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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he wants this, he wants it for RJ and he knows she wants it too. He tells her to put her ring back on her finger and marry him; be his wife. A tear rolls down her cheek and she hardly knows what to say. Liam thanks Katie for making it official and giving him the plaque; he’s the new VP. And imagine he had come over to her house thinking he was being fired. She wishes he had never seen that moment between her and Ridge. But assures him that because he is Bill’s son does not mean he has a target on his back. She does not believe Bill set out to intentionally hurt her. Liam seems to be okaying her relationship with Ridge. Katie says it can’t be. She’d be the biggest hypocrite alive if she allowed the same thing to happen to her and Ridge. She says she put a stop to it. In fact she practically insisted that he propose to Brooke. Liam doesn’t understand if she clearly has feelings for Ridge too. Katie says Ridge will end up going back to Brooke. He always does. He guesses that she is doing this so RJ will have both of his parents at home. But maybe Ridge wants something different now than he had with Brooke. Bill asks Quinn what was the kiss about. She doesn’t like him yet she kissed him. She said earlier it was to see if it was the way she remembered. She says she is glad she ran into him here and glad about the kiss too. He says if she is coming on to him, then she’ll be disappointed. He’s not pining for Brooke; he conquers. She says even if he is not the only game in town. Bill says he doesn’t worry about Forrester at all. Quinn says too bad there isn’t another Ridge Forrester around; he’d be ideal for Katie.

Bill changes the subject and asks how are things going between Quinn and Eric. She says it is not that way with him. He’s handsome and charming…..and Bill adds loaded. She says but she doesn’t think anyone could compete with his dead wife. She likes to think of herself as driven not calculating which Bill seems to imply. And here Bill is, a sexy virile man going weeks without… wonder he is working so hard with all that pent up testosterone needing to be released. He says smugly that he likes to keep in shape. She wonders what these Logan women have, that they are all obsessed with them. His sons have it too. Then there is Eric if you like the slutty honey type like Donna. But Katie she is different. She seems so kind and moral. She seems more like Ridge’s type than Bill’s. Bill wonders why Quinn is suddenly so interested in his personal life. She says she is just more amused why the all powerful Bill Spencer isn’t so powerful anymore. He’s lost his company and Brooke has kicked him to the curb and Katie has custody of his son. He’s batting 0 for 3. He says he is going to change all of that. He is not defined by that but his response to it. He mentions just wait with Valentine’s Day coming up. She says okay but he has competition. He declares that Forrester is no competition. He’s just a little fly buzzing around. He is the past, Bill is the future. She asks about Katie. Bill says she will eventually find someone who is worthy of her. Quinn says like Ridge. Bill says anyone but Ridge. Alone Katie thinks back on her times with Ridge, playing in the park and him reciting poetry to her. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t want to be left again so she needs to know if they marry that it will be forever. She can only accept the proposal if it is forever. Bill asks Quinn isn’t there someplace she needs to be. She retorts not if he needs to confide. He says he does not confide…..and if he did, hers would be the last ear he would bend. Ridge tells Brooke that he came home to make a home with her again. He still remembers the first time he saw her in his mother’s house when she was catering a party. He wants to make this work and yes it can be forever. Brooke finally says yes and they kiss although Ridge cuts it short. Brooke is excited and Ridge says he knows a little boy who is going to be too. They should go up to school and tell him first. Brooke suggests they wait until after they are married and surprise him when he comes home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami, Gabi, and Kate grilled Nick about working for Kate.  While Nick was talking, he let it slip that the three of them tried to kill him.  Sami wanted to know what they said.  Nicole didnít want Eric to leave the priesthood.  EJ tried to make Abby feel better about sleeping with him.  Nick wanted to talk to Sami, Kate, and Gabi in private.  Abby was upset when EJ referred to what they did as a mistake.  She asked him if they could be together if Sami werenít in the picture.  Kate, Sami, Gabi, and Nick met at Gabiís apartment.  Kate and Sami didnít like him blaming them for trying to kill him.

Kate and Sami tried to blame Gabi for trying to kill Nick.  He tried to manipulate Gabi into siding with him.  EJ reminded Abby that heís engaged to Sami.  Sami and Kate tried to keep Gabi from turning against them.  Kate was starting to regret helping Gabi.  While they were arguing, Percy showed up.  Eric tried to get Nicole to be with him, but she didnít want him to leave the church.  Nick told Kate, Sami, and Gabi how Percy helped him when Kate and Sami tried to kill him.  Sami didnít believe it and tried to make him think that she, Kate, and Gabi didnít try to kill him.  Nicole told Eric that she knows who helped Kristen trick him.  Sami thought no one would believe Nick and Percy over them.  Nick tried to reach out to Gabi so she could have his back.  Sami and Kate tried to get Percy not to believe Nick.  Nick tried to get Gabi not to go along with Kate and Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas is out of jail. He apologizes to Sam for not telling her about the will sooner. Sam observes that Detective West seems personally invested in seeing justice for Nina. Sam thinks they should go to New York City and pressure Pharmacist Nakamura into telling the truth about the prescription. Ava tells AJ that she saw the footage of him shooting Connie and that she covered up Connieís murder to protect him. Sonny asks Ava if she is willing to stab her brother in the back to come work for him. She says she has no problem with leaving his organization to be with for Morgan because she loves him. She says she and Julian are not close, they werenít raised together, and they didnít even know about each other until they were adults. She says she was never the equal partner that she wanted to be, and now Julianís newfound children come before her. He still doesnít trust her. She says she will prove it. She tells Sonny that AJ didnít seem remorseful about what he did to Connie. AJ goes to Connieís grave, wishing that he could talk to her to learn the truth. Her apparition appears before him. He asks her what happened that night. She tells him that she is not a ghost; she is a figment of his imagination. She tells him that he has the answers to his questions in his head; he just has to remember.

