a little credit. He assures Dante that Lulu will fall in love with Ben the same way that it worked with him and Michael.

Lulu has a nightmare about sitting on the sidelines while Dante bonds with Britt and Ben as a family. Tracy goes to Lulu and Danteís loft to ask Dante about any progress in finding Luke. She says she is going to have a GPS chip implanted in Lukeís neck when he comes back. Lulu tells her that Dante is at his fatherís house telling him that he has a son with another woman. Tracy says she loves Lulu like she is her own and that she has no doubt that Lulu can feel the same way about Ben. Lulu says she thinks Ben will be good for her and Dante and that she already feels a connection with Ben. When Dante gets home, Lulu wants to go visit Ben right away. He thinks they should focus on finding her father first. When Dante opens the door to leave, Britt is standing there with Ben, about to knock. Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere and sees Nikolas emerging from the shower.

Kevin tells Lucy that he wonít be unavailable to help her for this yearís Nursesí Ball. Patrick tells Lucy that Robin wonít be in town to attend. Patrick tells Robin that the way they are going to deal with their situation is to tell her mother everything. Kevin apologizes to Franco for turning him in to the police. Franco remembers that Scott never returned from his visit to Miscavige. Kevin asks Lucy if she has heard from Scott. She avoids the subject and runs off, saying that she has a meeting. Franco tells Kevin that it is apparent that his wife has more than a casual interest in her ex. Anna bribes Heather with a Kellyís BLT to get her to tell what she did to Luke. Tracy goes to the station and demands that Anna do something about finding Luke or she will torture it out of Heather. Lucy runs into the station and tells Anna that Scott has been missing since he went to Miscavige. Anna says that is where Heather said she is holding Luke.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is released except Cane and Lily. Victor arrives at the Athletic Club, but Paul orders him to leave. Victor asks Devon who Womack is. Cane argues with Womack who wants to use Lily as his “shield” to maneuver his way out of the Athletic Club. Sharon assures Nick she is fine and for him to go home, but he insists on staying with Sharon. Cassie watches Sharon from outside the window. Kevin visits Chelsea and finds out that Chloe took Connor. On the plane, Chloe talks to Connor while they wait to take off. Kevin tells Chelsea about Chloe having things of Connor’s in a baby book of Delia’s. Chelsea and Kevin argue that Chloe is too attached to Connor. Victor gets a call from Chelsea accusing him of being in on Chloe taking Connor, but Victor denies the accusations. Cassie sneaks into Sharon’s home and sees Nick on the sofa then she hears Sharon yell for him. Cassie quickly hides when Sharon comes downstairs. Sharon and Nick remember that today is their anniversary. Victor visits Chelsea and finds out that Chloe has taken Connor. Paul finds out that Womack is using Lily as a shield to obtain his release. Cane begs Womack to use him as his hostage instead of Lily, but Womack refuses. Cane tries to attack Womack but only ends up getting shot. The police take their places outside the door. Lily tends to Cane while begging Womack to let them go. Colin hides behind the curtain with his pistol raised.

Neil demands to know what is going on upstairs while the police have a difficult time holding him back from going upstairs. Paul talks to Womack through the door with no luck. Nick remembers his and Sharon’s wedding day as Cassie listens. Chelsea refuses to let Victor know what is going on but then gives in and tells him that Chloe has Connor. Victor asks Chelsea about their passports but they're gone. When Cane attacks him, Womack gets the upper hand and threatens to kill Cane and Lily both. Colin steps out and holds the gun on Womack in order to get Cane and Lily to safety. Womack and Colin discuss how this was Colin’s idea. The two struggle over the gun with Colin shooting Womack. He starts to pick up the diamonds when Mark comes in and tells Colin to drop the gun. Cane tells Paul that it was Colin who saved them. Victor promises to get Connor back for Chelsea.

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