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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is shocked that Brooke is asking her to be matron of honor. She even asks if Ridge knows about this. Brooke assures her that Ridge loves her and he will want her to be part of their special day. After an agonizing period of time and no good excuse not to, Katie reluctantly agrees. Bill turns around and finds Quinn back in Wyatt’s house again just staring at him. He wonders why she is always creeping around. She says she likes to think what is going on in that dark, twisted mind of his when he’s lost in thought…..or maybe just lost…..like he’s been caught with his pants down. That hang-dog look on his face says it all; it’s about Brooke. He says no; it’s Ridge. They are getting married tomorrow. Quinn wants to know what is his plan. He says there is no damn plan. She guesses if it is not about control, then possibly could it be love. The great Bill Spencer is in love. But he can’t have Brooke. She says she doesn’t mean to sound trite, but there is someone else out there for him. Bill says he doesn’t need anybody else; he just wants to share it with Brooke.

Meanwhile all at the meeting assure Ridge they are ahead of schedule so they can clear the day for him tomorrow. Pam quips there have been several of those but Ridge says this one is especially significant. Wyatt says for Katie too as it might free up Bill to go back to her. Ridge says Katie does not want Bill; that he is sure of. He fills Maya and Carter in that the first time he met Brooke she was catering a party at his parent’s house and he took one look and his life was changed forever. Brooke seems to live from her heart so it’s that aura and that energy not just her beauty and sexuality. Wyatt and Hope laugh over the fact that many think his mother is crazy. Hope says she still intends to talk to her. He wishes she wouldn’t, as they are all a little nutty. He states that she raised him all by herself so he thinks she deserves a free get out of jail card. And there is no one else she hates more than Bill, yet it’s weird as there is no one else she loves more. At Katie’s request, Ridge shows up at her office. She tells him that she will be at the wedding tomorrow. She says she did not want to at first but Brooke started in on family and loyalty and she tells Katie that Katie is the standard bearer of decency. He’s glad she is going to be there to see it. She says tomorrow will be the start of a brand new beginning and she will be part of it. She gives him a big hug and says that is what she wants for him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ told Theresa that she wasnít going to get what she wants from Daniel.  Abby asked EJ if Sami would forgive him if she knew about them.  Sami wanted to know why they were talking about her.  He lied to her about what they were talking about.  JJ wanted Theresa to tell Daniel why her plan wouldnít work.  JJ told Daniel that he blackmailed Theresa so Daniel didnít have to do what she wanted.  She was furious and hit JJ.  Abby rushed to get away from EJ and Sami.  JJ tried to appeal to Theresa by calling her out for her behavior.  She threatened to pay back JJ and Daniel for what they did to her.  EJ and Sami talked about Abby until Sami left.

Daniel and JJ talked about Theresa when she left.  Theresa went to the courthouse to talk to the judge.  When Sami and Lucas went to Willís apartment, Sony and Will are engaged.  Lucas was happy, but Sami wasnít.  Abby found EJ again and talked about being with him.  Sami thought life had too complications for Will and Sonny to get married.  Theresa changed her mind about telling on JJ.  JJ told Daniel how he set up Theresa.  JJ anted to tell Jennifer what Theresa did, but Daniel stopped him.  Daniel thought Theresa would ruin things for JJ if he said anything.  Daniel ran into Theresa and warned her not to hurt Jennifer.  When JJ went home, he wanted to tell Jennifer the truth despite Danielís warning.  EJ and Sami made love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas and Britt go to Dante and Lulu's loft. Elizabeth tries to stop Nikolas from talking, but he spills that Dante is Ben's father. Elizabeth canít wait to fill in the detail that Britt stole Danteís sperm sample from the lab. Britt reveals that Saint Elizabeth ran an illegal DNA test. Lulu canít believe Elizabeth did that without telling them. Elizabeth claims that she didnít want to get their hopes up and be wrong. Britt says her mother obtained the sample and swears that she didnít know who the father was until today when Elizabeth confronted her. Lulu wonders why Elizabeth didnít tell them the minute she found out. Elizabeth says it was when Lulu told her that she didnít want to use an egg donor, because she thought she would regard the child as Dante's child with another woman, so she didnít think it was the right time to mention it. Dante asks Lulu how she feels knowing that he does have a child with another woman. She says she is not upset that he has a son and that he will be a part of both of their lives. She asks him how he is taking it. He is overwhelmed to know that he has a son. Britt tells Nikolas that she ruined his Valentineís Day plans and that he must be relieved that they didnít get engaged. He says he hasnít changed his mind and offers her the ring again. Elizabeth watches unseen as Nikolas goes down on one knee to ask Britt to marry him, and Britt accepting his proposal.