Michael tells Morgan that Ava is playing him. Morgan is insulted that Michael thinks he is stupid. Michael and Morgan complain about Kiki believing that Franco is innocent of killing their mother when all the evidence points to him. Carly and Franco are wheeled into the General Hospital emergency room on gurneys. Carly is surprised to see that her brother Lucas is there to visit her. She tells Bobbie and Lucas that Heather kidnapped her and that Franco saved her. Bobbie calls Michael and tells him that Carly is safe and in the hospital. Michael and Morgan go to the hospital and ask Carly what that sick freak, Franco, did to her. She tells them that Franco saved her from Heather and that Heather shot him. Lucas checks on Franco and reports to Carly that Franco crashed and was stabilized. Carly insists on going to see him so her sons get her into a wheelchair, but the medical team is already rushing Franco to surgery. They stop just long enough for Carly to tell Franco that she will be waiting for him when he comes out.  

Lucas tells Bobbie that he ran into Julian and that it is clear that Julian canít accept him for who he is. Alexis finds Julian sitting on her porch. He says he needs someone to talk to about his son. He tells her that he found out that Lucas is gay. She asks him why that is a problem. He supposes it is from the values that his father drilled into him. Alexis tells him that there comes a time that you can no longer blame your parents. She tells him that he will have to learn to accept that Lucas is gay if he wants a relationship with him. She tells him that he doesnít have to change his opinion about homosexuality, but that he can realize that Lucas is more than just his sexual orientation and apologize for his bad reaction to the news and hope that Lucas will give him another chance.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the police department, Kevin looks at a pic of Delia. At the condo, Chelsea looks at a pic of herself and Adam. Anita comes to visit her to lend her some support. Chloe walks into the Athletic Club and sees Cane, Lily and Kelly working on the gala in Delia’s honor. Lily shows her the doll that they had obtained for the auction. Nick visits Sharon but before he can say too much to her, Faith comes running downstairs and lets him know about the “phantasm” that had spelled the word “phantasm” on the table. Nick, immediately, wants to know what she is talking about. Victoria and Stitch visit Billy but finds him gone from his hospital room. Billy confronts Victor as to what he and Victoria were arguing about. Victor urges Billy to go back to the hospital but Billy refuses to go until he has some answers. Lily shows Kelly the outfits that she had bought for Charlie and Maddie to wear to the gala but Colin interrupts. Victoria figures out where Billy had gone and she rushes to go to the ranch. Stitch calls Kelly to see if Billy is with her but she denies having seen him. Nikki gets a call but ignores it. Sharon eases Faith’s mind about the “phantasm”. Nick lets Sharon know that Victor had known that Adam had hit Delia but had blackmailed Adam in order to get close to Connor. Cane and Lily forbid to let Colin come near the twins. Cane asks to speak to his father alone. Anita assures Chelsea not to hope for something that may never happen in that Adam would come home. Anita urges Chelsea to go back to work but Chelsea tells her that she cannot face Chloe. Victoria barges into the house and finds Billy with Victor and Nikki. Victoria wants to know what Victor had told him but Victor refuses to answer. Billy demands the truth. Victoria gives in and tells him that she will tell him everything.

Nick questions Sharon as to what has been going on. Sharon lets him know that she doesn’t think that the meds is working anymore. Lily visits Chelsea and lets her know that Adam had purchased a table for the gala. Anita urges Chelsea to keep the table and attend but Chelsea refuses but finally gives in and accepts. Kevin and Chloe discuss the gala in Delia’s honor and how that Chloe cannot possibly attend. Victoria lets Billy know the whole truth about Victor knowing that Adam had hit Delia but had blackmailed Adam in order to get close to Connor. Victor tells them that he had done this for his family but his family doesn’t believe him. Cane asks Colin as to why he is really in town. Colin promises to be on his best behavior during the gala. Cane tells Colin that if he messes this up then he will pay. Nick offers to go with Sharon to her doctor’s appointment but Sharon refuses. Nick invites her to go with him and Faith to the gala and she accepts. Victoria denounces Victor as being her father before she takes Billy back to the hospital. Nikki tries to talk to Victor but he tells her that this is none of her business. Chloe gives in and agrees to go to the gala as long as Kevin goes with her.

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