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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A stake to the heart, but Ridge tells Eric that he chose Rick as his best man. Actually Eric is very pleased and says the family is on a roll right now. He built the company that way. He says he is proud of them both….and to Ridge he is glad he had the good sense to make Brooke his wife again. Ridge says this last one was rough. He wishes Bill had never happened, but Brooke is not perfect and he loves her anyway. He can’t wait to marry her again. Eric says he thinks Stephanie would approve. She is always with them. Ridge says yes, he felt her disapproval all the way in Paris. Maya and Carter join in and Ridge asks Carter to officiate at the wedding and Carter agrees. Ridge tells Eric and Rick that he took Logan for granted. That is a young man’s mistake and he will never do that again. Rick shares his doubt with Eric but Eric says Brooke is more happy than she’s ever been. Ridge will make her very happy.

Aly, Pam, Brooke and Donna meet at Eric’s and make wedding chit chat and have a group hug. They even tease Pam about Charlie and she says they are just friends with bakefits. They discuss it but Brooke settles for marrying under Stephanie’s portrait and hopes she does not come crashing down from the wall. Aly says Thorne is doing well but can’t get away right now so she’d like to go visit him. Brooke thinks she should. Liam tries to give Katie a report and she is looking dazed in another direction. He asks if they can pretend that she is not distracted about Ridge and Brooke. He realizes that she does not want to inflict the same sort of pain on her sister that Brooke did to her, but if she and Ridge have feelings then he should not be marrying Brooke. And Katie is in a position to stop it and he thinks she should. She says hasn’t he heard, Brooke and Ridge belong together. He says yes he has heard but that doesn’t make it true. She says Ridge will never be more than her in-law and friend despite what Liam saw. She is not like Brooke and she is not going to be the reason RJ does not have both his mother and father. She asks about Hope and Liam says no, Wyatt is taking up all her time. He did not see her on Valentine’s Day. Katie says he shouldn’t take too much stock on that being as it is a manufactured holiday. She says she was miserable too. She walked around the park and read poetry, Liam even recognized what she was reading and said he liked it too. Brooke asks Katie to be her matron of honor. She is sorry she hurt her in the past but she feels the distance between them is getting smaller and this would help so much.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick approached EJ about attempted murder.  Theresa told Daniel how she remembered the night she overdosed and wondered why he didnít say anything.  Nick told EJ why he went after Kate and Sami.  EJ wasnít worried.  Daniel realized that Theresa knew what happened all along.  Theresa wanted to start over with Daniel.  She wanted them to be happy together.  Sami and Gabi argued over their choices in men.  EJ let Nick know he wasnít worried about Nick.  Theresa used blackmail to get Daniel to be with her.

Theresa wanted to date for a while.  She didnít want to just have sex once.  She also wanted money.  He wasnít thrilled at the idea because he didnít want to hurt Jennifer.  He threw her out of the apartment, but she threatened to go after his career as well as JJís probation.  She said she had proof of it and he wanted to see it.  She showed him the video.  EJ and Sami ran into each other and they talked about their conversations with Nick and Gabi.  EJ let Sami know that he wasnít going to let Nick hurt her.  Abby approached EJ when Sami left.  Daniel was livid when Theresa kept blackmailing him.  He ended up being willing to give her a check.  Before he could sign it, JJ showed up.  Abby told EJ about seeing him with Sami.  She asked if Sami would forgive him if she knew what they did.  Sami approached them just as Abby was talking.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco wakes up. Carly tells Dante about the two men that took Luke from the Quartermaine boathouse. Victor Cassadine gives Dr. Obrecht a diamond and emerald Cassadine heirloom brooch for Valentine's Day. He tells her about his plan to have Robin Scorpio revive Helena and Stavros. He reveals that he lured Robin with the knowledge of Jasonís survival and condition. He agrees to find out if Robert Scorpio really delivered Faison to the Swiss prison. He says that if she visits Faison in prison, then he can reject her again. He says that perhaps she will realize that Faison is not the right man for her. He observes that it isnít that far-fetched, considering that Robin Scorpio is leaving Patrick to help Jason. Robin tells Patrick that she is going back to Africa to work with AIDS patients. Patrick says that if she has to go, then he and Emma are going with her. She says he canít leave Sabrina while she is carrying his child. He says he wonít let that baby dictate what happens with their family. She says that maybe she doesnít want to be a family anymore. He thinks she is suffering from PTSD and says they can go to family therapy. She refuses. He says none of it makes sense and demands that she tell him what is really going on.