Felix sees a text message from Lucas on Bradís phone. Brad is honest with Felix and confesses that Lucas is a guy he met in a bar and slept with when he and Felix werenít speaking. Felix says they are both grown and they never made any promises to each other, but suggests that Brad and Lucas make a better match. Morgan warns Lucas that if he is going to get to know his biological father, Julian, then he should be careful because Julian is ruthless. Julian confronts Ava about downloading files from his computer. He says that he wonít hesitate to kill her if she has betrayed him. He reminds her that he killed their other sister, Olivia, when she went too far. Ava tells him not to underestimate her. She says Sonny might not want to kill him because of Danny, but that his brat of a grandson means nothing to her. Shawn verifies that the information Ava gave Sonny is legitimate. Sonny sees a dossier on Jason among the files that dates back to Jasonís youth. He calls Ava to his office and asks her who is above her in the Jerome organization. She says she and Julian were equal partners in charge of the organization. He shows her one of Julianís files that reveals that Julian has had a secret backer for a very long time. Julian receives a video call.

Patrick begs Robin to tell him why she is leaving. He asks if it is revenge for Sabrinaís pregnancy. She finally reveals that Jason is alive and being held in the same place that she was held. She says she made a deal with Victor Cassadine whereby she helps him with his family in exchange for the opportunity to save Jason. Patrick concludes that Jason is more important to her that he and Emma are. He observes that this is the second time that she has chosen Jason over her family. She says she never did. He reminds her that exactly two years ago today, she chose to die in an explosion to save Jason. He walks out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is still being held hostage by Womack and his associate. Chelsea tells Paul everything that has been going on upstairs in the ball room. Kelly confesses to Victoria that she slept with Billy. Ian visits Nikki to let her know that she wasn’t the reason why he came to town. Nikki wakes up with a start. Dylan commends Avery on the dinner. Avery thanks him for the necklace and the beautiful handmade box. Colin and Womack discuss the diamonds. Jill interrupts them and lets Colin know that it is a waste of time trying to talk to Womack. Womack holds a gun on Jack to keep him from leaving. Womack tries to shoot Billy to get him out of his misery. Jill begs Womack for Billy’s release. Victoria orders Kelly to keep her hands off Billy. Summer and Faith are at the coffeehouse engaged in girl talk when Ian interrupts. Summer tells Ian about Faith’s performance in the program. Avery and Dylan snuggle. Avery mentions to Dylan that she thought that there had been an engagement ring in the box. Leslie suggests trying to make a deal with Womack, but Neil is against the idea. Kelly urges Victoria to let her help Billy to keep him from going into convulsions. Victoria agrees. Paul and Mark discuss the hostage situation and what to do next. Jill urges Womack to let Billy go. The phone rings and Jill orders Womack to answer it. Womack lets Paul know that Jack gave him a plane to make his departure. Kevin shows Lauren that he has a cell phone. Kevin dials Mark so the police can hear what is going on. Chelsea asks Anita to let her know that she is all right and is coming home. At the airport, Chloe manages to secure herself and Connor a ticket to Paris.

Dylan and Avery discuss what it would be like if they were married. Dylan reveals to Avery that Stitch and his wife are getting divorced. Nikki visits Dylan to let him know about the dream that she had about Ian. Ian and Summer discuss Faith. Summer reveals to Ian that her life is spinning out of control. Lily tries to talk to Womack but Colin interrupts. Womack reminds Colin that he is the mastermind behind this whole diamond caper. Summer reveals to Ian that she is ready to talk. An argument erupts between Devon and Neil to get Womack’s attention, but it doesn’t work because Womack orders them to shut up. There is a gunshot and then the lights go out. Chelsea comes home, yells for Anita but she is not there. Anita arrives at the door and reveals that Chloe relieved her of babysitting which had been okayed by Chelsea. Chelsea denies giving Chloe permission to take care of Connor. Chloe is quite put out when she has to wait for the plane to de-ice. Billy and Victoria are released and she takes him downstairs. Jill asks Colin what he knows about the music box. Paul begs Womack to release the hostages. Womack tells the hostages that some of them are going home. Womack holds Lily there. Victoria slaps Kelly’s face over sleeping with Billy. Chelsea comes to the conclusion that Chloe has just taken Connor for a ride to quiet him down so he could sleep.

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