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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke call everyone together at the office and Ridge announces that he proposed. Brooke said yes and they are going to get married. They want RJ to concentrate on his studies and will tell him later. Eric insists that they can keep it small and informal but have it at the house. All but Rick seem okay with this. But he is sure that Stephanie will be looking down from her portrait at them. Rick tells Hope that he wants to be happy for his mom but he has doubts in Ridge, a man that has let her down so many times. Liam drops in on Katie and wastes no time by saying he knows she and Ridge share the same feelings for each other and she has as much right to be happy as Brooke does. Katie tells him not to pursue this and she is not going to say one more thing on this subject. She ends by saying Ridge came back for Brooke. He loves Brooke and always has and will. She says she appreciates his support ad advice but this is not helping. He tells her sitting around all day reading love poetry is no swap for the real thing. If she has a chance, then she owes it to herself to take it. He says he has learned from experience, if someone makes you happy then be with them….don’t wait for it to be perfect or look good to other people, just be happy. He says nothing is worse than knowing you had your chance and let it slip away. Then he visits Ridge at his office. Nervously he brings up Katie and says he witnessed something between them and despite what Katie might be saying about Ridge needs to go back to Brooke, he doesn’t believe she means that. Ridge says Katie is a good person and doesn’t play games. Ridge says his future is with Brooke and he has a pretty good start already. He tells Liam that he proposed to Brooke and they are getting married. Liam is taken aback. He starts in again and Ridge interrupts him. He says he is marrying Brooke and he is just focusing on that right now. Liam still rattles on. Finally Ridge gets up and takes the book of poetry out of Liam’s hands and says he is committed to his family, Brooke and RJ. He thanks him for his concern and his congratulations but he should take Katie’s advice and just let this go. Katie is surprised to see Brooke in her office. Brooke says she has regretted a lot of things but she’d like to fix that and she thinks today is the day to do that. She says she is moving on and she’d like to do the same with Katie. Katie is pretty well floored when Brooke says Ridge has asked her to marry him. She vows never to come between her and her man again. Maybe she does not want Bill back, but this proves that neither does Brooke. Whatever they are, they will always be sisters. Katie hugs her and says yes, and she is happy for Brooke. Katie’s tears flow.

Bill is working out at Wyatt’s and tells him that Quinn is after him. She is coming on to him, even kissed him to see if it was what she remembered from years ago. Wyatt thinks that is kinda crazy but not the craziest thing she has ever done. Bill says she is definitely not mellowing with age. Wyatt asks if he really wants to get into a debate on which one of his parents is crazier. Bill tells Wyatt it ain’t gonna happen and Quinn needs to know that. Wyatt says then he should have made that clear to her. He also says he thinks his mom is more interesting in his relationship with Hope than starting a new one with Bill. Bill is glad his relationship is back on track with Hope, wants to know if it is serious. Looks like he picked the right son to move in with as it might get crowded in here pretty soon. Wyatt says no, Hope is not moving in just yet. Bill thinks it could be at any time. He’s glad Hope forgave him for the little problem. Wyatt is expecting a lecture but Bill says no. He used to give Liam a hard time for always thinking he had to prove himself to Hope over and over. He couldn’t imagine why any guy would want to put himself through that. But now he does. But he’s not worried about that little old dressmaker. He came back for Brooke but it was all talk, no action. He does what he always does. He sees what he wants right in front of him but he can’t pull the trigger. He basically dumped her for an entire year so he has no right to judge or say who she could see. But the good news is it is almost Valentine’s Day and there is no way Forrester can compete with what Wyatt’s daddy has planned. He intends to win Brooke back……and Ridge…..he will have to make other plans.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted Nick and Percy to get out of Willís apartment.  Sami and Kate didnít believe Nick when he said he changed.  Percy showed Kate, Sami, and Gabi pictures of them trying to kill Nick.  Nicole explained to Eric how she was stuck with Dr. Chyka, but she didnít tell him about the proof she found.  Eric wanted Nicole to go to the police about Dr. Chyka, but she didnít want to go to the police.  Kate and Sami wanted know what Nick wanted from them.  He said he wanted a chance to prove himself and then the pictures and texts will never see the light of day.  Kate finally agreed to give him a job.  When Nick left, Sami and Kate wanted to talk Gabi out of thinking Nick changed.  Daniel told hope about what he and Nicole did to get Dr. Chyka.

