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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Ridge that he must know this between them must stop. They both admit they have feelings and their times with the kids have been great, they are like a unit. She says she has loved every minute and it would be so easy to continue but they can’t. She does not want to end up doing something she will regret and end up being her sister. She says she has not been happy for a long time and she thought to herself at the park the other day that this life should be hers. He tells her there is nothing for her to feel sorry about. They’ve both been hurt and reached out to each other. Katie tells him be has always made his way back to Brooke and that is where he should be now. She tells him to go home, forgive Brooke and make a family for their little boy with both parents. Hope and Brooke catch up on the last few days and Hope confides she and Wyatt are officially a couple now. Brooke is happy for her especially when Hope tells her about the jewel heist but that Wyatt only did it to impress her. He realizes how stupid it was now and won’t do anything like that again. Brooke asks about Liam. Hope says part of her will always love him but she’s with Wyatt now. Then she asks about Ridge, and Brooke admits he is slowly coming around and she expects him back home any time. Bill is only a distant past although he is still pursuing her. Ridge is the only man she wants in her life. They had a very deep connection and she can’t imagine her being in love with anybody else like she was with Ridge. She felt something different with Bill.

Bill is working out at Wyatt’s when Quinn shows up. She is about to leave when she realizes Bill does not know about Hope and Wyatt yet, so she stays to fill him in. She takes a good look up and down his sweaty body. She says his sons are very generous with their homes. He quips they ought to since he bought the houses for them. She informs him that Hope and Wyatt are now an official item and Wyatt could use his father’s support. Bill says it sounds like it’s Liam that could use his support. Quinn says yes Bill could make sure that Liam knows that Hope is no longer available. And at the very least she’d like to be sure that Bill isn’t going to interfere in Wyatt’s love life. She manages to turn the conversation around to women in general and Brooke in particular. She asks why Brooke. Bill sings her praises and says they have a real connection. She quips that she is not exactly the most loyal bitch in the kennel. And now she is holding out. Bill says she does not want to hurt her sister. And plus now she has Forrester whispering in her ear. She’s no worse than the rest of them. He asks Quinn if she has ever done anything she ever regretted. You can’t let guilt rule your life or you will be miserable. He wants Brooke in his life. In leaving she tells him that she might loathe him but she does admire him as well. She touches his sword necklace and says she remembers when she gave that to him. And in return he gave her the most precious gift of her son. He says they do share some traits. But she better be careful with that sword. He gets a little nervous when she fondles his sword. She kisses him then says she wanted to be sure that was the same too. Ridge shows up at Brooke’s office and tells her she might be a little late to her meeting. He’s been doing a lot of thinking. He says he knows where he wants to go but he’s been going at it all wrong. Now he knows what he wants and needs. It’s always Brooke. He asks her if she will marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi talked to Sonny about Nick possibly changing.  Sonny didnít agree.  Nicole and Brady got into an argument over the proof she had to clear Eric.  Sami was willing to give EJ another chance. Abby showed up at the DiMera mansion to help Johnny with his project.  Will met with Marlena to talk about his relationship with Sonny met Kate at the pub so they could work things out.  Nicole went over the evidence Dr. Chyka had.

Nick talked to Kate about hiring him and Percy.  Nick pretty much threatened her to do it.  Sonny was upset with Gabi for letting Nick hold the baby.  They continued to argued over Nick until the baby interrupted them.  When Abby was finished helping Johnny, she was ready to leave.  EJ invited her to stay a while.  Sonny texted Sami to come over to the apartment.  He told Sami how Gabi let Nick hold the baby.  Sami and Gabi argued over it.  EJ wanted to talk to Abby about their situation, but she thought he was dumping her for Sami.  Sami wanted to go talk sense into Kate so she and Gabi left.  Abby told EJ that it hurts to see him with Sami.  Sami and Gabi interrupted Kate and Nickís meeting before Kate agreed to hire him.  Eric told Nicole that he asked to be released from the convent so he could be with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tells Anna to charge Silas or release him. Sam tells Silas that someone put Ninaís will in Detective Westís mailbox, but her gut tells her that it wasnít Ava. Sam says that now that Silas is out of jail, they can concentrate on proving that Ava tried to kill his wife. At Sonnyís old office at Pozzulloís, Morgan tells Sonny that Ava wants to leave Julian and come over to their side. Sonny asks him how he expects him to believe that. Morgan convinces Sonny to talk to Ava. Ava waits for Sonny at his new office at the Metro Court. AJ tells Ava that he remembers seeing her in Connieís office the night of the murder and that he remembers dropping his gun when he left. He suggests that Ava picked up the gun and shot Connie with it. Ava spins the story to make him believe that she took the gun and the security footage to protect him from prosecution after he shot Connie. Sonny wants to know what AJ is doing in his office.