Felix tells Brad that the paternity test that he ran was not really for a police investigation. He reveals that the test confirmed Elizabethís suspicion that Dante is Ben Westbourneís father. Brad admits that he knew about it and that it is much more complicated than the theft of a sperm sample. Britt declines Nikolasís proposal. She tells him that Elizabeth returned Benís hairbrush today and that she revealed that she used Benís hair to run a DNA test which revealed that Dante Falconeri is Benís biological father. She says Elizabeth had noticed that Ben and Dante have the same allergies. She claims that she didnít know whose sperm her mother inseminated her with. She says this changes everything because now Ben is Danteís son. Nik says they need to go tell Dante and Lulu. She is afraid that they will take Ben away from her. He promises that he wonít let that happen. Elizabeth goes to Dante and Luluís place to tell them about Ben but decides not to say anything when Lulu reveals that she and Dante didnít want to use an egg donor, because she was afraid that she would regard it as Danteís child with another woman and that it would be a constant reminder of her inadequacy. Nikolas and Britt go to Lulu and Danteís loft. Seeing that Elizabeth is there, Nikolas assumes she told Lulu everything already. He says they have to hear Brittís side of the story.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Womack holds a gun on the small gathering at the Athletic Club ballroom. Colin speaks up and tells him to take the diamonds and leave. At the coffeehouse, Nick pressures Sharon into telling him what is going on. Sharon is reluctant but gives in and tells him that she has been seeing Cassie again but this time she could touch her. Cassie tells Victor that Sharon has a “secret.” At the police station, Paul and Mark talk in his office about the crime in Genoa City. Womack tells everyone that he wants their cell phones and instructs Abby to pick them up from everyone. He also instructs Lily to pick up the diamonds off the floor. Victor questions Cassie about the secret. Victor is reminded of when he met the woman and how much she resembled Cassie. Victor shows the woman a picture of Cassie. Fen comes to Paulís office to let him know that he saw Womack at the Athletic Club and the conversation that they had. A man alerts Womack that the police are outside. This makes Womack angry and he wants to know who alerted the police. Devon steps forward and reveals that he is the one who notified the police when the doll was missing. When Womack aims the gun at Devon, Lily steps in front of him. Paul, Mark, and the other officers arrive at the Athletic Club and try to figure out a way to get the hostages free.

Fen enters and lets Paul know that Womack is somehow involved. Womack tells the group that he will need a hostage to get out of there safely. When he threatens to use Lauren, Kevin steps up to defend her. Womack aims his gun at a chandelier and fires, thus bringing it down and injuring Chelsea and Billy. Victoria, Kelly, and Jack help Chelsea and Billy up. Blood oozes from a cut on Chelsea’s arm. Cassie lets Victor know that Sharon is “cracking.” Victor demands to know Sharon’s secret. Nick assures Sharon that Cassie is gone. Jack urges Chelsea to relax since she remarks that Connor already lost Adam and just about lost her. Hilary, Kevin, Tyler, Abby, Neil, and Leslie try to come up with a plan to get out of there. Paul calls Womack to try to reach a plan to get them released, but he refuses to release the hostages without having a plane on the tarmac waiting for him. Victor and Cassie hear Nick and Sharon coming and quickly hide. Lily takes the blame for this whole catastrophe and them being held hostage. Billy tries to jump Womack and get the gun, but Womack hits Billy in the stomach and he falls to the floor. At home, Nick promises to stand by Sharon. Sharon feels that he shouldn’t be standing by her after what she has done. Victor stands in front of the plaque in Katherineís honor and talks to her. Kelly talks to Jack and lets him know that she was in the group who helping Billy. The officers catch Fen trying to crawl through an air vent to get to the hostages. Victoria asks Womack for help with Billy. Kelly volunteers. Billy apologizes to Victoria who asks Kelly what he is talking about. Victoria puts two and two together and realizes that Kelly slept with Billy. Cassie watches Sharon and Nick.

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