Sami and Kate continued to convince Gabi that Nick didnít change.  Hope wanted to investigate Dr. Chyka, but Daniel suggested that they talk to Nicole about any extra proof that Dr. Chyka might have had.  When Sami went home, she told EJ that Nick had proof of what she, Kate, and Gabi did.  EJ wanted her to wait and do nothing.  Hope and Daniel went to Danielís apartment to talk about what Nicole and Daniel did to get the proof to clear Ericís name.  Hope questioned whether or not Nicole found any evidence against Dr. Chyka.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian warns Kiki that her mother will want something in return for bailing her out of jail. Michael tells Kiki that Carly will be ok and concedes that Franco saved her life. She is disappointed that Michael rallied everyone to point fingers at Franco instead of trusting her. He tells her that aiding and abetting a criminal is a felony. She says his mother would be dead if she hadnít helped Franco escape, and now Franco is fighting for his life because he saved her. She wishes Michael would admit that he was wrong and that Franco was just as much Heatherís victim as Carly was.

Sonny tells Morgan that Ava will have to prove her loyalty before he believes that she is willing to stab her brother in the back and switch sides. Ava hacks into Julianís computer and downloads his confidential files, despite an interruption by Alexis. Lucas tells Brad about his encounter with his father. He says he doesnít know why he cares since he and Julian are only connected by DNA. Julian apologizes to Lucas for being a jerk. Julian explains that he accepted his own fatherís beliefs without ever thinking about them. He says it may take time for him to adjust, but that Lucas is his son and he wants to get to know him. Lucas accepts his apology. Lucas asks Brad if he wants to celebrate with him. Brad says he has a date with Felix, but that he isnít available any other night either because he is serious about Felix. Alexis finds Julian at the hospital. He tells her that her advice worked and that he and Lucas are going to try to get to know each other. Alexis tells him that she went to the apartment first and that when she wanted to use his computer, Ava got angry and said that Julian would furious if Alexis messed up the files he was downloading. Julian says he wasnít downloading any files. Ava takes the files to Sonny.

Lulu dreams of Ben Westbourne lying between Dante and her, and then disappearing. Spencer gives Britt a box of chocolate kisses for Valentineís Day. He asks his father what he is going to give Britt. Nikolas asks Spencer to help him pick a ring because he wants to ask Britt to marry him. Britt realizes that Elizabeth took Benís hairbrush to get a sample of his hair. The DNA test that Elizabeth and Felix ran shows that Dante is Benís father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan and Avery have a romantic Valentine’s day celebration and he gives Avery a ruby necklace as a present before they make love. The Delia project benefit begins at the Athletic club and Chloe can’t take the pressure of people coming up to her and telling her how special Delia was and after some time of trying to get away from the crowd of people she finally explodes when someone asks her how Chelsea is doing and she yells that she thinks Chelsea is doing just fine since she has a healthy baby even though her jerk of a husband, Adam killed Delia. The moment is even more awkward because Chelsea walks in on Jack’s arm.

Hilary accidentally kisses Jack while she is straightening his tie and Devon notices so he starts flirting with Summer’s friend Esmeralda. Kelly also has an awkward moment with Jack when she confuses him for the blind date that Lily set up for her. Jack calls the clinic where Phyllis is and has the nurse put the phone up to Phyllis’s ear so that he can tell her about the benefit and also how much he loves and misses her. Tyler gets a call from his ex girlfriend telling him she wants to see him now so Tyler leaves to meet her so they can talk but the audience still doesn’t see her face. Cane rents a room at the Athletic club and he and Lily have a romantic anniversary and Valentine’s day celebration. Stitch tells Dylan that he and his wife are getting a divorce and she doesn’t want him to see his son so Dylan tells Stitch that he has to fight for his son. Stitch also tells Dylan that his marriage didn’t break up because of cheating but he doesn’t want to talk about the reason he is getting a divorce.

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