Anna gets the forensics report back on the hair that the police found at the grave with the bloody sheet and it isnít Carlyís. The Miscavidge orderly locks Scott into the padded cell with the decoy Heather, who is Luke Spencer, drugged and straitjacketed. Scott punches Luke and snaps him out of his stupor.  Luke says they have to find Heather before she kills Carly. Scott realizes that Franco was telling the truth. Scott canít get the straitjacket off Luke. Anna calls Miscavidge to ask about Heather. The orderly tells her that Heather is in her room where she belongs. Nikolas goes to the station and tells Anna that according to Spencer, Heather Webber is at Wyndemere and Franco went after her. Nikolas tells Alexis that Uncle Victor is at Wyndemere too. He says that it is a good bet that anything that involves Heather and Franco must involve Carly too.

Franco finds Carly in the catacombs, trapped under a support beam and debris. He moves the beam to free her. She canít stand up so he picks her up to carry her out. Heather blocks the door. He says she isnít his mother; she is a cockroach who wonít die. She says she isnít lying about being his mother. He yells that even he deserves a better mother than her and that he rejects her as his mother. He says Susan Moore is his mother and Alan Quartermaine is his father and Jason Morgan is his brother. He yells that he loves Jason because Jason taught him to love violence. Carly asks Franco to calm down. He puts Carly down and picks up Heatherís knife. Heather shoots Franco and says Carly is next. Franco plunges the knife into Heatherís foot and then they grapple for possession of the pistol. Annaís foot appears on heatherís hand. Nathan takes the pistol. Anna arrests Heather. Nathan calls for an ambulance and prisoner transport. Carly pleads with Franco to stay alive. Carly tells Anna about the man that heather killed and dragged into the tunnel. Franco tells Carly that he loves her and that he never knew what it felt like before. He thanks her for teaching him what love is. She says he has to live because she loves him too.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea sits alone with Connor on her lap and remembers her conversation with Victoria in which they had been discussing that this would be the start of a new life for Adam, Chelsea and Connor when they moved to Paris. There is a knock on the door and it is Dylan. Avery sits alone at a table when Ian Ward interrupts her for a conversation. She is less than friendly with him. Stitch tells Billy that he checks out good. Billy wants to go home but Stitch forbids it. Out in the hospital corridor, Jack tells Nick and Victoria about Victor blackmailing Adam in order to get close to Connor . Both Victoria and Nick ask Victor is this is true but Victor denies it. Summer comes to the ranch to see Victor but sees Nikki instead. Chelsea questions Dylan as to why he is here. Ian denies having an agenda as to why he is staying in Genoa City. Ian lets Avery know that Dylan had made a life for himself and was following his own path. Dylan inquires of Chelsea as to how she is doing. They discuss Adam and how that fatherhood had changed him for the better but then he had hit and killed Delia. Dylan assures Chelsea that Adam is dead but Chelsea insists that they had never found his body. Billy insists on going home but Stitch flatly refuses. Victoria asks Victor to deny these accusations but Victor will not say anything. Nick speaks up and tells the group that Jack is telling the truth. Victor is hurt that Nick would betray his own father. Nikki tries to find out what is bothering Summer. Nikki and Summer discuss the fact that Victor wants her to deny Jack as her father and he wants her to choose sides. Ian lays his hand on top of Avery’s but she jerks it away and tells him not to ever touch her again.

Summer tells Nikki about the life advisor that she had met in the park but Nikki advises her to be careful. Summer calls Ian for help. Jack visits Chelsea and sees Dylan holding Connor. Victor lets Victoria know that what he had done he had done for his family. Billy hears Victoria and Victor arguing and wonders what they are arguing about. Billy tries to get out of bed to help Victoria but Stitch stops him. At the Coffeehouse, Nick bumps into Summer, who sits alone at a table. They discuss the DVA test and how it had changed everything. Nick lets Summer know what Victor had done in blackmailing Adam in order to get close to Connor. Victoria tells Victor not to ever come near her or her family again. Victoria goes in to see Billy and he wants to know what is going on. Victoria lets him know that she and Victor were just butting heads once again. Jack lets Chelsea know what Victor had done in blackmailing Adam in order to get close to Connor. Jack offers Chelsea his help but Chelsea refuses. Victoria and Stitch come in to check on Billy but find him gone. Billy pays Victor a visit and wants to know what Victor had done to Victoria. Avery lets Dylan know that she had had a conversation with Ian Ward. Ian listens from the bottom of the stairs. Summer calls Ian for help.

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