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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt spruces up his place, and has chocolates in hand along with roses when Hope knocks on the door. He greets her and says "chocolates, flowers and me" – and he kisses her. He invites her in and she pretends she doesn’t know what is going on. He says it’s only the most special day of the year, the one where a guy has to step up his game so no way they can pretend it’s not happening. She says she did not get him anything but he says oh yes she did. He pitches the chocolates and flowers on the couch and gives her a big kiss. She says with all this romance in the air has he heard her mom’s big news. She is engaged…….to Ridge, not Bill if that is what he was expecting. Wyatt is surprised. He says he just saw his dad yesterday and he seemed pretty confident he was gonna win Brooke back. Wyatt says it’s Valentine’s Day and he has many more important things to think about. But it is going to be hard on his dad. They snuggle on the couch and Wyatt tells her he made reservations but this feels so good. He hopes he won’t be the worst Valentine by suggesting they just order in. She thinks that will be a terrific idea. All she really wants to do is spend time with him. And he doesn’t have to keep making things up to her. He has proved he is a better man. She believes it and he should believe it too.

Katie is looking kind of gloomy when Liam pops in. He says he just saw Ridge and he wonders if Katie knows. She says about Brooke marrying Ridge, yes of course she does, just like she asked her to. Liam tells her that she knows she does not have to pretend with him. She says she isn’t. Ridge has made the right choice. She tells him again that he has to forget what he saw. This is her sister’s husband or soon to be. Liam says that he knows that she does not want this marriage to happen or whatever it is worth he doesn’t think Ridge does either. And denying her feelings for the rest of her life, that’s what is best for everyone. That’s only going to cause more harm. Katie says she knows Liam means well, but he has to leave this alone. She is not her sister. He says he is sorry. He likes her, he respects her and he doesn’t want to see her settling. She says she is not. And she also can not stay and listen to any more of this. She grabs her things and leaves.

Ridge is finishing up a meeting with Rick and asks him to stay a spell as he has one other thing to ask him. He thanks him for not giving him grief over being engaged to his mother. Now he wonders if he will go one step further and give them his full support. Rick says he will always be there to support his mother whether Ridge is there or not. And he will always believe in their destiny as long as she lives with Ridge. But he will not be throwing him a bachelor party. Ridge says that is ok if he will agree to be his best man. Rick has doubts but Ridge says he means every vow and he thinks this time it will work. Rick says he wants his mother to be happy and he thinks this will be a positive way to show her so yes he will be Ridge’s best man. They shake hands and Ridge says he is right; they can skip the bachelor party. Brooke rushes to the door to find Bill with a huge arm full of roses and wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day. He comes in and tries to whisk her upstairs to change and get ready as he has reservations in Santa Barbara. It’s Valentine’s Day and surely she doesn’t want to spend it alone. She says she has something to tell him. First she thanks him for the flowers, then says she knows no is not in his vocabulary but he has to try. What he is doing is not happening ever. She blurts out that she is engaged; she and Ridge are getting married. He’s livid, he doesn’t think Ridge deserves another chance. Brooke tells him she cares for him but there is no going back. Ridge makes her happy. And she thinks Katie can be happy too with Bill. He can have everything back – Katie, his marriage, his company, his son. She orders him to just go be with Katie. He puts his hand on her face and says she can not go back to Ridge. He will only let her down again as he always does. He’s soft and indecisive and he gets his little feelings hurt and he runs. Bill will not let her go; there is no indecision on his part. He has a goal, they had a goal – her, his son and the company. He asks about the papers he had drawn up for Katie to sign. Brooke says she does not have them. He asks her to think about one thing while she is marrying Ridge. Those papers gave him control of his company and custody of his son. They can have it all. He tells her he loves her but she tells him to stop it. Finally he leaves. Katie settles in the park, reading her poetry and thinking about Ridge. Meanwhile Ridge is also walking in another part of the park reciting the poetry to himself. Liam finds some modeling photos of Hope on Katie’s desk and thinks back on happier times. He texts her Happy Valentine’s Day. Wyatt tells Hope that he ordered the food and this will be the first of many traditions. It feels so good to be able to say that. This is their first Valentine’s Day and she says the first of many. He says he loves her more and more every day and is so grateful she is in his life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope said there was a problem with getting Dr. Chyka.  Aiden told JJ that somebody sent a letter saying that he (JJ couldnít be trusted.  While Brady and Theresa were arguing, he told her that Daniel was back.  Daniel told Hope about the video where Dr. Chyka confessed to helping Kristen.  Daniel asked Nicole if Dr. Chyka said anything about the proof, but she lied and said no.  Jennifer wanted Aiden to let her know if JJ was going to jail.  Hope wanted to talk to Nicole, but she got out of it.  Daniel told Hope that it was all his idea to set up Dr. Chyka.  Nicole debated on whether to give the evidence to Hope.  Aiden told Jennifer there was nothing to worry about at the trial.

Maggie and Victor argued over sending Brady to rehab.  JJ had his trial.  The judge wanted to set an example out of JJ.  Aiden tried to make excuses for JJ, but the judge wasnít impressed.  Victor confronted Brady about his drinking, but it didnít go over well.  Nicole tried to pump Eric about how he would react if the evidence appeared.  He reassured her that he wanted to be with her unless something changes.  JJ tried to appeal to the judge.  Eric told Nicole that he wanted to be with her no matter what.  She debated on whether or not she was doing the right thing by keeping the evidence.  JJ was sentenced to probation and community service.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly tells TJ that she is ready to move their relationship to the next level, but that she wants their first time to be special. Anna argues with Duke about his working for Sonny. He says he hasnít done anything illegal yet and that she shouldnít give up on their relationship based on the possibility that something might happen in the future. Ava takes a flash drive containing all of Julianís confidential files to Sonny. She reveals that Julianís strategy is to bankrupt his legitimate coffee business. Sonny tells Morgan that until the information checks out, he is to continue treating Ava as the enemy. Morgan meets Ava in room 306 where they spend Valentineís Day making love. Sonny gives Olivia a diamond pendant necklace.

Lulu finds Connieís shoe that had been lost under the bed. Nikolas and Spencer drop by Dante and Luluís place with Valentineís Day gifts, Yankeeís tickets for Dante and a bracelet for Lulu. Spencer spills that they bought a ring for Britt. Nikolas reveals that he is going to ask Britt to marry him tonight.  Spencer wants to watch the proposal, but Nikolas says he will call Spencer at Grandma Leslieís house when he knows Brittís answer. Elizabeth returns Benís brush to Britt and tells her that she ran a DNA test and found that Dante is Benís father. Britt laughs in her face. Britt says Elizabeth doesnít give a damn about Dante; she just wants to make trouble so she can come between Nikolas and Britt. Britt says Elizabeth is still trying to rationalize her affair with Nikolas while she was married to his brother, but she is only proving that she is still a lying, cheating whore. Elizabeth slaps Britt. Britt grabs Elizabethís wrist and twists her arm, forcing her down on the sofa. Elizabeth says she is going to tell Dante right now and that Nikolas will know by the end of the day. Elizabeth goes to Dante and Luluís loft. Britt tells Ben that she didnítí count on falling in love with him. When Nikolas gets home, Britt says she has something she needs to tell him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is enjoying the gala, all except Chloe, who lashes out that if it hadn’t been for Adam her Delia would still be alive. Chloe turns around and sees Chelsea and Jack standing there. Chelsea remarks that this was a bad idea. Jack defends Chelsea. Kevin tries to comfort Chloe. Cane and Lily discuss their anniversary and Valentine’s day and what a good time they had had upstairs. At the bar, Jill reminds Colin that she is only in this marriage because she wants to know more about the music box. Victoria announces the beginning of the program in Delia’s honor. While Maddie, Charlie, and Faith are singing, Chloe remembers Delia and the night of the “Wizard of Oz” program. Chloe remarks that she cannot stand anymore and gets up to leave. Victor and Nikki argue over the fact that he wants to go to the gala and Nikki doesn’t think it is a good idea.

Victor and Nikki discuss the gala. Nick congratulates Faith on her performance in the program. Summer and Faith make plans for later. Fen also congratulates Faith on her performance. Fen asks Summer to have coffee later and talk but Summer puts him off by telling him that maybe they can do something tomorrow. Womack and his friend confront Fen. Womack assures Fen that he will want payment later that night. Jill asks Kevin as to where Chloe is. Billy, Victoria and Kevin discuss Delia and how hard this was on Chloe. Chloe arrives at the condo to relieve Anita of taking care of Connor. Chloe urges Anita to go home and put her feet up. Devon and Esmerelda enjoy the evening while Hilary watches them. Hilary confronts Devon over his involvement with Esmerelda and calls Esmerelda a “gold digger.” Sharon goes after Summer and Faith but sees Cassie. Sharon goes after Cassie and finds her in the park. Sharon asks her about the secret but she denies knowing anything about a secret. Nick comes after Sharon and wants to know what she is doing out here in the cold. Once back at the Coffeehouse, Sharon confesses to Nick that she had been lying to him. Colin and Womack talk secretly as they watch Lily around the doll. Jill and Lauren talk until Colin walks up and interrupts them. Tyler and Abby argue once he comes back to the party. Abby questions him as to where he had been. Tyler confesses that he had been with Mariah. Chloe calls a taxi to pick up her and Connor downstairs and take them to the airport. Chelsea makes plans to leave the gala but Jack stops her to stay until the auction is over. Lily starts to unveil the Winter Princess doll but when she unveils it the doll is gone. Womack starts to leave, but Lily stops him. Cane and Devon grab him by the arms. Lily takes the doll by the feet and when she does, diamonds falls out . Womack pulls out a gun and tells everyone to stay where they are. Victor meets Cassie in the park.

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